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The morning sun whispered to the streetlights to go to sleep..
The morning sun burned away the fog from the moons dreams..
The day has chased the night away..
ian is my love
love is always ian
i want to always love ian
because love is beautiful in my life.
I was a bird
پرنده ای بودم
In the sky
From your eyes...
...در آسمانی از چَشمانِ تو
When you didn't see me flying
در آن هنگام
که پروازم را حس نمی کردی

Why are your eyes so beautiful?!
چرا چَشمانِ تو آنقدر زیباست!؟
That I released the lock of hair
To your wide blue sky...
که من موهایم را
...در آسمانِ پهنِ آبیِ تو رها کردم
beth and ian of china were
hteb and nai of egypt.
hteb and nai ruled egypt twice.
now lola rules with her son ray
of the sun, lola says boohoohoo!
lola is egypt’s true queen as she
was first to walk the land.
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