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Jordan Hudson Aug 2019
Dubai plate
They all say
Gold chrome
Mall roam
Scraper town
The white gowns
Windows down
We inbound
Turbo sound
One turbo
Two turbo
Three turbo
1000 horse
This the reason why
We all drive
In the night
Dubai night
Dubai drive
Take a ride
And fly
On the road
And go
Above slow
Speed mode
Quad turbo
This in your dreams
To have this speed
To be freed
America is free
Need for speed
One turbo
Two turbo
Three turbo
1000 horse
One turbo
Two turbo
Three turbo
1000 horse
Sabía el día de mi perecer,
Navegue sin pensarlo,
Te busque en los campos de café,
En cada grano perfumado,
Me sumergí en los pozos
De líquido arábigo,
Cada sorbo sin hallar valentía,
Te busque en mi cuarto,
Entre el papel, también en mi desorden,
Solo me topé con sentimientos,
Pero no te encontré,
Hasta que te vi al fin
Echo de trigo, de maíz,
Sangrabas café, pero no flaqueaste,
Pude sonreír otra vez.
Héroe te encontré lleno de fuerza,
Y recordaste todas aquellas aventuras
Todas las victorias, al perforar mi mente
pude levantarme y ser héroe de grano perfumado,
De líquido arábigo, con cabello de maíz y corazón de trigo.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
She lies to the world that the five percent is all there is to sea,
but she wanted him to feel the depths deeper than there was to see.
She needed him to anchor and not let her slip like the sand through finger,
She needed a love that left an everlasting effect linger.

He stepped on the same grounds,
Looking for a love that saved him from his drown.
On the outside he was tough as steel,
Deep inside he could no longer feel.
He hummed songs from the spirited waves,
Drove deep into them to rescue her from coral caves.

He was the Persian Gulf and she was an Indian Ocean,
Yet they breathe salty summer air and gaze at the same clouds in motion.
She flew the skies, wondering if she lost him behind a floating cloud,
And went into places, she knew she wouldn’t be allowed.
Meeting him would be a miracle she thought,
Her chances were drying out faster than water during a drought.

There she stood at the Arabian Gulf in the warm sea breeze,
There was something about her that put his heart at ease.
Breathing the raw summer air,
Locked in his view paralysed by the depths she saw in his stare.

He lifted an empty shell and poured the ocean in,
His charms travel pore to pore and loving him felt like a sin.
Her eyes had storms that were painted in grey and silver,
Knowing she felt the dagger, his love would **** her.
Tim Peetz Jan 2017
Where lonely camels roam, dunes in darkness lay
And myriads of stars glow in disarray.
Solely the morning star, lone wanderer, shines bright
And thus illuminates this dark Arabian night.

As the gleaming eye of heaven rises in the East,
wake the weary nomad and his weary beast.
And as it reaches zenith, the heat burning the flesh,
they reach their destination: the vibrant Marrakech.

Explosion of colors, spices galore
Sold on bazaars selling infinitely more
A snake tamer plays his tunes in a trance
and the dervishes do their habitual dance.

And with every turn, every swish, every sway,
Unfolds like a dream the Arabian day.
'Til the sun sets again in this wondrous land
To darken once more the kingdom of sand.
Omega Sep 2014
From unkown we reached here
To unkown we will go
Living just to watch and hear
Till it's become like a kind of law !

Successful in narrating our history to our children
What history could do if we kept our heads buried in the sand ?!
Registering events " where and when "
" with you we'll thrive " , how to be a climber without hands ?!

" For the future , work today "
But it's like telling a blinder :
" walk alone along the way ! "

Years passed and days come
Yet, we underestimate the significance of time
We weren't born to live as dumps
But to work our minds to reach the prime !

— The End —