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when your time as come to get your wings and fly
to the angels up above high  up in  the sky
now at last your free all your troubles cease
now your with the angels where you can rest in peace

looking down on loved ones from heaven up above
each and everyday sending them your love
no more pain to suffer  no troubles will you bare
now you are at peace with angels every where
bombs are dropping blood is spilled
civillian people getting killed
homes they knew just blown away
now they flee.  for some where to stay

hoping that the  war will end
and once again there lives will mend
no more sorrow no more pain
home again to rebuild ukraine
when we fall in love its a special thing
happiness for ever this your love bring
you will feel loves power as it begins to flow
within the heart of you as it begins to grow

in love for evermore you will always stay
with a love so true that will never fade away
there inside your heart for eternally
happy ever after you will always be
angels are from heaven friends are from there to
like the angels fly they will fly to you
when ever they are needed they are always there
they will comfort you give you love and care

like the angels up above they are special to
no matter who you are they are there for you
they are special friends  like the angels up above
waiting there for you to give you all there love
we all need a friend someone who is true
someone to rely on that is there for you
someone you can talk to.  who will understand
always there for you to  give a helping hand

they will sit and listen help to guide you through
wether night or day they are there for you
when ever they are needed .they are always there
there to comfort you with there love and care
to me you are an angel from heaven up above
always there for me with your angel love
when ever you are needed you are always there
with your loving way and your angel care

your my angel friend thats always there for me
i will love you always for eternity
i know you are there  any time of day
with your angel love in your angel way
cancer is a bully it dont frighten me
i will fight and fight till once again im free
it will never take me. to where the angels stay
i will fight its battle till it flies away

no matter what it takes to win the cancer war
i wont stop my fight till im free once more
ive to much to live for  the fight goes on and on
i will win my battle then cancer will be gone
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