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further news kim fwoah and choo to trade 50 tonne a day olive oil to america. deal awaits putting in writing. america has not seen olive oil in america for over 50 years when america and italy fell out. please note the olive failed this year so full preferred quantities can not be sent yet. py a can supply 2tonne a day for this year also the drews in italy 2tonne a week the bafas 1tonnr a week. all for next twelve months. hopefully next years olives will do better
love is italy is america is kindness is
sa na a la a
i could never love

a sa la o a oo
a boy as much as you

ta ra ta la ta la
the sun awakes the heavens

ta na ma la a ka
i find my day in your arms

ta ma na a la la a
and my nights sharing your breath

ian ta la na na ian
ian, it was always ian

ta ma sa la
my heart stays true

ta a ma sa la sa la
beneath a beautiful black sky

sa ma na ma na la
i am always true to my love

ta na ba wa la a
but my heart breaks for another

ta ma na ma na
it will always be ian

ta la sa ma chi
or we will weep in china forever.
sa la ma ah ah
we are of the love

sa ah ah ah ah
love is important in the world

woe woe woe woe woe
we are always in love with our lives

dee ah dee ah dee ah
love will be ours forever

ma ah ah ah ah
love will be important forever

to to to to to
hteb loves nai

canata canata canata canata
hteb loves the ray of the sun

ot ot ot ot ot
nai loves hteb

ta ta ta ta ta
the stars are beautiful

sa sa sa sa sa
the moon is beautiful
they took her to the doleful traitor’s gate,
where none could save her life or bring release,
along the river to a heavy fate,
no harp or dulcimer to give her peace.
the world had turned away, the tudor rose
in ruins at her feet, the fickle king,
inconstant, needing sons, the river flows
with royal blood where sorrow’s angels sing.
“to jesus i commend my soul,” she cried,
she wore damask, her mantle was ermine,  
poor cramer heard the cannon as she died,
he fell and wept, forgave her every sin.
  the strings were broken on the violin,
  that sang no more for laughing anne boleyn.
ta ma a la a na
my love for you is forever

tassa na aa aa aa ai ah
a sea that the storm starts to sway

ta ma nee a ma na sa ma nee
my eyes the colour of storm rose

ta stata ma no al la nee
my lips pink like a peony

ta ma ar aa aa aa ma ma
and as my eyes start to flutter

ta ma na da la oo ah la nah
the clouds all soft like the mist

ta ma na ah la na ah la me
i laugh at the song of your kisses

da sa ma ah la
surrender to bliss.
where love is love still forever
and the wild sea crackles and broods
and the clouds float light as a feather,
and grey as grey are their moods,

the pinks of the sea always flowing,
the corals buried deep in the sand
and the wind with its strength
always fleeing,
the skirts of the land.

the flowers of the waves are all blooming,
the sun gathers strength from the day,
the surf cries and lifts then is
and says all is left still to say,

the roll of the tide like a titan,
a giant whose breath is to lave,
and thunderous seas that would
dissolve in their waves.

the sea is an arc of bright crimson,
the  sky a whole sand-dune of gold,
the swallows of the sky unimprison,
the air from the story yet untold,

the devil sings out to his sister,
who refuses to come or obey,
for she is a lark of the water
and knows the sea’s way.

as twilight swiftens like a moon note,
and the blue air dreams of her
and the dark dreams of dreaming
in her star boat
and  the sky sings forever there of,

my love for you grows still
as my kisses find all the dew of
your lip,
as me to you you pull and untether
as stars start to dip.

— The End —