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MaddHatterQueen Feb 2018
on my second pack of iggy's,
smoked by the minutes counting
you're not here by my side
to hold me and watch stars
fall out of place like
the places where our mind dwells
and my breath in what was fresh
for the kiss of your lips
and put a hold on to the smoke
in my head of you
our first night apart
things are something of some
painfuly hard to mend

no, I AM pacing
my neck weary and weak
too much for this head of mine
to hold up all that clutters
streaming down my chest
like liquid fire from explosion
tensions play poker with my heart
and you're still not here
to help me live up to my feet
you go one way and I
I stay behind taking in the stabs

amzing how I'm whipping throught this
pieces I chicken write-...vandalise

my pen and I drop another line, yet on these fresh sheets
.. no, tonight we had no choice
since the choice was already made
no, It's not a break up
just one of those nights I let you
spend away from me and
I am just being so dam n selfish
just wanting you eaveryday
how do you see me now
taking a bat destroying what is
in my way thinking I care
.... ****!
like I do
go ahead act like it don't **** me
it's just anxioty,
attacks come around friendly
without handshakes that insults me
and my feet crash on glass
and yet, I feel nothing

... but you

mornings **** like manson
like the devil himself
it consums me in this home
where I make animals
look like nothing wild
and the neighbors can hear me
crazy they would claim me
and you're not here to hear me

another smoke to pop in my mouth
and this house is smelling like
a drug house I had created tonight
when you come back home today
whatever time that may be
I'll be screaming and crying
like a crazy *** *****
in an un-womanly like tantrum
Like as if I hadn't hurt losing
another friend the other day
and on top of that you leave me
in times like these
this is the first you've done
so wrong to me
yet to me in my mind I may be
losing it completely
expressions say so much
on your face where I feel like
slapping you hard like I
want you to really hurt!

even poetry stares me down this
early morning my, good one
a wife I will be, intentionaly insecure
I want this to go away
far away where I can cast myself
away with the extreme pain
that I'm causing myself
cause you ain't here
and that's all that's playing in my head
that's all that matters to me now
that you ain't in this fducking house
where I THINK you MAY belong

another smoke and many more to come
and this home is begining to close in on me
and this is just another
a.m. challenge for my depprssion
anti-deppressants don't do one ****
and I swim in my head where thoughts
**** me while you're gone.

gone feels like forever
up here is like the twilight zone
and you are the episode
where conflics travle fast.

God! I ******* love you!
this cage is now my dungeon
and now it's 3:39a.m

I'm pretending this is okay

(ghasping myself to sleep)
Not Worth The Silly Pain:
A May 2016
Soft hands
Traced my skin
As I told you
"Pull up your grades, ******* it."

And you replied, sweetly
"Pull up your shirt, ******* it."

Your luscious green eyes
Pouring into mine.
And that was how it was.

My love - your lust.
Maple Mathers Feb 2016
far too young

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
Dreams of Sepia May 2015
Borrowed lives sulk, sprawling over lines
in coffee stains lies their demise
They live in lonely candle-light
are born in the agonies of night
After the streets have lost their sounds
they are the voices of lost crowds.
After a day’s lies, well-meant
they free truth’s pent-up discontent
Confessionals, they welcome
fearlessly each miscreant
And in a Lover’s hand they shine
with chivalry and love sublime
love which lives purely to exist.
Lives even in those who, unrequited
can but dream of it beyond the binned,
torn scraps which litter their sunrises
Nicole Arbuckle Jan 2015
I wont tell you how I feel. Inside
where the roses see no light.
I know it will make you sad.
I'll keep it to myself, hide it among the thorns,
twisting vines making me sick and tired.
Dry and baron soil unquenchable,
the gardener grieves for the seasons last harvest.
The tear buds are shaking from wooden stems
Drops of rose blood trying to quench the thirst.
A sacrificial death, my own cross yet to bare
Wild blood seeps until all the hurt is gone
Bled from each bloom,
soaking the roots, too late.
It is time to say goodbye
Each rose must be pruned
Hearts left rotting on the ground
Fertilizing a new day's harvest
They will never be the same
no rose as sweet as the one before
yet promise lingers with Spring's fresh hope
That A tiny bud can bring life from death.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
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