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when in times of trouble you wish that you could die
feel life has deserted you it  just walked on bye
feeling so down hearted you dont what to do
feel that in the world there nothing left for you

everything around you is just an empty space
feel you had enough the world you cannot face
you can turn it round and live again once more
start your life  again to what it was before

put troubles far behind you  they have been and gone
that it is the past now you must move on
there was a little orphan boy an homeless boy was he
never had a home or a family
sleeping anywere he could lay his head
never had a home where he could sleep in bed

roaming round and round for a place to stay
crawling into barns sleeping in the hay
all he ever wanted was a was a home and family
no longer just an orphan would ever  be

the boy he made a wish hoped he could find a home
settle down for good no longer have to roam
one day on his travels a lady passing bye
felt sorry for the boy and she began to cry

the lady took him home gave the boy a treat
made  a lovely meal so the boy could eat
the little boy was happy his wish it had come true
now he had a home liked he always wanted to
words can say much so in a special  way
they can be expressive in the words you say
make you feel emotional in your mind they stay
stay with you forever and never go away

words are always there .  there for you to say
they can say much in there special way
when you say them right they can say so much
there inside your heart words can always touch
I have two special friends Mary Ann and Gill
they were there for me when my partner jane took ill
took her for her chemo and all appointments due
two very special friends that help to get me through

a  friendship that is real   a friendship that is true
when ever they were needed always there for you
i wont for get my friends.  that looked after jane and me
best friends in the world there could ever be

children make the world go round in each and every place
no matter what the color no matter what the race
they bring happiness and lots of fun to you
all around the world thats what children do

they make you feel so proud give you heart a glow
such a lovely feeling as you sit and watch them grow
always make you smile with the things they do
you are there role model they look up to you

always there you with there love so true
when ever they are needed they are there for you
when you lose a loved one. breaks your in two
when the one you love is no longer there you
everything around you feels empty and so bare
gone now has your loved one that was always there

you still have the memories you can hold on to
and the one you love is always there with you
there inside your heart for ever she will stay
she is there with you every single day

you know that she is free no suffering or pain
and the time will come when you will meet again
once again together with a love so strong
you are with your loved one  place where you belong.
friends are very special always there for you
anytime of day this what they do
when your feeling down they will comfort you
make you smile again take away the blue

they will sit and listen whenever things  go wrong
right there by your side help to keep you strong
they wll dry your tears if you begin to cry
hold you in there arms till the tears run dry

always there for you they will always be
till the end of time for eternity
that what friends are for always there for you
with a friendship that is real and forever true
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