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Joe Cole May 6
Anyway when I go as all men must
Then turn my body into dust
There's just one place I want to go
That's into the furnaces fiery glow
You see I don't want to leave much clearing up
Today was coronation day
And up above the sky was wet and grey
You see be you a pauper or be you a King
You're both gonna get ****** on
Now you're off to church so follow the flock
Stick another 50 bucks into the pastors box
So he can buy another yacht
Or maybe a lady of the night who seeks redemption
So how's it going to be when your turn comes?
Will it be with a whimper a scream or a yell
It doesn't much matter cos your going to hell
Where the fire are hot and the women as well
Or so I've been told
Well I'm off to my cave to take a swig from the jar
And to gaze at the flames of my flickering fire

And dream up some other garbage to post on here
I told you that I was coming back
Joe Cole Apr 5
You don't need to drive for miles
To experience the wild side of life
Find any small patch of woods
And for a while forget about daily strife
Don't go in the daytime when others might be there
But wait until the evening time and experience
And breath deep of night time air
So walk a little way in the ever growing dark
Now stop and listen to the noises of the night
What is that bird that never stops her song
What is the small creature that creeps and crawls along
That screaming noise that sets your heart on fire
Beneath the waning moon
That's a ***** calling for her mate
In the dark of midnights gloom
So folks you don't have to go to far from your fire side
Just a hundred metres from your home
You can walk on the wild side
Joe Cole Apr 5
Sitting here looking out of the window at people walking by
Their faces dull and miserable just like a rain filled sky
They have the weight of the world upon their shoulders, minds just filled with gloom
I just think they're lucky people because I can
Y hardly leave this room
They are free to do the things that i no longer can
Free to run, walk the dog, get out and have some fun
Every one of you miserable folks just need to stop and think
There's always someone worse off than you
You know I now sit here a bent and broken man
But I still laugh and I still smile because I know I can
So when you think that you can't go on and think no helps in sight
Think about the homeless, the sick and the ones like me
Then you'll start to realise that you're not really in a fight
So smile in the face of adversity because that is what I do
So what have I got, a life living on pain killers, waking up in the morning in agony, staggering around like a drunk because I can't control my legs but I can still smile
Joe Cole Feb 25
These days I still wander the fields and forests
But only from the comfort of my arm chair
On a warm early spring day like today
I can still smell the heady scent of the pine trees
And watch the world class acrobatics of squirrels at play
The fresh green shoots of bluebells brush my boots
As I wander deeper into the forest following unseen paths
I sit under the spreading boughs of a stately oak
For a cigarette and a mug of sweet tea from my flask
My Mollly dog has long gone but Maisie now rest her head on my boot
I'm comfortable here in the woods, happy in my own company with pad and pencil in hand
All of this from the comfort of my arm chair because I can no longer wander in the woods
Joe Cole Feb 25
I dreamt that a beautiful women was kissing me
Then I woke up and my little dog was licking my ear
Joe Cole Feb 24
So much sadness in this world
So much sadness in so many words I read here
Perhaps I should also be sad but
I see daffodils outside my window and hear a blackbird sing
And they are happy
Ukraine is torn by bombs and shells, countryside in flames
But high above a skylark singing her sweet song
Despite the sadness in this tumbled world
The dawn chorus ever sounds bringing happiness to all
The sun still warms the earth and new life comes
The cry of a new born baby brings happiness to some
And another new life has begun
So when sadness fills you with dark despair
Just think there's always somebody worse off than you out there
A lot of things can make you feel sad and when you do pause for a moment and think
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