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Bob B 12h
(can be sung to "Over the Rainbow" from the film THE WIZARD OF OZ)

"Down on our southern border
There's my wall.
Even though you can't see it,
I see it standing tall.

"Some say it doesn't need to
Be in place.
But I've worked very hard to
Dupe my believing base.

"Congress might not give me cash,
But I've got ways to find the stash
To fund it.
I've declared--as you can see!--
A national emergency.
***** those who shunned it.

"I will get what I want; I
Always do.
My great wall is going to
Make all my dreams come true.

"If Putin gets his way, then why
Can't Donald Trump? Yes,
Why the **** can't I?"

-by Bob B (2-19-19)
Bob B 7d
Beware the Sinclair Broadcast Group,
Where needed attention to truth is skipped.
Anchors from all across the country
Have to read the very same script.

Harmless? Well, that's what you think.
The trouble is problems arise
When the news stations are forced
To spread to millions the president's lies.

What should be an anathema to
A free society happens to be
A broadcasting system that is
The next best thing to state-run TV.

Here's the major emphasis:
Coordinate presentations.
The Group cunningly sets out
To brainwash viewers of local stations.

The wise, of course, see through all
The blatant deception, but many don't
See through the crafty propaganda
Machine--either they CAN'T or WON'T.

Woe is us if our news system
Imitates Putin's, and so
Beware the Sinclair Broadcast Group.
Reject the dangerous puppet show.

-by Bob B (2-12-19)
Bob B Feb 5
The leader's fans grovel before him--
The wannabe autocrat.
The "anointed one" is what they call him.
Yes, they actually call him that--

A morally corrupt man
With nineteen or so accusations
Of ****** misconduct, and is
The center of many investigations;

Whose character ought to be
A shining example in people's lives,
And yet who has, as everyone knows,
Cheated on ALL three of his wives;

Whose thirst for attention, praise, fame,
And recognition is undying;
Who's known for stiffing workers and is
Given to pathological lying;

Who brags about grabbing women's
Private parts because he can,
Because he thinks his wealth has made him
A privileged, entitled man;

Who had a fling with a ***** star
When his son was four-months-old;
Who also paid hush money to
A **** ******* centerfold;

Who incites hateful white extremists,
Who now feel more emboldened to spread
Hatred and animosity
And cause innocent blood to be shed.

And yet…and yet…despite all this,
A person whom rational people would shun
Is called by some supporters out there
A savior--THE anointed one.

What a mondo bizzarro we live in!
Nowadays so much is at stake.
But calling him the anointed one?
For goodness' sake! Give us a break!

Unless one day they open their eyes,
They'll be in for a BIG surprise.

-by Bob B (2-5-19)
Bob B Jan 17
(Can be sung to the melody of Frank Sinatra's "My Way")

For TWO years now I've been
The mighty leader of this nation,
But I can't stand it when
I don’t receive great adoration.

Believe me when I say
My way's the ALWAYS-best-to-lie way.
And you can do it too
By doing things my way.

Mueller is going strong.
I am sick of his **** query.
But they've all got it wrong.
They can't prove their ****** theory.

My fans KNOW my style is NOT
A JUST-lay-down-and-die way.
I have gotten by
By doing things my way.

My tryst with Stormy and my fling
With that McDougal woman bring
So much grief into my life,
Especially with my wife.
But, nonetheless, I will confess
I love things my way.

And now I want my wall;
If I don't get it some will suffer.
I will shut things down
Just to show I'm not a bluffer.

You can dupe the world
With simply the "M" "Y" way.
So I will not deny
I love things MY way.

I've had to fire more than a few
'Cause they say things that are untrue.
And my toadies on the Hill
All bow down; they know the drill.
They know the ways to get my praise:
Just do things my way.

Yes, do things my way.

-by Bob B (1-16-19)

2017 and 2018 VERSIONS:


(Can be sung to the melody of Frank Sinatra's "My Way")

And so, I'm standing here
To say an oath and pledge allegiance.
Though some will cry and jeer
And accuse me of malfeasance,

The fact that I can stand
Before you now in a tough-guy way
Proves that you can play it through
By doing things my way.

Yes, I've stiffed a few,
But that's my disposition.
That's what you have to do
To carry forth your mission.

I knew what I was doing;
I was acting in a sly way.
Just do what I tell you
And do things my way.

You might not like the things I say
Or what I do, but that's okay.
Celebs like me all have it made.
Just don't drop the masquerade.
It's all the same; just play the game
And do things my way.

I've had three wives. So what!
I've had just two divorces.
The news? Don't watch that ****.
I have found better sources.

I didn't get this far
By choosing the just-get-by way.
Since life is dog eat dog
Just do things my way.

You'll always find someone to cheat.
Remember: don't admit defeat.
There's nothing wrong with being rude.
At times be crass; at times be lewd.
Make up the rules; treat them like fools
By doing things my way.

Yes, do things my way.

(1-19-17) By Bob B


(Can be sung to the melody of Frank Sinatra's "My Way")

Despite all that you hear,
I'm doing great; I'm number one now.
My made-up "truths" endear
Me to my base; we're having fun now.

My ranting and my raving
Show that mine's not the small fry way.
You'll win…you'll win much more
By doing things my way.

I wish the FBI
Would stop investigating.
They know too much. That's why
It is all so aggravating.

I never liked a wuss
Who would take the humble pie way.
No, I am much more ruthless
Doing things my way.

I've told some lies, once in a while…
Well, every day, but that's my style.
My Congress *****, have got my back.
At the right time we'll attack.
I plot and scheme for my regime
By doing things my way.

Putin's my friend, oh,
And Kim Jong Un and I are buddies.
Merkel and Trudeau?
My goodness, they're such fuddy-duddies.

All I have to do
Is just display my evil eye way,
And I'll get what I want
'Cause it is my way.

I am the law; that's plain to see.
And very few are smart like me.
I will say what comes to mind,
And I don't care if it's unkind.
A little greed helps you succeed
When doing things my way.

Yes, do things my way.

-by Bob B (6-26-18)
Bob B Jan 16
For over a year it's been said
That our Commander in Chief
Wants to pull the U.S.
Out of NATO! Good grief!

His grasp of history is so
Absent that it's no wonder
Why he keeps committing
Blunder after blunder.

The greatest alliance for peace
The world has ever known--
One that's prevented Europe
From being a combat zone--

Has been a solid presence
Since after World War II.
Our pulling out
Would be a big to-do.

One thing we know:
Putin would be delighted.
Such a foolish action
Would be extremely shortsighted.

In fact, it would cause
A huge power shift
And for Vladimir Putin
Would be the greatest gift.

For reasons yet to be
Discovered, Donald Trump
Does Putin's bidding
And kisses Putin's ****.

We wonder what the president
Owes his Russian friend.
Will his actions come back
To bite him in the end?

Being a target for blackmail
Can't be very fun.
It puts us all in danger
When all is said and done.

If Trump keeps insisting
On pulling out of NATO,
Someone needs to throw
The proverbial tomato.

-by Bob B (1-16-19)
Bob B Jan 15
Life is a journey. We MUST be receptive
And view our adventures with fond regard.
Take a trip through the symbol-rich Tarot--
The Major Arcana--card by card.

0-The Fool
We, the seekers of knowledge and wisdom,
Set out on our journey at birth.
May we be open to all the wonders
And opportunities offered on Earth.

1-The Magician
Within and without are all the tools
Necessary to find our way.
Find the Magician within to guide you
To say what you mean and mean what you say.

2-The High Priestess
Know that universal truths
May or may not remain concealed.
Open your heart to be receptive
To what is yet to be revealed.

3-The Empress
Fecundity of imagination
Adorns the earth and nurtures the heart.
Compassion and kindness are gentle offspring,
As are glorious music and art.

4-The Emperor
Stability and power thrive
When reason's lovingly applied.
Greatness gains both awe and respect
When honor and truth walk side by side.

5-The Hierophant
Know when to follow what's tried and true
And tends to be more orthodox,
And know what to do when your inner guide says
It's time to think out of the box.

6-The Lovers
Love yourself or you will find
It's hard to love other people, indeed.
Choices, yes, have consequences.
A great oak grows from a tiny seed.

7-The Chariot
Maintain your balance; gather your forces.
Past experience plays a role.
Take control of your life, but hark!:
There's ONLY so much you can control.

Now you can focus on inner strength,
The wise application of which
Gives you greatness of character.
Even with little, you'll still be rich.

9-The Hermit
Take the time to look inside you;
Calmly reflect on all you've learned.
Mindfulness in actions brings
Inner peace to all concerned.

10-Wheel of Fortune
Know when it's time for you to act;
Know when it's time for you to bend.
Cause and effect and impermanence
Are necessary to comprehend.

Things turn out the way they do
For many reasons, so we must
Do our best to always try
To aim for what is fair and just.

12-The Hanged Man
Life's not always black and white.
A smile is just the reverse of a frown.
If your point of view is stagnant,
Then look at things from upside down.

Embrace the new, let go of the old;
Don't become attached to duration.
Failure to go with the flow impedes
Any hopes of transformation.

Lack of moderation and self-
Indulgence mustn't be ignored.
Find the right combinations
To let your balance be restored.

15-The Devil
We indulge in addictions, desires,
And pettiness, and take great pains
To hide from the truth: that we have the power
To free ourselves from our bonds and chains.

16-The Tower
If we fail to heed the warnings
That show the corruptive nature of power,
We will learn the hard way as we're
Struck down from our ivory tower.

17-The Star
But healing exists all around us.
Hitch your wagon to a star.
Let the wonders of hope and insight
Help you discover who you are.

18-The Moon
Reflecting the light of the sun, the moon
Shows us that EVERYTHING is fleeting.
Things aren't always what they seem.
"Trust yourself!" is worth repeating.

19-The Sun
Life and the sun walk hand in hand.
Light is awareness; awareness is light.
Appreciate the rays of the sun
That chase away the darkness of night.

Judgment's a type of wake-up call.
You'll find strength in the aftermath
Of inner shake-ups. You'll be fine,
Just as long as you stay on your path.

21-The World
You're making progress. Congratulations!
If self-discovery is your objective,
Start again; the cycle continues.
Observe the world from a new perspective.

-by Bob B (1-15-19)
Bob B Jan 13
The clues have been…let's say,
Preponderant. We've seen
That Trump's reputation
Is far from squeaky clean.

Now he sounds indignant:
"How dare they imply
That I worked with Russia!
Do THEY think I'm a spy?"

Is there evidence
That Trump and certain staff,
Knowingly or not,
Worked on Russia's behalf?

Knowing or not knowing…
Yes, even the latter
Definitely is
A counterintelligence matter.

The FBI will discover
Whether suspicions are true
While Trump sends out a tweetstorm.
Of course, what else is new?

Is he an asset to Russia
At our country's expense?
The accusation really
Makes a lot of sense.

His words and actions are
Often injudicious,
Which makes him sound so utterly
And blatantly suspicious.

Mueller certainly knows
A lot more than we think.
He will put together
The pieces, link by link.

Team Trump will spread
Deep state myths to steer
Us off the path to truth.
They smear whom they can smear.

They will try to hide
The truth without a doubt.
Cooperation with Russia
Is what it’s all about.

Misstating the law,
Giuliani tries
To give Trump his support
By backing the president’s lies.

Trump’s words leave us
With so much to bemoan.
Who knows WHAT goes on
When Putin and he are alone?

He's been parroting Putin's
Talking points. How's that?
Is he a spokesman for
The Russian autocrat?

Undeniably, Trump
Finds himself in a spot,
Which amounts to a case
Of possible kompromat.

Never have we had
A situation so…hairy.
Never have we had
A president so scary.

-by Bob B (1-13-19)
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