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IrieSide Jun 2
Buried in curses
a heart in burdenous chains
ego at one end,
fear at the other
somewhere in-between
exists that sacred

The poet, the warrior
of internal realms
to save the world,
yeah that's the goal

nothing seems right,
this broken earth
of liquid change

I despise happiness,
yet seek for paradise
give me the nod
dear soldier

truth injected forcefully
into this

my angel,
my love and light
of a thousand suns
touch my heart again
It's been too long
Gnat Oct 2018
I've come to
loathe her,
as much
as I love
her face.

Am I incapable?

is this the end
of every
by proxy?
and underwhelmed?

I thought
were supposed
to help.
Why do
I strive,
then, all by
All by myself?
Maxim Keyfman Sep 2018
to be on hold pending
in anticipation of what or what
what for and why and why
whom in the heath of what and where I am
lost behind the door behind the lamp for
a window behind a window behind
a blizzard behind the snow
for the sun behind the sunny rain

be in anticipation of waiting for something
how it is and what kind of flashlight it counts
where am I where I am not was
times there was no time there was no past
and there was no future and now where I am
in anticipation of who is where and when and how in
waiting for that sunny rainfall

Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
My heart won't stop beating
Beause of not meant to be's
As much as it aches
There's still much to see

Perhaps, it is not over yet
No, not a happy ending
But a few pages left,
A story-end still pending
Samuel Hesed Jan 2016
Darkness covered the skies,
While my body was restless with the tides.
I tried not to wait for the sunrise,
Because, it just reminded me of your eyes.

I remember holding you in my arms,
While surrendering to the stars,
Hoping to never fall apart.

The touch of your hand with mine,
The smell of Calvin Klein,
The taste of cherry wine,
Intoxicating me inside.

I didn't see this in cards,
Or the rolling dice in our hearts.

I imagined a future,
With the definition of forever.

But, now I see-
We were never meant to be.

When tomorrow comes,
Without the taste of ***,
We will find someone.

Now it is time for me to go,
And leave this pain for the runaways-
So, Goodbye, my Summer's Day!
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Jan 2016
Her brown eyes crept up to me.
Delicate and wide.

I could see the love of her mother,
And pride of her father.

A universe stretched out farther then the eye could see,
Filled with shining stars,
And faceless scars.

Her stare had an ingenious beauty.
Like a meadowless daisy.

Her glare had an artless grace,
Like colorless vase.

This glow was naive from the broken lives,
Wondering on this fallen world.

This credulous light,
Waiting to be ripped by jealousy.

I almost wanted to hold her there,
Away from the horrors in life.
Far from Apollyon's hands,
Like a guardian in the night.

Her innocents daring to walk on this thin rope,
Called hope.

Then, I saw with my waking eyes.
A white aisle covered by heavens flowers,
Congregations starring at her beautiful smile.
Oh, what a lovely mile.

For, there I knew
Her life was a magnificent design-
That wasn't mine.

I let her go into the hands of the divine,
Where she waits for her Valentine.

Oh, Lord I know you will hold her tight,
As she waits for her fearless knight.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Jan 2016
Hold me high enough to see

Over the troubles in my life.

For, I wish to know if the future is worth the wait.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Dec 2015
I heard a tale long ago, a story of old.
Happiness and love filled the tale.
There was no pain, anger, or hatred far enough to see.
For this tale was written,
written for me.
I just love how cute this poem is! :)

Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Dec 2015
My heart is racing inside of my chest.
The life I use to know is far behind.
For I am looking at the finish line.
Just another life to go,
Until I am in your arms.
No valley or mountain will stand in my way.
I can see the finish line.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Dec 2015
Tears Fall-
For people we hold dear,
Or something we fear.*

*Tears Are-
Love and hate.
Something we alienate.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
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