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christmas on the way  time for shopping spree
presents for the kids and all the family
time for happines time for lots of joy
lots of smiling faces on every girl and boy

time for peace on earth in  each and every place
all around the world in each and every race
a very special time for each and everyone
a very special time when we can live as one
winters closing in time for sleet and snow
lighting up the roof tops that gives your heart aglow
children building snow men playing on there sleigh
having lots of fun as they play away

lots of smiling faces  happy as can be
brings back all my childhood  and the memory
playing in the snow building snowmen to
all the special things that i used to do
in the arms of angel she flew away with me
took me back in time.  my past life i could see.
days when i was young when my life was free
showed me how it was.  how it used to be.

days i spent with friends and my family
all these things i saw the angel showed to me
times when i was down and i began to cry
when mama wiped my tears till my tears were dry

then when i got married with children of my own
and the years gone by.  now that they have grown
everything felt peaceful as quiet as can be
i felt oh so safe with the angel there with me

then she spread her wings gently she took flight
as she flew away back in to the night
i wont forget the things and how they used to be
days when i was young and my life was free

one day i will see her then we can meet once more
she can hold me in her arms like she did before
all the things she showed in my memory
in the arms of an angel once more i will see
going down to lonely town theres people just like me
with broken hearts and memories of what use to be
people they will know what im going through
all the people there. have all been through it to

maybe they will listen tell me what to do
help me find a away to get over you
heal my broken heart  all the tears i cried
take away the hurt i still feel inside.

then i can start again find somebody new
give them all the love that i gave to you
i can leave ole lonely town drift away once  more
learn to love again like i did before
there nothing quite love to give your heart a treat
makes you warm inside as it begins to beat
happines and joy this is what you feel
this is when you know that your love is real

makes you feel brand new as it lifts your heart
all this you will feel when love begins to start
such a lovely feeling reaches to your soul
make feel so happy makes you feel so whole.

it happens to us all no matter what the race
love is there for all in each and every place
happy ever after you will always be
something there to give that you give for free
the love thats in my heart will never ever die
its still there for you though you said goodbye
i still hold a flame and i always will
i still love you now. and i love you still

memories i see each day on my mind
the love i hold for you i cant leave behind
i cant let you go my love is far to strong
i want to be with you back where i belong

i will love you always till the day i die
the love i hold for just wont say goodbye
i still hold a flame and i love you still
i still love you now. and i always will
the tides of love are rolling returning to the sea
taking all the love that it held for me
left a broken heart as it said goodbye
like the rolling tide. tears roll down my eyes

maybe like the tide it will comeback one day
on the tide of love we can roll away
in love again once more like we used to be
like the love i knew roll here back to me
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