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Artemis Apr 2014
This is a friendly reminder to watch the calendar and mark the days
Times flies faster than you realize and some things are worth remembering
This is a friendly reminder to take some time for yourself
Listen to your thoughts and learn to understand whats going on in your own head
This is a friendly reminder that your parents aren’t stupid
Sometimes they really do know what they’re talking about
This is a friendly reminder to not judge a book by its cover
Smiles can hide pain and anyone can look beautiful for a day
This is a friendly reminder to write your paper during the day
Don’t lose sleep over things you could easily put to rest
This is a friendly reminder that every story is a coin
There are always two sides and someone is always getting richer
This is a friendly reminder that rainy days are made for lovers
So hold her close and love her while the sun looks away
This is a friendly reminder that sometimes your eyes hear better than your ears
Liars deceive with their mouths not their hands
This is a friendly reminder that distance is only as far as you make it out to be
Someday you will be together and thats all that matters
This is a friendly reminder to do good things
Not to be remembered but because the world needs it
This is a friendly reminder that some people look up to you
The next generation will always be a product of the generation before
This is a friendly reminder that love is not about possession
She does not belong to you she is her own person and thats why you love her
This is a friendly reminder to keep your gas tank full
You never know when you’ll have to leave and there isn’t always time to stop
This is a friendly reminder that skin is only meant to protect whats important
The skeleton is only a vessel to hold it all together
This is a friendly reminder to show her you love her
Even if you haven’t told her yet never make her second guess it
This is a friendly reminder that boats without anchors are useless
Even the smallest of storms will sink them with ease
This is a friendly reminder that all it takes is a nightlight
To illuminate the darkness under your bed and scare the monsters away
This is a friendly reminder that some girls only last as long as the season
They are not worth writing about or looking back on
This is a friendly reminder that even the stars burn out
If nothing lasts forever make forever last
allison joy Jun 2017
the leaves are coming back and you're not.

not that i expected you to stay anyways.

goodbyes get a lot easier when you start

writing them as you begin to fall.

but this isn't a poem to depress you.

this is a poem to put things in perspective.

a reminder to dip your toe in before you


a reminder to keep your heart under lock

and key until you can be rest assured you're

giving it to someone who's an expert in

playing for keeps.

a reminder that love is not defined by the

length of a relationship, it's defined by the

strength of it.

a reminder for me personally that worth is

not measured in pounds.

a reminder that you'll know when he's the


a reminder that genuine love is being each

others bestfriends.

a reminder that their laughter is your


a reminder that you'll find yourself

wanting to explore life with them by your


a reminder that even though love doesn't

always work out, you'll have some good

stories to tell.

a reminder that it is better to have lived it

and regretted it later, than it is to not have

lived and always wonder what you missed.
This cough is a reminder of a renewed addiction to take stead until a new one comes along.

These scars are a reminder of how strong I can be,but how weak I was.

This callus which pumps away in my body is a reminder of how dangerous yet fleeting "love" is.

These dry cheeks are a reminder of how many tears I have shed for friend and foe, blurred by the gleam in my eyes.

This tremble is a reminder of how plagued by anxiety I am, Why? I won't know till it's too late.

These pictures are a reminder of how many of who I see are not with me now , taken away by time or ,most often, by death.

This ache only reminds me why I envy them so.

These memory's serve as a reminder of my mistakes in this life ,and oh how they disappoint me.

This poem is a reminder of why I've done what I'm doing.

Now please don't forget me.
Alt title /Remember me as I was. My most recent dark state poem
This is a daily reminder to relax and not to get worked up over the small stuff.
This is a daily reminder that everything will be ok.
This is a daily reminder to always be yourself.
This is a daily reminder  to not care or worry about what other people say or think about you!
This is a daily reminder!
Don’t let anyone try to stop you from being who you want to be!
This is a daily reminder to people to love yourself and think of yourself every day!
This is a very important note to people that does this, including myself, don’t hurt yourself even though it’s very tempting!
This is a daily reminder!
You are a very beautiful, talented and a caring person.
Just think you made it this far already, and you felt like giving up but you still are here because of your coping skills and your resources.
Just know that whatever you’re doing is right.
Also know that, you are amazing!
Claire E Jul 2013
I remember that spring morning all too well
As much as I wish I could forget
It was the Monday after prom
I came into math class, the teacher was eyeing me sympathetically
Then the principle came in with tears in her eyes
What was going on?

She started balling, I could barely make out her words
Then I heard her loud and clear
You were dead
No. No. No.
Surely I misheard
Surely this was all a big misunderstanding and the boy in that car wasn't you
Surely you'd stroll into class 10 minutes late as usual
But it was you in that car
And you never strolled into class again

I remember when I told my best friend, the girl you loved and who loved you
As I told her you were dead I watched the life drain from her face quicker than an avalanche falling,  and it has yet to return

And now her face is a reminder
And now your empty desk is a reminder
And now that bench where you used to sit all the time is a reminder
And that one less chair at our graduation is a reminder
And that picture of you in the hallway is a reminder
Everything is a reminder

No one really knows what happened to you that night
Do people really crash into brick buildings on accident?
Maybe you lost control of the car
Maybe you lost control of your life

All I know is seventeen is way too young to die
All I know is we should've been talking about prom that morning  
Who kissed who, who wore what, who's after party was the best
But instead we were mourning the death of a classmate
That morning we lost you, and along with you, we lost our innocence too
Chris Thomas Jan 2017
"Good morning," says 5:06
This is your gentle reminder to arise
Be forewarned that the sun is waking
On the brink of dawn or disaster

We all have failures to atone for
And this is your gentle reminder that
No matter how many times you climb
Your feet will never stand upon holy ground

"Good afternoon" says 1:15
This is your gentle reminder to venture forth
But this is a place that you have no claim to
So be off like the nosy brat you have become

We all come here to escape someone
And this is your gentle reminder that
The someone who pursues is quick
Running on cylinders that you don't yet possess

"Goodnight" says 11:49
And this is your gentle reminder to evanesce
This is a place that preys upon your weakness
So close your eyes and dissolve into dreamless sleep

We all survive our own mortality
And this is your gentle reminder that
To bring favor upon remaining days
You must release the grasp on the ones before
haley Oct 2017
this is a reminder. sweet one,
your heart does not beat too loudly in your chest.
does not take up too much space,
does not mistake the moonlight for a streetlamp
when you hold your lover's hand
soft and intertwined
drunk and kissing your way home.
this is a reminder.
your heart is not a machine, is not
a second-class citizen, is not
the color of a bullet hole, a gunshot wound
against a rainbow flag;
this is a reminder. sweet one,
your heart is too big for your body
too tremendous to be
encapsulated within two arms and two legs and
ten fingers and ten toes and
when you kiss, sweet,
carry your hurt like the orange lillies
in front of my childhood home
planted by my mother and
the way she gave more
than she could give. give.
this is a reminder:
the only time
your heart should feel too loud in your chest
is when your fingers are finding her's
or his, or their's,
intoxicated by that moonlight,
a will to live against every clenched fist
finding harmony in disharmony
finding your way
to your orange lillies.
wrote this for my friend's queer power zine!! your love is beautiful and valid
Red May 2014
tattooed across my hand
it's a reminder.
now you're probably thinking,
"a reminder to what?"

you probably think it's something common like,
"INSANITY to remind you to be insane."
the profound few might think,
"INSANITY as a reminder that everyone else is insane."

but, darling,
really INSANITY's a reminder of the fact that
everyone else might be crazy,
and that's even worse.

everyone else might be insane.
you'll never really know.
but the insane ones are the ones
that can trick you,
and damage you,
and break you,
but you never notice until
it's too late.

You see, darling,
I've been tricked,
and broken,
and so unbelievably, damaged.
That I need the reminder,
tattooed across my hand,
to remind me
that everyone
might be
and I have good reasons
to be paranoid.
Trust no one.
Trust no body.
Everybody's up to something.
JP May 2016
at home
a reminder to the
family to extend their laziness

at office
a reminder to the
worker inching to go home

at park
a reminder to the
lover come back to real world

at restaurants
a reminder to the
guest the length of enjoyment

at gym
a reminder to the
workouts to measure the size

at vacation
a reminder to the
tourist to back to square one

at honey moon
a reminder to the
couples to count number of times
I wasn't looking for it.

Somehow it found me, when I was busy doing everything and nothing at all.

It had the sparkle of confidence, with just the right amount of shyness, that captured the attention of a room, like an old polaroid photo, slowly and then quickly coming to life.

My nerves, typically electrofied, were calmed by it and peace seeped into every cell of my body.

Laughter danced from it and any melancholy in my soul leaped joyfully away.

It whispered, "forever," like a gentle breeze across a field of heather.

Power from it brightened my life, as fireworks did to the night.

Its echos of encouragement found their way to me, and gave strength to a broken soul, slowly bleeding on the floor.

My dreams became a kaleidascope of colors and patterns, making anything and everything seem possible.

Its breath brought life to a loveless heart, that had been suffocating on loneliness.

As it sparkled, I felt like a treasured jewel, kept safely out of harm's way.

The love that  it showed was an inspiration and made me believe in magic, fairytales, and happily ever after.

Then, as quickly as it came, it was stolen, like a precious moment in time.


His smile, forever etched in my mind.

A reminder that I was worthy of kindness, joy, and love.

A reminder for the days filled with doubt.

A reminder that I deserved safety and comfort, and peace.

*A reminder so I wouldn't forget.
Are a reminder
That without a little rain
We wouldn't be able to bloom,

Without clouds
And a little bad weather
We wouldn't be able to smell
Their divine fragrant perfume.

Are a reminder
That we need gloomy days
So we can highly value
The sun's radiant,
Life-powering, life-giving light,

Because without
Any form of darkness
We wouldn't appreciate
The glorious clear-blue skys
And the gift of precious daylight.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Beaux May 2018
If I die in a school shooting
I'll never go home again.
My room will sit unused,
A capsule frozen in time,
A snapshot of how I was.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my dog again.
She will sit at the front door
Waiting for me and wondering,
Why I never came home.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never graduate from high school.
My yearbooks will sit stacked
Stopped short of their goal,
Missing years that should have been.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my mom again.
She will sit distraught,
Planning a funeral
For a child taken from her.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my friends again.
They'll sit together, missing me.
One empty seat among them,
A constant reminder of their loss.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my little sister again.
She will sit through high school
Knowing I can't guide her through,
That she has to figure it out alone.

If I die in a school shooting
My school will be stained.
Pools of students lives will sit,
Blood tattoos on the brick structures,
Marks of death ground into it.

If I die in a school shooting
Everyone will wear black.
They'll send their thoughts and prayers
To a town marred by death,
Forever to be the home of a shooting.

If I die in a school shooting
Will the world change?
Or will I become one of hundreds  
Of kids who have to die?
What will it take?

If things continue this way
Children will have to live in fear.
They'll look over their shoulders
Always worried and wondering,
If they'll die in a school shooting.
The state of Florida is now home to the two most deadly mass shootings in American history. Pulse Nightclub was attacked in my city, I have friends who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland. My little sister often fears going to school. I'm afraid to graduate and leave her. I want to be able to protect her if something happens. I hate that we have a reason to be afraid... That it's reasonable to have these fears. I hate it so f*cking much.
R B Sep 2015
This is a reminder that you weren't the only victim.
I may have a bad habit of opening doors too early
But my dear, you close them too soon and maybe that’s why days can’t go by without wondering what I did
Wondering if maybe I could have stopped all this but
You left me for her
You left me for a girl that was never really yours
And now in every sunrise and set I see the truth
That opportunities are like a sunrise
But you didn't wait too long, I did.
I knew you didn't want only I
But I didn't care because that’s what you meant to me then.
You had a spark within you that I wanted to light and catch
So maybe I could be a fire too
Leaving destruction in every kiss
But a glowing warmth that just made me want to be close, but not too close
For you were an explosion
You ignited our love then let it detonate it without remorse.
This is a reminder that I didn't throw away what we had
For someone else.
This is a reminder that you’re not the only one who was left feeling worthless.
This is a reminder that you were not the victim.
~R. B.

In life's vast tapestry, where shadows loom,
Amidst the storm, within the gloom,
There lies a beacon, small yet bright,
A glimmer of hope, a guiding light.

It's found within, deep in your soul,
A radiant warmth, making you whole.
A simple curve, upon your face,
Can brighten any somber place.

Through trials and tribulations, you may tread,
With burdens heavy, and dreams unsaid.
But oh, dear heart, don't lose your way,
For a smile can turn night into day.

When sorrow knocks upon your door,
And doubts assail you to the core,
Let your smile be a steadfast shield,
Against the darkness, it shall wield.

In moments of joy, let it shine,
Like the sun's rays, divine and fine.
Let it dance upon your lips so true,
A testament to all that you've been through.

For in this world, so vast and wide,
A smile can be a soothing tide.
It heals the wounds, it mends the soul,
And makes broken spirits once more whole.

So, when the storms of life draw near,
And hope seems but a distant sphere,
Remember, dear friend, to smile bright,
For in your smile, lies endless light.

When darkness falls and shadows creep,
And in your heart, fears begin to seep,
Let your smile be a beacon bright,
Guiding you through the darkest night.

In times of trouble, when skies are gray,
And doubts and worries cloud your way,
Let your smile be a ray of hope,
A lifeline to help you cope.

When tears threaten to overflow,
And despair whispers soft and low,
Let your smile be a gentle breeze,
To calm the storm and put you at ease.

For in the curve of your lips so fine,
Lies a power that's truly divine.
It can lift spirits, it can heal,
It can make even the coldest heart feel.

So when life's challenges seem too steep,
And you're tempted to despair and weep,
Remember the magic that lies within,
Your smile, a gift that can light up within.

Let it shine forth like a beacon bright,
A symbol of strength, a source of light.
For in your smile, the world can see,
The beauty of your resilience and glee.

So wear it proudly, let it glow,
Through highs and lows, let it show.
For in your smile, there's boundless grace,
A reflection of your innermost embrace.

So smile, dear friend, and never cease,
For in your smile, lies endless peace.
Let it shine forth, let it be,
A testament to your bravery and glee.

When the journey is long and the road is rough,
And the trials ahead seem more than enough,
Let your smile be your guiding star,
Leading you on, no matter how far.

In moments of joy, let it spread,
Like wildfire, bright and widespread.
Let it light up the darkest night,
And fill your soul with pure delight.

When life throws curveballs, as it may,
And you stumble along the way,
Let your smile be your saving grace,
A reminder of your inner space.

For in your smile, there lies a spark,
A glimmer of hope within the dark.
It whispers of courage, of strength untold,
A beacon of light, a hand to hold.

So wear your smile like a crown,
Through laughter and tears, up and down.
Let it be your constant friend,
Guiding you through to the very end.

For in the end, when all is said and done,
And the final battle is won,
Your smile will be your legacy,
A testament to your bravery.

So smile, dear friend, and let it shine,
For in your smile, the world will find,
A reason to hope, a reason to be,
A reflection of all that's good and free.

When storms rage and thunder roars,
And life's trials shake you to the core,
Let your smile be a beacon bright,
Guiding you through the darkest night.

In moments of doubt and fear,
When the path ahead is unclear,
Let your smile be a guiding light,
To lead you through the darkest night.

For in your smile, there's strength and grace,
A light that shines in every place.
It brings warmth to hearts grown cold,
And turns despair into pure gold.

So when life's burdens weigh you down,
And despair threatens to make you drown,
Remember the power that lies within,
Your smile, a symbol of strength and kin.

Let it shine through the darkest hour,
A symbol of hope, a source of power.
For in your smile, the world will see,
The strength and beauty of your bravery.

So wear it proudly, let it glow,
Through every high and every low.
For in your smile, there lies a spark,
A beacon of hope that lights the dark.

When the world seems bleak and grey,
And troubles linger day by day,
Let your smile be a ray of light,
Dispelling shadows, shining bright.

In moments of sadness, let it bloom,
A flower of joy amidst the gloom.
Let it be a melody of cheer,
A reminder that hope is always near.

For in your smile, there's magic found,
A force that turns life's frowns around.
It spreads warmth and kindness far and wide,
A ripple of joy, a gentle tide.

So when challenges come your way,
And the skies above turn dark and grey,
Remember the power you possess,
To brighten the world with your happiness.

Let your smile be a guiding star,
Leading others from near and far.
For in your smile, there lies a key,
To unlock hearts and set spirits free.

So wear it proudly, let it shine,
For your smile is a gift divine.
It holds the power to uplift and inspire,
To ignite hope and set hearts on fire.

So smile, dear friend, and never relent,
For in your smile, the world finds content.
Let it be your compass, your guiding light,
Leading you through each day and night.

When the winds of change begin to blow,
And uncertainty casts its shadow,
Let your smile be a steady beam,
Guiding you through the wildest dream.

In moments of struggle, let it prevail,
A symbol of resilience that will never fail.
Let it be a beacon in the storm,
A reminder that you can weather any form.

For in your smile, there's strength untold,
A force of nature, a sight to behold.
It carries hope on its gentle wave,
And brings solace to those it saves.

So when darkness threatens to consume,
And despair looms like an endless gloom,
Summon your smile, radiant and true,
And watch as it lights up the world anew.

Let it be a testament to your spirit,
A reminder that you can overcome any limit.
For in your smile, there lies a power,
To transform the darkest hour into a flower.

So wear it proudly, let it shine,
For your smile is a treasure divine.
It holds the key to a brighter day,
And guides you on your journey's way.

So smile, dear friend, and never forget,
The impact your smile can truly beget.
Let it be a beacon in the night,
A symbol of hope, burning bright.

When life's burdens weigh heavy on your chest,
And you're faced with trials that put you to the test,
Let your smile be a testament to your strength,
A reminder that you'll go to any length.

In moments of doubt, when you feel alone,
And the road ahead seems like an endless drone,
Let your smile be a symbol of your resilience,
A beacon of light in the face of indifference.

For in your smile, there's a spark of grace,
A glimmer of hope in this chaotic place.
It speaks of courage and inner peace,
A reminder that all storms will cease.

So when the world feels cold and bleak,
And you're struggling to find the words to speak,
Let your smile be a warm embrace,
A sign that brighter days you'll chase.

Let it be a reflection of your inner light,
A symbol of joy that shines so bright.
For in your smile, the world will see,
The beauty of your soul, wild and free.

So wear it proudly, let it adorn your face,
A symbol of love, a gesture of grace.
For in your smile, there lies the key,
To unlocking the beauty in you and me.

#smile #love #heart #soul #joy #happiness #beauty #C9fm
Shara Anderson Feb 2018
Every story begins with an end: a lost love, the end of a war, the end of a friendship. My story begins with the completion of a bracelet. Each charm holds my story- a hope, a wish, a dream, and a story in my heart just waiting to be told….

A butterfly hangs on my wrist-
a constant reminder of my wish-
ugly like a caterpillar, I feel,
to go through metamorphosis I wish.

A home rests on my skin-
a reminder of my dream-
unhappy at home, I long for a change,
A happy home, full of life, I dream.

There is an anchor on this tiny wrist oof mine-
incessantly reminding me
that there is no need to float in the malevolence and dark of the world-
longing to be anchored to the world, I make a dream,
to find something to hold me here is my hope, my dream, my wish.

The moon hangs on my wrist-
an incessant reminder that I am never alone-
afraid in the dark I find myself,
a light in the dark of night is my hope.

A star from the sky dangles on my wrist-
a wish that nary a dream nor a hope can fill-
darkened by my life, I long to change,
to get over my “sickness,”
to be happy, I wish.

A little girl smiles at me every day-
a little boy smiles up next to her-
reminding me that I have eleven years to make up for,
that I have something,
someone worth living for.
A little girl,
a little girl that looks so much like me,
to come back to my baby siblings is my beacon of hope,
my reason to keep on keeping on.

A bass clef remains with me at all times-
a constant reminder that I can and will survive-
disheartened by the life I live, I dream,
the promise I made,
my way to save the day.

A guitar rocks on on my wrist-
a promise to myself-
I can survive, I say,
just like rock ‘n’ roll never dies-
a song for every broken heart, the promise was made
now I must find a way.

I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve one too many times,
so now I wear it on my wrist-
a reminder of my hope, my wish, my dream-
alone with no love I find myself,
to find love is my wish.

A sparrow lies on my wrist in midflight
reminding me that
like a sparrow I can fly
but no matter how hard I try
I cannot touch the sky.

A flower lays next to it
reminding me that
like a flower I can grow
but no matter what I say
I cannot grow alone.

A book is open on my wrist-
an insistent promise of a sweet escape-
longing for a happy ending, I dream
a way to escape is my wish.

A phoenix burns on my wrist-
an incessant reminder of my pain,
a symbol of hope and rebirth,
a reminder that I was born to die,
and I will die to live,
but what’s the point of living life if it just contradicts?
a talisman for my life, I wish,
to rise from the ashes is my dream.

An ancient dragon slumbers on me-
an immortal power,
an unimaginable being,
an indescribable strength,
an unrelenting force.
Useless like a mouse, I feel.
To have strength and power in my life,
a futile quest, I find myself on.

A lock and key keeps my secrets safe,
Hidden on my wrist-
An ancient confession
of a forsaken love,
a lost embrace
from another life,
a forgotten kiss
from an ancient love,
a distant wish,
and a promise I must keep
before I move onto the next life….
Beebz The Queen Dec 2014
The sound of rain on my roof
It truly makes me cry
It reminds me of how you held me
whispered in my ear "goodbye"
Rainfall is a constant reminder
Of how much I am in love with you
So please let the sun be your reminder
When it shines, know that I'll always remain true.
And every night as the sun sets
And the moon begins to rise
Let that be your reminder
I promised no more lies.
And if by chance a day goes by
And you haven't that promise I made
Look to the stars at night
I promised to behave.
Look to the trees
I promise to love you
Listen to the birds as they cry
And for my love, the sky blue.
Everything you see
And all that you do
Let it remind you constantly
How much I truly love you.
Joshua, this is for you... if you read it, i promise forever and always...
Mystery Man Jul 2014
The white man, can't say the word "*****". They say because its offensive, it's rude, but I know the real reason why. I know, because that's what I am; a ******. Born as a ******, lived as ******, I know why the white man can't say the word ******. They say that it makes no sense for the blacks to use this insulting, disgusting term for themselves, but only because they don't know the true meaning. We bear the name as a scar, as a reminder of what we fought, of what we were. We bear the name as a reminder of our ancestors, and their long hot days in the cotton fields, picking until their finger tips were raw with blood, whipped until their skin was indistinguishable from the raw fleshy pulp that was their aggravated flesh laced with the crimson nectar of their veins. We bear the name, to remind ourselves, that even amidst all this we lived. We fought our way through the darkness of the tunnel. We bear our scar, to remind us, to remind you, that we survived, that we are survivors. I bear the name, I bear the scar of a ******. That is why we call ourselves the name ******. It is our word of honor, our mark of surviving. The white man is not worthy enough to call me a ******.
I’m a soldier
in a war
sold to the highest bidder
Biding my time
getting high
but not getting
anything out of

A lifer
a loser
lost his way
was on his way
on a journey
was earning
a living
was living
a life
in spite of
spitting in the face
of all I was faced with
Couldn’t face up
to the need
I was feeding
A hole
from which
my soul
was bleeding
Unknown reason
harboring this treason
give it time
it will season
Belief system
the Devil
finds pleasing

No matter
how much I tried
and from everyone hide,
including myself,
what was
deep inside
If I went
and made
an attempt
a fool I'd be,
wasted time spent
A lament
at controlling
the tide
And each day
from the next
more and more
of me died

There was a time
when all my efforts
went unheeded
and instead
But these courtships
did not breed
or plant the seed
Instead was seething
to be
Escaping from me
with each breath
I’m breathing

A horrible time
making me ill
Not having free will
and not for me
to get
Must get angry
and upset
Breaking steps
So many
I’m falling
more than I’m standing

Steps I’ve climbed
mostly blind
by my blindfold
Its knots
I bind
the moment
I ‘rise-and-shine’
so that
in time
when rising
like yeast,
the hiding
inner self

Every hand folding
as I’m
raising the bets,
doesn't make sense
From where
did I get
this invisible pet
Originally set
and previously molded
in the early stages
of the morning
in a story
that’s boring
and been told
time and time again
lost love ones
and friends

A friendly reminder
that a
is not
a time saver
if the referenced ‘stitch’
relied upon
was built upon
from others
that we
self tie
but mostly
force fed
by the very hand
by my head

It’s a numbing thought;
reasons sought
but pieces
My peace disturbed
by actions
from a desire
to numb
so that these thoughts
will be

and rotten
left for days
in a
wrought iron cage
with sage
too afraid
to consume
but 'In-Doom'
I trust
and with full ******
my smile
Forward I go
for sins
I pay
and lie within
this bed
I've made

Not night;
thick of day
No difference displayed
Skewed indifference
to the
that have been
like the path
of destruction
from this day
in my wake
can't brake
A life's mistake
Lay me down
my soul
to take
Lying in state,
a viewing,
my wake
My mind
now awake
Cruelty's laugh
makes me
an ***
A crass reminder
of a life
that's past
Written: July 14, 2018

All rights reserved.
tells me that I’m alive
Sunset reminds me
that I lived
Àŧùl Mar 2015
I love you,
The best is yet to come.
Don't scramble,
Let us plan our lives.
We have it in our hands,
Luck and destiny will bend before us.

Yes we toil for it,
Both of us will put efforts.
Don't be scared dear,
Just hold my hand firmly.
What we can't individually do,
Together we will manage it all.

The sun in our sky has risen,
It will reach higher up above.
Not burning it will emblazon,
Just shining away all darkness.
How differences of ours remain,
We won't let them become large.

And yes, today I tell you darling,
Two different individuals we are.
So many of differences will ripen,
But how we treat them is unto us.
We can't let them become so large,
The love we share is much bigger.

Just practice perseverance my love,
Stay strong & toil hard we both will.
Not breaking mountains we must be,
Still challenging stay all our methods.
Zest of ours must not fail in this spirit,
Zealous we voyage on in the sea of life.

We both have that passion in ourselves,
Helping people parry off all the dangers.
Never would we worry about our past,
For we both cherish the lessons learnt.
Odds will often rise between both of us,
We won't let them disunite us any day.

This love I feel is a bit experienced,
And my experience tells me a lot.
We must never fall out separate,
Because together we're happy.
Differences do not invite rifts,
Neither should we let them...
Written under the effects of the wine called love.

My HP Poem #804
©Atul Kaushal
Asphyxiophilia Sep 2013
The carpet is frayed in the hallway
And the nails along the walls are facing upwards
As reminders that any attempt to
Unearth the secrets swept beneath them
Will result in ****** hands
And the closet door in the bathroom
Is hanging off the hinges
From the time your stepmother tried
To hide her boyfriend in there
And your father threw it open
As a reminder that closets
Are cliché places to keep skeletons
And the red smear beside the toilet
Is the result of your father's fists
Breaking blood vessels and skin
As a reminder that even ghosts
Can leave behind stains
And the glass window in the bedroom is splintered
From the time your father had a nightmare
And thought the house was on fire
As a reminder that sometimes
We burn from the inside
And there's a hole in your bedroom wall
From the time your brother put his fist through it
As a reminder that walls are the only things that stand between
Yourself and every version of yourself that
You've tried to hide within them.
Lace Aug 2019
Bright appearance
Blue eyes
All those little lies

Treating me like nothing
Sometimes there
Acting like you care

Maybe you do
I know you’re not here anymore
And with that let me say
I no longer mourn
Haley Anne Jun 2016
I want this number etched onto my skin
as a permanent reminder of what once was
to remind me of both the pain and the beauty
the way ‘I love you’s fell from your lips so reassuringly when I needed it the most,
the future that we talked about sharing together so often that I was certain it would happen
the beauty that was us
as well as a reminder of the pain
of all of the broken sobs that shook my entire body
of all of the sleepless nights
of having to accept the fact that I’m no longer the one you long to be with
I want something to remind me of all of the promises made on this day
the ones that were never kept
as well as the ones that I still hold close to my heart
I want a tattoo to remind me of this day
the day that I accepted who I was
the day that I realized loving you was worth giving up everything I once believed to be true
I want this number etched onto my skin to remember the pain and the beauty
but not as a scar,
never a scar
I want it as a beautiful reminder
because you my love, are something never to be forgotten
I will not allow myself to act as if our love never happened
I will not treat it as a mistake
and when someone asks about the ‘XV’ carved onto my skin,
I will explain the meaning of it to the best of my abilities
and though they may adequately understand my words
they will never understand the importance of it
I want ‘XV’ etched onto my skin as a reminder
a reminder of a once great love.
Jolie Savitsky May 2011
whats there to say?
soon the end of the day, will be upon us
as the driver pulls away
forgotten words bring on pain
whats left as they watch their lives decay ?

heartbroken faces watching tears of sadness soak the ground
beautiful and depressed
life and death
the sweet reminder still left on her breath

whats left for one to say?
words of comfort no longer comply
beautiful and depressed
as the **** slowly breaks
raises her head to the sky,
shes finally able to cry

heartbroken faces watching tears of sadness soak the ground
beautiful and depressed
life and death
the sweet reminder still left on her breath

all the pain locked inside
beautiful and depressed
no one knew the key
no one understood why
she seeks friendship from the sky
heavenly secrets held in the stars
heavy secrets disguised as scars

heartbroken faces watching tears of sadness soak the ground
beautiful and depressed
life and death
the sweet reminder still left on her breath

as traffic screeches to a halt
a terrifying scream breaks through
one of finally letting go
one that shocked all who knew

heartbroken faces watching tears of sadness soak the ground
beautiful and depressed
life and death
the sweet reminder dying on her breath
Autumn moves fast through the tunnel of love
Push from the top; bottom falls from above
Dangling leaves are flexing about
Dreaming of hope is a nightmarish shout

Cackle of ghouls; a shivering spine
All that is due will be due in due time
Whispering wind softly kisses my cheek
Lifetime of searching; know not what I seek

Darkness emerges as light fades away
Tried to hold on knowing no one can stay
Feeling alive only once I am dead
Listen but don't hear a word that is said

Roar of a flame, the warmth of the light
Fireball streaks interrupting the night
From the ashes we rose and to dust we return
Heart made of ice will not sooth what’s been burned

Holding my breath and not rising for air
Promise to no one the nothing I share
Hugging and squeezing a cuddly toy
Faded reminder when I was a boy

Roar of a racing car traveling fast
Linear stories that live in the past
Afternoon stroll through the paths in the woods
Wasn't enough when it’s all that I could

Didn't regret not regretting a thing
Perfectly still while I sit on the swing
Lazy and careless; the problem I tackle
Chained here forever without any shackles

Future and past presently now amuck
Free man who's also imprisoned and stuck
Roaring, the waves speaking softly to me
Shouting a message using secrecy

Cackling rooster call to end the day
Adult you become but your parents can't stay
Ending's begun and beginning ends near
Enveloped in fog; then it all became clear

Through stutter and stammer, I clearly can speak
World’s strongest man; I am fearful and weak
Worldly observer, I travel through life
Don't leave my house; Live alone with no wife

Peacock with confidence strutting my stuff
Have had my fill but not yet had enough
Nothing I fear but much fear have for it
Blowing out candles that never were lit

Bellowing cheers of "hip-hip hooray!"
Round of applauds for those who've died today
Subtle of strikes from a blatant attack
Gift you are given; already took back

Slapped with audacity right in the face
Composed with the utmost politeness and grace
Without allergy present, my body reacts
Calmly I sit through a panic attack

Telling a lie until it becomes truth
Speaking with stature his words are uncouth
Deafening silence rang shots from the gun
Finished a race that has not yet begun

"Rule" one time "Golden", now covered in rust
Did what was needed but not what I must
You can be anything but yet nothing you are
Traveling often but didn't go far

Properly set for no expectations
Biased perception began at creation
Feet on the ground and head in the clouds
Displayed while I'm naked; exposed in my shroud
Written - April 6, 2017

All rights reserved.
Staff Sgt. Joseph D'Augustine
a proud Jersey son
whom Thou hast blessed
laid in St. Luke’s ground
for his heavenly rest
April 4, 2012


in a far off province of
God forsaken Helmand,
our dear son Joey
met his untimely end

an explosive crack
a most terrible sound
felled a beloved Jersey son
to the cold cruel ground

working the live wires
of a well placed IED
a deathly burst killed him
it was awful to see  

Staff Sgt. Joseph D’Augustine
in solemn duty fell
fellow brothers in arms
will forever reverently tell

of courage and character
of a dear fallen friend
and how the valiant warrior
met with death at his end

for he was always faithful
to his beloved corps
comrades couldn't ask
a valiant marine for more


details of his death
are not the real story
selflessness and bravery
are but part of his glory

is it brash to
question why he fell?
in a useless bitter war
an embroiled senseless hell

a generation mustered
to fight in the war on terror
serving four tours of duty
in a lost decade of errors

two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq
could a nation ask a man for more?
for he was always faithful to the call
upholding pledges he hath sworn


the burden of war
to a  few confined
it rarely crosses
an American’s mind

incessant war machine
drones on apace
the horror of conflict
so cleverly displaced

with afternoon baseball
and super bowl parties
big disco paychecks
and other selfish priorities

pay hollow tribute
to dear weary troops
when valor is mentioned
we gather in groups

we’ll raise the flag
sing stirring anthems
than its back to the party
pay it no more attention

self styled patriots
wave handfuls of flags
but ask them to contribute
the zeal soon lags

its left to the few
to shoulder burdens of many
fairness is lost
its a democratic calamity

four tours in a decade
an inhumane task
burdens require sharing
its only fair to ask

Joey was always faithful
to the task at hand
willing to step forward
to serve his homeland


in the wake of 9/11
a nation deeply shaken
young patriots stirred
liberty’s call not forsaken

a call to serve answered
to quell the rise of terror
a clear clarion alarm
marks the nature of the era

Joey boldly came forward
to train and learn
the art of warriors
his bright patriotism burned

deployed to Afghanistan
to capture Osama
routing the Taliban
without much problem

but a pacified Afghan
not enough for Bush
he invaded Iraq
another military push

we rolled into Baghdad
adorned with victors garlands
Saddam’s statue toppled
our troops were honored

deposing a dictators
soon turned to occupation
a ****** mission transformed
to build the Iraqi and Afghan nations

once honored liberators
now a conquering force
bestriding broken nations
on a civil war course

military industrialists
stood to profit most
sweet protracted conflict
record earnings to boast

lives bartered for lucre
a region held hostage
the conflict deepened
hostilities hardened

America dipped into
a great recession
the war machine
bled money and
kept on ticking

scooping up contracts
rewarding investors
the dividends of war
heaven sent treasure

continuation of hostilities
preys on a nation's youth
as casualties mount
ill portents forsoothed

a fraction of citizens
bare heartaches of war
gulping measures of despair
to guard a nations door

a nation always faithful
to the holy pursuit of profit
a highest citizens calling
put money into your pocket


our beloved Jersey son
gave a full measure of devotion
in dress blues they shipped him
back across the ocean

on the Dover tarmac
they received his remains
for a last ride northward
to his hometown terrain

repatriated body
bereft of soul saluted
solemn escort knelt
hearts trembled, tears muted

a hearse for a gallant man
flanked by state troop cruisers
to escort the funeral train
assure an honored movement

one last trip up
old thunder road
the storied highway
Joey often trod

the last detail legged up 17
reverent firefighters saluted  
from overpasses
to honor  the woeful scene

as the motorcade passed
the Garden State Malls
frenzied consumers
failed to notice at all

busy window shoppers
didn't to turn an eye
as Joey rolled home
to the sweet by and by

vets interred at the
Old Paramus Church
gently stirred in their graves
reasons for war they search

Channel 12 Chopper
circled its eye in the sky
televised the sad parade
captured many teary eyes

the early spring blooms
colorful petals displayed
maples and forsythias
a royal carpet laid

spring remains always faithful
as the new season turns
offer sunshine and glory
as our sinking hearts burn


motorcycle escort
northbound lane clear
rolling homeward
Waldwick was near

leaves exploding
green shoots budding
****** white maple blooms
natures accolades stunning

the oaks yet bare
just waking from slumber
winters death passing
a sad day put asunder

the motorcade passed
Joey’s home on Prospect Ave
few  envision lifes endings
this woefully sad

red chevy pickup idles
in hoop crowned driveway
never to drain jumpers again
departed children can’t play

the eye in the sky
framed neighbors in mourning
welcoming back a fallen hero
unsettled emotions dawning

neighbors waved Old Glory
from painted stoops and curbs
unsure how this tragedy
visits this blessed suburb

green grass of home
always flush with spirit
tears welled in the eyes
most difficult to bear it

last cruise of the town
sad neighbors stand witness
paying final due respects
and ponder from a distance

what purpose is served
by this man’s passing?
the dead cannot speak
rationale is for the living

the terrible herse
death circles our town
moves through our day
hope of spring drowned

murderer of sunshine
killer of young flowers
budding trees breaking
our hearts an ashen pallor

we remember the beauty
of Joey’s stout face
as it looked on your finest day
exuding pure honor and grace

old vets gather
donning caps and pins
boasting semper fi jackets
jutting tear dripping chins

shaking hands, giving hugs
bearing tattered banners
the hearse ambles onward
we head home in solemn manner

good folks are always faithful
where beloved ones grew
the death of our children
we sadly cannot undo


the bells of St. Lukes
called out from the sky
platoons of limping vets
marched in with pride

pomp and circumstance
requisite dress blues
family, friends, townsfolk
overflowed the pews

doleful bells resound
tolling a mournful reckon
the cost of war mounts
a family’s loss beckons

the casualties of war
falls upon a nation's youth
a seasons page not  turned
a flowing wound not soothed

the wistful cornet calling
floats on the fluted air
the bereaved ***** gently sounds
a congregations somber despair

an unsettling dirge
the parish grows uneasy
nationalist bravado wanes
in the forlorn sanctuary

both church and flag
draped in colors of war
mock stain glass windows
communicants adore

is it a betrayal of the flag
to offer enemies
psalms of reconciliation?
where does true loyalty lay
with God or a warring nation?

afterall this is a sanctuary
where peace and harmony reigns
are we not called to beat swords
into ploughshares as the highest
calling of our Lord?

we are always faithful
to the pathways to war
when the practice of peace
is what we should adore


coughing and whispers
incessant low murmur
a baby cries out
we sit and remember

the crucifers process
in solemnity to greet
subtle ***** notes salute
a coffin draped in Old Glory sheets

the beloved child welcomed
to his eternal repose
priests splash holy water
within the sacred dome

an amazing grace revealed
lifted by marine pallbearers
dearly departed body presented
gently placed at the altar

a grief struck sister
lovingly eulogizes
recalls tonka trucks,
GI Joe’s and cool transformers

a punch in the nose
an approaching wedding
beckoning Eastertide
vacation plans left begging

my second grade class sent
Christmas cookies and cards
to dear Joey and warrior friends
he said it warmed stark winter hearts

he was raised in this church
taught trust and reconciliation
the comfort of the Lords peace
may it surely go with him

for he was always faithful
to sisters, family and faith
his resurrection service
imbues sacredness
to this space


sharp in dress blues
Eddie T USMC Gunny
big 50 caliber smile
offers his eulogy

Bada Bing Jersey Humvee
we called him Joey Calzones
good mood, loved sausages
he tickled the funny bone

always willing to sacrifice
loved the Patriots Tom Brady
a women dominated household
gave him a way with the ladies

his calling explosive ordinances
he said he was livin the dream
March 6th last time we met
knocking frost off cold ones
man whatta scream

a gallant marine,
beloved brother,
a sure friend
he was always faithful
I’m deeply wounded
by his untimely end


the gospel read
the homily offered
Ecclesiastes wisdom
a time for everything

God never turns
an eye from the beloved
though seasons change
we are not forsaken
never unloved

as loss arrives
surely grief grows
turn away not
wisdom knows

in resignation
love lay dead
diligent intention
banishes dread

our rekindled hope
we rend and sow
our beloved Joey
knew this was so

our favorite son’s
example taught us
now rises on eagle’s wings
to claim his divine justice

Jesus faithfully tramped
the path to an awful death
Joey too fought the good fight
a warrior now gratefully at rest

The Lord holds him close
to the ***** of sure love
a cantors beatific voice incants
Joey’s spirit that forever enchants

The Lord is always faithful
to the bereaved and  beloved
no one ever forsaken
all unconditionally loved


the Holy Eucharistic cup
affirms everlasting giving
tasted to nourish evermore
a libation for the living

singing the Beatitudes
praising peace makers
mercy filled voice and song  
pallbearers lift Joey’s coffin

off to seek his final peace
an earthly occupation ended
he’ll suffer worldly hate no more
down the aisle his coffin wended

the family closely followed
a mother haltingly sobbing
faithful marines came forth
to steady her wobbling

there is no sudden waking
from this terrible dream
the pungent incense rose
to the chapels sacred beams

the stained glass murals depict
the passion of Jesus’s story
illuming a consuming sorrow
in all its grace filled glory

the ***** of death slinks on again
we search for consolation
the recompense of honor blest
leaves a hollow heart wanting
no answers offered to quell the dark
of these terrible life’s moments
only the desperate need to hold onto
beleaguered treasure that sustains us

for we are always faithful
to the things we know
always faithful to the
things we refuse to let go


the color guard and funeral detail
assembled in front of St. Luke’s
the cemetery right next door
the procession a short troop

the living will stumble through
the darkness of separation
seeking elusive answers
of poignant uncertainty;
all gave some, Joey gave all
nothing more required for his
journey through eternity

Joey will always be with us
his stories forever retold
as long as the machinery of
great nations engage
the gears of wasteful war

Joey’s spirit lives
in a peoples desire
for freedom, only if
our hope of peace
is greater than the
need for conflict

Joey’s lifes work
is sure to bear fruit
if those remaining
fight the good fight
by taking up the
task to protect and
expand the values
of liberty we
hold most dear

like our good
friend Jesus
Joey wears a crown
bejeweled with
a ring of thorns
hoisted on a
terrible cross
the sweet
incense of you
meets our nose
we inhale your
earthly presence
beholding beautifully
adorned crucifix,
a reminder of
unjust persecution
and a perfect
yet this wretched
coffin remains

pledging allegiance
we rationalize our
stories, articulating
our small parts
in  heroic sagas,
reciting myths of
ourselves, recording
the grim history of
a young marine
surrounded by
a smart color guard,
feasting on todays
eucharist, this
days sweet taste
of  the daily bread
of human sorrow

The priest finishes
his graveside
of Joey D

Taps conclude
a wind rises
crows take flight
winging over
a stand of budding
Sugar Maples
exploding in white
blooms, reveling
in the glorious
sunshine of this
magnificent day

St. Luke’s stairway to
God Country and Home
smiling portrait of you
forever young

we surround your grave
to bless the earth
you've returned home
to your place of birth

our flowing pride
and salty tears bless
the anointed ground
that you loved best

a proud Jersey son
whom Thou hast blest
laid in St. Luke’s ground
for his heavenly rest

for he was always faithful
to the blessed land
forever at peace
in the soils sure hands

Charles Ives
The Unanswered Question

Aa Harvey Jun 2018

You are a reminder of her death;
It’s time I started seeing you as a reminder of her life.
Time takes its toll as it takes every last breath,
But I am unworthy of passing judgment on you, her wife.

So I will no longer dislike being in your presence;
I shall accept the good side of this relationship
And remember the good times the three of us have shared.
I think it is time for us to rebuild this friendship.

In youth we are learning and in old age we repent;
It is too late now to say the words that I should have said,
But maybe with you I will have a second chance;
Another day to say sorry and tell you of my regrets.

Your love is your own and her love was a beaming light;
In the darkest of nights I still see her smile.
She passed through this world and lived too fast to die,
But we shall always have the memory of her
And she will always be at our side.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
island poet May 2018
“Moby ****,”  Herman Melville


~for the lost at sea~

after a year of saltwater absence and abstinence,
return to the island caught between two land forks
surrounded by river-heading flows
bound for the ocean great joining

the Atlantic welcomes the fresh water fools,
bringing with them hopefully, but hopeless gifts of obeisances,
peace-offerings endeavoring to keep their infinite souls

sea accepts them then drowns the
warm newcomers in the unaccustomed
deep cold salinity, which
sometimes erodes
sometimes preserving
their former freshwater cold originality

I’m called to depart my beach shoreline  unarmed,
no kayak, sunfish or glass bottomed boat needed,
walk on water and my toes, ten eyes to see the bottom,
no depth perception limitation,
reading the floor’s topography,
millions of minion’s stories infinite,
many Munch screaming

god’s foot, heavy upon my shoulders,
a daytime travel guide, hired for me,
not a friendly travel companion,  nope,
God a pusher showing off a drug called deep water salvation,
designated for the masses, can handle large parties

my in-camera brain  eyes,
record everything for playback -
the lost and unburied, bone crossword puzzles

walk shore to ship, on soles to souls,
is this my new-summer nature welcome back greeting?

puzzled at the awesomeness of vastness,
conclude this clarification for me of the occluded-deep,
is a stern reminder of my insignificant existence,
my requirement to walk humbly, spare my sin of vanity, and
forgive my trespasses upon the lives of others

perhaps then the infinite of my soul perchance restored,
older visions clarified and future poems
will write themselves
and sea to it my predecessors
be better remembered

Memorial Day 2018
Frankie Gestone Mar 2013
He woke up in a rapid sweat, darkness surrounding him, his soaked pillow was pressing up on his neck as he could feel the uncomfortable stabbing cold run right threw his whole body. His mouth was dry and his body was in great pain. He lay there practically naked, but not just physically, also emotionally. It was like a catatonic state where the person’s body is paused in reality, but the actual person is far away and isolated even from himself. He wondered why he was so comfortable being uncomfortable and remaining frozen in time.  He saw nothing but the subtle moonlight that peaked through the blinds of his window. A point of existence, he feels nothing because all he has ever felt has drowned him. His numbness was being accepted and he embraced that if he remained this way, he would never have to feel hurt or heartbreak again. It’s better this way, he confirmed.

Eventually he got up out of his bed, walked outside to a nearby empty field. He looked up at the infinite night sky and contemplated the moon, the stars, and the endless space that sustained all of its existence. A tear fell down his cheek as he remembered the beautiful wonder of life and the universe; his realization that he is just a small spec of dust compared to all that is and all that is wonderful. Whatever happened to that universal happiness he used to feel? The feelings of the unseen, the cosmos, the mysteries that remain unsolved were all love. He then felt ancient and brand new at the same time-always being around all that is, but recently born into the unknown. The silence of the night swarmed him, and he suddenly embraced all the things he could not accept. The lullaby of the wind put him to sleep.

When he awoke, it was twilight. The sky was a lighter, deep blue and the sun in the far distance was rising in a fiery halo of mixed red, orange, and yellow colors, and the early morning clouds were clear and transparent. He heard the sound of a train horn in the far distance. He followed the sound with his ears as the sound became slightly louder and louder. Then, suddenly he could see the light of the early morning train.

The train had stopped as he approached it, and he hopped on with no hesitation or looking back. This runaway train was going to take him to where he needs to be, and he blindly and faithfully accepted that his fate was out of his hands now. No more heartbreak, no more reminders of the past, and most importantly no more drowning in his tears. As the train proceeded to move forward, he could feel fresh air gently touch his face, and all that he saw and ever knew were now flashing lights disappearing into eternity.

It was hours into the late morning when the train made its first stop. He listened to the train conductor speak out over the intercom, almost incoherently, say, “This is Brightstone Park. Next stop will be Riverhead.” A nostalgic feeling suddenly came over him as he could remember that his very first kiss was in Brightstone Park with Jessica Garzi. That was not his first true love, but his very first heartbreak. Riverhead was a forbidden memory, as he knew a classmate who had committed suicide off the Riverhead Bridge. He had not returned there in five years because of his haunting memories that would always come back to remind him just how cold and frightening the world really is.

While lost in thought, he felt a rough, sand paper-like wet feeling on his forearm. He looked down and it was a black cat, but not all black. The paws were all white like socks, and the chest and stomach were snow white. The loud prominent purr was a very peculiar reminder of a cat he once owned. Her name was Midnight. She was not the friendliest cat to strangers, but she loved him, especially when he massaged her paws. This cat was practically identical to Midnight. Midnight was put down three years ago though. As he began petting the cat’s back, it ran away and jumped off the moving train. He looked out in a hurry, but it was gone. It was just like everything else he loved. There for one moment, then gone the next. The strange thought that has one wondering if anything had actually existed that is now no more. A person, or a thing, could mean everything to you, but once they slip away, they become like the wind: occasionally brushing up against you, but never revealing its form.

On the train he began to wonder how he got where he was, and in general how the smallest decisions he made lead to bigger events and all in all, everything was all connected. There are no isolated events, or isolated people- it is all proven fact and science. Everything depends on each other to survive. The trees depend on the sun to keep themselves alive; we give off carbon dioxide to the trees and in return, we receive the oxygen we need from the leaves of the trees. He thought about the potential of a seed-for example, a tomato seed. Within that tiny seed is unlimited potential of life: The seed may produce one plant of several tomatoes, and within all those tomatoes are countless other seeds. This is all from one seed. Then, one may take a couple of seeds from a picked tomato and plant them throughout the yard creating a garden. That original seed came from another tomato seed inside a tomato on a plant, and that seed came from another seed. When did this cycle of reproduction begin and when does it end? Is it just another form of the infinite? When a person eats a tomato from that original seed, he receives certain essential vitamins his body needs for surviving and sustaining good health. This good health will effect his offspring and so on and so on. When he defecates, that will all return to the earth for potential fertilizer used for other tomato seeds. This is the same when he returns to the earth again. His dust will fertilize the same world that he came from, for all things come from it just to inevitably return to it.

He continued to think about how matter is never created nor destroyed and the same for energy. Nothing ever truly dies; the form changes into something new, like how water becomes a cloud and the cloud becomes water. Though this comforted him, he noticed that a few feet away from him was a former coworker and friend, Natasha Karev. She always infatuated him and they became close friends, but he always wished it had continued and gone even further than it did. One night, only a couple of years ago, they were at a friend’s party. Both were drinking, but not so heavily. That night they bonded and got so close, that she admitted she loved him. He was never quite sure how real that “I love you” was, but it was burned inside his heart ever since. That night there were moments she would tell him how much she wanted to make love to another guy at the party, Kevin, but was afraid to approach him. She told him she desperately wanted to lose her virginity that night to somebody because she was eighteen and only getting older. This was like a sharp knife slowly penetrating into his heart. He remained speechless for quite a few minutes. Finally he decided to go up in a bedroom alone. To his surprise, she followed him up and kissed him. He felt her clothed body up and down, and she touched areas not many have touched before. She told him she wanted to have *** and that she wanted him to rob her of her virginity. He was speechless, but extremely excited. Then, abruptly, she told him she could not because everything was happening way too soon. Why couldn’t she just make up her mind? He sat frustrated in the darkness, again, all alone. After that night, they spoke and remained close, yet that night was never mentioned again. It was as if it had never happened. After about two years of an on and off friendship, they just went their own ways. There were no fights or disagreements. Life just separated them.

“You’re just a figment inside somebody’s dream. So far from reality, you are a dream within a dream within a dream.” Startled by this soft voice, he quickly turned around to see Natasha smiling at him. “Ha-ha! I knew I could scare you. Were you abused as a kid, or something?” No words could come out at that moment, but he hugged her tightly. She explained to him that she is getting off at the next stop to meet a friend. He was sure he wanted to follow her and see where life would take him. She reminisced and told him how she had been away inside her own cave for several months, but is now very happy to meet up with everyone she had lost contact with.

The next stop arrived, but he did not catch the name of the stop he was getting off. As he got off with several others, both he and Natasha met up with her friend, Valeria, who he found quite cute. She resembled Natasha a bit in that they both had ***** blonde hair and blue eyes. They walked right into a giant street fair with a crowd of people looking at the foods and desserts, the trendy clothes, cheap jewelry, and children play rides.

As he looked around, he began seeing many familiar faces. He saw Kevin, a childhood and grammar school mate there with another co-worker of his, Jenny. Jenny was a Colombian beauty in his eyes and who was a flirt and tease to him, but never actually gave him any time alone. Incidentally, he knew both of them at different times in his life and had no idea they knew of each other. Kevin stopped contacting him during high school without any arguments or disloyalties that would tear a friendship apart. Keeping his head down, he walked a few feet to discover another childhood best friend, Jack, who was with a mutual childhood friend, Melanie. Melanie was a best friend of his and also a first childhood crush who also had a crush on him. He thought it was odd because even though Melanie and Jack were also best friends, Melanie never liked Jack in a special boy/girl way. He felt a moment of heartbreak, but quickly turned away and kept walking. A little further up the road, he saw two more childhood friends, Chris and Jimmy, who as children did not get along that well and only hung out with each other in the company of him. How peculiar it was suddenly seeing them together after ten years, and as seemingly best of friends.

That was not all. Things were getting stranger and stranger. It was like all the people who had made an imprint on his life were now coming together around him. He saw his two therapists, one he had gone to as a teenager and the other as a young adult, stand next to each other selling prescription drug samples. Both stared at him with a blank face, but with a prominent smile. He could barely nod at them. Natasha directed them to a local bar. Inside the bar was huge and also had a second floor. He noticed the music playing in the background was, Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2, by Polish born Romantic composer, Frederic Chopin. He became fixated on the elegant eighth note, left hand arpeggios, and the sweet and peaceful fast moving seven, eleven, twenty, and twenty-two notes from the right hand. If he thought about the most beautiful song ever written and all that is wonderful in one, this was the song.

They all took a seat and began looking at people and laughing at their behavior. Everyone was wearing masks. Social masks. They observed how different people act when they are in social gatherings, and how if you carefully study their body language, it will become clear that what they are saying and trying to put out is not what is actually being expressed through the body. One young man was frantically shaking his right leg as he tried to flirt confidently with a young woman he had just recently met. His face began to turn noticeably red, in an embarrassed flush, and he was making sudden hand gestures and quick eye blinking. She, on the other hand, pretended to be interested in what he was saying; yet her eyes would often look around the room and her body was a good distance from him with her arms folded.

Then as they were all laughing, he abruptly stopped and looked ahead to see two drunken women making out two tables away from them. As his eyes focused in on them, he realized they were two of his former crushes, Claire and Veronica, who he had no idea knew of each other because in fact, they were from different time periods of his life. He began seeing former teachers and professors from each stage of his school career, laughing hysterically with one another. Some of his most inspiring teachers and professors were gathered with other teachers and professors he despised. A young, tattooed hipster woman entered the scenery with a little Cairn Terrier that had an uncanny resemblance to his recently passed dog, Petey, who was put to sleep when he was away on a vacation, unexpectedly. His sorrow began to overwhelm him for not being able to say good-bye and see him for a proper last time. Everything about the dog’s high energy, playfulness, and watchdog attitude was exactly like Petey. A tear ran and fell off his cheek from his left eye right into the hand of Natasha. He looked up at her and she said, “Your tears are my tears. For what pain you withhold, I take and share with you.” She then wiped her right eye with the hand that held his tear. Natasha’s friend began to speak slowly into his left ear in Russian. Though he could not understand a word she was saying, it sounded just like a poem based on the pattern and rhythm’s consistency. It made him feel free of melancholy, but then thought of Angela Antonaci entered his mind.

He thought that the last painful experience ended with the break up of his closest best friend ever to play a part in his life. She was his girlfriend for the last three and a half years. They had known each other for ten years before they broke up their entire relationship. She was thirteen and he was fifteen when they first met in a park. She was always all over him like a little schoolgirl and he would often get frustrated with her obsession over him, for he believed he was no big deal. She was the first person to ever make him feel special and important, and even though he would resent her likeness towards him, he could never keep his eyes off of her or stop himself from always coming to her when he felt lonely. After about seven years, he realized he was in love with her. He had always been in love with her from the first time they met eyes. His long road had always lead back to her home in life. Every time he tried forgetting her and moving on, they would meet again. That person people search their entire lives for, he had found.

He rose out of his seat and briefly said goodbye to Natasha and her friend and went upstairs. He wanted time to be alone and walk around until he suddenly saw Jessica walking towards him. He stopped and waited for her to say hello, but she walked right by him, as if he had never existed. He felt a little insulted, yet relieved as any awkwardness that would arise was avoided. Looking ahead, he saw Angela’s two best friends, Kate and Julie, with her high school crush, John. John was playing an acoustic guitar on a lounge chair, singing to the two friends, almost enticing them with his eyes and voice. His jealousy overcame him, as Angela had been infatuated with him on and off even though he had played with her feelings throughout high school and college. John would tell her he loved her and make her believe he was a romantic, then when she fell into his words, he would leave her and keep a distance for long periods of time, leaving her in despair.

The conclusion occurred to him that maybe she was nearby. He searched throughout the entire bar not finding any other clues that she was around. When he went downstairs, he saw Natasha and her friend asleep, as well as most of the bar, except for the bartender. It was like everyone just passed out from the alcohol or possibly inhaled some type of knockout drug. The bartender was watching the news forecast of a tornado watch and dangerous thunderstorms. The bartender looked at him and said, “It’s better if you stay in here. It’s dangerous out there. I recommend you don’t go out!” He just listened, but decided to leave to the outside anyway.

He walked three blocks through the heavy rain and strong winds. He took a moment to stop and look at the black and gray clouds above him. As he looked across the street, he saw her. She was with her mother, sister, and mutual friends of theirs, Chrystal and Mike. He also saw behind them, his own mother and sister. He ran across the street to her and she shockingly with excitement screamed, “Hey!!! Oh my God!! Please stay with us. I missed you so much. You have no idea. We have to get to a shelter away from this storm. Hold my hand…” Smiling, he kept walking with them. They walked for twenty minutes and entered a giant field. After ten minutes of walking restlessly through the field, they all stopped to catch their breath. Angela’s mom ordered everyone to hold one another’s hand. An enormous gust of wind pushed them all to the grassy ground. He began to shake violently as he felt the touch of death nearby. He wondered if this would be the end, as he felt unaccomplished and left with so much left unsaid to her. Thoughts raced through his mind like a speeding highway about how to get to safety. Unable to control and remain focused on one rational thought at a time, he blacked out for a minute.

Then there he was right in the middle of a storm. In so many ways, he realized where he was ending was where he originally began. All the imprints from all he ever knew came back all at once to watch him finally leave all he ever knew from this life. And in the last moments, he found himself with her. He held her hand, while she held his, and the hands of their family and friends. The world was so dark and cold. The wind became much more rapid and an enormous bright light from it came within just miles of them. He kept looking up at the dark black and gray clouds over them, never as frightened as he was now. His focus was on the great strength of the wind. Whatever melancholic thoughts he had of his life, he would not give up hope. Maybe he was just hopelessly hopeful, but holding each other tightly might, in some miraculous way, save them. Then suddenly a deep peace began to sustain his very being. He remembered whose hand he was holding- the only woman to ever understand every level of his being. He looked down at her big, precious eyes pouring out tears. Their eyes locked, as she had been watching him the entire time. No words needed to be said from one another. They knew exactly what they felt and meant. For the first time in his life, everything was all okay. All was beautiful. The whole situation was beautiful, not tragic. In that moment, he understood this was where he was meant to be. This was where he wanted to be, for only in such a life altering moment does one comprehend the very nature of love and life. To just glance into her eyes and see the same person staring back in suspense, while all he ever knew was being born, growing, and dying simultaneously in complete acceptance. They began to fade and disappeared into the light.
Leah Ward Mar 2013
This is a reminder to myself.
I'll put it in a place I'll remember to look.

When I lift open the cover of a book other than my favorite,
or struggle to reach titles from top shelves, I will be reminded
Of how inadequacy felt when I first met you.

I will be reminded of how slowly your thumb runs across my palm,
Simply by its lingering absence, as I sit silently in an audience
of other symphony goers orchestrating our bereft greetings which lead
To our brief meetings.

This is a reminder to myself of how
Very impolite it is to smile without valid occasion
As I check the clock to see that it is 11:11, and know
That you are doing, smiling, at the exact same
as a reminder to yourself of myself, and the love that
Grows greater between the affirming tock of every second.
rj May 2013
Each scar is a reminder
Of the time no one was there for me
Each scar was a reminder
Of someone who broke me
Each scar is a reminder
Of how I've completely lost who I once was
CK Baker Jan 2017
( i )

I lucked out
on table 4 last night
window seat
baseboard heat
with intimate passages
from Ginsberg
in his purest
and most evident form

Cover-all Carl was draped
in his usual garb
(turning pages
of yesterday's news)
animating, culturing, bantering
on the fate of the
Greek barber
(in an accent of which
I'm not so sure)

His cronies
looked on
(with a twisted conviction)
with their own tales
of ingovernance and woe
did you know that Panasonic
lost 5 billion last quarter?

The evening moved
in time lapse...
with painted winds,
streaming lights
and a host of
high school girls
running cold

Maleah passed
on her late shift
(checking the pile and trough),
patronized the boys
and called it a night

( ii )

The bald man
is back at it again
bickering at the till
(something about
a cold free coffee
or 99 cents
or the coloured guy
behind him who got it hot)
a kind Filipino
is trying to get it done
(at 8 bucks per)
losing her cool
and shedding a quiet tear

Wonder what the Purewals
or Haitians or Cossacks
would have to say
about this grim public reminder,
wonder what
this sad f*ck
will do tonight...
without his
bus pass
or sling sack
or broken Turkish stems

— The End —