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I'm telling you now
I've had enough
From this and that
And all the other stuff

Going to change my name
Rearrange my face
Leave this place
Without a trace

If I do come up
They won't remember me
With no bat of an eye
Or a single blink

It'll all be like
We never met
This side of life
No one will guess

That I was ever
Even here
Like anyone
Would ever care

So, excuse me now
While I bow out
And leave this place
Without a trace
To tell the truth when I look at you
Before I even know, what you've been through
One of the first things I do
...don't you know

Is to find the perfect spot
With just the righteous amount of rocks
And give it all I have got
...don't you know

Don't even think to look at me
Not a single word do I heed
No insightful instructions do I need
...when throwing stones

Far and wide justice is blind
Well to tell the truth, so am I
When my own sin I deny
...don't you know

In judgement I stand tall
Keep it simple and that's not all
In my own righteousness I applaud
...don't you know

It doesn't take a giant leap
Or intelligence all that deep
To see where the problem lies is me
...when throwing stones
Mike Hauser Nov 26
If you live this life
Live it out in peace
If you need a sign
There are those in need
Try and do your best
For the ones that come to mind
Live it out in peace
When it comes to life

If you live this life
Give freely of yourself
If it is not you
Then I ask who else
Is there to show the way
Pointing to the signs
Be a shining light
If you live this life

If you live this life
Don't you dare think twice
About the daily need
To live it out in peace
Far above all else
You would care to find
Don't you dare think twice
About having peace in life
Mike Hauser Nov 25
We thought we'd live forever
But keep dropping off like flies
Changing of the weather
Right before our eyes

Way past who's the first to go
Standing randomly in line
And those that go seldom know
Till they reach the other side

We make plans for the future
With death one tick away
Seldom crossing our minds who's next in line
With no part in its say

We thought we'd live forever
But childhood dreams don't count
When innocence made better sense
Before we grew up into doubt

Way past those first to go
As we stand round randomly
In this line where Father Time
Prepares our day of leave, without losing a single beat
Mike Hauser Nov 24
We sell our souls for a price
We barely can afford
Then try our best to buy it back
Going door to door

Sell it for a penance
Paupers on display
Hoping for acceptance
As our first love, we forsake

Hoping for acceptance
Given half a chance
Turning on each other
Then try to sell what little's left

Sell it all for a *** of gold
Somewhere over the rainbow
Then hang our coats on little hope
As if all of this matters

Sell on the assumption
That all of it is gain
Then all we gain we give away
As we sell our souls without a say
Mike Hauser Nov 23
After all these many carnivore years
You can call it guilt or you can call it fear
I've made up my mind to decide
I'm going vegan this November time

So I broke down hard and read some books
Heard some tapes on what it took
From veggies steamed to veggies raw
From beans of green to yellow squash

As my nightly dreams were all filled with meat
I pushed back hard with collard greens
But still had no clue of what to do
With a turkey substitute

And that is when a friend came in
Who Tofu's the line at turkey time
So I read more books and heard more tapes
On Tofu fried, boiled, broiled, and baked

Opening up my kitchen to fine cuisine
Minus the best part...that being meat
As I promised myself I can make this work
My Tofurkey would be the finest in edible art

I had bought my Tofu by the pound
Lucky for me it is pliable
As I stretched and pulled and pulled and stretched
Until I had something that looked like a head

With my artistic abilities seriously in doubt
I'm pretty sure what I conjured was the head of a cow
So I pulled and stretched and stretched and pulled
No ones going to call me an abstract fool

As I bring to boil the "Rodin" juices in me
And baste at my skills repeatedly
Where I come up with a turkey, giblets and all
And just for good measure I gobble a turkey call

Of course cooking the thing is another road and
I sadly lost a few in the explosions
When finally scored I invited my friends
Whose friendship with them will take time to mend

Just because a turkey looks like a turkey, don't mean that it is
I'm now learning all this while I clean up the mess
As forks went to the mouths at the very same time
So did the retching along with the crying

But in a month they'll forget this entire sordid ordeal
When they get the invites for my Christmas holiday meal
With my time in the books and tapes I will spend
Looking forward to  Christmas and a delicious soy bean ham
Mike Hauser Nov 22
I think about this often
If not most all the time
Keep wondering what happened
To those I've left behind

Do they also have a space
Etched in their memories
And to tell the truth, if they do
Is there a place there for me

We live our lives in busy times
In the moving of to and fro
Where we sometimes find in mid-flight
We've left behind those on the go

Which often has me wondering
As this life moves along
Of the ones I've left behind
Just how they're getting on

Did they find their purpose
Along the straightened path
Was life for them well worth it
And how many of them are there left

As I draw ever closer to the end
I begin to realize
I may never see again
Those I've left behind

...fading memories in my mind
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