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thyreez-thy Oct 8
My hopes attached to a thin string
With it held tight, i can do anything
Flying in the sky, with the wind by its side
Seeing it moving makes me happy inside

Thunderstorms comes and the wind may go rough
But I've reinforced it, and boy is it tough
Other kids May laugh, but all isn't in vain
My hope flies, coloured blue, as calming as the rain

And when it gets late, i pack it all away
I tell my parents my adventures i had while out to play
And im so very lucky, that i have this in my sights
My very own manifestation of hope
My little blue kite
Holding on to hope even in the darkest of days
thyreez-thy Oct 7
The devil's time, its so true
Cause it feels like hell trying to forget you
Starving, but my heart is content
With immoral flashbacks of the time we both spent

Holding the pillow tight, it hurts to think
That my imagination pictures your perfectly until i blink
Street lights shine from my room's windows
**** my ***** mind for thinking of you with innuendos

Insomnia's to blame for what a disappointed heart did
Selling your heart away as if it was some bid
The clock carries on as the blankets feel lonely
Useless are the promises you know were made solemnly
Bed thoughts
thyreez-thy Oct 7
When first we met it was a treat
My heart practically at your feet
My first time, i hoped to be the one
To hear you say "im not ready" and lie under the sun

Been rejected, still hope clears away pain
Butterflies digested, yet we sing happily in the rain
Known to everyone as a warm soul
When i approach you ignore me as if I'm coal

Smiling away, your happiness drives me
Life is already a mess, emotions deprived from inside me
Funny yet, when I ignore
You ask why i act colder than before

Knowing my feelings, yet still loving the game
Loving how my every attempt is comedy found in my shame
You can't lose a connection that never existed
But i feel it for everyone who is just as persistent
Ever told your crush how to feel just to be lied to? Ever wondered why they act so cold only around you? My sincerest apologies to those who had been crushed like that.
thyreez-thy Feb 2019
the pain feels so good
just like it should
the only feeling you have left
your happiness gone by theft
no need to pretend, you can take the mask off
all you hear is but the sound of your cough
another day of being a ghost
cause for fools attention you'd never be a host
the world looks the same
the people still brings them to shame
you see no light only people
you grow stiff, like you've been glued with treacle
and just as you've truly lost contact of the world
a random greeting is hurled
politely saying "oh...hi" to avoid being rude
but to you everyone is just crude
and the best part is leaving the crowd
you've avoided contact, you feel so proud
so why feel lost in a random place
when loneliness is what you'll always face
just another day
thyreez-thy Feb 2019
its funny how you can go so far
with no need for boat or car
just a step out and your free
you can be whatever you wanna be
these days home feels like a cell
all you can hear is your thoughts, there not well
wish there was a place to just run away
at home you do whatever they say
everywhere feels like a jail
nothing left, just bound to fail
your freedom out of bound
all you hear is the same old sound

then you realize you cant leave
no tricks up your sleeves
the true jail is but your mind
and no exit to find
so your plan shall never do
no use hitting yourself black and blue
escaping is never easy
it leaves you queasy

you can't run away from yourself
so put you attempts back on the shelf
the battle of the mind
thyreez-thy Feb 2019
i don't know why i made you my air
cause now all i breath in is despair
why did we waste each others time
making our hearts believe, knowing its emotional crime
knowing deep down it would fail
but still chasing like a dog with it's tail

fate knew we would never work out
but we ignored it ,out and about
so in love we didn't need reason
our hearts performing treason
playing with our emotions
giving our deepest devotion
we knew what would happen yet we played
oh the beautiful memories we made

then your heart knew this distance was impossible
i was the one, my heart irresponsible
my mind in the cloud till you told the truth
but alas we are in our youth
distance and age was the cause
ripping my heart out with it claws

but it was weird when you said "this isn't working" that it really made me smile
cause we both knew that this would fail, calculate the miles
no tears left to cry
emotions are but dry
and just like ice melts in the rain
sometimes love turns to pain
accepting fate
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