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today it is your birthday the day belongs to you
i wish you happiness for the whole day through
time to celebrate another birthday has begun
fill your day with  joy filled with lots of fun  

have a great day happy birthday
battle is still raging not an end insight
ukraine is still in battle against the russian might
bombs dropping all around.  building blown to bits.
putin killing people with his ****** blitz

people. leaving homes as they quickly flee
running scared and frightened from the enemy
freedom they once new now so far away
houses they once knew now just blown away

we must help ukraine to stop the killing war
let the people live again.  live in peace once more
give them back there freedom take away there pain
let them start a new build there lives again
when you lose a loved one there still there with you
each and everyday in everything you do
there inside you heart they will always be
there for evermore in your memory

watching over you from heaven up above
each and everyday sending down there ,love
then when you get wings to heaven you can fly
once again united with your loved one in the sky

living in the tunnels of the steel works underground
living just like moles bombs dropping all all around
locked away from daylight no light do we see
living in a maze of wars cruelty.

no water or no food or electricity
just a life of hell full of misery
soldiers they fight on they will not be beat
they will not surrender they will not retreat

there with all there courage and there bravery
fighting till the end to set there country free
then the world will know the people of ukraine
the courage and there bravery.  that gave them home again
everyone loves summer time to holiday
to land of sun many miles away
parties on the beach with friends and family
having lots of fun far across the sea

that time of the year that makes life feel so free
happy bright and gay way that it should be
where troubles dissapear if only for a while
a special time of year that always brings a smile
i like it in the country on a summers day
filled with  lots of scenery for many miles away
the mountains and the hills you can walk along
listen to the meadow lark sing his morning song

rabbits in the fields running wild and free
having lots of fun happy  as can be
lots of lovely flowers with there flower show
showing of there colors that give your heart aglow

the beauty that is is nature there for all to see
natures work of art that we can view for free
wouldnt it be nice in a world without a war
no more people dying no fighting any more
just  a world of love where we could live as one
living all in harmony all fighting would be gone

just a land of peace with a life thats free
in a world of love way that it should be
where we could live as one in each and every place
all across the universe in each and every place
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