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This once was a mighty ship
Majesty of the high seas
With a people well equipped
To fill in when felt the need

Often times when waters rise
Worried minds, starboard to stern
Where innocence goes to die
Lessons lived not often learned

Comes the age of reckoning
Pirating the ship at bay
No need to sing, God save the queen
When she no longer has a say

Over time ill equipped
In a world that switched from sail to steam
Where power takes more than it gives
In the wake that it leaves

Mighty once this sinking ship
Pounded by todays angry waves
Is this any way to live
Floating on top your own grave
When it comes to me
It's fairly easy to see
There's not a whole lot
To my wants or my needs

Take what you like
Love it or hate it
You'll find overtime
My life's uncomplicated

Doesn't take one to know
I'm not the best in show
Though ready and willing
Steady in flow

Be it in the giving
Or the undertaken
I'm making a living

There's too much going on
To want to join in
Wherever life's going
Or wherever it's been

No need to kick back
And proclaim that I've made it
Just accept the fact that
My life's uncomplicated
I have this Coin here in my pocket
That I pull out when there's a need
If I told you it was magic
At that point would you believe

It's been passed down from generations
Hand to hand, smooth and bright
A ceremony few have witnessed
And now the Coin is mine

I don't abuse the Coins good fortune
Wishing for that which money can buy
There's so much more that is important
That the Coin's used for in life

The Coin warms up in my pocket
When I get close to where I best can serve
Fulfilling the Coins purpose
In a simple action or kind word

Is the Coin really magic
Or just a reminder to do what's right
Do you have a Coin in your pocket
That you count on like I do mine

When I am old and gray like my Father
I will pass the Coin to the next in line
So it will continue to bringĀ forth justice
To those less fortunate than you and I
If you're looking for the answers
About to come undone
You know you take your chances
If you do it without love

If the hate inside you festers
Until your heart is raw
If all the love has left here
Who is left to sing its song

You can try and seek forgiveness
From those on the other side
But with God as your witness
Love will never be denied

You can blame the sin of man
For that's exactly what it is
When Satan plays the upper hand
On how we interact

You can move out from the here and now
Into another relm
You can take a class to show you how
Pay attention where you can

But unless you convince the others
That it's the perfect move
You will never find another
To join in love with you
Mike Hauser Oct 19
Everyone in town knows
Philmont is a mad scientist
It's not his little hunchback buddy
Or the crazy smocks in which he's always dressed

It's not the lighting clouds over his house
Or the strange sounds from which his basement grew
No, it's not any of those things
That gives the town it's clue

It's not all of the darkened birds
That hang out on his fence
Or his subscription to Weird Science Weekly
And on what experiments his time is spent

Not even when things always turn up missing
Down at the local graveyard
No, it's the 'HONK' if you love Mad Scientists sticker
On the bumper of his car
Mike Hauser Oct 18
Turn me on, I'm a radio
Spin my dial straight to Rock & Roll
Cranking up the volume, smoke um if you got um
Vibrating deep to both the heart and soul

Starting with the 60's in case you haven't heard
Music brought the doctor with the rocking cure
To the blues that ailed me, wasn't hard to sell me
Once the boys from L.A. opened up The Doors

Feel free to turn the dial now to the 70's
Keep the volume loud ya'll as pretty as you please
Pushing all my buttons cause every song says something
In this age of Rock & Roll discovery

I'll even crank the 80's as the ladies stare
At the men in makeup with the crazed teased hair
From Bowie down to Poison and all the other chosen  
Now let's slip into the 90's if you dare

With the volume up we're now all screaming grudge
With me it's all Rock & Roll so who am I to judge
It'll take years for me to land once I tasted Pearl Jam
All I've got to say is thank you very much

For turning me on cause I'm a radio
Spinning my dial fast and furious straight to Rock & Roll
Smoke um if you got um while cranking up the volume
Vibrating deep to both the heart and soul
Mike Hauser Oct 17
Why is it, we as a people
Continue fighting Black and White
Instead of truth and justice
Between the wrong and right

To many of us wearing
A righteous crown of thrones
What we need to value
Washed out by the storm

Could we not see it coming
Blinded by our pride
Are we not  brothers and sisters
The same color on the inside

Is it to much to ask
That we all get along
And not judge each other brother
By the color in which we're born

Then perhaps, we as a people
Will not see the world in Black and White
And every day embrace the grey
In a world that's color blind
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