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Sep 2018
I peep through the stars,
Past the Moon to the Earth.
Where the shadows of the morning,
Define the boundary of the day.

Where the oceans swell,
Rocks the land to sleep.
Where the humans work,
To make the rot so cheap.

Where throw away things,
And know away rings,
Slips to tow away strings,
Of paper Mache Kings .

And the ocean’s lonely whale,
Sings his saddest song.
He is alone.Β Β 
Soon to be gone.

He sings of the reckless,
Of the planet helpless,
Of the air breathless,
And a future defenceless.

But then nobody is listening to a 52hertz whale.
The 52 hertz whale is unique in that it sings at that frequency. It's a much higher  frequency that any other species of whale . This individual  has been detected since the 1980s but never seen. Some think it could be a hybrid or deaf, but at 52 hertz it cannot be heard by any other whale ......maybe we are the ones who are deaf to the warnings of climate change
JG O'Connor
Written by
JG O'Connor  Ireland
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