Do you take time out to listen

Or lend a helping hand

Do you see what others are missing

And try to give to them

Do you only give the basics

Or go much deeper than that

Do you spend time well, not wasting

Giving  till there’s nothing left

Do you try and solve the problems

Give a good listening ear

Is your shoulder easy to cry on

Are you comfort between doubt and fear

Do you try and do what’s right

In all that’s done and said

Guess what I’m asking at this time

Is do you do your best
And when the time does come

Where I lose my very thoughts

Right before the last rung

On the verge of fall

When all that I have left to grab

Is this simple plea

With what little time I have left

Throw your arms round me

Then kindly whisper in my ear

As you hold me tight

At that point all I need to hear

Is it's going to be alright
You are the first
You are the last
Thought in the morning
And at night I have

You also are
Believe you me
Every other thought
will we ever get back
to where we wish we were
will it be any different
than it was before
will we mark it down
as lessons learned
the moment we found
we wish that we were
or will it be
that our bridges were burned
over the muddy waters of
lessons never learned
Your friends were floored
When you found the Lord
Changing your way of life

Yet they saw in you
Something new
Different as day and night

Though every now and then
You dip your toes in
The muddy waters of the mainstream

But that's okay
It's not like you dip every day
Anyways it's only up to your knees

"Just because you're a Christian
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"

You grew up in church
Where the lessons you learned
Were all grilled into your head

Barely leaving a mark
Upon your heart
To be nurtured and Godly fed

Although you know Jesus
There's a consensus
You're still a babe in the faith

Eating soft food and milk
Not sure you ever will
Taste the true goodness that is The Way

"Just because you've been forgiven
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"

You do everything right
Know all the Christian sound bites
Pray sometimes when you get the chance

Don't drink or smoke
Know that dope is for dopes
And wouldn't dare dance if given the chance

You see the world in its mess
And so thankful you're His
And with the good as gone you don't associate

You dabble in love
Hoping that it's enough
While in your heart you still hold hate

"Just because you're a Christian
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"
I want what you have got
Because you have what I have not
And as an afterthought
You also want what I have got

Never are we satisfied
With what we're given in this life
When all we think of all the time
Is I want yours and you won't mine

Because you want what I have got
When I have what you have not
And then as an afterthought
I also want what you have got
We're all looking for something
To spend our something on
Like a leaf looks for a breeze
A singer looks for a song

Some look for what matters
Some don't care at all
Some are looking for a lift out of this
While others look for a fall

Some flowers like people are looking for Spring
So they can begin again
Some look for the Winter to spill its chill
Putting this all to an end

Some are looking for this and that
Some only looking for this
Sweet 16 by any means
Are out there looking for their first kiss

Some are looking for answers
As problems in life abound
Some are looking for their inner voice
But have yet to hear the sound

Some are looking at a broken heart
In hopes that it will heal
Some have lost the fact of who they are
And only show up for meals

Some are looking to join the crowd
Some to be left alone
Some know where it's at but have yet to grasp the fact
Like when a poet looks for a poem
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