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"It is equally as important to know useless things as those deemed useful. . .for the ability to skip learning the futile, to show to others how, is as insightful and beneficial as knowledge is to be gained."
They say the philosopher's stone, can transmutate any thing into anything else, ...this "stone," sounds a lot like the philosopher's mind.
"I have your interests at heart...
...your heart is my interest."
Tell me how you wish your life to be,
and I shall do the same.

Together we'll let go of life's turmoil,
   embracing a journey of joy; not pain.
I apologize for stealing your heart. . .

-perhaps I might give you mine in return?
"A life's outcome is determined by the vigor of one's youth."
"To have loved and learned in ancient Greece,
And to say nothing more in the least."

"When faced with,
what seems to be,
an impossible challenge...

...ordinary people have
no choice but
to do the impossible."
Many people come into your life,
-although few will stay. . .

I like to imagine I'll be with you
-for each and every day.
“There’s always a sucker in the till. . .and an investor in the mill.”
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