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Bob B Sep 18
In Austria, where I was raised,
A girl like me was highly praised
For entertaining folks at court with song.
But ever since I've been in France,
I barely get a second glance.
Is what I’ve done so really all that wrong?

The rumors fly; they say of me
That I spend far too lavishly
And I should go back home where I belong.
If you were tied to Louis, you
Would know why I do what I do.
Is what I’ve done so really all that wrong?

And so if I say "Fiddlesticks!"
To those who scorn my politics,
I add, "Just wait and let me sound the gong."
But people keep on splitting hairs,
Accusing me of cheap affairs.
Is what I’ve done so really all that wrong?

What is there to hide
Besides my wounded pride?
How COULD they be so mean
To send me TO the guillotine?

I hear that people didn’t take
It well when told to eat some cake
Instead of bread; that didn’t please the throng.
A few faux pas and folks see red
And smear your name and want your head!
Is what I’ve done so really all that wrong?

-by Bob B (9-17-22)
Bob B Sep 8
Do people tell you that you have
An RBF by any chance,
And when you're in their company,
You find that many look askance?

Having such a face might not
In the long run be so bad.
People just aren't sure if you
Are happy, bored, upset, or mad.

In fact, with an RBF,
Your ****** skin needs much less care
Because with fewer smiles or frowns,
Your face shows fewer signs of wear.

Our happy, smiling, laughing, frowning,
Or scowling faces can, I guess,
Have an expressive look right now
But soon become a wrinkled mess.

You've surely heard of Bette Davis,
The actress of the stage and screen.
When it comes to RBFs,
People say she was the queen.

Some don't like the expression at all.
When they hear it, ooh, they lose it.
That's why I, of course, must say
That I would never, ever use it.

-by Bob B (9-8-22)

°Resting ***** face
Bob B Sep 3
Take a stand for democracy
When you go to the polls.
Watch out for the shenanigans
Of Right extremist trolls.

Pay attention to candidates'
Records from the past.
Often they will lie and say
Their views have been recast.

Watch out for the ones who cheat,
Pretending to be fair.
Once you vote them in, they will
Devour you in their lair.

Be aware of hypocrites
Who smile but keep their sights
On any tactic they can use
To threaten women’s rights.

Do not vote for those who don’t
Have YOUR interests at heart.
Their loyalties to wealthy donors
Play a giant part.

Vote for those whose messages
Are reasonable and not
For those who let conspiracy theories
Color every thought.

Vote for those who want to keep
Democracy afloat,
And not for those who go all out
To make it harder to vote.

Vote for those who do not condone
Violent measures to gain
Power to toss our democratic
Values down the drain.

Take a stand for democracy;
It needs you more than ever.
When demagogues say, “Vote for me!”
Tell them, “Never! Never!”

-by Bob B (9-3-22)
Bob B Sep 1
This is the tale of a person
Who always needs someone to blame--
Who's sociopathic by nature.
We will not mention his name.

Every **** thing about him
Is narcissistic and sour.
And yet for millions of people,
He is the man of the hour.

Way back in his early childhood
There MUST have been something constraining.
Did the young child have a nanny
Who offered him poor ***** training?

Constantly seeking attention,
As if to say, "Hey! Look at me,"
He wants to be in the spotlight--
Of course, always for a small fee.

When he moved out of the White House,
Not caring if he crossed the line,
He took with him box after box
Of documents, saying, "They're MINE."

Though classified docs were among them,
That didn't matter to him.
For almost two years he kept them.
Will he pay? Chances are slim.

All of his fans and supporters
Come up with any excuse
To try to protect him, when really
Someone should cook the man's goose.

He'll thumb his nose at the law
And want us to give him a break.
Sociopaths like him
Don't think they can make a mistake.

Currently, he is extorting
The government by making threats
Of violence if he's indicted.
This he does with no regrets.

Well, Mr. Sociopath,
It's time that you pay for your crimes.
And once that happens, let's hope
That we will all see better times.

Yes, Mr. Sociopath,
Look at the damage you've done.
You're good at fooling yourself,
But you cannot fool everyone.
Yes, some might be easily fooled,
But you cannot fool everyone.

-by Bob B (9-1-22)
Bob B Aug 28
“Lock her up!” Trump’s fans would yell
At campaign rallies in 2016.
Trump just ate it up, for he
Loves to see his fans make a scene.

Over and over, Trump would harp
About Hillary's emails, and then,
When his subsequent rally occurred,
He started in all over again.

The alleged mishandling of classified docs
Became Trump's wild and crazy fixation.
The mere mention of jailing Clinton
Would get from his crowd a loud ovation.

It didn't matter that there was no proof
Of willful negligence involved;
To lambaste Clinton in any way
He could, Donald Trump was resolved.

We know that Trump engages in conduct
That he accuses others of doing.
The FBI has taken his classified
Docs, and now the man is stewing.

In office, Trump had signed into law
A bill cracking down on anyone
Willfully mishandling
Classified docs. But what has he done?

Exactly that! Allegedly.
How ironic if we should find
That Trump is guilty and sentenced under
The very same law that he had signed!

Covering up his many wrong-doings
And breaking the rules with pomp and glee
Have been Trump's M.O. from the start.
But will it blow up in his face? We'll see.

-by Bob B (8-28-22)
Bob B Aug 16
(This poem could be sung to the melody of "A Lot of Livin' to Do" by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams.)

There are books that fill all my cases.
Some are old, some flashy and new.
All those books leave no empty spaces.
I've got a lot of reading to do.

There are lots of topics to choose from.
There is fiction; there's non-fiction, too.
Lots of books that I get my views from.
I've got a lot of reading to do.

All those books are reading adventures,
And they lift me up when I'm blue.
I like to call them reading thirst quenchers.
I've got a lot of reading to do.

There's so much to read,
So much to learn, so much to know.
Read a book and you will grow!

I love to read books over and over--
A practice that I'd never eschew.
My stack's as high as the White Cliffs of Dover.
I've got a lot of reading to do.

Yes, reading MUST be called my main passion.
Can't live without it. What about you?
May it never go out of fashion.
I've got a lot of reading,
Lots and lots of reading,
I've got a lot of reading to do.

-by Bob B (8-16-22)
Bob B Aug 14
(This poem could be sung to the melody of "Michelle" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.)

D.T., you'll see:
Though you fool your minions with your lies,
You don't fool me.
D.T., je sais…
Je sais qui vous êtes vraiment…je sais…
Je sais vraiment.
Say, what the hell were you thinking
When you took all those docs?
You think that simple locks
Will protect top secret docs from getting out of your hands?

D.T., I'll say
You aren't fit to run this country; no,
I say no way.
There are folks out there who want you
To be their shining star.
They don't see who you are.
Or if they do, they might see through your guise, and they dare
Not to care.

You HAVE to know that you aren't guilt free.
But does that faze you? No.
You just put on your show.
To get your way you have to play the martyr each day.

D.T., you'll see.
Fess up to your wrongs and be a man.
Yes, be a man.
I say accountability's a word that you have to learn,
Dear D.T.

D.T., you'll see:
Though you fool your minions with your lies,
You don't fool me.

-by Bob B (8-14-22)
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