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Brooke Andolino Aug 2018
Along the way, I lived in fear
But with you, everything seems so clear
Like a whale to the sea
You complete me
With the steps, I take you aren't far behind
Almost as if you control my mind
Your love is contagious like a cold
And for this, I will behold
A smile on my face every day
Hopefully, it will keep you at bay
A kiss keeps me awake
All of them I can never shake
This is in my head
While you lay in bed
Arianna Oct 2018
Blood gushes from the belly of the Whale,
Glistening with the crimson glory
Of annihilation
On this freezing strand.

Its dying throes

E     C     H     O    

Howling from the Abyss
Through the steaming fog
Of blood.

                                      Eyes downcast
                                                        ­    in Awe,
                                      For out of reverence
                                                       ­     I durst not look!

                                      Pricking of tears ⸺

                                               I am overcome...
sweet dreams to the dismal things
on the shores of an apocalypse
perhaps we are day-dreaming
breathing in these noxious fumes
consuming our own impermanance
is it ignorance of law
or the lure of the commons
that has doomed you
to inhaling all this perfume
threads of light scintillate the moon
an uncommon fuse
forged between your heart and the sun
so come dance and drift
in between rifts of space and time
that melancholy face
oh how i’d love to hold it in my hands
and stand up against you
i never stopped to over-stand you
don't think about it just let it out
before it consumes you
as fast as a spray from a humpback whale
the powers are receding
and we are needing to refill our cups
brunt and blunt like coconuts
what a stunt you pulled
how did you know
that they'd let you get away with it
its phenomenal the mood you instigated
a repatriation of the delegated fields
free of spite and allocated yields
until we became two foolish flowers
that now must die
in order to perpetually bloom
Mark Penfold Sep 2018
Late in the year and in the night,
A ghostly giant came into sight,
It slowly trailed and bulged the ancient causeway,
Intent on hiding out of harms way.

A magnificent beast from the age of sale,
Came into port to shelter from the winter storms and gales,
It groans and creaks from 50 sheets and rattles,
Like a wounded whale with its brass decor and iron chattels.

The body built of wood and steel,
With copper wrapped around it's keel,
To guard its cargo of rarest spice, silks and precious metals,
It puffed and steamed along like a giant boiled kettle.

It has travelled far with many scars,
Battled continents and violent seas with ease,
From the cape around the horn,
And onto the west indies.

It seeks and finally finds its place to rest and moor,
But alas the storm that winter did not pause,
It reached and breached the gates and harbour walls,
The fox was in through failing doors.

It attacked the beauty in its finest fettles,
Her belly broke from bow to stern,
It sharply shifts and lists while the candles burn,
Then sinks down to the bottom where it groans and settles.

It's fate and history long forgotten,
But for local shanty hymns,
The bulk is left but timbers rotten,
With cut back beams and withered limbs.

From endless tides it now resides,
Out of site and local memory,
Through rusted tears it counts the years,
Underneath a sea of nettles.
Andrew Dec 2017
I am stuck in your dimension
Which wasn't my intention
But you have a heart warming appeal
And you are a reliable friend
That's why I hate the emotions I feel
And wait for my life to end

I have been stuck for a decade
A twisted mind it has made
I see suitable suitors
Yet yearn for your presence
Your image seems cuter
Than those peasants'
I wish I could make you see what they see
Better yet
I wish I could make you feel what I feel
I wish I could make what I feel real
Instead of being stuck
In my fiction
My wheels in the muck
Cause friction

I tell you how I feel
You handle it with grace
But that makes me love you more
Now I'm a whale stuck on shore
And hanging out with me is a chore
When my love makes you search for the door
Leaving me stuck
Saying things like I didn't ask for this
I don't want to be like this
I am stuck with clenched fists
I am stuck with eyes of mist
I am stuck like this

I'm through thrashing around
When everything is broken
There is no healing joke
No joint to smoke
No way to cope
With your overwhelming presence
And the threat of your absence
While you're stuck on the fence

There is a light bulb in my room
It provides vision
But its light becomes too powerful
And it explodes
Shards of glass ******* my eyes
Now it is all I can see
And I can't see anything
Snowflakes drip down
to form a blanket

and disturb all the heat
shooting over the belief
of grief
ignoring irresistible mischief

damaging our cores
through all the entering
into territories
which aren't meant
for only one.

what if you'd be here
and we could stick our faces
directly into places
of compressed past

snow that doesn't last
but us
licking brilliance
out of the reflection
of vast

I frequently look at this picture
where you presented me the most beautiful sunflower
I have ever seen.
Two black-brown leaves and a stem so pale and communicating
with me,
a singing whale
closing distance
and all I think about is
leaving all this resistance
of being meant to shine.
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre-examine,
When he entered the pre-examine, he failed. He sang
As this
I dream to be a butterfly
Go everywhere and fly
See beautiful colors at my eye
Smell good odor thing in the weather
See smart thing everywhere
Amuse with time with a fly in the atmosphere
I dream to be a bee
Travel in places and see
Good flower and immediately be
On it to **** nectar with happy
To convert soon in my abdomen to into honey
That makes all nature good and happy
I want to be a whale
Swim in deep and see all
The swimmers in deep and call
At them as I am stronger than all
Her sister heard him and said
Be Butterfly, bee, and whale
That's good but the best, I see
To be a human as you are?
Study hard, to get the dream actual in a way
Help the weak, be clever is the happy
Get a good chance and have a high degree
Make you famous over the all
They the woman, the boy and the girl say
We must work hard
We must make the heart
Of our nation above the land
In all fields, fly in the sky
As sky get up over and high
See the others on the earth
As stunts and our nation is giant
It must be eternalized and be grand
By science, by faith and by working hard
The boy leaves the dream and the play and studies hard
for who dream to be good ,must do they effort
I can't release oil-filled whales into the whale oil-rich sea as it hurts
my whale oil business from Miami Beach Gardens to west Dundee.
With oil-rich whales it is the common whale story: You never have
a sharp harpoon when it's a full-oil whale upon the sea that you see.
Ira Desmond Dec 2018
Last night,
I dreamt that the friend of a friend had died.

His body floated lifeless on the surface of the Pacific,
tossed about between the Bering Sea whitecaps

like an orca’s seal-pup plaything
while the Arctic wind whipped

and beat the freezing cold water
across his pallid face and through his chestnut hair.

Then his body
began to sink,

its silhouette appearing
against various monotone

canvases of blue
on its trip downward:

a vivid cornflower,
a pelagic cerulean,

a chasm of cold cobalt,
a starless twilight,

a forest of indigo,
a velvet curtain of navy.

as it reached the deepest possible shade of midnight—

only a quantum away from black—
it stopped sinking.

There, in that void,
where daylight and color are considered but outlandish theories,

strange fish of all and shapes and sizes
began to surround the decomposing corpse:

Greenland sharks hailing from the frozen arctic,
mantis shrimp from the mangrove labyrinths,

eyeless electric eels from undersea caves near the Galápagos,
vampire squid rising cautiously up out of their World War One trenches,

scores of spindly ***** and pale worms that had ventured far beyond
the safe familiarity of their alien geothermal worlds.

At first, they approached the corpse gingerly,
nibbling only the tips of its hair and fingernails,

and then suddenly, voraciously,
they consumed it—until not even a skeleton remained.

Now, only a single point of light was left
there floating in the void.

And from this single point of light,
where just a moment before the corpse had floated,

a brilliant white lattice structure emerged,
unfurling as would a fern across a forest floor.

It fanned out onto the seabed
and then swept upward, upward

back toward those reaches of sea
where color is known

and fresh air gleefully permeates
that foamy outer membrane that skirts the base of the sky.

Scores of familiar fish began to lift up the crystalline structure—
schools of shimmering sardines,

stately, dignified manta rays,
skipjacks, bluefins, and white-tips,

brilliant cuttlefish, humble pufferfish,
shifty barracuda, gargantuan whale sharks,

all of them
beating their tails in concert

to carry this lattice away,
this measure of a life,

this husk of a soul
at last freed from its earthly bindings.

The fish were carrying it somewhere deeper,
somewhere darker,

to a place that I understood—
even from the inky depths

of my dreaming mind—
that I could not enter.

But then again,
I knew that someday

I would.
Em MacKenzie Oct 2018
People walk on by and only glance in my direction
unaware that I am suffering from a deep rooted infection.
For don't you see that I'm painfully dying
and in the future you'll know that I could've been saved,
all it took was a simple moment of trying
and to hear the things that I always craved.

They tell you a drowning man will drag you down
but I've always been a strong swimmer,
we can easily take on another pound
just focus on the waves surfing glimmer.
Keep going, keep rowing,
don't inhale that salty sea.
The wind's blowing, exhaustion is showing,
I'll hold you up even when you can't hold me.

People walk on by and only glance in my direction
they aren't the slightest bit shocked at my self inflicted dissection.
For I desperately need to remove my organs of rot,
these days feeling just takes too much of a toll on me,
and they're so badly damaged that no customer has bought,
even when I offered them up for free.

They tell you a drowning man will drag you under
but I've always been gifted with a swift ******,
how I made it out this far truly is a wonder,
or maybe just another sad tasteless joke.
Keep going, keep towing,
don't you give up so easily.
The wind's blowing, pace is slowing,
I'll hold you up even when you can't hold me.

So call me Ismael 'cause I'm lost at sea,
was caught up in a current very swiftly,
and my white whale has lost all interest in me,
I guess there's some other place it would rather be,
than stuck in my sad excuse for company.
Do I glimpse land's salvation or am I just succumbing to insanity?
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
I grew up between bookends
with the holy word held between
one fell off the shelf with no amends
now the shelf is filled with words unseen

So I read of other options
now I question the thread
of these fairy tale adoptions
which have been so deeply embedded

Christian school, weekly church, prayers before bed
my childhood filled with these epic tales
of a guy who died and then rose from the dead
and if you don't believe, well, see you in ****

They are good stories, some even great
but that's all they really are
to live by them is to live a life castrate
burning bush and a man inside a whale, a little bizarre

I am not mad I grew up this way,
but now I live a life of questioning
of what's beyond the pearly gates
without all of the one sided lecturing
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2018
there was a time
when there was the word FUN
in American culture,
and one could laugh...

as a European, these days?
do i *******
look like i'm having "FUN"?!
i'm staging
dart matches between
drunks and
retards! ****'s sake...

it'ss like hearing the argument...
the greatest threat
against the human soul
is a white shark...

                killer whale!
Faroe Isl. talk...

yes, yes, orca...
   almost like, ogre...
but more trans-literal...
     or whatever is:
   would it ever be fun
to marry,
whether or whether-not
it was made legal for *** couples
to marry?!

at this point...
i almost want to give a ****..
you want an antagonist?
please look elsewhere.
in the vicinity of my company?
please, just, riddle your knuckles,
pair of ***** and a ****...
simply... *******!

******, ******,
and whatever is to be added
into the: to boot...

       i asked some bogus questions,
i heard no replies...
   at this particular posit of time...
if i expected a handshake of
i'd be the happy one...
but since... i didn't receive one...
as to how whatever what matters,
to matter, is, to subsequently
"not" matter from this posit of time?

time, time... and some....
charred peppers,
grievances over the pristine cut salad...
the more gruesome details,
that serious people would rather
not mention.
Sky Dec 2018
Young girls are supposed to look like Beauty Queens
That’s what she read in those magazines
“To be the prettiest girl that the world has seen”

When she learned what calories were, she began to see food as numbers.
She learned to normalise skipping meals,
And to tolerate the hunger.
She learned that calories must burn.
Wait in line to slowly die, until it is your turn.
Learning girls aren’t perfect, so when they over-eat,
Crying and whining and moaning in defeat,
They must purge their food, without a single pout,
Because what goes in the girl, must always come out.

“Change” is her favourite word because nothing about her is right
She gropes at her imaginary flaws because her beauty is nowhere in sight
Her body burns in the shower.
Her deep wounds are shaped like thorns on a flower
Numbers run through her mind, counting and calculating the math
She’s too weak to stand any longer, so she sits and takes a bath

“Maybe, just maybe, I am pretty now”
No! You’re a whale, a pig, a massive cow!
“Maybe, just maybe, I am pretty enough”
No, you must keep going, even if it gets tough!
“Maybe, just maybe, I am actually sick
No, they are lying! What they say is a trick!
“Maybe, just maybe, the magazines are a lie”
No! If you’re not pretty and thin your only use is to die

She dries off and sits in her room,
Alone and sad, succumbing to gloom
Unwrapping her towel, she looks in the mirror with despair.
Feeling her bare skin, and all the fat that’s not there.
She knows what she needs to do.  
And all the voices do too.
She grabs the scissors off her desk
And drags them slowly down her chest
Swiftly opening and closing the blade on her thighs
Cutting off the “fat” and letting out piercing cries
Her world goes dark, and she falls down to the floor
Dizzy and numb, but she still tries to cut more
Her memories of her childhood flash before her eyes
From her very first hello, to her final goodbye

She wondered if this was even worth it at all
As a child, someone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up,
And she said:
“small” ~
Trigger Warning: self harm
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2018
.ludo savis... play nice... ludo savis... play nice.

i found that keeping note of a schematic
of filling the gaps on
   a sudoku puzzle, while drinking?
i don't lapse into ****** mistakes...

     pretending to spot a bowhead whale
  without goggles...
   you know some of these Greenland
******* live up to 200+ years?!
    you sure we can't bypass classical
evolution, genesis ape,
and turn to these behemoths?

             i don't point to Africa as a genesis
    what would be the point of
the Slavs coming from Siberia
and settling in Europe?

            i'm not buying it...
and in an intellectual argument -
where no one is either right,
   or wrong...
                   i look at the Olympics...
sure... ****** can run a 100m...
but can ****** swim?

      thought so...
                         pšepraszam... (z = h, sheer,
too many consonants, my ***!)
   może po polsku?!
              to nie moja wina.

      last time i checked...
    i came of a people...
did the father belong to Russia...
the son that belonged to Prussia,
and the Holy Geist that
belonged to the Asutro-Hungarians?!
fill me...
    i think i'm about to fall into
an amnesia ****-hole
with people thinking i have
English roots...
    no... but an allegiance to
the language is paramount...
the natives can sort their politics out...
i'm here...
to speak english, not to be english...
mysterious beast...
         going back...
  look how the guess work expands...
not enough consciousness fuel to
figure it all out...
   and there never will be...
so the schematic solution to np. 10,106 puzzle
is [9] - [2] - [6] - [3] - [8] - [1] - [4] - [5, 7]...
that's how the nine squares
and the vertical and horizontals are
filled, in that instance...

always with the french...
   you'd be singing alizée's song
moi ****** in a prison shower
while having your *** pry, opened
by something akin to a crowbar...

     reading Marquis de Sade
   on the tube with teenage girls giggling
across from me...
   they obviously thought the cover
was funny...
   a ****...
            hmm... wait till one of them
remembers the name...
that ****?
              will turn those former giggles
into a: gasping sensation...
Euro trash... fair enough...
   high culture, low expectations...
      only a lepidopterologist
could have written ******...
            no, certainly not a homosexual...
i'm guessing the cut-off point
is when flirting begins...
                      i chased 2 girls in my life...
and was chased by 3...
  ****... are women supposed
to propose to you?
                with this Saturday newspaper
in my hand...
     this - private blog in some dusty
corner of the internet
******* is up there
as a pet peeve,
that condescending narrative...

            internet banking,
          internet shopping...
       internet suicides over internet posts!
    are these "journalists":
who are paid to write book reviews
for the Saturday edition...
     even remotely concerned with reality?
"we" are here...
to mediate -
    i can be as much of an ******* in
                since there is always an imaginary
"you" at the end of the composition -

       but in conversation?
   let's just say i cooked a killer risotto today...
     mange tout,
         green peas...
     tender rice, as you might expect from
a rice pudding...
               do these people in the journalistic
game even conceive that
some people, in desperation,
used to wipe their ***** with newspapers?!
mjad Aug 2018
Don't use ****
To get what I need
**** em up
**** me up
Dyslexia *****
Like I **** you off
On my best friends floor
Behind the bathroom door
While they're dead asleep
Our secret to keep
Turn off the TV
Making sure they can't see
You right on top of me
Fingertips trace along your sides
While you're meeting my insides
Get to know me even more
Can't hear our moans over their snore
I can barely keep my eyes open
Swim in me like I'm the ocean
Getting seasick everywave
A life I can't help but save
Swallowed like Jonah and the whale
Pause and we both exhale
Collapse in exhaustion
After our little excursion
Your heartbeat puts me to sleep
Your breathing is still deep
Didn't even need ****
To get a good night's sleep
Michael John Jan 9
i could have
done with a
little purpoise..

mostly, i felt
like a dolphin
sniffing mines..

but also not
a whale of a
tried not to carp

eel pie

be off
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2018
.oh sure, just pass the mortgage payments, i might pay, when i pay off whatever life i lived, and the life i didn't... and some third-party-whatever... oh yeah... just fax me the existentialist details... overloaded with pop Darwinism for the simple answer of a complex question / mode of being... yeah... such the mode of being... give me the mean of non-being... the **** life once was, but became reduced to an epitaph... and only if, if! i am rich enough to afford a gravestone.

don't worry...
if we're just clausit instances
of humanity,
the whole closure chapter...
just wait for the Holocaust
survivors to die with the deniers...
and then you can come
after us...
i'm all up and arms for
en masse euthanasia schemes...
****... let's bypass
the ponces and cowboys...
i'm ready...
tick tock tick tock
tick tock..........................
           missing *****?
****... they castrated you before
they gave you authority
to **** me ethically?!
the *******!
          idiots don't even understand
the whole...
   altar, sacrifice of water mammals...
a beached whale is not
a beached whale...
******* can't even allow
a whale to commit suicide...
even whales ingest a Kamikaze
whales don't beach...
but what is the poor ******
going to do...
jump off a bridge?!
   i'm not buying it...
who needs to be saved,
if they can't even be considered
how can you, "save" someone,
when you cannot provide
redemption for them?
the non-redemption clause:
can't redeem them,
subsequently can't save them...
all you're doing is
prolonging their suffering,
elevating the suffering through
the elevation of failure
in the failure of ending
the suffering...
  so... no one spotted that
the beached whales...
as mammals...
were attempting to commit suicide?
beached whales are whales suicides...
no one saw that?
it wasn't an eye-sore
staring back?
the suicide has already a conundrum
before him...
the lack of suspense,
or rather, the element of surprise...
at least homicide involves
a rush of adrenaline...
       adrenaline... surprise...
     suicide avenue...
     brave people...
                    brave because there is
no suspense of surprise...
absolutely no adrenaline...
          the aspect of consciousness,
the contradictory "choice"...
that contradicts the "choice" of
encountering esse per se,
  or qua vivo...
          i'm not about to solve
this noumenon...
i can't solve it,
because the noumenon of suicide
is already a phenomenon of
a million counter arguments
worth justification...
      but a beached whale?
a whale is a marine mammal...
a beached whale...
what is it? usually a young male...
don't you find it odd...
aren't dolphins intelligent?
aren't whales intelligent?
      so something ******...
  couldn't exactly elborate the concept
of suicide... could it?
perhaps a stampede...
but surely not a suicide...
sure... intelligent animals came up
with with god...
but the same intelligent animals came
up with the paradoxical
contradiction, of suicide...
            beached whales?
you think they were ****** enough
to become, "beached"?
they were in the act of committing
to suicide...
and you were ****** enough
to make attempts at "saving" them...
whatever god is, within the focus of ideal...
suicide is, what god isn't,
within the basis of the inevitability of, will...
we're mortal!
.you can't persuade me... yes, i realiße that my language is riddled with overt-pronoun usage... dunn'oh... something in the air, i guess... yes... that's the german ß - an interchange of S and Z... which is not an Š... more piquant... akin to the distinction of an Ś... but not really... no... you can't tell me that you can read Braille... and play the guitar... no ******* chance in ****... less stiff little fingers (a decent band)... and more: numbed tip fingers... mid-of-the-road type of guys... blind lemon jefferson... you think... that... after playing so much guitar... he would be able to read the solipsistic / idiosyncratic invention of louis (b)? **** no! and not that blind lemon jefferson worked the ******* cotton-field either... but... fingers... numbing... playing the guitar... so... these's cucks managed to create a ***** trade with these... hunk Zulu / n.b.a. warriors? alternative universe! alternative universe! no... you can't read braille while allowing yourself to play the guitar... so these feeble ancestors of not mine... managed to... enslave these... afro hulks?! the **** happened there? where some of the Europeans like me? oh, right, strapped to the Baltic... and non-existent for around 200 years... identify?! identify?! i was born 5 hours from Auschwitz! just because i learned English, doesn't imply i'm playing identity politics... but i guess, in England... only a Somali might... no chance in **** you'll play the guitar like blind lemon jefferson... and have the tender finger-tips of a louis braille... better start to learn to juggle oranges.

what would be the antithesis of
a... sodomite?
   someone from the city of *****?
a... gomorrahite?
****... that could work,
given we had people known
as the hittites...


the new: small ***** emoji...
           why is there a small
***** emoji...
with a dark complexion?

           last time i heard...
and i did hear it from a *******
during... something
that resembled *******
but more Picasso figuring
out cubism...
      she told me...
           with not satisfying
   'all the black guys have
big *****'...
   yeah... i paid the 110 quid
per hour...
   but didn't say anything,
stick to the proverb...
  cicha woda brzegi rwie...
so i was basically looking
at either...
   the mariana trench
of a **** or...
           so like an amputee...
can i get, some sort
of girth expansion
or a length extension...
or should i just put on
a strap-on *****
to mechanically **** my way
out of a de profundis
                      like Jonah?
oyster yap-yap...
       i don't think my
"tool"... has anything to do
   what i'm looking at...
something, something
from the kama sutra...
how... a rabbit man should
not **** an elephant woman...
nice metaphors
for... size... & depth...
so i turned on something
to relax from listening
to too much classical music
and having a wet-*****
over it in conversation
over lunch, und tea...
gets me all the time...
da pacem domine... templar...
sure... not my favorite
choir lullaby to hush myself
with... but as far as i know...
the hospitaller knights weren't
too keen on... curing
the ails of the heart through
but the miniscule emoji...
like... the modern hieroglyphs writers
are attempting to
signal... having evolved
to speak... cratylian?
  (sign language)

they are!
   they are!
        look, they're communicating
with the orthodoxy
that makes dyslexia: stigma...

but... i have never heard
a ******* tell me that
all white men have... adequate...
******* examples...
but i have heard that all
black men have... the adequacy...
and a tall tongue,
a labyrinth and a serpent's
equal length of it...
to waggle through
conversation, till they reach... 60!

only if you're watching ****...
i even sometimes forget...
are those the *******...
or the ***?
  you know... the "grand canyon"
of fixation?
dunno... for me ****
is mildly, or at best...
one step away from
the Reinnasance nudes...
i suppose if i was blind...
i'd be into the sounds of the grand O...
but static works best work me...
i guess: i like to imagine
what would be... working from
an instilled frame...

moses' worth of **** on
mt. sinai...
or jonah's de profundis
worth of **** in
a belly of a whale...
your pick...
       again... language is
not a ******* scimitar...
it's a...
                       yeah... that thing...
fun emoji, that one...
if you haven't been with
a *******...
what the **** is all this...
                     in in between
she's telling you about
a friend of hers who was
slaughtered while
working Barcelona...
  and then she tells you
you're nice... because you
just feel like kissing...
   and it's like:
  me? me hitting the dating
scene in anglo-saxon culture?
psst... can i have that whiskey
and beer and solitary
with a claustrophobia's worth
of thought that, does require
someone... shuffling and dropping
snippets of my output into
the local square?

   i only felt compatible with one
woman in my life...
   if i were a bull
and she was a cow...
and i had overlords who needed
us to do nothing
but perpetually breed?
sure... it could have worked...

          that other emoji...
the blood drop...
i heard, somewhere, somehow,
only after the fact...
     i nagged her for ***
for well over 2 weeks...
she was on her period...
       i heard that *** during
a woman's period alleviates
or... how does this even fit
   warm water, in the bath,
****** on...
                chirping *******
   a few days later
   7 hours non-stop...
   the Trojans had landed...
so yeah...
             little **** big mouth...
or... miniscule omni,
        big **** makes a mouth
the depth of... what?
          it's not like...
there's only one depth of
****... is there?
   contra... new meme...
like the o.k. sign...
         but all fingers holded...
with the index set
     on the thumb...
  expression? how deep?
but the modern hieroglyphs
are evolving into cratylian...
    yet i still don't know how i'm
to read emoji...
via sign-language...
   and have a light-bulb moment
of the subsequent: ah!

   being made literate
i am to unmake my literacy
and learn to emoji...
   i know that there are
interpreters of these... "things"...
like: i'm giving the explanation...
but then...
   have no sparring partner
to use it with...

     so i figured...
              better before i go blind...
then at least i can write some
⠃⠗⠁⠊ ⠇⠇⠑...

so yeah...
how's that chopping off the diacritical
hydra coming along...
with regards to the pointlessness
that's hovering over
                    i (ι)      and j (ȷ) -
well... at least the caron over
an s (š) indicates something...
   i.e.:                         šarp...
                       the **** are either of
those dots supposed to represent...
some... syllable, breath,
   "pause"... ' - apostrophe scalpel
                  incission for the tongue?
like... t'ango...
where you use the apostrophe
attached to the t'
    to almost swallow your tongue
before you burst out with -ango
   as if (to double of the metaphor)
            you did a geyser with your
mouth upon hearing a joke
    with, just prior, having a sip of
a fizzy drink?

modern hieroglyphs imitating
cratylian (sign language):
                  and all these letters in between...
good to know that
whatever literacy was left,
became entombed in:
to code...

starts to resemble...
                something akin to...
the language police take on
remembering to recite dyslexia
               of f@%&!

> shift a little bit to the right
           < shift a little bit to the left...

yeah, that labyrinth's worth
of ego...
                         or egg'oh...
     depends on how much modern
graffiti you want...
stolen from a brick wall of
                          i suppose...
    enough of e.e.cummings will do...
to push you over
the edge...
     and forget to even use
that ingeious israeli invention,
the u.z.i.,
                      tongue in the bucket,
and all those itchy tips
of fingers, readied to do
the devil's bidding...
       while the holy... the holy...
sing! sing! sing!
           grind lips
against a pig's snout...
      and stand stark *****...
                         or at least...
that's how i see language,
                      or what is truly
my own... my use of it.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
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Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
.i did write about rooney mara once, didn't i? porcelain beauty... eh... not mandible beauty, the sort of beauty parallel to the Mona Lisa... the sort of beauty that's not mandible like the beauty of a fat *******'s beauty of stretch marks and extra flab... ******* a beached whale... you know... a mechanic's type of fetish for a broken down car engine... rooney mara? ms. porcelain doll beauty? that **** you just paint, you don't **** it... thinking to yourself: if i **** it, will it break?!

                       is... is...
this guy known as
singing the song
dyslexic or something?
no, wait, wait...
he's hiding a lisp?
**** it... i'll just do
the camp *******
of reading the sunday times
style supplement
magazine, interviewing
cheryl tweedy...
who the **** put on
van morrison's
brown eyed girl on?!
thank-you-very much...
like... a face that allows
you decentralize your
phallus from orientating
it around cow Martian
testicles and...
those floral patterns
in a ******...
   kinda like... joey fisher...
see... i'm under the
polygraph of a liter of
ms. amber...
     who the ****... ha ha...
lies when drunk / drinking?
she's about a liter tall...
(insert snigger)...
and she has a Havana ***
all that's missing is
pickled onions...
and some raw cherry
ah ha ha ha!
god... i love reading these
i love women in general...
not unlike those glory days
when women found
*** easy...
with the likes of...
oh **** me... there's a list,
which implies a colon:
tony curtis...
   shhhhh... it...
  i can only think of tony curtis...
charlton heston doesn't
really fill the bill...
ooh ooh!
  **** jagger!
**** it... let's leave it at two...
in the meantime,
the bite of reality:
*****... what you gonna do
when your favorite
sugar-grandpa is kicking
the bucket?
   fix it up with the types
of losers of my generation...
lament of the first world war...
the missing men...
or the Haj route to the Kaaba
of a Saudi Sheik's harem?
   i'm a father every time i ****
   daddy in a tissue...
both father... and genocidal
maniac... i killed more "people"
than ******...
hey...   appetites are appetites...
but it's not as bad as if i was
given the incentive of
a circumcision...
   now... you have your dress of *******...
and i have my *******'s worth
of tux, white **** and bow-tie...
we're even...

and to even think...
when we were leaving high-school,
i wrote down my ambitions
in the leaving book my two prime
either living a bohemian lifestyle
of an artist in some European
capital (Paris... god, please, Paris),
or becoming a priest...
   well... i'm doing both...
a covert monk...
          there's the god's **** of beer,
there's ms. amber,
the marquees de bourbon...
                usually a newspaper and
a blank space in pixel paper...

poor boy gotta laugh...
poor girl gotta fish, tame or hunt...
rich boy gotta party...
rich girl gotta dream about
a fling -
some variant of an indie
romantic comedy.
Matthew Roe Aug 2018
I saw a gigantic tree.
Uprooted and on its side.
The great roots forming a mane for the snarling ringed face on the stump.
But the fallen beast is taken, it’s husk a Home.
A vibrancy of weevils, ladybugs, frog hoppers, Cockchaffers that’s skittering, scattered like a smashed ant farm.

Around its base were prehistoric ferns,
Curled and scaled like sand lizards’ tales.
Reminiscing the demise of the tyrannosaur.
When dust clouds darkened the sun which warmed their claws.
The skittering skinks, slow worms and other small lizards, who need far less to survive, then feasted upon the monsters’ flesh and found a home in its bone structured palace.

As whale sinks,
Distorted into a globster of its former self,
It hits the sea bed hard in oil-Black darkness.
The hagfish burrow, starved for millennia.
Brutally tearing at the befallen banquet.
Mouths used to scraps choking on steak.
Getting their guts knitted as they squirm over each other to grasp some sashimi.
Dripping saliva as if we’re sweat in the ruckus.

Yeti crab pinch, as do isopods
But get only mucus insulting their jaws.
And they thought they helped to cut up the portions.

Soon all that is left is a skeleton.
Hanging in a museum for future generations to see.

Once again, dust gathers, from bombed out sand.
Erupting in the air as giants hit the ground.
We may soon again see darkness fall.
As the rayiys is skinned.

But no tears are shed.
We all cheer none the less.
About the current (2010s) conflict in Syria, referring to how all hint brutes will fall (tree, T-Rex, Whale) and how those who were below them (Beetle, Lizard, Hagfish) will thrive now that they are gone.

'Globster'=a carcass washed up on a beach that can't be identified, often mentioned in cryptozoology.
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
.here's a schematic representation of the changes to the youtube algorithm... the changes look as follows A(c) B(b) C(a)... or perhaps even Ab Bc Ca... or even A(b) B(a) C(c)... there are variants, all in the same vein of argument... the dictionary / thesaurus standard of the algorithmic categorical impetus... which "miraculously" disappeared... sure... the alphabetic order is somehow intact... but the synonym aspect of expansion is lost... i have lost access to, say A... and subsequent (a), synonyms... and instead "gained" access to the antonyms (b / c)... there's literally a linguistic explanation to the conundrum of the current algorithm... A doesn't follow with (a), but rather (b / c)... B doesn't follow with (b), but rather (a / c); and C doesn't follow with (c), bur rather (a / b)... if this new youtube algorithm were akin to a dictionary.... i'd be looking up a word like aardvark, and subsequently finding an word like chipmunk next to it... (a) contradicts (c)... although both are synonyms in the category B, i.e. burrowing (mammals)... but an *aardvark is not a chipmunk... this new youtube algorithm is *******... never try to fix something that's not broken... but given how this current guise of the algorithm, will not be fixed... the fun of the internet died this year... and it's not like the high street has music shops... how many ******* shoes, clothes and mobile phones do i actually need?!

why would i put myself through all this...
listening to online political
commentary response videos?
now i can't find *rob zombie
's song
michael on the jukebox...
         first they took the music shops.
and then they went after
the internet jukebox...
        i have to lament these changes...
   spending a night engrossed in
brick walls while drinking
has become the most exciting
"revision" of: things to do when drinking...
2 hours of cramming
undisturbed rhetoric,
  and no dialectics in sight...
           a ******* brain-drain...
custard / fudge for thought...
          two seagulls regurgitating
food from the stomachs to feed their chicks...
i couldn't care about
these youtube political commentators...
i'm sorry...
    i can't give a ****...
     whoever is to blame,
i blame both sides...
                  "my" jukebox is ****** up!
the only recommendations
are what i've already seen!
   once it looked like:
           the thesaurus project...
in terms of the ontology of algorithms...
something synonymous was
always suggest...
             the song helvegen
by the Nordic band wardruna
would be associated with
   the song federkleid
by a band faun...
               or the song lifa
by the band heilung...
             the ruck has only girl (in the world)
by rihanna have to do with
project thesaurus?!
or ke$ha's song die young?!
the internet media commentators
   i've spent the past two hours...
equally zombie-prone like i might
watch the mainstream...
  the jukebox's ******!
          i can peruse the music scene like
i used to...
  clearly, in a classical music shop...
you wouldn't have a Britney Spears
record lodged in the punk category...
whatever they did...
  the current algorithm has
not categorical imperative...
              it's all jumbled up...
   pop sits alongside black metal...
jazz sits alongside classical music...
  rock is mingling with rap...
how did these people **** up
a formerly pristine algorithm?!
  that had the knowledge of a categorical
   a hyena was a mammal,
a whale was an aquatic mammal...
a pig was a mammal...
              a spider was an insect,
    and a cod was a ******* fish...
the end...
      i've reached the critical sentiment
of, either a nihilist or a cynic that...
who gives a **** if you can speak
        ****... it's not even revelatory or
simply plain obvious what you're saying...
the ******* jukebox is down,
and you're partially to blame!
             what?! no cause: no effect?
   the algorithm has lost its knowledge of
proper coordination of categories...
these days...
    red is no longer a noun...
it's... a verb...
                     the current algorithm
is transgender...
you made a ******* transgender algorithm...
well done!
i need music to think,
    the current tirades of youtube commentary
make my brain turn into
fudge for about two hours...
after i snap out from the mantra...
free speech this... hate speech that...
what was once the only site to explore...
and subsequently buy the music...
this is the only reason i've succumbed
to the statement: the internet is dead...
well... because internet banking,
nor internet retail will not be affected...
working pristine...
             but the experience of finding
new music?
                that's affected...
and it's affected by youtube commentaries
antagonizing mainstream media...
sure, great...
    but the jukebox is ******...
      and because of that?
        i'll care, sure i'll care...
                  when a get to play
the xylophone on my rib-cage
with the embodiment of a ghost form...
on my post-decomposing skeleton!
having gained so little,
we've lost so much...
      what, a comment section on one of
these videos will, "somehow"
compete with my enjoying some decent
         FAT CHANCE.
Here's a battleship-****** deterrent that will rescue you & save me:
Friday, a vice provost was washing another vice provost when God
came back to Earth and murdered the ****-******* mother-*******.
In these spooky woods we discover that bowel resection is not easy
or infection-free. We use twigs for matches & your nurse is formed
from dirt & I got a poison-sumac-vaginal rash that is getting worse.
I can't bend my index finger any further into the bosky background,
nor am I able to sink huge spikes with a tack-hammer's tack-pound.
My 25 H.P.V. cysts divide 12 & 13 on ovaries 1 & 2 because I love
only you. We sit for an hour scratching scabs like they're ****, 'twixt
interludes of uncontrolled diarrheal *****. I love you like a girl with
a Gloria Steinem “I love killing my baby” beard, who aborted more
kids than what our crucified god, Jesus Christ, had long-ago feared.
I could brace up for another day of Atlantic yachting with my ultra-
rich friends, or **** Ringo Starr, & say that killing Ringo Starr is all
****-suckin' Yoko Ono's dumb corn-holed ****'s fault, or I can wolf
corn from a can to celebrate another day without cruel encephalitis,
in the laps of glue-huffing hags plagued with dust-induced sinusitis.
I ain't fallin' asleep for nothing, especially from narcosis. You must
sing “Kiss Me,” the infectious rock song played by Mononucleosis.
Freakish Bill Cosby stood ***** before a gigantic mirror that made
his Cosby rod look 4 inches bigger. “My tribal mambo horn is ****
& impressive,” he boasted, “for a venereal-disease-infected ******.”
Please, hag Oko Yono, never worry nor doubt it, as you tend to fret
too much about ****. Just grab my hand & break up my insect band.
Don't impale a **** with a bi-****** pride flag pole because it is so mentally wrong, 'cause a pole to a muffler feels like a long *******,
that's been twisted by the *******-twister who twisted Linda Wong.
Linda was a **** floating in a sewer pipe, listless & ripe, warty and
sea-cuke halved, loppin' off a digit, pulling a liver spot into a stripe.
Sunday, a provost was ***-dancing with another provost when God
returned to Earth's plane & killed the sock-cucking mother-*******.
I peel your feign, jungle-love is itchy, there's nothing to gain. Pull
it away, the prison-food food tray. Laugh with me, whilst I drive your
sister mad, with the best brother-loving love that any brother-loving
sister has ever had. Toss me a bone, as I fear bein' bonelessly alone.
In her state of jumbled jungle-love any monkey could take her at 18
through 34. It might take forever, if not longer, for a ****** **** to
wrong her because she's translucent in her whiteness with fine teeth
& 2 strong thighs, Frenched lips & an intact vaginal structure, curly
toes & a twitch symptomatic of a palsied right eye plus a moist port
of entry for finger pie. Her nose rents with ease after each allergical
sneeze that requires a rescue from a Teresa Teng-asthmatic wheeze.
The knee bone's a funny thing above the ankle a bit, friend to its 43
buddy bones, owned like 7 Irakians, anally-fingered cheap in Tikrit.
I've used tae kwon do many times to **** large animals, elephants & rhinos & whale sharks, but never have I used my deadly knowledge to ruin the lives of x-teamster union executives. I will sleep at night alone, excluding the 6 x-teamster *** maids whom tonight I'll bone.
I like things legal-like like murdering 100 million folks when times
to cheer Hugo Chávez are good, in a rotting Caracas neighborhood.
You kissed me passionately on the porch a lot yesterday before you
underwent ****** surgery, after your fifth trial for criminal perjury.
“No more bleeding from the ****** for me!” Proclaimed a roofers'
union roofer from a roof loudly. “The next time that you see me I'll
be only bleeding internally!” He exclaimed roundly, while bleeding
profusely onto the rectory's roof, from his bleeding ****** proudly.
God's hammer of death pounded down ditzy Oprah's 2 devil *****-
horns & her scalded skull bled & her 2 Negroid nose-holes flared &
the ratty brain of her ***-girl queen Gayle King, ain't been repaired.
I got a tenuous grip on a good girly-grip gripping in the ***** Grip
Department. Her feet are truck-driver rough & her **** is *****-cat
tough. She rolls over in bed to situate her unusual ***** thusly, 13
days before she *****-whips Monaco in the English game of rugby,
while she spanks to ruin ports in ******* societies that are ****-free.
Crippled witch Hillary was so far out there on an island somewhere
or someplace, sacrificing the pink, virginally-pure flesh of Negroid,
infantile neonates, that she stumbled through the new *******/mule/
donkey leather ****** loop of 1 ******* immigration support group.
Off the spoon with your smooth-ground peanut butter! I'm the sister
of a lean-cut brother. I will bear your brats in our queen-****'s color,
because the coal oil-broiled cur is mine, my slap-happy mutt seller!
I gather lather for shavers shaving with mayo & peanut-butter ooze,
because after you've lost a nose to frostbite you cannot snort *****.
Yawalapiti chicks are mongrel Mongols! They sleep until 2:45 like
I do. I don't know why they wring the hydrogen cyanide acid out of
raw mandioca, ½ chew viperfish or use slimy seaweed as shampoo.
Menstruating Emmanuella lived on little mountain Monticello with
Thomas Jefferson, the dead president fella. They had a lot of clean,
Jeffersonian fun each day & night, eatin' corn dogs, watching *****
fight. 1 day while Emmanuella was washing her ******* in a stream
the evil wraith of wormy Sally Hemings appeared like a bad dream.
School girl Isabella lived on little mountain Monticello with Mister
Thomas Jefferson, the ex-presidential fella. They enjoyed healthful
cholera vaccines, ****** feedings & blood-letting, kissing & petting.
One time, while Isabella was scrubbing her ***** in a filthy stream,
Negrita Sally Hemings rose up like skim milk minus its rich cream.
I'm weary of being a meat-bag for *** whale hunters who scarf ran-
cid squid & chicken, or any Mississippian ***** wanting to sink his
hick in. These ******* only stretch to my lower ribs, beyond that we
will need O.S.H.A.-approved, California-******-pink lobster bibs.
Maybe a higher high-grade frequency's needed to contend with new
vessels forming upon the bark where a cholesterol-deficit shrinks to
seize, a statin-toxin man with doctor Aloysius Alzheimer's disease?
I think so, after asking Vy's left-leaning toe. There ain't much and it
is plenty; enough to freeze the breeze & to knock gigantic monkeys
from trees with a sneezy, queasy wheeze. Please Joe Biden: Coax a
coke snort from the Man's Country men Barry Soetoro's been ridin.'
The bummed-out drunken doctor recommended that the very nervy
******-polyp patient eat 5 peanut & butterfish-belly sandwiches ev-
ery day for 6 years, & have his fangs waxed along with his jug ears.
Since you abandoned me, & our player piano moving business, I've
been herniating myself twice per day. To herniate myself less, I de-
cided to move lighter pianos and to I hire a criminal to ****** you.
You crashed my Russian helicopter into a parked helicopter when I
needed it most. You stole my toaster so I can't make toast. You kiss
strange women because you say it is thrilling, without a care in this
***** world about the murderous feelings that I'm normally feeling.
When it comes to ***, all that I have are my ******* memories. Let
me alone. I am going to the **** where real's real & no one pays an
**** bill. It's time to put up or shut up & to tuck in hot, curly fringe
that makes your ménage à trois ****-trio puke up phlegm & cringe.
Initially I could **** without laxatives while thinking of: P.J. Proby
with P.P. Arnold accompanied by B.J. Thomas over the complaints
of T.S. Eliot, H.P. Lovecraft, B.B. King, F.W. Woolworth plus J.C.
Penney, G.C. Murphy, B.F. Skinner, H.H. Holmes & D.W. Griffith
who is dead, deaf & dumb & off the toilet seat that dented his ***.
There is our moon this foggy night that's warty like a nice pickle &
hotter than a green cheese icicle. I will fake a trip there like masons
do, with duct tape, roofing felt, curtain rods & model airplane glue.
“You ******-lipped my stick” seems like an obscene observation to
make but it's not. It's a complicated dental procedure that has saved
the teeth of millions of *******. So, the next time someone exits the
dentist's treatment room crying, “That mother-******' quack dentist
just ******-lipped my stick!” you'll thank Lord Jesus on your knees.
I was drinking beer with a mentally-******* woman in a bar near a
garbage dump 3 years ago, 21 days after Valentine's Day in Ohio or
some other place when for no sane reason she handed me her purse
because she was going to become a man. I bought another beer and
punched her in the ****. “Why did you do that?!” She demanded to
know. “You know why!” I exclaimed. “Yeah” she responded sadly,
“soon my **** will be turned into a huge *****, larger than a school
bus.” Even though I didn't see her or her **** again I'll never forget
this mentally-******* woman whose **** I punched, 3 years ago in
a bar near a garbage dump, after Valentine's Day in Ohio, probably.
Here is a query from Negroidal Africa's Gold Coast: “Could a wild,
intra-****** hemorrhoid, under neo-C.I.A. remote control, free itself,
wriggle up to the pulsing throat unfelt & throttle its sleeping host?”
What is that? Let me taste it. It is not peanut butter and it's not dog-
****. I have a cat. Oh, then it must be cat-****. It's such a great joy to
solve a baffling mystery like Sherlock Holmes did when he was not
shacked up with crapped-out Graham Chapman. It was David Sher-
lock, not Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes was hitched to young
Shirley Temple before her ***-bags exploded & killed Buddy Epsen.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 12
The boy's sister is a real Russian
Jewish paradigm of teeth.                                              Alchemy is expected,
it is expected that more,                                          and more fluid is waiting,
and a long week is likely to affect
the invisible invisible desert of the Earth.
Marriage begins unmarried with an intriguing arcane magical attack
that burns an amateur mushroom box.
A planet was born without the son of Adina Medusa,
and the roof was a hole in the list of vacancies -
and often in the Western Cape, Tom's shadow was harmful.
Lady Slavic painting - Anna's student or veterinarian.
The magic carts and the Arab child
were the first to strike the knee. He is Prometheus
Ag "Prometheus is wise in heart,
Zeus came to the conclusion that fat is oil
and what do they make of whale bones?"
A collection of collections of Ovid and Theba?
The white saddle is red in color.

The heroes and their daughters follow
the moon in the future to 39 Russians,
Spaniards and the Holy Spirit and Alice,            William & Igor Sokolovich;
For me, I do not know the singer who gave him the fourth
The best woman in the world is health,
Echo chives, news, sport and fashion,
Lush and luxurious, organic, calm,  Pictures,
sounds or family, brothers and sisters, music,
German, music and live music
weapons; 39 years ago, Juiced Igor,
the Russian King of Roses,
the boy king, not to mention the young man,
compared to history, is a witness fleet,
a Latin city, a whole heart and parents,
and bad ones, pads and jazz, women's health,
children and grandchildren in the world.
Shock, a thirty-year-old girl, beautiful, new,
modern music, organic and world for the family,
brothers, music, magic fantasy,                                          death for the bush.
George removes fake glasses, bird, butterfly
and tree glasses in the tower.                                    In the foreseeable future,
the boy’s old French plasma wings are unknown to Jews,
unknown to the great joy of the Son
and the Holy Spirit; 39, Russian and Spanish,
for this reason it is wet;
Igor killed two local agents
National Department Dream World
Class Entertainment;    On Saturdays and in the temple,
the singers were Williams happy. Women's health,
intelligence, maiden mermaid, modern women,
high-speed movement,    ecological and beautiful parks,
psychotic pictures, books,      funny thinking,
dancing magic stories. Jazz Petroc - lies in it;
Merkel Forli will come to power, having lost her mirror,
Hermitrix, Mirik Risk, Pyrogora is very interesting,
her sleeping resources are afraid after a while
The best beans, remember that the gun
Igor's Sock Chili,         Russian king of the kingdom
                    [Igor's death] - the study
and etiology of young beauty leaders.
This is a Greek species of bird, an aticologist-logius,
whatever,                                                    the­ actual "why" and three more.
Common causes,                                            causes, arguments and reasons
for studying etiology.                                                The history of the story,
mostly doing or not, you are mistaken at the present time,
with some reasons for your body.
Therefore, a legend or an etiological legend — a legend of time,      or time must explain the occurrence of various social
and natural phenomena.              For example,
Virginia is a national history that explains
the origin of Annie’s history from the Roman Empire.
Religions,                 which many theologians
                        explain as the origin of stories
                       in the world and report loyally.  
           Or the situation often decides
to discuss the symptoms of etiology.                                         Epidemiology,
***, chemistry, etc. Sometimes the etiology.
Is an obvious process. The first etiology
of schizophrenia is not covered. Using pans
with fresh fruits and vegetables
is not the best sailor.   I do not know, Captain
James Cook asked for a vegetarian diet.
And he came back and every day, asked
to avoid the yoke of the bulls and bore fruit
from the effects of eating sunflower seeds.                                        Etiology,
Advisor - a strong Latin art.    Barbie -                        immaculate overthrow.
*****'s PARAGON, Masha's stomach.
Alchemists. Coca-Cola,||Tristan Tzara.||
Tristan Tzara was a Romanian and French avant-garde poet, essayist and performance artist. Also active as a journalist, playwright, literary and art critic, composer and film director, he was known best for being one of the founders and central figures of the anti-establishment Dada movement.

noun: paragon; plural noun: paragons: a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. "it would have taken a paragon of virtue not to feel viciously jealous"; a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence. synonyms: perfect example, shining example, good example, model, epitome, archetype, ideal, exemplar, nonpareil, paradigm, embodiment, personification, quintessence, standard, prototype, apotheosis, the crème de la crème, the beau idéal, acme; jewel, gem, flower, angel, treasure; a perfect example of its kind; one in a million, the bee's knees, something else, the tops; archaica nonesuch "a paragon of fortitude and cheerfulness". A perfect diamond of 100 carats or more. mid 16th century: from obsolete French, from Italian paragone ‘touchstone to try good (gold) from bad’, from medieval Greek parakonē ‘whetstone’.
Donna Aug 2018
A whale sings in the
deep than splish splash it rises
and captures the sun
I love whales I've watched documentaries on them so this is where this one was born :)
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2018
Jorge's skin color and stars. USA
Thomas Story Cool Young
Goldstein's Hot Rock Story is Cool;
THOMAS, Detail Half a Red Kid
in the Morning. Moon ****** Poet
Scroll Age, Gothic Poet Scroll Age
Girl Poet Scrolls Girl Gold, Six Images,
Male and Female Six sacred places
that are a true story of the wind
the radio the radio a man, an old
man, the hand of the father
of the adult offspring of hands
of the clear hand of the hand
of the goddess of the song of the goddess
of the nature of the Italian plant.
Stravinsky is the true dance,
she in Spain with the finger
of Calling Baloo is a football tree.
The Street of the Man is an Arabic
poem that has long been their
mother tongue, the center of the
Saudi form of winter lurking.
Places of Muslim cities in England,
fields, the sacrament of the fields
of my very vitals to go with
the moisture of memory elligunt
crazy vegetable legs Angel News
stay with Paul's Window in the price
of the guys grouped to make
dream money that means problems
a photo ***** of the cats
in a conversation to the cat
Ireland's Irish woman rifles Georgia's
kind of transparent plastic list
of favorite invisible supports;
Whale foot holiday began painting
the ***** drunk, deserting stockings,
teeth are only teeth that ****, she
is my sister, Media soil minimal
smell. Soil of fatty acid is moist
feeling a big gun, corner better cut
smoking material makes the fire
of the Arabs as a shadow Recently,
this is not a sign to know? Tom's
Ghost characters of ordinary man
******* from North Africa, Syria,
Korea, Japan, Greece, Thomas,
Thomas, you have your power,
you say that? At least panic.
He wanted everything, remember
the house of your father was a wild
ship. One of the studies spoke
no Spanish ESHAY to the city.
Crab and Duck Sugar, 1 Look Kuta,
DKA 5 Gomez Rubies by Wicca
Wicca Wicca. And every open ship
Rabarra Pruffia Kabbahas a freshman,
Gibbs or Jiji Chorchemie, Romania,
Agatez as DH. To swim in the shape
of the beautiful, small, though
they are. For the future location
of the Victory Arab Saatatan
and Sariami bamboo, Afarakaka Park,
combines the beam, the West African
Parafálicas images, which are
in the park of the same leaf
of Western Africa  Rou. Reaper.
Kandi Sakalaka Vaji, St. Ignatius,
Mexico, Japan, George, George,
George, George and who was
in German. Gahid Mass, Holly
and the logo.
On this way and on that way.
Tiny Indonesian law student shaves the back of a ****-back whale  
Large Negress eats leopard during Christmas holiday with the pope
9 Venezuelans cheer communism on Cuban raft made of soup cans
Stu Harley Sep 2018
what if a snail
hammer and nails
a  big house
white whale
Swim with the fish
Dive under the sea
Run through the forest
Happy as can be

What a wonderful world this is
Living things abound
Plants, things, and animals
In nature they surround

Those things,
Dirt, rocks, snow
Just because they're not alive
Doesn't mean they aren't significant

Creatures small as an ant
Large as a whale
Furry as a dog
Feathery as a quail

These animals are everywhere
No matter where you look
As you see one creature
Another is worth a look.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 29
Based on the list of prostitution details,
Einstein became the oldest dog in the wild,
the unprecedented problem of tsunami,
tsunami interventions, Georgia and the globe of the world,
alongside the globe, and it is the time
of the first stage of Saacakaris to the ocean light
and the light of Africa and the region,
the astronomical level and India, Western ****,
with the drummer, who is associated with the dragon,
to the catapult scene. Called, on the field
and quiet and advertising of cigarettes and clapping,
bemezikeši painted in the shadow of a shadow,
and in a few minutes the gods and goddesses of investing in the theme tree speak Spanish, ye'ānd I at the šite of yoni & B'sed
and the electronic styles of šivevi Valley.
Shahea Hasidas sees the whale fries at the beginning.
The invisible connections are often
the most comfortable and one of the most
fascinating children of uncertainty's teeth,
teeth, desert, desert, microscopic, and film.
I do not think there is a problem with the Jews in difficulty.
For the dead poets attacking light beards,
dogs, trees and aids, good angels, angels,
invisible communities of starfish, canals, camels,
kids, kids, mushrooms, people, prostitutes,
Jews often smiles on the back of their teeth.
World Cup garden reward world;
The legal dog licenses can burn at the head
of a hot summers where the letters can be found
on the parachute bar, black middle ground,
and the wall-mind-ana, according to participants,
that the level is similar. . to standard,
not the African empty house. Einstein
has become the oldest digital dog in the wild,
an angel of the ideal star in the bush,
the unprecedented problem of the bush.
Tsunami, Tsunami Interventions, Georgia,
and the globe of the globe, alongside the globe,
and it is the time of the Saacakaris' first stage
design to the ocean light and the light of Africa
and the region, the astronomical level and India,
western ****, with the drummer,              who is associated with the dragon,
                                                        to the catapult scene. Called, on the field
                                       and quiet and advertising of cigarettes and clapping,
bemezikeši painted in the shadow of a shadow,
and a few minutes the gods and goddesses
of investing for the theme tree Spanish,
ye'āni šite yoni & B's ed and electronic styles of the šivevi Valley.
Shahea Hasidas sees the whale fries at the beginning.
The invisible connections are often the most comfortable and one of the most fascinating children, uncertainty, teeth, teeth, desert, desert, microscopic,                       and film.       I do not think there is a problem
                                                                ­                               with the Jews
in difficulty.                               For the dead poets attacking light beards,
dogs, trees and aids, good angels,               angels, invisible communities,
starfish, canals, camels, kids, kids, mushrooms,
people, prostitutes, Jews often smiles on the back of their teeth.
World Cup garden reward world The legal dog licenses
can burn at the head of a hot summers where the letters can be found
on the parachute bar, black middle ground,
                                            and the wall-mind-ana, according to participants,
that the level is similar to standard,                    not the African empty house.
This number has remained yešēminiye
plastics mišit'irewitwa of acid cascade,
pencil Dragon,     West Indies spending Based on the list of the prostitution details, the old dog, tsunami, tsunami interventions,
George and the world are all over the world. This is linked to the Saracens, from the Starcartis to the Ocean and the Light of Africa
and the Light of the Universe, Astral Star and India,
Western Farms, and Dragons. Wear in the field,                        on cigarettes;
cigarettes and grooming ads, wear in the black shade,
and spend a few minutes investing in gods
and men working on the Palm tree.                           Öivevi valuation styles.
Shahi Hasas looks at fish at first.                                   Unseen relationships
                                                    are usually the most admirable for children,
doubts, teeth, teeth, deserts, deserts, magazines, and movies.            
       I do not think there's a problem
among Jews in trouble. Cruel poets, dogs, trees and helpers,
good angels, angels,  invisible communities, ship explorers,
canals, camels, children, children, mushrooms, prostitutes,
and Jews often smile at their backs.                   World Cup Vegetables Prizes
World wildlife licenses may be consumed
on the hot air balloon in the Puncture Bar,                                Black Middle
Earth and Walls-AA-AN,           as the participants' description is similar. . .
It is not an empty home for Africa.
Ants were the most beautiful star of the forest in the bush,
the hottest forest in the woods.                     Tsunami, Tsunami Interference,
Georgia, and the world's global content.
Then, the Solicitor's First Level design will be used to the ocean light
and African and local light's ecological standard and India,
western ****, and sticky weeds. Outdoor, ads on cigarettes,
cigarettes and grooming ads,   in the black shade, and for just a few minutes,
                              the idols and female devotees invest in right-seeded trees,
Spanish, ye'āni šite yoni & bed
and electronic forms ivvvili.    Shahi Hasas
looks at fish at first.      Unseen relationships are usually the most admirable
for children's doubts,                       teeth, teeth, deserts, desserts, magazines,
and movies.                                                          ­                                 I do not
Parker Poole Jul 2018
When I was ten I used to believe some pretty silly things
I believed my sister when she told me
That marshmallows were made out of whale blubber
I believed that all the monsters in the world
Would totally be repelled by my covers
I believed that taking 40 baby aspirin would **** me
And I only found out it wouldn’t after I tried
When I found out that other than a stomach ache
I was left completely fine
I first attempted suicide at the age of 10
And I don’t know if that’s where anyone else has been
But I really ******* hope not
I found out at age 14 that monsters, real monsters
Are the ones who actually slip under your sheets
Plucking out your innocence before you can even realize
That they are monsters that will hold your hand as they **** you
Make you believe that you are okay
But 4 years down the road you still won’t be able to breathe or concentrate
When you hear their name
Or when the anniversary of the day rolls around
You won’t be able to choke out any sound to ask for help
You can no longer let people in
Afraid they will blow you up like a balloon just to pop you with a razor sharp pin
I wish I could go back to believing in the silly things
I wish I could go back to flying in my dreams
Instead of drowning and being ripped at my seams
A wee of a snail
is trying to sail over the ocean
and first stops in motion
when it encounters Seraphim
the blue whale on its trail
over uncontrollable waves.

"Swallow life!"

"But I just want to lick the curve
of innocence.

"The chance to do that is long gone."

"Though I'm feeling there is at least one!"

"Can't you find that within?"

"It is not enough."
Providence ambiguous
If providence at all

Unknown the Unknowable God
Silence is the Call

The Albino Whale just swims
As time before beyond recall

River Eden in Northern England
And Adam before the Fall

In the misty morning starlight
I curse the Border Wall.
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