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SomeOneElse Jul 22
On the outside looking in
How I wish I could fit in
But no matter how I try
I don't fit in and don't know why
I'm the one that you all tease
All because I try to please
I'm the one always excluded
Though I wish to be included
I'm the ****** you call creep
And the one that no one meets
I'm the one no one talks to
And I don't know what to do
A poem about feeling isolated and unwabtes
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I had a dream I was desired
And for our bodies to perspire
With lustful passion, a wildfire
My soul and body was required

I had a dream of ecstacy
I wanted her, she wanted me
All inhibitions were set free
For one night of intimacy

I had a dream erotica
And positions exotica
Turned my bedsheets Aquatica
From such hot dreams erotica

I had a dream i was on fire
With naughty thoughts i had inspired
Instead i Dream to be desired
So tired of feeling undesired
Just how I have been feeling lately
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Why am i always losing friends
When will this cycle ever end
Abandoned by most of my friends
Feeling undesired yet again
Written after being bandomed and diacarded by another friend
Gray Jun 2018
This isn't great.
He left going straight towards the interstate.

He never even gave us a proper farewell,
or didn't decide to dwell.

I think i just got used,
and permanently bruised.
Mari Anjelyn Jan 2015
Unloved* and undesired
Felt like the universe conspired
Unfocused and uninspired
Tell me, will I ever get tired?
hallucinations Dec 2014
and really, love is the absolute worst, is it not ?
(c) hallucinations | twenty-fourteen

— The End —