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Jarret M Spiler Oct 2014
A shield I hold in one,
A sword in another,
I follow the battle to the end.
Glowing, I leap in the air with rage.
I fear no more.

The weight is lifted,
I feel a whack of cold wind.
Creeps in.
I fall to the ground.

I feel the chimes of birds,
Flowing in the wind,
My eye's close shut.
Sometimes you lose.
frynona Dec 2018
she's all gone.
she's never coming back.
she said it herself.
it's her last trip here
she's done with this place
she's all gone.

B Y E   B Y E ,  T H E N .
I know you’ve heard these words before
I've said them many times before
I wish that I could use them more
To make things better like before

There was a time these words had meaning
Sheathed in heartfelt cries and feelings
But shaman who can not heal
Is just a man and nothing more

Like worn-out, old and ***** pennies
Now diluted by the many
There's so many, many pennies
Don't care there's one on my floor

My cries of “wolf” no longer heeded
When these words are truly needed
To the darkness they've receded
Blindly searching for that door

In my chest still beats a heart
Painful regret tears it apart
Can't fix or go back to the start
And you don’t want me anymore

My anger and my finger pointing
Foolishly like I'm anointed
Not the one you are annoyed with
You were wrong; I was so sure

Attentively I listened to you
In-and-out my ears your words flew
Silenced; Gave no value to you
Truth revealed strikes at my core

Awakening finally have
Gaining awareness of how bad
Taking for granted what I had
A rolling tide erodes the shore

Alone I sit and think of when
We were not lovers just good friends
Fun times together that we’d spend
And from that my heart starts to soar

Reality then brings me back
Jolts like a sudden heart attack
A deep sharp pain gives me a whack
I scream until my lungs are sore

Can't fix the memories or replace
Nightmares wake me; tears on my face
Past filled with guilt, shame and disgrace
Start questioning what life is for
October 13, 2017

All rights reserved.
King Panda Jan 2017
the waiting of
knick knack paddy whack
the toxic
the corrosion
of my 7th branch
the thought of
the reality of
sometimes lonely
on a little
every *****
you draw me
your hand
covered in
a limerick of knuckles
a sometimes waiting
a sometimes never
to come
Michael Kariuki Feb 2018
Blow to my head, I realize that
It may be my destiny.

Smack on my face, I realize that
It may be my reality.

Punch to my chest, I realize that
It may be my entirety.

Strike to my abdomen, I realize that
It may be my infinity.

Whack on my legs, I realize that
It could be gone.

     It was actually She.

          She was actually He.

               He was actually I.

                    I was actually We.

                         We are Celestial Energy.
Francie Lynch Apr 2017
Many believe they know the law
Because they were arrested;
Others know how to teach
Because they too were tested.
If you have a religious question,
They attended church;
Mention you've an ache or pain,
They diagnose your hurt.
Should you bring up politics,
Republican or worse,
They'll explain Democracy
Cause they've been free since birth.
Admit your car is pinging,
Your faucets aren't behaving,
The oven isn't cooking right,
Your fridge is warm and shaking,
The air conditioner's out of whack,
Your furnace has turned blue,
They'll tell you what to do:
Change the thermo-coupler.
It's always their one answer.
Say you like this stock or bond,
An investment that's appealing,
They'll  discourse that all agents
Are cunning conniving stealing.
On Monday mention the big game,
They'll re-play, play by play,
As if you slept right through it.
If you hear a rousing band,
Attend a movie or a play,
Know-its are informed critics,
Once they were stagehands.
They pose as friends and family,
Waiting for an opening,
To disrupt with diatribe,
To display how much they know.
I know what I'm on about,
So let me advise you,
I'm a Know-It-All poet,
All I write is true.
Never miss the opportunity
To keep your mouth shut too
We all know them by name.
Alex Jones Oct 2018
Sam Hawkins Oct 2018
Who would have guessed -- when I tilted my heart
toward baby lizard, perched on a colored desert stone,
she'd blink one eye at me, turn to smile, it seemed,
and lend a listening ear?

I'd said "I love you".
She and I were One.

Who would have thought -- when stone heard me
loving her, it would, it seem, speak back?
I was loving stone too!

Stone, I admire your villages.
I smile at your many stone peoples.

I eavesdrop on universal questions posed
around fires carefully tended.

And around hearths, among
cinder specks scattered--one minute wisp,
a grain of cinder there.
I love you too!

And in that cinder grain I hear --
worlds of stars, sweetly singing!

By way of explanation, dear necessary reader,
this is what a practiced discipline of
loving all beings equally
has made of me.

Whack Crazy?
Could be.

But will you nonetheless
accept the possibility, my hand,
and go love adventuring?

If you'd like, we could earnestly
talk it through.

Love speaking through us
and we, listening.
In Thich Nhat Hanh's book "Present Moment Wonderful Moment" he teaches (among many "gatha" practices) Mindful Eating. With the fourth mouthful one recites in head "I practice equal love for all beings".  This has been challenging for me, this "equal love". I like what has happened to me!
L B Nov 2018
Make No Promises; Take No Vows
Mean what you say
Say what you mean
Leave room
for the failing
for forgiving

The comp for compassion
goes a long way
or so they say--
'cross the heavens even
burning dross all the way

We are not what we were
nor what we seem
Leave room for the failing
for what we will be

bush-whack of living
For what lies between

Let your yes be yes
and your no---no, and


anything beyond that....

falls short...
or for sure will be
of the failing
The original concept of sin was anything short of perfection. and we have all fallen short.
Samantha Cunha Oct 2018
Bleak clouds
& fortune
the star-studded town

I was lifted high
then propelled far down
into the depths
of eternal despair

A sickening flair
for the dramatics
& the addicts

The angels summoned you
To illuminate my path
Guide me on track

I may reminisce
on the days of black
When my mind
was out of whack
hands grasping
a bottle of jack

But I can not
& will not
go back
David Flemister Mar 2017
i was born all naturally
formed in a lax factory
im actually
a hack with ******* in my nose, practically,
every day,  haphazardly
stumbling home, half asleep
i cant tell whats happening
vision begins blackening
im whack like kriss kross
***** like rick ross
major brown boy to houston
be like, "yes, we have liftoff"
dont like me when i'm *******
cause *****, i'm bruce banner
or maybe i'm bruce wayne
either way, i got mad manners

tearing down walls like berlin
preaching like its a sermon
potential begins to burgeon
i'll cut you up like a surgeon
killing in place of coercion
so you better lower the curtain
my head and my body are hurtin
so tell me how quick does the world spin?

i'm taddling on ya, you can call me a toddler
but the snitchin n' **** is somethin im never fond of
and i never grow up, cause i'm the neverland smuggler
peter pan turns into one of my best customers

i never grew into my head, im not cocky
never had the eye of the tiger, im not rocky
growing up i never got in fights or caused a lotta ****
but presently im screaming "**** the world", i've got a bone to pick

i've gotta problem and i think its the probable cause
you hold me captive, keep me trapped in your facets of laws
looks of repulsion are what cause me to brandish my claws
constant compulsions reminiscent of prodigal flaws
i've gotta problem and i think its the probable cause
see im a goblin shark i'll sink in my nautical jaws
im not a joker im a jester with lesser facades
wrought with insomnia cause drugs are american gods
Experimenting with rap lyrics
vik Feb 2018
Listen here listen here
The world is so **** *******
Maybe all these terrible things are happening because it’s trying to be renewed
Our president is so whack
He keeps stabbing innocents in the back
Praising Arnold Schwarzenegger by acting as if he’s the terminator
Pero his wife’s an immigrant too
American dream who

We pretend to honor the OG’s who created this land
But now your trying to get them all banned
claiming them all to be rapists and murderers
Be humble sit down i'm tired of all these racial slurs

He says “We cannot aid Puerto rico forever”
But really we need to be working on this together
Puerto Rico is just a metaphor for how this president sees all Latinos and people of color
He does not see us as his equals, nor does he sees us as his fellows

Having the mindset being male and white
Is the only possibility of being right
Were all humans , we all fit in the same race.
We should not be considered by the color of our face
Yet somehow the white get all the praise
Why are we still stuck in this racist faze

Since 1963 when Martin Luther King said in his speech
“It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But 100 years later the ***** still is not free”
To this day even if they try not to say
The ***** is still treated so falsely.

Take a moment now to open up your eyes and stop all the self lies
Get rid that hate to open up the gate to a whole new perspective
A much more un discriminative kind
Then maybe just maybe the world wouldn’t be so **** *******
T Jul 2018
Sometimes in life you only get one chance
But let me tell you this will not be my last dance
This woman that is my only and the love of my life...the only one that I love
I know she was sent from the lord above
As I dig down deep And I change my ways
It may take many of days
I will get this love of mine back
Things just seem so out of whack
Since you've been gone I have stepped it up and changed so many things
I don't want any other woman except you
I have tried all i can to erase all this is true
But something inside is holding me back it's the love that I have for you
I cannot shake it no matter what I do
So rest easy my sweet love I will return
Bigger and better and just for you
#ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough to keep me from getting to you
T Aug 2018
In life there is a reason for everything
Why the rain falls and why the birds sing......why we live and why we die....and why the sun is up in the sky
There is a reason why a person keeps popping back into your life.....sometimes things happen and they go away for a bit.....but they come is not because the universe is out of whack....but there is a reason
We are all gods creatures and we have a purpose....and a reason.....the reason why two people keep popping into each other's lives ?'s because God had planned for them to be together forever.....and that's the reason...and to tell you the truth a very good one.....just believe...
# it is the reason
T Sep 2018
I want her to much she really means to me.....I want to be there when she falls .....always answer when she calls
If she sheds a tear....tell her I will always be near....when she wants to talk......or maybe just take a walk
Anytime she needs me ......I will be where ever she wants me to be
So Baby if the sun refuses to shine.....I will reassure you that everything will be just fine......I want to let her know that when ever she needs me I will always be there
Baby so if our train slips the track.....I will always make sure we make it back
These shoulders are not just here for me .......they will be there for you to lay your head upon can't you see
So all I am trying to say I will always be there when you need me......just call me once and you will see
If the day is just out of whack......or if those hornets are ready to attack doesn't matter what it is big or small ....or even if it's nothing at all
That is what I am trying to say......I will always be at your becon call......
#the stars are getting brighter
Missing the love of my life
T Sep 2018
My life has changed on Oh so many ways
Its like a football game and you forgot the plays
Working so hard to change what I can
Losing a grip on reality was never my plan
To regain control of what's real and what means the world to me
To show myself that I am stronger then I appear to be
Then to secure my relationship with the woman I love......I know it won't be easy......but with a little help from the lord above
All my life nothing has gone right for me everything I do I seem to fail
Its time for me to turn that all around .....for this time for real
Now I am on the right track.....even my mind is not out of whack
The stress in my life it must the woman I love my heart I send....and our life together we will mend
#for the circle of life has to change....the love of my life is in my range
T Oct 2018
As I walk the picket line......all the time waiting for that beautiful sun to shine
Life really ***** for me these days.....I so hope it is just a phase
I must find a way to dig deep into my soul....because of my sign the twins I cannot control
Maybe I do have a hard head and I am stubborn a shake off the cobwebs before I take a direct hit
At times I feel so alone.......but I am a lot stronger than what I have shown
If you take a good look at my face will see my smile has disappeared without a trace
For the color of my love has a different shade......all in all you know it will never fade
You never had someone that loves you as much as those sparkling eyes and you shall see
Even though my mind is outta whack......for this I know I will get back on track
Before the sun goes away and fades to black
The love that is deep inside.....and with the wind it does glide.......and if my time grows as my life is going in so many directions right now
The love in my heart soars so high
So much so it reaches the sky
So as I fight for more than my job....the love and respect of this woman ....reminds me I am human
So as it all fades to black.....and when I am down on my knees I will win your heart back
# for the color may fade My love for you shall never
Yenson Sep 2018
The Marshmallows decided to have a top Party
Dressed gaily in white, pink, red, green and yellow
They mingled and floated around looking arty-farty
We're going to dance in town not partying in a garage
And guess what, We won't invite Toffee he's not like us

Go melt and burn says Toffee with rightful disdain
who wants to party with a bunch of soft silly buffoons
Overblown and presumptuous you lot melt in the rain
Nothing to you all but egging and hot air you poltroon
Who wants to dance with mixed up softies with no brains

I am Toffee hot and hard and always ready for the bite
You can't lick me in a hurry and I take a while to *****
I am brown with brawn and brains and ready to fight
Got rhythm with the moves, tastes and flavours top whack
Not some boring twirls or stumps gathered together tight

Come try me if you dare and see me squash you down flat
I'll go into you hard your softness yielding like knife on butter
Can marsh you with my strength till you're nothing but mellow
Or stick to your puffy wooly state and squeeze you still flatter
Till you beg and squeal your surrender showing you're shallow

I am not like you and don't think, see, look or taste like you
I am brown and sweet, hard and chewy and I really don't care
For emulsified vain brainless no substance marshmallow tools
Who can only be brave and big when all packed together like
So go party and kid yourselves softies I don't party with fools
Jo Swan Dec 2018
Addicted to bad boys-
taste of toxic love leaves a toll.
Relationships flavoured with brutes;
kisses hook my naïve soul-
lips sugary as jellybeans.
Body package in suave suits,
like an ad of Vogue magazines,
they’ve become my junk food.

Addicted to bad boys
like a druggie on *****!
Their hearts can’t commit,
I’m just one of their play toys.
I seek for a dopamine hit
with the thrills of bad boys.
Bite of their love leaves me hungry,
this attraction is not healthy!

Addicted to bad boys,
they’ll laugh and be so crude.
Abusive words will whack;
arrogance as fat as greasy cheese.
Shame clogs in cholesterol plaque,
polluting my own arteries-
all ready for a heart attack.
Why do I crave such ******?

Addicted to bad boys,
addicted to bad boys,
for the sake of my health,
it is time for a detox!

(c) Jo Swan
#bad #boys #food #addiction #junk #love #relationship #abuse #unhealthy
Hanson Yang Sep 2018
the new tupac will have you too walkin with gangstas
the new two stupidity now two steppin with prankstas
murked the first one sayin he's blacker the berry
when i'm sweeter than juice
bass voiced top me if you want to experience that jacked tweeters induced
when i own all of Victoria's secrets as proof
tellin me what the body when all his deducement has him actin when he's wearin his shoes
crypt walking like that it's only talk
missed balking like has bass fits jocking as his only walk
******* with me when All Hailed Mary like if she was his when is only stolen balk
I'm walkin again the gauntlet cuz all the women they want this flauntin all **** like if i was jackin all the wanted
like ghost whippin me imma follow you till i'm haunted
pain really, so bow down, when my diamonds glisten
listen again is just as well bilateral biased has his confused his like the ol' eminem was in the new form gettin his face jacked again
like me smokin ***** with friends like all given enemies stressed was all given was a race black and then
we actually are the same race like i knew you back like i owned all the streets like his females thuggin as heathen
**** riding i'll **** your *** up like settin me up when i'm always the last muthafucken breathin
exposing the ***** heathen breathin like if you were the only man catching bullet rounds exposed like the new you was still alive
to the next ** hiked my socks up construed you at hit stupidity when will ride
ghettos owned by just the black reppin when you're steppin the whack, honest it was just onyx
i'll blast your *** like if you stole my pump shotty:
like i never was wanted runst follies
anamoly run has all criminal cops all fathering fun deceiving that all to gain was never greed when all greed in need bothering sons:
all you still down with me when we ride it
looking like a *** while i'm guy gee stag when you're looking into their eyes, they'd know comparison of a bird control as if fathering guys
my knowledge is flight applauding the time, are you still down with me
i hide behind the love of beauty of my womens eyes when you're looking like the female opened you up to your face compared to opening thighs
they don't know like how you stare in the future that tommorow comes only after the dark
knowing me marks the coming of the actual god
I am "unconditional heart"
MARIO Sep 2018
I'm writing this swell piece
In typical me fashion
You want something from me?
What are you ****** askin?
Quit acting like a flea
Scratchin at my back
Listen here girl
You're actin ****** whack
If you wanna talk
Girl, we can do it
Want the key back to your lock?
Here it is, ***** it
I don't need this trouble
For things done long ago
You hide in that bubble
You talk, but don't show
Let me rephrase, I'll be rather humble
If you don't want me here
Just say somethin sugar
If you wanna work it out dear
You're still a good looker
Don't be afraid, you can come real near
You know I don't bite darling
Well, that's a little white lie
But do you expect me to be snarling?
I'm just letting time fly
I'm cool, I'm relaxed
If you wanna talk again
I'm here, just ask
But I'm not gonna bend
I have a prideful mask
So if you have courage to spend
Come stop by
And again you can say hi
To me and my white lies
Dream Fisher Sep 2018
Sick of being stuck awake,
I should probably bake a cake,
Stuff a file inside, then sit for an hour of wait,
Another hour to cool, use the tool to pry my mind from this cage
Blow out the candles, the world becomes my stage
But I fall flat on a crowd with button eyes, deaf ears,
Rusted mental gears, and smiles looking at me *****.
"Hi I'm Ryan, I'm a poet. I belong here."
Reading to a generation that skipped reading,
Stuck feeding off of the **** for free
Asking for another handout that a past life made them believe
They deserved, too delicate, while I stay thick like corduroy,
Poking fun like I should take some ilk, you're too soft
I destroy you, still drinking mother's milk, you're soft as silk.
Don't make me spell it out, we are cut from different cloth.

I've sat with my life choices happy as an oyster
In a month that doesn't have an "R"
People walk through the door and try to raise my bar,
You couldn't come close, don't judge those who trudge
Through mud and sludge then take a second to coast,
I'm still a star while others whack the green,
Barely even keeping up with par.

I don't even have enemies, I get angry with my own mind
That tells me I should be on a steady grind
Then find myself too tired to stay awake
Too awake to fall asleep, let's write it out,
I never was one to be good at counting sheep
I took to counting breaths, counting beats,
Never couldn't count on me, have a seat.
Let's talk it out and bake a cake,
Another file filed so I can free this cage,
I flee the stage.
frynona Oct 2018
i watch the red water hit the blue sand.
i watch leather ***** pinch yellow rats.
i watch the green seagulls get eaten by pink plants.
oh well.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
so you can’t bother me now.

i lay on the orange grass.
i pipe the tan sky.
it’s sad since it still reeks of the past.
oh well.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
so go away, i don’t need you right now.

i’m depressed.
i’m outta whack.
and lowkey dying.
but can I feel a thing?
i can barely feel a thing.

i watch the flowers cut themselves.
i see the cats bark and growl.
and i don't care if you don't understand why i cry.
it’s the beauty of this mad world.
oh well.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
i’m in my own world.
so go to **** as i ride my unicorn into the sunset.
this is an original song i wrote
I hate it when people think suffering is wrong. Learn to pick up your **** suffering, and bear it! And try to be a good person so you don't make it worse! I know you have a lot of reasons to be resentful about school, heck, even your existence! We know it's going to involve a lot of pain, and lots of it is going to be unfair! But acting out everything you're complaining about will only make things infinitely worse, try it. That's why we have the saying that **** is a bottomless pit, because some ****** ******* could figure out a way to make it a lot worse. Learn to accept it! This is what the real world looks like, full of suffering. What can you do about it? Try reducing it! Start with yourself! Get your **** together solidly so that people can rely on you! Square up with what's wrong with you, you know it if you'll admit it. You know that there are a few things you can polish up a bit, deal with it and maybe you can start managing your present insufficient condition. Don't be a **** victim. Shine yourself up a bit so your eyes will be a little bit more open, shine it some more and maybe you might be able to bring your family together instead of having to be that spiteful, neurotic room mate that you're doomed to spend the whole semester with. Be humble about your deficiencies. Figure out how you can make peace with your siblings. You'll get there somehow, and when your life starts functioning you'll find out "Well, that kind of relieved a little bit of suffering", at least that reduced the opportunities for spiteful revenge. When you little by little start to get your **** together, you'll get acquainted with it because you're doing something difficult. You're wiser, so maybe you could point out a tentative finger out there beyond your family and try to change some little thing without wrecking it. We students are so conditioned to think that we can just fix anything, even something as complex as our society. Well, try to fix a military helicopter and see how far you get with it. You can't just whack it with a wrench and be like "Oh look, it's better!" NO! Life is complicated and to fix things are hard! We overcome suffering by being a better person, that's how you do it! It's hard because it takes responsibility. If you want a meaningful life everything you do matters! Unless you don't want meaning and not take responsibility, because who the **** cares? You can wander through life doing whatever your want! Gratifying your short term impulses for who knows how short it's going to be. Ask yourself if you want to get stuck in meaninglessness, but no responsibility. You'd quickly realize how the majority of your being are pursuing meaningless things. Because the fact is, pursuing meaningful things means taking on suffering. You have to put yourself together in the face of that, and that's hard! When you really get to the bottom of things, you'll realize that you need to make the choice to put yourself together. Transcend your suffering and see if you can be some kind of hero. Be that person who'll make the suffering in the world less. That's the way forward.
Terry Collett Sep 2018
Enid carried
the cup and saucer
from kitchen to sitting room
with slow careful attention
not to spill.

Her father sat
at the dining table
writing in a small
notebook in pencil.

He gazed at her
as she entered the room,
"You spill that kid
and I'll whack your ***,"
he said.

Her hands shook
but didn't spill
and she focused harder
as Benny had told her
what you focus on
is your reality.

She avoided looking
at her father as placed
the cup and saucer
down on the table carefully.

Her mother entered the room
with the dinner and put it down
in front of him.

"If I sell another car tomorrow
I can make a few quid,"
he said.

She said good
and went out again.

Enid sat opposite her father
hoping he'd not stare at her
as he did sometimes
making her nervous
asking her questions.

Her mother brought
two dinners in
and set them down
and sat in between
her husband and daughter.

"Tea's good,"
he stated
and began to eat.

Enid ate slow
gazing at her mother's
haunted gaze
that she wore
some days.
A girl and parents in London in the 1950s
Suzy Berlinsky Nov 2018
If I fell off a cliff and got hurt, you wouldn't help till I cleaned off the dirt. I needed whole blood to survive and to remain active & alive. You slapped me and told me to stop my childish crying & then you pulled a gun to accelerate the process of dying. Sooner or later I'll meet the Prince of Peace, our Lord. It looks like "sooner" if you whack me with that board. You are my first friend. It's that way till the end. You're so light that I could have pulled you up, as easily as I bend my elbow to raise a tea cup. But I had so many things to do that day, as you know, so instead of pulling you to safety, I chose to let go. Your poems are so intoxicating, they make me quiver, and just like *****, they have damaged my liver. Is hatred negative? Is love positive? If hatred is negative then my hatred for fiends who torture & ****** children is wrong. If love is positive then a fiend's love for the torturing & murdering of children is right. Ask me anything and I'll think of something. I could have justifiably murdered you, but I didn't, even though you didn't clean the dryer's lid vent. **** are an asset & ***** are titillating. $26 the hard way...Up the ladder with you because you've been on the floor too long. Pull yourself together right, as you've been forever doing it wrong. I need total, absolute assurance that you will not run away again, so I've contacted your ***** boss, that ****** **** you call "Ken," as he knows the haunts & the dives and the gutters where you've been.
Jenni Littzi Jan 28
Didn’t know what I was in for
Once you closed that door
Started out okay, later went a wrong way
Did things I did not even ask for
And you didn’t warn me about them before
When I protested, didn’t make a difference
So I got scared and let you finish your business
Got a bit abusive and even more intrusive
Afterwards wouldn’t let me leave
Held my hostage with thee
Though about gong to the kitchen
To grab a knife for my protection
But it was a big iffy question
Confused because at first I gave permission
Revoked it after it wasn’t my intentions
But it had made no difference
So yet again, I was the victim
Told no one else about it
So this is my admittance
Bad mouthed me after the fact
Upset me and that was whack
All might not believe here all that I’ve said
But at least it’s no longer locked in my head
I guess that’s the end, heaven send me strength
The most personal thing I’ve written.
Here we go again
I knew it was to good to be true
I was feeling happy
Smiling more
Laughing, loving
Then out of nowhere
No reason
No real trigger
The old words flow in..
"you're not good enough"
"he must have someone else"
"you'll never work again"
"might as well just die"
"can't even take care of your kids"
"your whole life is a lie"

My heart races
My tears threaten to fall
I don't know why
It's just there
I can't turn it off
GOD! Please save me!!!
This is a real problem in many lives. We can't just turn it off. Unfortunately, it controls us. We can take medicine, but it's only a bandaid. Love us, remind us we are worth it. That our fears may seem real, but you are there to protect us. Please don't judge us. Stay with us. We always need a hand...
Suzy Berlinsky Nov 2018
And then Jesus came a second time. “Bless the family of Man,” He
said, “except garbage men.” Suddenly it became a dream & nobody
had faith in gas station machine **** house rubbers no more to keep
unwanted pregnant women from having a good time or lemon with
lime or two nickels for a dime or the ability to form a poetic rhyme.
“Listen you whack-*** ****-fluffing Jan Murray ***-grouping ****, I
ain't paddling to Castro's Marxian Cuba to mail your freaking ****!”
Exclaimed the mail man, whose mailed brain was broke quite a bit.

— The End —