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Mike Hauser Sep 26
If I had the chance
To do it again
Would I only choose
The chance to win

If I never lost
At any cost
Would that be a win
Or would that be a loss

Without a loss
What good is a win
If you never learn
Anything from it
Mike Hauser Sep 16
Leaning on my shovel
With pillow in hand
Pull up tight the covers
Heading towards dream land

Where I can start the process
Soundly in my sleep
Searching through the nonsense
Digging deep my dreams

To stay away from nightmares
I sift through softer sand
Too many times, I've been there
Growing in hard pan

With those close to the surface
I treasure the meaning
Making it all worth it
Digging deep my dreams

There really is no science
In fact, hardly a clue
In the way you find it
Dreams both old and new

But like I said, pillow in hand
Shovel on which to lean
All of this the process
Digging deep my dreams
Mike Hauser Sep 11
we're as good as dead
is all they've said
from beginning to end

sheeple led
to the edge
and then back again

in the 60's shout
oil was out no doubt
and look it's still around

when the 70's came
it was much the same
the ice age would freeze us out

in the 80's they
blamed acid rain
for destroying all the crops

the 90's scare
of course, the ozone layer
but the farm was never bought

in 2000 they felt
the glaciers would melt
causing the oceans to rise

then in 2010
we'd all be swimming
under a ten-foot tide

here we are today
where it's all much the same
as they shake and stir our brains

to the latest scare
keeping the fear
under the name of climate change
Mike Hauser Aug 31
If you're looking for lasting impression
Something to hit the mark
A ditty to keep the crowd guessing
Just who and where you are

A smidgen or two of enticement
Toss of surprise in the ***
A line right on time they can liken
To all of the haves and have nots

Move to and fro through the madness
Deal with the cards you are delt
Take all of what you are left with
And just be yourself
Mike Hauser Aug 26
Oh can you see
Do you believe
In love at first glance
Given the chance

Or do you think
That you might need
A second look
Before you’re hooked

One that would last
Forever at best
Do you need a sign
A reason why

Would you give it a try
Love at first sight
If given the chance
For love at first glance
Mike Hauser Aug 19
Do you find you dabble
In everything you do
Often check the water
But only with a toe or two

You might do this, might do that
And other things per say
But never take it to the mat
Before the thought has gone away

You find your mind racked with desire
A burning of the soul
You've got the kindle for the fire
Never adding any coal

No saddle to your dabble
On which to hitch your horse
No trophy on your mantel
Never sticking to the course

You find you might try it once
Maybe even twice
But when it comes down to the crunch
You barely take a bite

Toss in your line time after time
But never catch a thing
You might find it's all a sign
You're only dabbling
Mike Hauser Aug 18
What if yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Came together for one day
Would they all dwell on their past mistakes
Or live life for today

Would they dream about tomorrow
As today's dreams fly away
If they had it all to do again
Would they relive yesterday

Life can be confusing
My hope is that you'll find
That after yesterday, today, and tomorrow
have had their say
You'll live one day at a time
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