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if you believe in you then the world is yours
belief is all you need to open many doors
as you walk through life each and everday
if you believe in you life will go your way.

believe in who you are in every thing you do
all the dreams you have someday will come true
all you need is faith all you need is you
belief will be your guide for your whole life through
if there was only love and hate was in the past
then all around the world love would always last
there would be such happiness for each and everyone
sadness and despair would be for ever gone.

just a world of love would be a world so free
no more war or violence would we ever see
just a world of peace for each and every race
then the world would be such a better place.
sometimes we get lost within our heart and soul
lose the things we had that made us feel so whole
minds begin to wander to another side
from ourselves inside we begin to hide.

looking for a way to find our self once more
waiting for normality that we had before
then we wont be lost within our heart and soul
return again once more. once again feel whole
feelings they can hurt they can make you cry
upset your emotions make you want to die.

they can be upsetting. leave a broken heart
reaching deep inside to rip your soul apart.

sometimes they can change and go the other way
they can bring you love and brighten up your day.

they can make you happy they can make you smile
putting sunshine back for a little while.

feelings they can change. switch from day to day
all of us have feelings they just dont go away.
is sorry really hard to say
this little word a breath away.

apologise and except the blame
it isnt hard and there is no shame.

a word to use to make amends
to your self and all your friends.

its such an easy thing to do
just a word that comes from you.
time can be a healer to mend a broken heart
time can heal your feelings when your loves apart.

though it takes a while it can put it right
takes away the darkness and brings back the light.

time can do so much all though you have to wait
it can change your life and change around your fate.

time can do all this and help your heart to mend
though it takes a while it will fix it in the end.
take a little happiness  this will make you smile
it will make you see that  life really is worthwhile.

when your feeling sad give a little grin
what ever gets you down take it on the chin.

then you can smile again just like you did before
add again the happiness and lifes worthwhile once more
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