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Jyothilaxmi lolam Jan 30
Life's lessons
Life can be sunshine
On peaceful days with bright blue skies.
It can be like raindrops, squeezed from tearful eyes.
Life can be the heaven, that can be only reached through ****.
You will not know you are happy,
Unless you have been sad,
Life you teach hard lessons,

Which makes me wiser today.
Because roses too, need both sunshine and
A touch of rain to blossom.
Life always surprises us, difficult times teach us lessons of life. life is a teacher.keep learning
Rain blossom, teacher, learning, difficult,rain, wiser

Life teaches us many lessons and surprises us every moment
Poolza Jan 28



Lisa Dec 2018
Remember the first time?
I do, like it was the last time.

I see us in every movie,
I read us on every page.

I felt you in a new guy once,
he was bigger, but a worse lay.

I remember you in bass and bars,
in nooks and grazed skin.

I look for you at skateboard parks,
in airports, pictures, and other men.

It's like my mind's wired around you,
and the synapses can't be pruned.
We're firing together,
and you're wrapped up in me too.
siinli Oct 2018
She was broken, by herself
Not knowing the cost of what she did
Its hunting her, just like  her shadow
It is consuming her soul
Despite of all the run and escape, she will always be caught
She wished her death once, but the demons won't let it
She is suffering by her own, gripping on no one
She is standing on her feet by her own but she is now crippled by herself
—i was her
K Balachandran Jun 2018
To winding road I asked again,
“Where did your journey begin?”
It just kept quiet,as if to mean
It didn’t get the crux of my concern!
I asked Where does it  all ends ?
That too met with a stony silence,
Making me meditate in loneliness .
Silence has quicksilver toungue,
I walked through inner labyrinths
And the question echoed in turns,
Then in me dawned as a whisper
“Real story of the road of course isn’t about just  begiinnings and ends”
The wish to get it limited, is the
Distorted imagination of humans!
I am having a journey eventful,
But have a problem to determine
The starting and end points!
When you are certain of a finis,
There appears yet another beginning!
A road never leaves for anywhere
All you do is pass on through it.
In a mood to go and find
To the abode of immortality the final destination!
Some people
Family are so self-righteousness it's unbelievable.
Especially  Christians
They need to  look  at their own
Baggage before ripping out  others.
well here it is:

as a good-hearted crazy boy as I am
I can be fixed only by a woman
on the last gear of speed
like a herd of mustangs in gallop
to the abyss or to eternity

a woman who dedicates me poems of hate
in which I'm the last provincial old man
the princess can fall in love with
but actually the joy is shaking whitin
any time she feels me arround

a woman dressed only in swords of Toledo
who can sing on a sword like Mariza
making me climb on the walls
like on the Chinese Wall on the moon

a woman that resists any melalcoholical drubbing
on rithmes of sirtaki with Zorba the Greek
with her heart blowned out of her mind
carelessly throwned like underwear through  the room

a long-time woman to lead my way
and night in sleep and life in death
and my god in all its demons of beauty
with the most innocent baby smile

a woman that on the last outpost of her ******
like a wild goddess will laugh and explode the night
as if as if ordering
the happiest end of the world
This is a love statement and will be considered as it is. I walked the worst moments through my life alone. I do'nt need anyone. If youre in my life is because I value your presence and I want you there. like a turbo truck on the road.
LylexRose Apr 2018


You think you're doing the right thing...

But you ain't...

And even though you try....

Success is nothing without a trail of upset and disappointment in your wake.......

So I'll sit back, tilt the cap, playin with holy sap, gettin' up say your goodbyes, and just never turn back.

Go good, go great, go hard, new slate.

New page in the paper, but I ain't playin, what I did wasn't easy *****, it was labour.

All pain, All truth, no love, it's brutal.

I'm like Bin Laden, the Saudi and a Taliban with a 6 till 6, bringin' planes to the ground. Yet that's it, my life, a burnin' wreck, still to be found.

But look at me now, when you've giving up on fallin', pull a ******' U turn, put your foot down and started ballin'.

"Shut the **** up, man broke bank beggar looking to thrive, think your hard but you can't even drive".
You ******* right *****, gimme a lil money and time to fly, taking the edge off the **** and wine, and then we'll see who'll rise.

Maybe you're right, surfing from bench to bench, from sofa to sofa, help was all I wanted and to my brother I'll always owe ya.
Thoughts in a Garden
Crimson glow of the morning sun                           
 Along the rosy horizon                                           
Set ablaze the floating clouds
With edges embroidered
In flaming gold,
Ushered in a brilliant dawn.
Sunbeams on the mountain slopes                     
Uncovered valleys verdant and
Gurgling streams:
Darting rays through gnarled
Adorned with foliage of emarald
Illumined the serene garden
Genial warmth of the morning
Opened rows and rows of white      
And filled the air with fragrance
While mother nature sprinkled
Smiles in a shower of roses
Of delicate hues.
Hummingbirds and honey-bees
Hovered over colourful flowers
Big and small.
Shy flowers,like blushing brides,
 Allured passersby to pause
A while and admire their beauty
And bewitching smile.
Basking in sunshine under
The azure sky and stretching
On grass in chequered shades,
My questioning mind
Probed in vain,
The enigma of nature's creation,
Its amazing harmony
And violent ire
And the aim of evolving human
Eager to grasp what the future
Indulged in reveries undisturbed, oblivious of
Fortune's ebb and tide
Until twilight showed
The early stars
And the evening shadows
                   looming large,
Restrained my restless mind.
In darkness dissolved
                      the lovely scene.
Soon, the vision of rapture
Was a waking dream:
A foretaste of life merging
With the cosmic stream!
.  M.G.N.Murthy
Hyderabad, India.






Repeated after making a few changes.
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