If you see Miss Liberty
Kiss her bye for me
Tell her I said that it's been fun
But she's had her day in the Sun

She always stood for justice
Until the new millennium
We told that gal to trust us
Then proceeded to do her in

We came, we saw, we conquered
Then left her all alone
When overtime we squandered
The freedom she had shown

We had treated her for all her worth
With love and dignity
At our behest she did her best
In keeping us all free

She started out her mission
For country, ***, and man
But either we didn't listen
Or didn't understand

Could we have kept if we had worked at it
After all freedom isn't free
But as it now stands we wave our hands
Goodbye Miss Liberty
Can't help but follow you
Wherever it is you go
I'm your biggest fan
Thought you might want to know

I watch your every move
Been everywhere you've been
That my love is just how much  
It is to me you mean

Oh, I almost forgot
So I don't cause a fright
That is my wild eye reflection
In your window every night

It's a part of what I do
A big part of my plan
As I spend my days with you
As your biggest fan

I have a lock of hair
I bought off eBay
Would you mind if I stopped by
Just to authenticate

What I bought was ***** blonde
When I know you are brunette
Though they both look good on you
On top your pretty head

Are you dating anyone
Have a love that's true
Cause I could be that special one
That special one for you

I've already been on your tour bus
That was my lipstick heart in the back
In fact right now I'm writing this
From atop the luggage rack

Remember when you looked at me
I was in the 18th row
It was like we shared a secret
That only you and I both know

That secret being I'm here for you
I know you understand
You and I were meant to be
Cause I'm your biggest fan
Out on the seven seas
It's the sailor's life for me

Yo ** ** is the way to go
If you find yourself afloat

Having a whale of a good time
Inside this purple whale of mine

We've been friends from way back when Since this guppy learned how to swim

Now adventurers we are finding
On every new horizon

The only thing we seem to need
Is the freedom to be free

Living out this sailor's life
Pushed and pulled by the ocean's tide

Both captain and a kid
In this purple whaling ship
I'm one of those blessed I know
To get along with my toes
So I took time out in my day
To give them all different names

The big toe I have on the right
I gave him the name of Frank
You may ask the reason why
But frankly it's escaped my mind

The one that's sitting next to him
I went ahead and named him Slim
Skinny is as skinny does
And he's the skinniest of the toes

Then there's the one that's in the middle
He's the one that loves to wiggle
So he needs a special name
And that is why I call him Dave

The toe that is next in line
Has gotten crooked over time
So I nicknamed him Senator
Which seems to suit him fine

And then there's little Pinky
But doesn't everyone I'm thinking
Try as hard as I might a new name to find
Pinky's the name that came to mind

Don't you know when it comes to toes
And you have more than one of those
To cut out on the confusion
I have them all names of my choosing
Wipe the fog from off the mirror
Clean the dust from off the shelves
Leave behind the older pictures
When we portrayed our younger selves

Strike a match to all the memories
Not to burn but light them up
Make them that much easier to see
Don't blow them out until we're done

Take the lessons in the making
Add them to the ones we've learned
Put them with the ones we're saving
So there's enough to go around

Strike a match to all the memories
Not to burn but light them up
So the shadows in their dancing
Recognize the both of us

If we sleep with one eye open
We can watch out for the night
Maybe then when comes the morning
We'll have saved a bit of time

Strike a match to all the memories
Not to burn but light them up
Welcoming the warmth it brings
Heating up our present love
They watch him like a Broad-wing Hawk
In all his comes and goes
He invades their every thought
Bugs them to the bone

He delights in the slip and slide
Like a greased pig in their grasp
Thinking they've got him this time
But they had best not think so fast

They scandalize the scandals
Beat their chests and drums
Walking on a thin line
Hoping to nip him in the bud

He has them on a short leash
They bark at his command
All big dogs is what they think
Tails wagging on the right and left

Every now and then he tosses them
One or two Chicken Little bones
Where they run and scream the sky is falling
It's not like we were not warned

As he sits behind his desk
Plotting his next move
Donald Trump and the Media
....ain't that the truth
I'm not throwing my hat into any ring...just an observation.
There is this man in Central Park
Has the most extraordinary cart
Doesn't sell hot dogs or magazines
What he sells are the best of homemade dreams

He makes them right there on the spot
Handle with care cause they come out hot
Has a magical toaster he drops them in
Before he sets them in the cooling bin

He has dreams that dream of traveling
Either by land or calming sea
Buy any dream that you desire
His most popular is the dream to fly

He has dreams of fixing past mistakes
The dreams he makes are not too late
He even has dreams of being rich
But those cost too much happiness

There are dreams where you can fall in love
That's on his dessert menu if you care to look
It's one of his sweetest treats
Love dreams even come in sugar free

He takes very seriously the dreams he's sold
Nothing artificial it's all a-la-natural
Next time you're in Central Park stop by and see
Let him make up for you, the perfect dream
This popped up in my Facebook Memories from years gone by and since I barely remember writing it I figure y'all wouldn't remember read it. ;0)
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