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Steve Mar 7
I lit up all the star lights
To better see the day
I climbed upon a moonbeam
To hear what you would say
I floated high
Beyond the sky
To see the things
That faith she brings
Yet never left the room
Nor cracked an eye
Nor ceded to the gloom.
To know you
Is to show you
Down on bended knees
I stand inside a cloud
To better feel the breeze
I climbed upon a sun ray
Morning's breath to meet
I climbed above the mountains
To lay down at your feet
I climbed so high
Beyond the sky
Yet never left this street
I became a thought stream
That my heart might miss a beat.
This one disappeared into a swirly mist.
Bashed back into line.
Eva Apr 2019
How much is your soul worth?

This is the question you decide to ask

As you gulp the Moonshine from the stranger's flask

You close your eyes and see your life in a flash

You sit on the cold, soiled concrete

Listening to the quietness that comes with defeat.

You hate yourself but point the finger

At everyone else, hoping your anguish won't linger.

You feign innocence and ignorance as if all the bad will disappear.

You use ***, drugs, and Moonshine to dry your tears

But on nights like this, the truth is hard to shake

So you stay out late and overuse yourself til you quake

Then the moon and the stars shine down on you

And you feel sorry for yourself as sorry people do.

Nothing is left inside of you; you're hollow

You're on your own, you're bent and spent; no direction to follow.

There's no point in asking how much your soul is worth

When clarity has come to you and the answer has already been unearthed.
Ray Dunn Mar 2019
Burnt tongues
Such a thirst

Too bright
I look up
Eyes burn
Too dark

When did I get here?

Cold drink
I see you
In the moonshine

I take another sip
We’ve all been drunk, we know that feeling haha
I sink...

I sink...

I drown
The soft glisten of the moon
Reflecting off my drowning pool
Speaks for us both;
A reflection of a reflection
So beautifully distraught
In an identity crisis of the century--
The moon looks in the mirror
And only sees the sun,
She has lost all dignity
That she kept so dear.
The ripples of my love and I
Slipping into the sea are no differnt.
She looks into me and sees me drown
And feels no differnt than I.
Tears stream down the face of the moon
And the rain trickles onto the sea.
Our bubbles are the memories
Slowly drifting from the mouth
Slipping away to the surface.
My love swims to the top to breath
Yet I am here, sitting at the bottom
Of the great blue sea,
Breathless from her sight,
Forged together by unfought tears
And the pressure of its depth.
I watch as you swim to the moon
And bathe in her forlorne light
Breathing, time and time again.
For I will watch all night long
And then go to sleep in the morn.
sol Oct 2018
Hello, Moon,
bright and blue.
Stars shine bright,
just for you.

Hello, Moonlight,
soft and kind,
to keep me company
this lonely night.

Hello, Moonshine,
bitter as sweet wine.
To the stars on my tongue,
I whisper of a dream
as I let sleep come.
Tori Sep 2018
His gaze is constant
as the moon shining
over me, yet welcoming
in its soft glow.
When all are present, this
light shines unnoticed,
but in the solitude of
the night I bask
in its radiance.
His soul is bright
though he is distant,
loving best from afar...
Ever so often, I feel
the touch of his gentle kiss
on my cheek,
and like a moth
I glide silently
through the night
under the protection of
his gaze.
Randy Johnson Sep 2018
People don't like me because I make terrible moonshine.
Nobody in their right mind wants this whiskey of mine.
I've received a lot of angry phone calls, and some pretty nasty letters.
People say that when it comes to my shine, horse **** tastes better.
A city slicker actually called my moonshine slop.
He felt he'd been ripped off so he called the cops.
The police arrested him too for buying the moonshine in the first place.
His stupidity got him jail time, you should've seen the look on his face.
My shine is so terrible that the Surgeon General has started putting a warning label on every bottle.
If you drink my 130 proof moonshine, you won't walk straight for days, when you walk, you will waddle.
My shine will knock your head off, it's sure not as mild as a malt.
I've warned you about my shine so if it makes you go blind, it will be your fault.
Samir Koosah Aug 2018
Lost between words, buried by thoughts.
Tonight the distiller is dripping moonshine I drown my sorrows in.
The smoke of ****** marijuana mixed with tobacco takes over the gallery.
A handful of souls still awake. One thing in common we all have, the dream of freedom.
Killers, robbers, dealers, here one is no different than the next.
All government merchandise.
With the late hours of the night comes the silence.
As silence takes over, the hypnotic sound of the moonshine dripping from the distiller take one’s thoughts on a journey deep inside the mind.
Little by little the bottle fills up as the mind empties.
It is time the ghosts visit. Time to leave this place with them.
Cruising the known world in my mind. To be with the loved ones, at least on my imagination.
They seem to show up in waves. She is usually the first one. We talk, we dance, take long walks, but is never enough.
There is so much to know about her still.
Then come the friends, family. Eventually some actual ghosts even.
Slowly the moonshine and the writing give place to sleep.
The chance of meeting her in my dreams, moonshine inebriated.
Özcan Sh Jul 2018
They have different shapes
They were all different
But still they were beautiful
They dance with the stars in the sky
And bring the lonely night
With their moonshine to life.
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