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Naeem Jun 2020
I learnt to run faster
To distance from my problems
Stockpiling boxes on boxes
Locking away my emotions
I practised the jab
Fighting to get these thoughts out of my head
I stop over-caring
Ended up forgetting how to feel
But the one thing I'll never do
Is confront what's bothering me
Knowing the answer is always y
Alice Oct 2019
the sadness
is back again
i don't know why
it just seems like every time
i get better
i move forward
the world tilts
and all of a sudden
i am no longer running away
i am running into the darkness
always running
and i'm tired
so tired
SomeOneElse Jul 2019
Another weekend home alone
Another weekend gone and blown
Another weekend i'm up late
Trying to find myself a date
Another weekend all dejected
Feeling lost and so rejected
Another weekend full of tears
The same as it has been for years
Another weekend in my head
So ******* completely wasted
Another weekend gone and blown
Another weekend all alone
Another poem about feeling alone
Butterfly May 2019
Didn't expect that life without you was going be so hard.
Yes I am lonely.
And I did not expect that lonelyness could be so hurtful.
Idk if I made a mistake with the grammar haha
Katinka Apr 2019
I lost myself in the nightsky
scaring me with it´s creatures
and found a stranger in the sunrise
blinding me with it´s shine

and the red sky left me stained
hiding my true colors
it was when the ocean turned purple
and the sky began to cry

soaking me with it´s odor
washing away my fragrance
that the reflection in the ocean
showed a stranger in me

So scared of the night I hid myself
becoming the spectator of my life
watching without interacting
silently in the back of my mind

I lost myself in the night
fearing it´s monsters
but the shine of the moon
brought me back

and as the sun rised
I finally saw
I was the monster
all along
Eyithen Apr 2019
I made a new friend
She is short and sweet
She is the best
so happy we got to meet

We do everything together
We share all our secrets
Confide in each other
and embrace the uniqueness

We bonded so fast
And are both equally clumsy
We giggle at our mishaps
And our awkward tendencies

My friend has a boyfriend
She takes him everywhere
We all hang out
They make a good pair

But lately its been hard
There has been a lot of meetings
Used to have her to myself
This kinda feels like stealing

I am happy for her
I'm sure i would do the same
If i were in her position
I would surely sing his name

But I'm a single pringle
And this can make things hard
All my friends are dating
Guess i was dealt a different card

But i wish that they could know
How lonely it can feel
when you get stuck
being the third wheel
For all my single friends who are often 3rd, 4th, heck, even 5th wheelers. Literally wrote this in 5 minutes on the spot. When it flows it goes.
Ruch Feb 2019
Yet to shine!

The golden side is yet to shine
The mountains within are still to rise
The shadows in the valley are yet too dark
But the peaks at the top are in my sight..

The lonely bird will reach there first
The wind is cold but his aim is bright
He doesnt feather away of the stones that were pelled
He sings song of the warriors he puts in a fight..

He tries to fly ..,each day all the way
From hills to the rivers
From every sand to each bay
He gets no rest no help no stay
His heart guides him all
doesnt complain but prays

And he finds his way struggling someday
The troubles the pain all wither away
And the peak when he reaches he looks  at the world
The men who tried to pull him down
Are singing songs of his glory day!
CJ Dec 2018
Dear Imaginary friend,

Can I tell you a secret?

I am you... are me.
I'm a friend of myself....
Aaryn Sep 2018
6th grade... we were friends
7th... we were best friends
I remember the day
We decided
How our lives were going to continue
classmates thought we were twins
8th grade... we grew closer
I told you I needed you
I cried in front of you
I revealed my biggest secret
to you
and with your help
I came out
but then
you found others
and our circle grew
It was okay
for a while
but as you became extroverted
and popular
and liked
I became an outcast
I didn't realize it at the time
But it was so obvious
At the end of that year
I started to see
How you thought I was clingy
Messed up
A burden
You were my only friend
And you hated me
But you were too nice to let me know
The last day of school came
we promised we'd get together
but days came and passed
I never saw you
you never texted
9th grade has come
you don't even look at me like a friend
I had a panic attack today
in front of you
not intentionally
but I would have hoped you could have helped
and you just watched
as I burned from within
I knew for some time
but now its all to obvious
You never liked me
You never will
But really
you were all I had
I had a really good friend... and now I don't
Alexis Hart Jun 2017
my house

There is a large grey cat sitting on

a small house’s front porch

he’s not looking at me but I’m looking at him,

though the taxi car window.

The taxi driver

is beating an uneven rhythm,

on the steering wheel

as he waits for the light to change.

My life is changing

All around me and

I’m moving away

from everything I’ve ever known.

From a small suburban home,

into a small urban apartment,

in the heart of the city,

with only my mother.

My mother is the one

I’d miss the least but

she’s the one who is

coming with me.

We are bringing so little with us,

it was an excuse to clear out

our house but it made it

impossible for me to get out.

Not that I had many

places to go,

I didn't have very many friends,

but I’d walk to the park and sit on the swings

Drifting back and forth,

across from my first grade best friend’s house.

In second grade we drifted apart but that

it might have been because I got better grades.

I was always good at school

and I could walk there

from my house.

From my old house.

The taxi starts moving

away from the house and the cat.

The taxi driver has

stopped drumming.
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