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break out in song
it's more what you do
than what you know

the way you behave
not what you say
all black and white
no shade of gray

try hard as you might
to put up a fight
prancing and dancing
to the devils delight

but you keep moving on
in the direction you're going
not sure where that is
with no way of knowing

the struggle is real
you've seen the signs
you know how it feels
being just shy of right
Nicki Minaj just woke up
And has the woke train clearly enraged
When all she said was use your head
And any decision you make to pray

Stepping out of bounds, riling up the crowd
Talk about crowd control
Everything  is fine as long as you walk the line
Sending out the dogs the minute you don't

If you disagree with the powers that be
The enemy you quickly become
So stay in your box along with your thoughts
The better you're kept with less oxygen

Go back to your rap and we'll call it a wrap
When you learn to accept what we say to do
Although we are bias when it comes to science
The science that says what we want it to

So be a good Nicki and stay looking pretty
Don't be so silly using your brain
Just put on your makeup and don't really wake up
Or utter a word about this again
when i was young
i counted on
the game of give and take

then growing up
i found out
they take more than give away

yet we get use
to the abuse
they hand out over time

part of growing up
is being numb
when it comes to life

when i was young
i counted on
the game of win or lose

then growing up
i found out
you lose freedom when they choose

yet we get use
to the abuse
and think that all is fine

part of growing up
is being numb
when it comes to life
With so many different paths we make
Along the way to take these days
In making sure you're path is straight
Say what you'll do, do what you say

Giving it all much needed thought
To do what's right and not what's wrong
Forward motion, moving on
No looking back to past problems

Although there's always up's and downs
Twist's and turns, round about's
Before too late you find this out
The miles, the means, no need to count

The way you move is up to you
Depending on your attitude
And which path you choose to use
Make or break, win or lose
Mike Hauser Sep 10
i have this enemy
i'll kindly call me
we battle it out

not sure why i do
half the things that i do
i give up control
every time i let loose

i started out right
never crossing the line
till i selfishly caved
to i, me, and mine

now we fight back and forth
daily of course
while asking myself
could it get any worse

that's when i reply
with do it or die
with the things that i do
i keep questioning why
Mike Hauser Sep 10
No need to show me anything
Especially if it's true
Ignorance is bliss
Here without a clue
Certainly don't need a different point
When it comes to views
No idea of where we're heading
When letting others choose

Point the way whom to hate
And who's rear end to kiss
Blindly doing what they say
Ignorance is bliss
Horses led to water
Chomping at the bit
All but drawn and quartered
In the way we live

Whispering, deceiving
The best secret kept
No one needs convincing
Ignorance is bliss
No need to show me anything
To get this cart upset
Oranges to apple's
Happily ignorant
Mike Hauser Sep 6
Put it in a shinny bottle
***** the lid on tight
Ship it out in boxfuls
Pack it tight on ice

Give it a fancy label
Always under different names
Sweeten it with sugar
The taste is bitter just the same

Buying it like it's going out of style
The best thing since sliced bread
Being none the wiser
We keep on chugging it

Over time used to the taste
Not like we're loving it
Still not letting a drop go to waste
As we are daily fed

So pass around the bottle
Shake it up real nice
Hold our hands in coddle
As we let the snake oil bite
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