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Wordsinalign Apr 2017
Where the peacock paints the green into the gardens with her crown jewels of blue,
She stayed there longer to watch the plumage of hues.
A canvas full of colours that are very loud,
Is this is what makes you so proud?

Funny how you cannot see your own beauty in the colours that are true,
Instead you see them in ultraviolet, not your royal blue!
She can clearly see, she had eyes,
Strutting conspicuously, it walked away showing off it’s prize.
It thrived where others merely survived, and never ceased to leave them mystified.

She felt like a splash of brown and grey in a room full of vibrant peacocks,
Never realised how time flies with the ticking of the clocks.
For even though she couldn’t fly, at least she knew she had tried.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
It wasn’t a rushed lunch hour or waiting for one running late,
Everyone wonders why she is in this poor state!
Don’t pity her, it was a choice she made,
She didn’t bat one eyelid so stop throwing her shade.
An unapologetic introvert although not the socially awkward,
She sat at the table rewinding it backwards.

It was the hardest thing she had to do,
She has been living up to the expectations of two.
So she took a little walk, so we could have the talk,
While everyone else around her gawked.

She talked for long hours,
Solved numerous problems that leaned higher than these towers.
A soul that matched hers, the one she remembered in tears,
Enough fire to burn down a small town,
Sometimes she’d even play the clown.
They weren’t lovers nor were they friends,
They were in it for life and knew how to make amends.
It was her! Always had been, the daytime fortresses she built,
Set her free without any guilt.

It was the easiest conversation to start
and the most difficult to finish.
This is why she hid from the world and picked up where she left off.

She had been here before,
Didn’t expect company any more,
She walked up straight and said aloud, “Table for one, please!”

‘Will there be a join?’
‘No, I’ll pay by my own coin.’

Table for one and it’s completely fine.
She used to sit at it and eat and read and sleep and cry and wine.
She ate alone, blissfully unencumbered by any concerns,
And all the while the world turns.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
She saw golden streams of sun melt into the distant palm trees,
As he sits there painting the mid-summer night’s blue breeze.

Glowing but empty, she knew its time to let go,
the anticipation of something new and the fear of being low.
Her sunset made way for his moonshine in the night,
So divine, he was her flawless knight.

‘I’m leaving you all the signs man of the moon with a crown,
To come find me before dusk seeks my soul and drags me down.
Say the word to describe the feeling of being bluer than blue,
Ah, it’s yellow in all shades of you.’

The dusk came;
And the lonely yellow moon hung over the humid April breeze,
the night grew colder and his stain made her heart freeze.
She let the silence calm her pounding heart,
And let the clouds do their part.
Hiding behind she saw his yellow,
Watching his eyes emitted tones of mellow.
Wearing his layers of sadness in plush,
He gave her insecurities more reasons to blush.

He was the dusk and she was dawn,
they’d never met and only appeared when the other was gone.
He was enchanting and made the stars twinkle,
He made them happy and even made them giggle.
The earth spun it’s magic,
Her golden glow stayed a tragic!
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
She wrote a note to herself today.
Before the moon bid its goodbye to it’s kind.
Before the world had a chance to wash her mind;
With pending tasks and bitter words that made her wrong,
Telling her how this would only make her strong.

She wrote it before emotions took over,
Before she said her name to the barista as a coffee-lover.
Before she had the choice between hope and optimism,
And sip into all the criticism.
A simple sentence that would resonate within mind;
before her eyes witness normality,
She wrote a note of what she wanted the day to be in reality.

She was not greedy, she tried to be kind,
Everyday she made up her mind.
Only to cease the day,
Yet be humble and not prey.
’Tis true that she wanted things her way,
She knew the dark clouds would not stay.

On the days it was hard to breathe,
She took a look around at the papers beneath.
Between the bills, payment sheets and cheques,
On the days she felt life was a wreck.
‘Breathe woman! Everything will be okay!’ she read,
This is how she knew her life wasn’t hanging by a thread.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
Pungent coffee stains with the magnificent for company,
I spill a drop in a background of shiny metals creating an orchestral symphony.
Sitting in the boulevard I chase words into poetry,
Alongside the parades of chaos singing a different symmetry.
I write of sunsets, birds, kisses and seas,
I even write about branches on broken trees;
Of tales where the hero is the villain,
and those who felt pain in dol multipled them a trillion.
Of lonesome characters that wrote letters of love,
they even defied their gods above.

It was his eyes that made me drink black coffee,
no sugar, no cream, not even toffee.
Deep, dark and bitter was the way he was;
I even went to ‘Home Bakery’ just because.
Decoctions of coffee comforted my freezing moments,
heartbreak came to me in brief installments.
Like most of my men with no names,
my heart burned without any flames.

I love him like I love my coffee,
and you must believe me when I say
I will perish like the aroma of the first brew.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
Her story doesn’t hold up in the light,
she spent her life losing every fight.
Shadows were more of a friend than a foe,
though without the light, she always stubbed her toe!
She was quick to blink when the light shone too bright,
Kept her eyes shut until the brightness faded regaining their sight.
She was made to believe she couldn’t handle the light,
Couldn’t blame her, the nights were her delight.
She hung around with worms that glowed from their bums,
her tears and pain they would always numb.

The vaults of heaven shot illegal fireworks through the celestial skies, mysteries of the universe with her eyes shut still gave her butterflies.
He looked at her like she was the brightest light he had ever seen,
jars of light guided his heart to a love that had never been.

In the shadows with her eyes closed tight,
he whispered to her, ‘I’m here to make it alright!’
Unsure if she can handle it, she shut ‘em tighter,
he came closer and the light only got brighter.
Her naked eye saw light for the first time,
uttering words that made no sense or rhyme.

There was a moment between his glance and their lips,
where the world stopped so they can kiss.
Her eyes spilled over into a flame,
with every tear a fool she became.
A sign of affection, an act of lust?
Kiss after kiss he turned her to dust.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
She lies to the world that the five percent is all there is to sea,
but she wanted him to feel the depths deeper than there was to see.
She needed him to anchor and not let her slip like the sand through finger,
She needed a love that left an everlasting effect linger.

He stepped on the same grounds,
Looking for a love that saved him from his drown.
On the outside he was tough as steel,
Deep inside he could no longer feel.
He hummed songs from the spirited waves,
Drove deep into them to rescue her from coral caves.

He was the Persian Gulf and she was an Indian Ocean,
Yet they breathe salty summer air and gaze at the same clouds in motion.
She flew the skies, wondering if she lost him behind a floating cloud,
And went into places, she knew she wouldn’t be allowed.
Meeting him would be a miracle she thought,
Her chances were drying out faster than water during a drought.

There she stood at the Arabian Gulf in the warm sea breeze,
There was something about her that put his heart at ease.
Breathing the raw summer air,
Locked in his view paralysed by the depths she saw in his stare.

He lifted an empty shell and poured the ocean in,
His charms travel pore to pore and loving him felt like a sin.
Her eyes had storms that were painted in grey and silver,
Knowing she felt the dagger, his love would **** her.

— The End —