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Poetry pulls me over
With screaming siren and blue lights
Knocks me to my knees slaps the cuffs on me
Forcing me into rhyme

Why can't it mind its own business
And stop giving me such a hard time
Leave me alone to do other things that I want
I ask you, is that really a crime

Behind bars, hard labor forced
Pen and paper in hand
Writing off my time in this do it or die
All at the judges demand

Guess they have me a poetry thief with a need
Serving time between the lines
Of this poetry that has control over me
With its insatiable need to rhyme

Here in this life doing hard time...
Poetry at times truly wears me out.
Always with pen and paper in hand it's hard to enjoy normalcy...
I'm painting a hole
where I'll eventually crawl
Into the dark
to get away from it all
There's a lesson to be had
In every lesson that you get
When it's your turn up to bat
Whether swinging right or left
If you're young and dumb
Or if you're dumb and old
Don't take ahold of nothing
If you're not willing to let it go

Life can be an issue
So keep tissues at hand
The sands of time keep blowing
Blasting their demands
You might not see it coming
So keep this in the know
Don't take ahold of nothing
If you're not willing to let it go

Be it material possessions
Or matters of the heart
Don't let that thing define you
Make you into who you are
Be it in the heat of the moment
Or the brittle bitter cold
Don't take ahold of nothing
If you're not willing to let it go
unlock the cupboard
lift the latch
something crazy
is about to hatch
inside the cackle
outside the laugh
i'm afraid
there's no turning back

swing it open
creak the hinge
dust the shelves
with lunatic fringe
no further need
for further hints
when sanity
has called it quits

like contact paper
sticks to you
humming to
a ****** tune
stop the press
set the mood
the sound of crazy
in infinite loop

with no room
to swing a cat
in full bloom
crazy as a bat
outside the cackle
inside the laugh
i'm afraid
there's no turning back
We we want it, you know it
We want it all now
A generation Jonesin
For the golden cow

Amazon craving
Easy to Prime
No hassle, no waiting
No standing in line

They make it, we okay it
The latest of ism's
We are the children
Of materialism

They tell us, they sell us
The latest in trends
To make us and break us
Bend to their whims

With tantalizing advertising
We're deer in headlights
As we run over each other
To be first in line
Mike Hauser Oct 11
I have been a student
Of all that really matters
Sitting at the desk of life's demands
Reading books and raising hands

A child from the beginning
And will be till the end
Placed faith inside the meaning
Which means I'll do it all again

I've been a teacher of those who'll listen
In hopes they understand
Seeing all they're missing
And what they're missing is all they have

A soldier in this lone army
Fighting wars within myself
As no one else would have me
And I would have no one else

I've been a poet in the giving
Where words refused to rhyme
When knowledge knew no limit
All this once upon a time
Mike Hauser Oct 10
If you need any proof that I'm funny
I come to you with a laugh track
You can borrow from me till you're red in the knee
Then after the laugh you can give it back

Because the jokes that I tell are quite funny
Well at least they are in my head
Swirling behind my eyes trying to find the punchline
Till they spill out with the last laugh

Say have you heard that I'm funny
By now I'm The Talk of the Town
To make it more simple just call me Comedy Central
As I continue to wipe tears from this clown
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