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when you fall in love its a wonderous thing
happines forever this your love will bring
something you can share something that is true
reaches to your soul deep in the heart of you.

a very special thing to last a lifetime through
a gift from up above that is shared with two
there for evermore that wont go away
it keeps growing stronger each and every day
there was little crocodile he didnt have any teeth
he lived in a swamp in the mud beneath
he uesd to **** his food this it made him sad
didnt have the teeth that he should have had

oneday in the swamp he began to cry
spotted by a fairy who was passing b
crocodile he told her that his teeth had gone
unlike other crocodiles he was born with none.

dont worry said the fairy i know what to do
i will use my magic and cast a spell for you
fairy wave her wand  now crocodile had teeth
just like all the others in the swamp beneath.

he was very happy he began to smile
that he couldnt do in a long long while.
croc he thanked the fairy for giving him his teeth
than he swam away in to the swamp beneath
there was a little bird he fell from his nest
fell down to the ground. where he came rest
he was very frightened very scared was he
falling from his homr high up in the tree

he began to cry the tears fell down his face
now he was alone in great big open space
then suddenly a  squirrel saw him in distress
tears rolling down his face. he was in a mess

dont worry said the squirrel you hang to me
i will take you home to your nest up in the tree
squirrell took him back. to the place he loved the best.
the liitle bird was happy now back in his nest

squirrel said goodbye and headed down the tree
feeling very happy a hero now was he
the bird he thanked the squirrel for saving him that day
now they have a friendship that  will never fade away
when your heart is broken shattered on the floor
when the .love has gone not there anymore
everything seems hopeless the love you knew has gone
feeling you cant cope you cant carry on.

time will heel the hurt that you feel inside
dry away the tears all the ones you cried
then you can start a new learn to love once more
learn to love again just like you did before
spot he was a dog he was very sad.
he never had the spots that he should of had
his dad he was dalmation so was mother to
spot he had no spots this is it made him blue

he met a young magician who did lots of tricks
then he said to spot your problem i can fix
i will use my magic and makr your dreams come true
than you will have the spots you always wanted to.

magician used his wand and waved it in the air
then the missing spots suddenly were there
now spot was the same as his mum and dad
now he had the spots that he never had
there was a little monkey he loved graffiti so
painting lots of pictures where ever he would go
he had lots of cans that he used to spray
with lots and lots of colors that were bright and ***.

he painted many things even paint a face
or even paint a rocket heading in to space
people they would gather just to watch him spray
sit there so amazed as he sprayed away.

he was the peoples friend they all loved him so
when he began to paint it give there heart a glow
his paintings are still there to this very day
people come to see them from many miles away.
love between two people is a special thing
happines and joy this your love will bring
a gift from up above that is give to you
that will last a lifetime for your whole life through

something you can share as you give your heart
that will last for ever that will never part
make your future bright set your spirit free
in love for ever more you will always be
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