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Guden 26m
I am a 5 year old Barnacle
Living on the side of a whale,
Although I don’t know
What a whale is.
I claim it as mine,
Other barnacles cannot live in my whale
Without my permission,
Yet I have no idea
What a whale is.
I live in a colony of barnacles,
I hate all of them.
I don’t believe this is a whale
And I haven’t a clue
What a whale is.
I am a 5 year old Barnacle,
Living on the side of a whale.
Some of the other barnacles
Say we live under the whale,
Not on its side,
They are wrong
They don’t know what a whale is,
Neither do I.
Nature is my mistress, bitter sweet, bitter sweet!
The scent of young lilies and regret, for a woman's heart is slender, deep yet dark and tender, and as silent as the body's first caress.
My mother and my farther, and my brothers and my sisters, and my uncles, and my aunts are all quite fair,
but something doesn't sit right, it's not quite in the spotlight, I'm looking at a world that isn't square.
The plastic spoon to stir your tea, the carrier bag you got for free,
the slow decline of honey bees, the friend that slept with you and me, the tragedy of fantasy, the whisper carried on the breeze, that traveled the the century's with sailors on the seven seas, distracted by the rhythmic words, we listen to the humming birds, the nature of your natural eye encircles us like butterflies, the creature has it's mothers eyes, the lure of love flies on the wing to take the insect and the sting, to follow ends to sticky ends, bitter sweet, you're so sweet!

I love you honey wont you be my girl.
I love you honey wont you be my girl.
I love you honey wont you be my girl.
I love you honey want you be my girl.
Won't you be my girl for just one night.
Bitter sweet whale song, sailor song
Your eyes
Looked right
At mine

Not through them
Not beneath them
Not below them

At them
At me
In me

Your hands
Were soft
Like mine

And my
Buzzed at

Your touch
And I

Next to
My porky
Pine glow

You were
To sleep

A new

One who
Saw a
Bit more
Bit by bit
Such a happy whale
I am
Out of the *******
With a new friend at my side
Dark is the night
The moon, the stars
Lighting our way
Over the sands of time
Our hearts a racing
To take the plunge
To go deeper into the unknown
Stopping to sight see
The sparkles in each other's eye
Welcoming are the movements  
On a wave
The shrill of the wind
And a wake of white water soon rising
Carrying, carrying us  home

Logan Robertson

Nigdaw Jul 19
Across an ocean
Across the world
A voice calls solemnly,
Asking of the murky waters
A reply

Half a world away, a sign
Comes down the ancient lines
A little faded by ships
Pipelines and submarines,
But still there

Like a faint whisper of hope
From the dawning of time
Very nearly from the grave
The voice of a mother
Calling to her child

Braving pollution
Harpoon and disease
The whale will swim,
For there is no voice as strong
As the voice of love

Calling you home.
shamamama Apr 12
......Finding the words
                            to describe the feelings.....

                        Just by moving through the ocean

Inside, I am swimming,
swimming to get away,
swimming to come home
to what I knew.
I know I can never be the same again
Knowing  what I know now.

I feel the hollow dust of
of confusion
swirling inside me
I feel my impossibility---

like I am trying

to catch

each dust particle:

every old idea I have ever had,

before it lands and

makes me sneeze --only to blow

all the dust particles back into chaos,

so I hold my breath....


....breathe in.....

...exhale ....s  l  o  w   l  y .......

.....embody this moment....

and become, one who CAN.

...leave this terrestrial moment....

...and go into the water....

And when I imagine
I am the whale,
I am the vastness within and around
I can just breathe and swim

I catch
all the plankton spinning in chaos
after they have been
cast into the ocean currents
and the plankton come to me,
the plankton feed me
one by one--
I can fill my belly
with all these
            d o t s              o   f
                    f     o     o      d
Gathering, harvesting,
plankton combing through my baleen,
I am fed, I am nourished,
just by moving through the ocean.
I am free.
Sometimes its find the right words to describe the feelings inside.
Myrrdin Aug 2018
I weigh 1/4 of a blue whales heart
I am as tall as Napolean Bonaparte
I am as old as Oprah's Book Club
When I do not like myself
I think of these things
And suddenly, I look very different.
Jon Thenes Aug 2018
I Sleep ;
I Slip
In Doze, I Seep out into the Scenes ;

In Potions Deep
In Notions Cold and Preasuring
I Fit and Knit my Crown
I Coral
I Knot and Concrete a Frown
But though I Invite my Efforts
My Thoughting is Leaks and Tearing *

Over Whale but Underwater
I Recover Nothing Reassuring
Slowing to a Pale
In Ocean Cold
My Feedings are Slurring to a Drown
My Motions ; Enwombed and Collected
An Unfoetal, my Body Undertakes a Vulnerable Mould

The Surface
The Ship Blinks, on Fire
And Gifts from the Broken Hold Sink to me
It's all a Wink Directed at me
A Humour

But I am become Prepared Still
For the Next Life
I Discard, Decending Still
A Treat Sunk Below
A Monsterous Breakfast

                                                 *note­ : as in, secreting saline, watery fluid
Shubham Verma Jul 2018
Raindrops as they fall tremble
Like words in a conversation
Drenched and drowned we dream
Under the rainy-shade of lightning
Explorers keep exploring however painful the path is
Sometimes searching for things they don't wish to find
But explorers don't stop under the weight of rain
And stronger they become eventually to **** (love)
Drops are words, we are drenched and drowning
Rainfall will help the waiting sun.
It's not a happy poem. Words like tremble, drenched, drowned, painfull, **** etc hide in the plane sight of what's happening in life. Conversations are important and they help the sun shine in a person.
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