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Demi Feb 2
Lust is the pink pillow on my bed.
Plump, filled with unwashed thoughts.
At least they’re encased in dusky pink;
pleasant to the eye especially in the
golden minutes absorbed by sheer glass.

I want your head pressing
into the pillow, hard. Then your sleepy
breath will baptise the cotton after
sinful acts. I’ll preserve the dent you make
with the lovely weight of your skull.

I’ll surround the chasm with carnations.
Eventually, they’ll be a line outside my room.
Jealous tourists wanting to take pictures.
Bea Aug 2020
The way that you carry yourself
In that CATSA uniform
I see my scarfaced love
Checking passengers for weapons
Oh how I await his touch
Oh how I await is kisses
Then he takes me aside
My dreams come true
I get to feel his touch
Renée Brookes Jul 2020
paints my wings black,
in forbidden pleasures.

When his horns run along,
my fantasies are made real.

Piercing my skin,
he penetrates purity.
Inside of me melts down,
my body ignites,
cremated and relieved,
to the death of an angel.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
Senses enchanted
You make dreams reality
Inspiring friction
Bow chicks wow wow
Ella James Apr 2020
It trickles down my spine like your fingers did

Staring into steamy haze,

the place where I hid.

Skin ignites ablaze  

Complications roll off my shoulders  

refreshing my sore soul.

Your lips curve into a smoulder

my body loses control.

Everything burns

my heart dances in the flames

as it takes a negative turn

No more games.

But as the past washes away,

my body melts like clay as I beg you to stay.
Styles Jul 2019
Your taste;
   flavor laced.
   with complexities,
   that are addicting to me.
   tastebuds consistently feening for,
   the texture of your consistency.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Sitting at the restaurant
Eating with your friends
Suddenly you realize
You're in for a surprise
Hiding under your table
Hiding from your friends
I'm hoping to have some fun
Trying to make you ***
You try not to make a face
You try not to grin
Hope no one will make a fuss
If someone catches us
As i start to spread your legs
And kissing your thigh
My tongue moves to lick your ****
Can't get enough of it
You begin to lose control
As I'm eating you
Trying not to come undone
As you begin to ***
I am still not done with you
After you have cummed
I continue licking you
Until ****** two
Time to leave the restaurant
And to start act 2
In the limo off we go
You're my girl, I'm your beau
You take off all of your clothes
And kneel before me
Seeing just how hard i am
You stroke me with your hand
You then start ******* my ****
Making me feel great
Pleasing me until I'm done
You swallow all my ***
Both of us in ecstasy
Living out this fantasy
Just another fantasy put to pen and paper to get it out of my head
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
My morning sun
My stunning one
The sunshine of my day
My starry night
My night's delight
The moonlight of my night
My burning fire
My heart’s desire
The one I'm aching for
My beauty queen
My real life dream
Can't stop thinking of you
You're my heart’s home
My love be known
The reason for my poems
My bright sunlight
That shines so bright
I long to hold so tight
My dream chateau
My graceful doe
You're my avocado
My loving sigh
My reason why
The apple of my eye
My dream come true
My feelings true
My heart belongs to you
You are my friend
Hope til the end
For you my love i send
My second attempt. It has some flaws i need to figure out how to fix
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