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when love is in your heart theres nothing you can do
love is in there waiting bringing love to you
changing your emotions as love begins to flow
making you so happy as deep in love you go.

such a lovely feeling you will feel inside
when your heart finds love from it you cant hide
it will last for ever with its love so true
when love is your heart waiting there for you.
life it is a challenge and sets its tasks for you
problems you must solve as life you walk through
full of mystery at each and every turn
as you face its challenge its secrets you will learn.

you must take your time. live life day by day
prepare for any challenge that will come your way
take it step by step steady as you go.
then the challenges of life you will get to know
i love it when the moon shines.  lighting up the sand
walking with the one i love holding hand in hand
looking at the stars shining up above
as we stroll together very much in love.

everythings so peaceful filled with so much bliss
such a night for romance and a moonlight kiss
i love it when the moonshines in the sky above
walking on the sand with the one i love
when you fall in love two hearts they combine
emotions and your feelings together they entwine

your heart begins to beat loud and very strong
beating to a rhythem to its own love song

it makes you feel so happy and makes you want to sing
these are just some things that your love can bring.
there was a little squirrel as lovely as can be
he lived in the woods high up in a tree
jumpimg branch to branch you could see him play
always very happy always bright and gay

he would gather nuts on the forest floor
then back up in  his tree  the squirrel he would soar
then he would go to sleep so he could have a rest
curled up in ball inside his little nest.
some people they get lonley it makes them feel so sad
looking for some company that they never had
someone just to talk to when there in despair
someone there beside them someone to be there

someone who will listen to there troubled mind
someone understanding someone who is kind
just a little company when they feel so blue
just someone to be there to tell there troubles too.
i saw  little mouse chewing on some bread
then he pick some up and took it to his bed
he ran to his hole with his little snack
half an hour later the little mouse was back

looking for the bread that was on the floor
the poor mouse was hungry and he wanted more
then he took another piece back to his hole so deep
curled up in ball then of he went to sleep
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