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GaryFairy Jul 2022
I have to do some research about home wiring, but I believe the ground wire and the lightning rod would let you pull electricity out of the air, just as Mr Franklin discovered. If this is true, then you are being "charged"(pun intended) for what is free, and when the electric company cuts off your service, you can just disconnect their cables and have what was once called "*******" pun intended. If I die any time soon, check with the electric company haha. We are stuck on stupid.
GaryFairy Mar 2022
Dr Khan: I need to do lab tests on you before I can prescribe your meds
Me: But they are not narcotic, they are blood pressure and blood thinners etc
Dr Khan: it don't matter, I need to check your levels
Me: I feel fine though
Dr Khan: you have to, or I will get in trouble,and I'm not going to lose my license
Me: you can get into trouble?
Me: **** it, I don't need them
Dr Khan: but you will die if you stop taking the meds
Me: Then prescribe the meds
Dr Khan: I can't
Me: Killer!

Over a year later, my health seems better than ever. I went from things getting worse, to things getting better without the drugs and doctor
This is true
KG Sep 2020
He was not of this realm, but came anyway
Traveler of old and new, now here to stay
A wanderer, a peasant, a lullaby, a play
A ploy to garner good will and trade

He tricks the eyes of pompous fools
Who think themselves above the rules
He charms their coffers and pools
of gold to gaia's rightful purse

His hoard was never spoken of
His tricks were never found
And those he wished to tie lose ends
found dead and drowned.

He will make his way to you
Whether pompous or discreet
And should you be a proper fool
You'll gain his favorable treat
SomeOneElse Nov 2020
Racism and bigotry
In this divisive country
Black men being killed by cops
Tear gas for a photo op
Recession, race wars QAnon
As the pandemic rages on
Kids ripped from their families
Unwanted hysterectomies
Double standards in the senate
Greed and power their new tenet
Ignoring laws when they see fit
Nothing but hyGOPocrites
How can so many be so wrong
Falling for the pumpkin's con
Political poem I wrote on election day
brandychanning Jul 2020
not even, your doubting Jill-from-the-hill voice,
asking, are you sure? really confident?

you desire me
to seize up,
cease the finger pointing
and begin the fingernails
scratching glass, agonizing

what I propose,
why I came here,
to defend and protect


demands I, we,
answer to no one.

the little voices implanted

to erode our con-fidence.

indeed, they are the con.
neth jones May 2020
the sand beneath time :
a scape of copping hopefuls
vandals feigning as Mages
talking up the coffers
and offering angry solutions
Michael Stefan Mar 2020
Keep your lips closed tight
I know what happens,
When you open your mouth
Spitting bent words,
Crooked like a boomerang
And one day,
Your words will return to you
Sydney Sep 2019
he is beautiful
he is bad
he's my crucible
he is sad
he makes me happy
but now he's gone
why'd he leave
it was all a con
Karijinbba Jul 2019
In open ended words
tis open ended world
but silent scaled eyed inaction  
nor writ response may prove futile on time sensitive stride
we fail, we fall we
splatter apart
and alone succumb
so say it sing it and write it
be thy thankful for poetry
teaching those asleep to wake up
to speak with action then
the brightest star
at dart to bull's eye
an essay writ conquering
far and wide
it changes mind then ignites
All Hearts Alike
aiming ever high
changing the world
stride by stride
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Experincing defeat makes a
poet and poetess
open ended wise
to travel far
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