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Joe Cole Nov 2018
She walked with me in the high wood
And down cold wet forest pathsl
Slept with me in my sleeping bag
Was my constant companion through  the good times and the bad
Yes she could be a grumpy cow with lots  of teeth on show
But just three short hours ago it was her time to go
And so my Mollie Dog left me
For the place where good dogs go
R.I.P my Mollie Dog
  Dec 2017 Joe Cole
Sharina Saad
Once I met a kind,
and friendly old man
He'd become a good friend of mine
We talked about life and his future plans
He is too in love
with the beautiful nature
of his proud land.

Joe lives in a fantasy land
dreams of childhood days
Walks down the memory lane

He planted daisies
and plucked wild berries
the birds singing
the bees buzzing
the rhythm of nature
he loves to cherish...

What a magnificent hometown
he proudly  described.
As he sits in his little fairyland
Where he dreams and writes.

He said I was his mentor
He learned to write from a tutor
He didn't  notice how diligent he was as my teacher
When he praised my writes he gave me flower.

Today... Joe is older
But he'd never grown weaker
Once he marched in several wars
Made England proud of its brave soldier.

life goes on
and he moves on
enjoying the wilderness
on his own..
Dear Joe Cole
You'd never be alone
my words and yours in all good poems........
Thank you Joe Cole for being the nicest friend of mine.
  Dec 2017 Joe Cole
Sharina Saad
It really doesn't matter if you love a human or an animal
If only that love is sincere
And love can be expressed
In many different forms
Like patiently waiting for mommy to come back from work...
like listening to all her grievances even if you don't
Understand a thing...
Even if it means
One day you have
to say good bye...
Love is queer in many ways
In happiness comes sadness...
In pain is sweetness...
Bitter and sweet
Part and parcel of life
And letting go
Is inner peace...
Joe Cole Dec 2017
I listen  to the sound of the breaking waves, smell the salt tang in the air
I watch the graceful seagulls ride the thermals way up there
No sound of human voice, no strident car alarms
I sit in natures solitude enraptured by her charms
The sea reflects the sinking sun in hues of red and gold
I'll never tire of such sights though I grow gray and old
The first gleam of the evening star appears in the ever growing dark
And the golden crescent of the moon begins her journey night
No words of mine can best describe natures perfect charm
This is peace, a perfect peace, tranquility and calm
Joe Cole Dec 2017
I've just spent several hours reading over my poetry
And reading all the wonderful comments written by
Other poets and friends, some sadly who are no longer
On the site. It was those friends and poets who in great part
Were responsible for giving me the six dailies that I achieved
And the further six dailies written in response to my daily write
For me challenges. I feel it is only right that I come back and start
writing again
Joe Cole Jun 2017
Just been outside and an almost gale force wind is blowing
About a hundred yards away stands a stately oak
Bending in the wind
Small twigs and leaves being stripped away
That hundred year old tree stands tall taking all that nature can throw at it
Just as we in the free world bend and sway before the terrorist threat
And yes our twigs break and people die
We might bend but we will never break because eventually we know the threat will wither and die
Like the bending tree WE WILL survive
Joe Cole May 2017
you know I lost the will to write
because the words just wouldn't form
In the space inside my head
So I took to living in the wild
using a tarp and not a tent
Sitting beside a log fire and gazing at the stars
And a million words all jumbled up
in the void within my mind
But then it all came together
once again making sense
After all poetry is just written words
the incentive always there
I think sleeping in the woods as I now often do
Is the inspiration to once more lift the pen
and send my words to you
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