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Jun 2017
the leaves are coming back and you're not.

not that i expected you to stay anyways.

goodbyes get a lot easier when you start

writing them as you begin to fall.

but this isn't a poem to depress you.

this is a poem to put things in perspective.

a reminder to dip your toe in before you


a reminder to keep your heart under lock

and key until you can be rest assured you're

giving it to someone who's an expert in

playing for keeps.

a reminder that love is not defined by the

length of a relationship, it's defined by the

strength of it.

a reminder for me personally that worth is

not measured in pounds.

a reminder that you'll know when he's the


a reminder that genuine love is being each

others bestfriends.

a reminder that their laughter is your


a reminder that you'll find yourself

wanting to explore life with them by your


a reminder that even though love doesn't

always work out, you'll have some good

stories to tell.

a reminder that it is better to have lived it

and regretted it later, than it is to not have

lived and always wonder what you missed.
allison joy
Written by
allison joy
   mickey finn
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