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Kevin J Taylor Sep 2017
Reminding me
of my first trike

The poetry of
red and white

The poetry of
pedaled motion

Piston footed!
Vision frozen!

Head and hair
gone separate ways!

Freedom found
on Glory Days!

Down the sidewalk
runway riding!

Faster! Faster!
Out of hiding!

Faster! Faster!
Spirit! Gliding!

Faster! Faster!
Up! And free!

My body can’t
catch up with me!

Somewhere in
the days between

I left my trike in
rusty scenes

Traded life
for lesser stuff

Left the trike
and kept the rust

Until a friend
came to my door

With gamesy thoughts
that life is more

Than failed hopes
and rusty bits—

Pointing skyward!
Tag! You’re it!
Heavy Hearted Jul 2018
sad boy;
what a pathetic
this is for my attention.
all you contrive
always lacks concession.

every word,
and image you fake
I reject, from my
for all you are
's worth less than this
effortless expression.

you see, my natural
surmounts your ****
of the beauty of my work
and my powerful
leave me alone
ryn Jan 2015
I recently got reminded... Oh how I am caught
In a delicate web of disillusions
Make me see what is actually not
Make invisible my heart's secret questions

Been successful in putting aside all grief
But truth has it's way to make you pay
You can bury all grievances; you can mask all disbelief
But it'll all catch up; these things you've kept at bay

Make your silly compromises
To have the the best you just make allowances
Keep up your futile pretences
Accommodate your selfish preferences

Day had dawned where each question need their answer
Questions I've shrugged and left unaddressed
Indistinguishable when fact and fiction begin to blur
When dreams and reality have coalesced

Tonight I lay with the load I bring
Body asleep with my heart fully awake
Blessing or curse, this rude awakening
Decisions and choices left for the following suns to make
If you believe that dreams come true,  
But sleep at night without a clue,
Of all the things, the ones undue,
Should make you fall, shall make you blue.
Heavy Hearted Nov 2018
"Listen up" addiction said, viciously hypnotic

Statue in bed-

"Im still that shadow, etched into your head. And here Ive been growing, forever unsaid."

"Notice virtue no more
But the violence instead."

I'll quickly write down, how exactly I feel, hoping that I learn
that this yearnings not real-
with these words I have read,
Insatiable dread
no more of this chaos, tonight,
the Addiction is fed.
I'll keep the life that I've got
e Aug 2018
if you are going to fall in love with me,
you must know that i cry. a lot.
i cry during rainy days, sunny days, or on a monday morning.
i cry everytime i watch a happy movie and everytime i cut onions,
but do know that i cry harder every time i talk about the things that have hurt me, even if they don’t hurt anymore.

i need constant reassurance.
for i am afraid of being left behind, of being unloved.
i will probably tell you all the things i hate about myself
while you disagree with each one of them
but i still won’t believe every single word you’ll say.

i got used to shutting down the people who care about me.
it will be so hard for me to open up,
but all i’m asking you is to stay patient, and give me time to adjust.
you might think i’m rejecting your company,
but don’t blame yourself, i appreciate you.

so listen, if you are going to fall in love with me
understand that i’ve been through the worst
but still, i’ll love every inch of your skin unconditionally
a head’s up for my future lover
Ronza Jairy Apr 2016
Take  them off that

For those moments when you question yourself, think less of yourself and begin comparing your grass to others and get down. You are worth every bit of admiration you invest in your heroes, exes, friends, crushes and celebrities out there. Imagine where you could be if you restored some of that faith you give to others freely. Begin with a breath of belief and repeat after me...[reread poem]
Ashley Black Jun 2017
Inspiration in life
is a bit like thunder at night
A rather loud reminder that
the world doesn't care
if you're sleeping.
V liv Dec 2018
You remind me of him
It's heartbreaking and comforting at the same time
The little things he did
You do
I know better
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result
I don't think that's true
But what I do think is I need to do something different
I need to change the result
So no,
I won't do that for you
No, we can't watch that movie over facetime
No, we can't even facetime
No, I won't tell you my philosophy of life
Because I did that for him
I did that with him
And look where it got me
Sabrina S Dec 2018
you will learn that the affirmation of others will never be enough.
you will learn that pleasing others is not your purpose.

you are enough.

not because you have tried hard,
not because you have loved hard,
put on your best face;

you are enough because of who you truly are,
because of your beautiful soul,
because He is with you,
and his grace has saved and covered you along the way.
a reminder we all need and we all should value our worth
you have
a beautiful heart
fill it with happiness
and appreciation
Ijla Mar 2018
Surrounded by darkness
I was all alone
Feeding on my fears
The demons roamed free
Minutes felt like hours
Or time stopped altogether
Consumed by my mind
I gave up on my life
Said my Silent goodbyes
and stood right on the edge
Though I wished someone would notice
And help me get through
But none came forward
So I finally let go
That's when light pierced through
In the form of a new friend
Saving me from the endless torture
And the decision that I would regret
You walked me through the pain
And helped me dance through the rain
So in the dead of the night
I'm writing this for you
To remind you of
What you mean to me in life
Because bestie you are
A ray of light in the darkness I sit in
I wrote this for my bestfriend. she came into my life when i had given up on ever being okay. she showed me that I mattered and that I was more than the hurdles I was facing. she taught me that I'm stronger than both depression and anxiety. She continiously reminds me that there is so many awesome things awaiting me in the future.
ps.. she is the one who pushed me to write and share poetry. For that I'll forever be thankful to her.
M Salinger Jul 2018
A moment.

A line between
& defiant

holding within in it
the tenderness of our gaze

The night calls me
while sleep escapes,
to show me the truth
that day

it calls deep within
my being,
like you

it resonates with
my darkness,
like you

Will you stay with me,
for a moment

of real honesty
& if you want,

The valley of space there,
& between us
pulling me in,
like you

a moment of freefall
& endless endings
there to be

where we find
a way
to be suspended
in the
warmth between
you & I

I stand
on the sharpest edge,
below, the water surges
over the rock face
deep teal and chilling
a reminder that
can also be

like you.

In awe and wonder
I'm trapped
in these
Inspired by the great beauty of British Columbia and how it's grandeur and imposing nature can be reminiscent of imperfect love
Diana Feb 18
It's okay to let loose
Truly live
Allow the responsibilities of life
Blur into the background
And live in the present
Speak Slowly Aug 2018
sleepless nights, man these emotions ain't making me feel right.
one day I could be feeling my best, but the next minute I could be a mess.
Feeling ecstatic one minute and then fall into another rut the next, the cycle is infinite.
When was the last memory of a sweet dream? These few days I've awakened only to be covered in sweat.
Vivid dreams that torture me in my sleep and life that stresses me in my wake. My morale and soul feel weak, just how much more can I take?
I just need a break, time to myself and more time to write.
Maybe take a trip, run my fingers over every spine on a bookshelf and remind myself that I'll be alright.
Day 23
CK Baker Jan 2017
( i )
I lucked out
on table 4 last night
window seat
baseboard heat
with intimate passages
from Ginsberg
in his purest
and most evident form

Cover-all Carl was draped
in his usual garb
turning pages
of yesterday's news
animating, culturing and bantering
on the fate of the
Greek barber
(in an accent of which
I'm not so sure)

His cronies
looked on
with a twisted conviction
with their own tales
of ingovernance and woe
did you know that Panasonic
lost 5 billion last quarter?

The evening moved
in time lapse...
with painted winds
streaming lights
and a host of
high school girls
running cold

Maleah passed
on her late shift
(checking the pile and trough)
patronized the boys
and called it a night

( ii )
The bald man
is back at it again
bickering at the till
something about
a cold free coffee
or 99 cents
or the coloured guy
behind him who got it hot
a kind Filipino
is trying to get it done
at 8 bucks per,
losing her cool
and shedding a quiet tear

Wonder what the Purewals
or Haitians or Cossacks
would have to say
about this grim public reminder,
wonder what
this sad f*ck
will do tonight...
without his
bus pass
or sling sack
or broken Turkish stems
Sydney Rose Apr 9
make sure you have not forgotten
are the greatest masterpiece created
with delicate care from precious time
are my reminder for me to acknowledge
love from one to another is attractive
island poet May 2018
“Moby ****,”  Herman Melville


~for the lost at sea~

after a year of saltwater absence and abstinence,
return to the island caught between two land forks
surrounded by river-heading flows
bound for the ocean great joining

the Atlantic welcomes the fresh water fools,
bringing with them hopefully, but hopeless gifts of obeisances,
peace-offerings endeavoring to keep their infinite souls

sea accepts them then drowns the
warm newcomers in the unaccustomed
deep cold salinity, which
sometimes erodes
sometimes preserving
their former freshwater cold originality

I’m called to depart my beach shoreline  unarmed,
no kayak, sunfish or glass bottomed boat needed,
walk on water and my toes, ten eyes to see the bottom,
no depth perception limitation,
reading the floor’s topography,
millions of minion’s stories infinite,
many Munch screaming

god’s foot, heavy upon my shoulders,
a daytime travel guide, hired for me,
not a friendly travel companion,  nope,
God a pusher showing off a drug called deep water salvation,
designated for the masses, can handle large parties

my in-camera brain  eyes,
record everything for playback -
the lost and unburied, bone crossword puzzles

walk shore to ship, on soles to souls,
is this my new-summer nature welcome back greeting?

puzzled at the awesomeness of vastness,
conclude this clarification for me of the occluded-deep,
is a stern reminder of my insignificant existence,
my requirement to walk humbly, spare my sin of vanity, and
forgive my trespasses upon the lives of others

perhaps then the infinite of my soul perchance restored,
older visions clarified and future poems
will write themselves
and sea to it my predecessors
be better remembered

Memorial Day 2018
Never be fooled
by a word of sentiment
Its coating can never
reflect its intent

For whether or not
you know of its content
It's trickery stands
beneath its compliment
Although the only flattery I recieve are those from myself. Still a lie.
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
the tombstone.
the shallow marker of death.
a block of stone that calls itself meaningful.
a pitiful rock that lays above the corpses of the long forgotten.
tombstones are a worthless waste of space,
only left because respect is desired long after death.
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2018
Dreamers, my Darling, are Kings of the earth, lost as they are in the clouds,
Conjuring magic from out of the air, weaving  mystical spells through the shrouds.
Shrouds effervescent and writhing with life, mythical movements of mirth
Threaded throughout in intangible weave to render this fabric of Earth.

Dancing in lyrical splashes of waterfall, bubbling in sunshine on stone,
Moss covered igneous softest creation, emerald as crystals of Rome.
Where would thy tread in this vaporous creation, would thou intrude on the scene?
Bursting this bubble of magical splendour would render thee, Sir, as unclean.

Tip toeing through tulips so softly and tender, so sensitive there to the touch
For Dreamers are few viewing grandeur anew….
I remind you, dear Sir, of as much!

17 December 2018
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