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Do you think the ocean loves whales?
They must feel, to the ocean like a gentle massage.
And they sing to her.  
I am almost certain the ocean loves whales
I'm not so sure,
The ocean loves
nivek 6d
******* of boat engines, gunning,
raid the silence of my perched open window.
They have their ways, fisher folk, and who am I to deny their tables food. Nets, full of brimming silver.
I guard solitude jealously, the absence of demanding voices.
Love can be found in such seeming desolation,
the prayer for friend and foe in equal measure.
I do not mind the sound of boats coming and going,
the deep blue a highway for whales and men and fish and stars.
The throats of bird and boat calling out, into the silence.
sand dollars make you crazy
so liquidate your assets
the currency of the ocean
is in the depths of its devotion
and its arrival and return
is the ultimate paradox or koan
i see whales making out with octopuses
sending us their love
from outside their esophaguses
penguins in coattails dream of Spain
while Spanish armadas chase each other's sails
armed insurgencies upon armoires from France
silent eroticisms in the shadows
of daffodils dance
PoserPersona Jul 23
He pulled and parked the supply red wagon,
then climbed the mast to the captain's cabin.
Captain Red is ready for adventure.
A quest to collect the world's best treasure.

His pirate crew is renowned far and wide.
They're rough and tough and they don't ever cry.
But none of them boys has the captain's stuff.
So don't mess with him, man, cause he don't bluff.

This motley crew has achieved many feats,
has never suffered a single defeat,
and has seen the most incredible things:
whales, whirlpools, storms, mermaids, krakens and kings.

"Set sail," squaws the boss as he munches lunch
and the Ocean Destroyer leaves port Wunche.
These rolling green hills are now ocean waves.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
"Hey Benjamin!" beams the first mate Susanne.
Impeding the journey that just began.
"We already played this game. It's my turn!"
The first mate trumps the captain, Ben will learn.
Her spacesuit crew is renowned far and wide.
They're smart and nice and they don't ever lie.
But none of these girls has commander's stuff.
So don't mess with her, girl, cause she don't bluff.

This brainy crew has achieved many feats,
has never suffered a single defeat,
and has seen the most incredible things:
aliens, black holes, stars, and martian springs.

"Lift off!" beams the boss as she munches lunch
and the Star Chasing Rocket leaves base Wunche.
These rural backyards are now rocky space.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
"Hey Susanne!" beams the pilot Benjamin.
Impeding the flight before it begins.
"We already played this game. It's my turn!"
The pilot trumps commander, Sue will learn.
Boys and girls grow up and out the front door.
Those children’s games evolve to adult chores;
those kiddy lawns to grandparent’s domain.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
Ilion gray Sep 6
The song of celestial property in the attic
will burn The ceiling down
or in the head,
where the clouds and little shining fireballs, waft wildly,
you shouldn't see such things,
with your own eyes,
when you can’t stay awake,
you're asleep.
I sleep because I don't want to stay awake. Only people who have vision can be blind,
I'm afraid of my heart...
What spilled down
from a mostly cloudy mind,
Where angels hands wash the feet of ***  in the middle heaven.
I'm here because I haven t died yet.
You're here because *** woke you up.
I can't wait until all whales sing the same song, and the aspirants
run to the lips of the deep water,
Now they will cry all the way through life,
they will spend their lives searching for the island, and never find it...
Where will you pray
when your language is unknown to Angels,
when the sun turns
and devours the moon,
then cast its torn corpse
down to Earth,
The West is a rabid fire,
The rumbling earth collapse mountains in the South lands,
It'll be too late for peace,
The song of Peace is the cry for war
that day, the clouds
of angels hands
will break the sky.
Martin Heath Sep 5
A Searing Silence -

A searing silence she sleeps such a peace
Ringing out o'er seas Humpback 'n Blue whales
As sparrowhawks soar low scanning close vales
At sea Jason chases a Golden Fleece
A goddess of yore from an ancient Greece
Virgins of the night their desires paled
Seared silence trav'ling on Southern gales
Arriving to join soon the evening's feast
Soldiers partake wild boar women 'n wine
The Gods turn stern eyes point in soured scorn
Still she sleeps in such a peace 'till reborn
Sirens serenading on the shores of time
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2016
I thought about this and around this for a long time, so I guess it's time to write it down.


There is a natural balance in Earths history and mankind's tentative balance along the scale.
  When humans began to band together and create communities, control of fire / light created a need for oil . Eventually settling on whale oil.
   So it was by the grace of whatever one might want to attribute it to,that let petroleum come into play at a time when whales are in danger of being annihilated and dead horses were clogging the streets of cities in the east, left dead or dying by the Cartmen who simply unstrapped the sick or dead animal and moved on.
  .Oil / petroleum led to the creation of the internal combustion engine.
   So again a hand stirred the ***.                
  Consider these improvements( if such they were )created rapid growth and burgeoning cities . Again Providence stepped in to create radio , telephone and airplanes, essentially at a time when growth of humanity was so great , that new ways of farming , new ways of seeing the world-  were  becoming more and more necessary to a shrinking world.
   Unfortunately, at a time when we, the American initiative creators of so many trends, ideas ,Innovations and inspirations around the world, were suddenly slammed a blow that at this point, 40 years later; it's very reverberations are still being felt.
   Consider if big oil and trickle-down had not ,for spiteful and greedy involution, taken down the solar panels from the White House roof, that Jimmy Carter had installed in 1977.
  How far ahead would we be now ,in clean energy and how much less damage to the ice cap and the atmosphere would have been done??  To date... my guess is that it is incomprehensible.
  So if nature does create a balance, it seems we are coming to a critical Junction.

Right now -metaphorically speaking- we are riding shotgun in a car with a driver ,who like us ,sees cars up ahead disappearing around the curve and all hitting  their brake lights. Now any reasonable driver at highway speeds is 65 - 80 miles an hour would at least take the foot off the gas in preparation of  tapping the brakes.
  So many politicians right now are refusing to accept the brake lights... see no reason to tap the brakes to interrupt cruise control, in all actuality, completely refusing to do anything except go around the curve at full speed.
   Around that curve we may find nothing but smooth sailing ,  or we may find a catastrophe in the making.
   Nature will accept the cruise Interruption now (maybe) brakes absolutely, but Full Speed Ahead will lead to the sickening crunch of seawater rising and  spilling salt water into the lands that are used for growing crops and food -  leading to millions , maybe billions of refugees with nowhere to go.

Or we will reach critical mass of sheer ignorant arrogance and nuke ourselves into a situation that does not have the technology or population to hammer at the planet so freaking hard.

Most likely the first scenario would instigate the 2nd and those of us who crawl up out of the ashes will start the evolution to revolution journey all over again.

Ain't nature Grand ???
Zach Rourke Aug 13
the way the whales sing
into miles of empty water
and how the bird sings
with its own quiet truth

the way the morning
seems so full of time unspent

the world expands within you
don’t let its wealth spoil you
savor your spoonful of whatever
protect the roses
baptize yourself in fire
tether your moons
write in the dark if you have to
even love what you cannot
quickly now,
the curtains are waiting
all the grapes will be raisins soon
and the stars are floating away

our vastness is not a promise.
Khoi-San Aug 27
I sing the seagulls tune
I fly beyond the horizon
And the gloating moon
I dive into the depth
Of the salty swoon

Sweeter than wines bitter regret
Higher and higher far from the net
A Fisher man's blade has no respect
I take my fair share this I know
But stripping the ocean a big no no

The coral is damaged the drag is a creep... abalone can't run they'd much rather weep
The poor whales a whoop
With sharkfin tales in China soup

So make up your mind
Or am I wrong
Then help me to sing
The seagulls song
The Ocean is being ***** by illegal fishing
And trawling
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