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Bob B 2d
Poor Trump is trying hard
To cover up his deep dejection.
He's attempting to overturn
The results of the presidential election.

Strange, bizarre conspiracy theories
Perpetuated by the Trumps
Are being spread like wildfire
And talk of massive ballot dumps.

Trump sounds like a mad King George
Or a crazed King Lear, losing his mind.
Any semblance of rational thought
In him is getting harder to find.

Frivolous lawsuits of voter fraud
From Giuliani's bag of tricks
Show that they're throwing whatever they can
At the wall in hopes that something sticks.

Sadly, they are undermining
Democracy with such crazy schemes.
They look even more pathetic
By going to such outrageous extremes.

Americans have voted and now
Await with hope a bright new dawn.
The jig is up. The game is over.
Mr. Trump, it's time to move on.

-by Bob B (12-1-20)
Bob B Nov 22
It's going to be a quiet Thanksgiving.
But that's all right--that's okay.
Caution now means better chances
Of seeing a future Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, it's sad that COVID-19
Happens to be our current reality.
But hopefully within a year,
We will see a return to normality.

Now with COVID numbers rising
And hospitals filling, it's getting scary.
To get the pandemic under control,
A bit of prudence is necessary.

There can still be turkey roasting,
Gravy simmering, potatoes boiling,
And homemade pumpkin pie beckoning…
And I'll be in the kitchen toiling.

The situation's not ideal,
But we'll get through this; we'll make do,
FaceTiming our family
And having Thanksgiving dinner for two.

-by Bob B (11-22-20)
Bob B Nov 19
THIS poem is not about Trump.
It's not about his rise and fall.
It’s not about his constant lying.
It’s not about his fantasy wall.

It’s not about understanding
The reasons people still support him.
It’s not about the unscrupulous
Members of Congress who still court him.

It’s not about his insidious
Attempts to challenge a fair election.
It’s not about the insecure
Manner in which he handles rejection.

It’s not about his passion for
Conspiracy theories and made-up "facts."
It’s not about the far-right extremists
And crazy fringe groups he attracts.

It’s not about how he took
A great nation and in four years
Tore it apart and left it in shambles
And then whined, expecting cheers.

It’s not about his overwhelming
Hypocrisy and how he became--
Because of his moral bankruptcy--
Someone who sullied his very own name.

It’s not about his nepotism,
Corruption, cover-ups, or affairs,
Or how he cares LESS about us
And MORE about his stock market shares.

It’s not about how he mishandled
A deadly pandemic--par for the course--
By listening to quacks and ignoring the experts,
And as people died, he showed no remorse.

What the poem's about is when
Conspiracy theories lose their appeal,
Then and only at that time
Will the nation be able to heal.

-by Bob B (11-18-20)
Bob B Nov 9
Back a rat into a corner
And you will find without a doubt
That it becomes surprisingly vicious
As it angrily lashes out.

So if that is your plan of attack,
Heed the warning: be prepared!
Be sure you have the tools you need;
And, above all, don’t be scared.

The best thing to do would be
To stop the problems before they begin.
Be certain that your house is secure
So that no rats can find their way in.

Check the foundation; walk around
And fix whatever the structure lacks.
Don't let the vermin sneak inside
By making **** sure there aren't any cracks.

You can put your house in order.
Make that your goal; you can attain it.
But don't forget that once you're there,
It is essential that you maintain it.

A strong, secure house is the best
Protection against dangerous pests.
Then you can live in relative peace.
At least that is what wisdom suggests.

-by Bob B (11-9-20)
Bob B Nov 7
(This poem can be sung to the tune of Jerry Herman's song "Hello, Dolly!")

Good-bye, Donald!
Yes, good-bye, Donald.
You are going to have to leave the White House soon.
And when you leave, Donald,
Do not grieve, Donald.
For you all right, the timing might
Be inopportune.
We always knew, Donald.
It's so true, Donald.
You were never qualified to lead this land.
You made a mess, Donald--
Caused nothing but distress, Donald.
That is one thing we'll never understand.

Good-bye, Donald!
Time is nigh, Donald.
Will you now return to what you did before?
Whom will you scam, Donald,
As you scram, Donald?
Perhaps you think you're in the pink,
But we're keeping score.
Hey, outside your gate there,
Agents now wait there.
So what happens next there's no way to foretell.
One thing we know, Donald:
You have now got to go, Donald.
Will you be tweeting from a prison cell?

-by Bob B (11-7-20)
Bob B Oct 31
If you favor a leader who's
An autocrat wannabe;
If locking kids at the border in cages
Is your cup of tea;

If constantly being lied to doesn't
Bother you at all;
If you like a leader who says,
To hell with protocol;

If you think a president should
Surround himself with crooks
And you can't see that he's much more
Dangerous than he looks;

If you don't mind that you are being
Taken for a ride
By someone who's a con man who
Has far too much to hide;

If it's quite okay when someone
Says his words aren't his,
Or says he's not a racist, although
Racists think he is;

If it's fine that leaders don't
Care whom they degrade,
Or will not be responsible
For the mess they've made;

If you admire a president
Who cheated on all three wives,
Or lied about a pandemic that
Has taken many lives;

If you like a leader who
Rants and raves nonstop
And goes all out to help the wealthy
People at the top;

If you approve of a leader who feels
That beggars can't be choosers,
Or one who's called our fallen soldiers
Both suckers and losers;

If you favor an American
President who incites
People to violence and steps
On our hard-earned rights;

Then vote for the one who, in time,
Will leave you high and dry.
I am happy to say my vote
Will go to the other guy.

-by Bob B (10-31-20)
Bob B Oct 30
All over America
Injustices are rapidly mounting
As Trumplicans keep looking for ways
To keep every vote from counting.

Democracy is under attack.
What's more, this ugly ballot rejection
Is shamefully occurring right
Smack in the middle of our election!

Early voting has already started,
And yet they continue to change the rules,
Claiming possible voter fraud.
Deception's one of their devious tools.

Throwing out ballots due to petty
Issues is one of their favorite ploys.
Limiting mail-in ballots is
Also a scheme that adds to their joys.

Crippling the U.S. postal system:
Another strategy that will be
Making their efforts to throw out votes
A self-fulfilling prophecy.

The unfair tactics hit minority
Communities especially hard
By limiting opportunities.
Another reason to be on our guard.

And then we have a president
Constantly misleading his base.
He lies about the current system
Of voting and does it with a straight face!

And all of this voter suppression occurs
While a COVID pandemic rages.
We have observed a chipping away
Of democratic values in stages.

How sad it is, America,
That what's going on truly appears
To brazenly discredit a system
That's worked quite well for many years!

-by Bob B (10-30-20)
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