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Adam Childs Sep 2019
Come on Labour,
let the sounds
Of your gentle chimes,
of destiny ring

Drown out those drums,
beaten by over privileged

Who bath in a nostalgia ,
for a glory that has never been.
Who have never seen combat
let alone
the true
of a ****** battle
or world war.

As white strings are pulled
we hear a sinister song.

So let us all Roar with a different
sound, with a heart in its center
and hope all around.

As all they really need to know
is whether inside or out
we Labour,

Have Their Back.

Time now is to dispel
all economic myth
the fear of Apocalypse

And unearth a
Utopian Dream
just a little poem for a up and coming election in the UK
Adam Childs May 2017
With shortness of breath
I drag and crawl lifting
my clawed and bitten
body from the filth and
slim of a murky swamp.

While nursing my infected
wounds washing away all
dirt and grim.
An eager early morning sun
bursts over a sleepy horizon.
Geese flock and fly over head
as a damp mist hugs the long

A somber question weighs
heavily on my mind.
Do I regret ?
And I say no

Because amongst  all the filth
dirt and grim. Broken bottles,
hookers, ******* lines, *** ends
and scars in my mind.
Tired grey hairs and a  body that
aged ten years over night.

I found a love, and hearts that
shown like the sun. Pure in
intentions that asked for nothing
but gave me everything.
And a friendship that I had never

When others crushed and spat
drowning the sparkle in my sun.
Turning my world black,
they all merely flooded in.

With their drum and base
that played all night and
flashing lights that were
ever so bright as festivals
are quite a sight.

So how can I possibly ever
regret, when from God
they had come
rescue me

With a sincerity in their hearts
they all together caught
cherished and
Adam Childs May 2017
Crunching crispy cornflakes
Gangs of pebbles bubble

White water slurping
Its early morning edges

As waves deliciously lick
their sweet vanilla sands

Man bobbing in a canoe
Ocean swinging him like a baby boy

A  bouncing ball stretches
Across the waters view

Like a picture on the wall
For a moment time stand still

The scenery seems so surreal
like plastic or cardboard

Adding a friendly familiarity
Making me so sentimental

a place


Called Home
One needs to drop into the imagery
Adam Childs May 2017
Come on everyone don't be
like reluctant children on the
first day of their schooling.
Oh cloudy dark days, its really
not that bad, plenty
more twists in the story.

Lets all join hands stop
swearing tell everyone at
the top we are all together
and not moving.
OK come on,with  no doubts lets go,
go Brexit, but then lets paint it
red and not blue.
Wave to Mr Murdoch and say Ha ha to
you, you lost after all.  

Let us temper the angered
words dealt snake bit and
Brutal exchanges like Klitschko
and Joshua now is the time for
the hug right after.
You know when we are all slinging
mud and shouting someone
some where in power is betting.
And they are the only one that will
be winning.

Time now is for us to look in with
rolling hills, roses and blackberry
Sandy beaches, prickly thorns and
mystery round circles of stones.
Coated in gentle breezes alike a
kindly uncle the weather protects
And what do I find that sweet soft
tender, holly in the winter and roses
in the summer.
little England
And not something to be ashamed of
but something to be
proud of.

Time is now for us all to be free as there
is always darkness just before a birth.
Like a brave bird breaking free only
the brave seeds make it into a tree.
As not every parent knows what
is right for their child.

But lets not then look for the common
wealth and all its crimes.
let us simply be
Little England
That subtle feeling we hold
As we all know all the answers
Adam Childs Mar 2017
When you look at me
with a shaking head
Making me feel like
I am an Idiot

And as sometimes mist seems
to cover the whole dam earth
Foggy mind plodding
through the earth

Lost in a tiny little boat
Floating  across a giant sea
Waves are so much bigger
than me

The darkest night seems to have no end
No guiding stars or
even an owls

Just swallowed up by some dark mystery
Full of doubt about
The direction
I took

With a million voices screaming in my head
Telling me that I am stupid
That I just got it so
So wrong

But wait white doves are now appearing
The flood is disappearing
As the phoenix is now

Misty due is now falling breaking clouds
Sky is clearing and
Birds are

Flashing lights lit up in the mud
Words written in the sand
I think I have seen
a sign

Truth is I got everything
I ever really wanted
Exactly what
I needed

A person you would always be friends with
Something really terrific
I got

Which is better than expected
Much more lovely than
I could of

You see this world is something special
And mankind can be so

As crystal cliffs sparkling with
pink waterfalls splashing
My heart meeting this
magical world

As I know all is how it should be
Exactly what was meant to be
And more importantly
So am I  

And so much better than expected
And I know now there
Is even
Adam Childs Dec 2016
I am a golden being king
of all beasts sent by God,
to keep on searching for
all of truth.
Shinning fleeces glazing, almost
lazy, soaking up the sun.
My eyes held above the crowd
I sit back looking and looking.
Golden manes flowing with winds
keep on blowing. Yellow flames
keep on bellowing as the truth
keeps on coming.

I hear the sound of armies fleeing
as all my openness becomes
my strength.
My life an open book spreading
miles across facebook nothing
hidden all in view.
My honesty more brazen and bolder
than the Roman Empire.
As the world steps back I am unfolding
12 foot tall keep on growing.

Golden nuggets once hidden
now shinning.
I rattle the enemy to the core with
my dark ROAR the recesses of my
being turning over like an engine.
As there is not a part of my being
I have not seen all shadows disappear
with my seeing.
I turn the world upside down inside out
as all dark hidden corners become
white shinning teeth.

Ferociously I tackle the world
with a fearless truth.
Roaring into battle my open heart
devours all lies and untruth.
Let us charge
let us charge
Let the
fires burn
fires burn
As all is unified in this battle
for the streams of Gold and silver
For with no sacrifice there can be
nothing gained.

Driven forward and lifted up an
honor deep inside carries us
into battle.
So tonight my friend take me on
let us fight
be my brother
For now is a good time to die.
For the truth shall **** us all
but in the same way save us.

So my friend my brother
let us fight together
as we serve the golden King
Wear his crest upon our chest.
As all men fall within the limits
of their own lies let us hold the flag
of truth above us.
Let us die in the lies we beat to the
ground to be reborn within the truth
we hold above our head.

Living life with the glorious
King of beasts
the Golden Lion King.
Holding truth above our
own being we may proudly
bring love and dignity
to all of GODS Kingdom.
As all order is maintained
while he sits upon his throne.
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Daft, scruffy, crazy hair unbounding
Bouncing piece of bursting joy.
Sensless madness going berserk
  but please take me on a journey.
I love you, really love you so very much
I am happy to merrily trot and follow  
the path they all call LOVE.
As you float like a bubbles
perfect pink ballons.
Happy I am to be lead by LOVE

While those ever so precious cats
tip toe the rivers edge cringing at
thought of getting wet.
I just jump jump and jump
While others hold back
make plans control.
I pull pull say lets go live in the unknown.
I say lets play a silly game or two.

I am submissive not controlling
I let go of my ego
as a plastic crown falls of my head
I am filled with love.
Driven by something inside me racing
faster than any wind so let me jump inside
your heart and drag you kicking
into something beautiful.

And even though I really love all my
life so very much frightened that
I will loose it all.
I Silently tentatively sit by the rusty
waters edge as spring flowers blossom.
And wait for the signal
from you too
Love and Love.
To simply let go
to love and love.
As I jump ,jump and jump
Love ,Love and Love.
With a great big
Clumsy Splash
So the whole world can hear.
We let go and go,
dissolving all our ego.

Driven on by a deeper yearning
I love and long, love and long.
As I swim in a river that
has no tomorrow or
As I surrender to you
the great master OH GOD
what ever you wish
of me I will become.
Just throw me a stick
I will truly run do anything.

There are many who
rush away from great pain
I only rush towards joy.
There are those frightened
of getting lost to afraid to let go.
But I even though I melt like softest
butter in the sun. And fall in love
deeper than an ocean.
Expanding outside of the sky
into other greater worlds.

For deep inside I cradle myself
cherish, nourish blow kisses in
my heart.
As I am never running away only
running too.
As I am touched by a tender softness
inside I always hold myself.
As I gather myself to make a leap
hold myself to make the jump
as I carry myself through a hoop.
But I never loosing myself always
taking myself with me on the journey
into LOVE.

Much can be gained by listening to
mans best friend his Dog.
As we can all live in a river
paddling, expanding in
a Blissful  LOVE and JOY
Just spent a little more time trying to improve it as I felt it needed a bit of extra attention. exploring a more positive side of codependents
And using the example of our best friend.
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