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Sabila Siddiqui May 2018
Lazy she may seem
But how does she explain she is hurting
She is wounded
Energyless to do even the simplest of tasks
For she wants to be alone in her own world,
shut the world out
and write
CC Mar 2018
It's a moment before you start
The pause after you've finished
The continuation after the pause
It's reviewing yourself in the goal you have in mind
Making it toward the line that means you made it
Make it everyday
Start it
Continue the next item
Disobedience to the list ensures no outcomes
Obedience is an A for Effort and a satisfying day done efficiently
Follow it to the letter
This is the founding of civilisations
Rituals, Manners, Habits
Let yourself follow
In order to follow through
V Anne Nov 2017
I made a bowl of soup for myself tonight.
Red bean, kale, and quinoa.
I toasted two slices of bread,
buttered them,
let them cool.
I planned on dunking them
in the soup
to sop up leftover broth.

While the canned food heated
in the red saucepan
on the first burner
to the right,
I did simple tasks.
Recycled bottles from days before,
put away the dishes in the drying rack,
fed the cat.

I paced back and forth,
in my purple socks,
from my bedroom
to the kitchen,
listening to an old record
that sounds like nostalgia.

I did simple tasks.
Small, achievable things.
Self care comes
in many forms.
a woman's work is ever ongoing
she cooks, washes and does all hubby's mowing
the list of her daily duties quite long
she's never free from these demanding tasks
her days are as full as the fullest flasks
at no time is the housewife taking spells
every minute rings in requesting bells
few assist they're off singing an easy song
whereas the underpaid maid grinds tough stone
her hands worn down to barest possible bone
women carry tons of bricks a real heavy freight
not for one second will they idle or laze
they're running around in the busiest haze
by week's end they do feel a loading's weight
Jim Davis Mar 2017
Set out the day
To accomplish a great deal
First there was the cat
The paper's need for read
Breakfast with bacon
Coffee is so good
Then a call or two
Really must get busy
So much to do
Pause for a think
Time to reflect
Write a line or two
Quickly the sun is setting
Too dark to write
Time now for a
Bit of wine to relax
Rest from the weary work
Of this long day of think

©  2017 Jim Davis
Some days just can't get anything done
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
roads to take
places to go
people to meet
and shuffle to feet

we all have
hellos to say
moments to pray
cradle and grave
paths to pave

we all have
Hearts to break
Hours to wake
puzzles to try
and planes to fly

we all have
boats to row
emotions raw
Highs and lows
profits and loss

We all have
oceans to cross
closures, new doors
Dye to toss
Hammers and crows

We all have
problems to solve
push to shove
people to love
the dreams we have

we all have
laces to shoe
**** we've been through
cypher to construe
me and you

we all have
duties to do

— The End —