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In the responsibility granted man
as fickle as he is foul
wheeling and dealing with mother earth
he'll take all that he's allowed

****** the land of every grain of sand
and nutrition to serve his purpose
she stands in hope that one day he may know
that none of it was worth it

But when you are the disease
who can you turn to for the cure
remember please wise words such as these
nature never did betray the heart that loved her
A quote from William Woodsworth I added to.
The last and most beautiful line is his.
Early in the morning
Fore the rooster crows
Long before the sun
Peaks through farm windows

They get an early jump
On the dawning of the day
To start in on the tilling
Of the red dirt clay

Like those long before
And those before them
Playing out their part
In Georgia life farming

Fighting off the yawns
As they make my way
To the open fields
Of the red dirt clay

Out to feed the world
Along with their families
Tossing out their cares
While tossing out the seed

This ain't to say
Life is a piece of cake
It can be as hard
As the red dirt clay

Sometimes there ain't no choice
When life chooses for you
No need to raise your voice
You do what you have to do

Year after year
Down to each new day
As an honest life is made
In the red dirt clay
she hesitates
which always makes her late
reads worn out books at night
with quizzical looks she finds

she writes poetry
all titled please help me
while humming foreign tunes  
she rhymes black inked in blue

she's good at giving gifts
to those less fortunate
to which she receives the most
because that's all she knows

again she hesitates
with things she'd like to say
because she knows it's best
when things are left unsaid

she breathes sighs of relief
it's how she was taught to breathe
while raising her left hand
a right she feels she has

that hand she wears a broken watch
which says more than enough
inside its slient tic
is where her time is kept

when she speaks of relationships
it's a smorgasbord of hit and miss
held out like an apology
a secret that she keeps

she'd like to be a star
in a galaxy far from ours
and maybe then one day
she won't hesitate
Early morning, late night arrivals
This Ball and Chain has hold of me
Fingers to the Grindstone spinning out survival
The bitter taste of freedom makes those fingers bleed

Would I have listened or even paid attention
If someone out there had taken time out to warn me
With peace and harmony, both concepts clearly missing
This mounting rock pile being my daily keep

Early searching for a life of comfort
Not what the world in which I live suggests
Open up the shades pull back the covers
You'll see just who I am...Mr. Regret

Too late now I wish that I had slowed down
Smelled my share of roses along the way
The ladder of success could have come with a few rungs less
What good is money if you give your soul away

Looking back now I have to sadly wonder
At the insanity and its sludge of upkeep
Bright ideas like lighting flash with no thunder
All of it now raining down on my parade

Now my days are spent with empty plunder
Trying to make sense of how it all came down to this
If I coulda, woulda, shoulda only seen around life's corner
Then I wouldn't be the shell of who I am...Mr. Regret
how many wear their winter coat
in the thick heat of summer
keeping those from being close
afraid to expose the souls cover

sitting alone on life's park bench
in desperate need of conversation
with no idea of why or when
we let our humanity escape us

how many of us...
i'm a pretender
a thin man in disguise
return to sender
with address hard pressed to find

considered a keeper
secrets about myself
i'm a deciever
some things i can not help

a reverse revolator
there are things i'll never tell
a strong detonator
wiring myself up to fail
I'm in looking for this
I'm out searching for that
Being one who'd hate to miss
Where the next big thing is at

With extended claws
To help me cling to
I take up the cause
Cause it's just what I do

I'll run it into the ground
Digging myself in deep
Hoping this time I've found
The very next big thing

I'll try and drag those along
With my excitement
As far as the day is long
Where all my time is spent

Though new turns quickly old
Losing most its meaning
As I move along
Looking for the next big thing
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