Aa Harvey Jul 10
You show me my future freeway

Dance for me, my love, my heart,
Dance for only me my love; my brand new start.
My brand new life, with you I think,
Could become something amazing, if you wish.

Entrap me in your arms and don’t let me go,
Squeeze me tight and hug me forever, I love your soul.
I love every single atom used in the creation of your body,
You are my Viagra; let me be somebody.
Let me be the one body, soul and heart,
You crave; the one you shall keep until the grave.
For that is the only time I would ever accept we must part.
For then I would accept our love can no longer be saved.

But even if my faith in love was dead,
My heart broken again!
My bruised body left to rot.  This time death.
No salvation left, to heal this pain.
Not her, she I could not bear to lose,
For in her I see a microphone, I am asked to choose,
To speak to her in a studio booth;
But to her I can only speak the truth.
So if this little broken heart of mine,
She should choose to want, then that would be truly divine.

This heart of mine craves your love,
Like a vampire craves the life, the blood.
The lust inside us, drew us together,
Now my fate is in your hands, or left alone forever.

Such beauty I see when I look at her,
This perfectly beautiful (something must be wrong) girl.
This is how to make a beautiful woman:
Take her photo, view her love, be her man.
This is how I would wish to become,
An angel, happy, something to someone.

I simply want to be with you, to watch you watch T.V.
Watch your soaps as I watch somebody extraordinary.
Let me paint a portrait of you, my future freeway;
Because you have shown me my destiny, if you feel the same way.

Let us drive the highway and take every scenic route,
Let’s take this life long journey together,
For I could put my faith in you.

You are my future freeway.  
You are the one who has shown me a new way.
I hope she wants us to drive together…
For in this love story of ours, we could live happily ever after.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10
Until death do us part

Until death do us part, that’s how it all starts.
Entwine two hearts and you will be dancing under stars.
Today we find smiles that stretch on for miles,
With family and friends all around us, dressed in style.
From top hats to sharp shoes and dresses covered in diamonds.
The ‘just married’ cans are rattling behind us,
As we drive away towards a tropical island.

And when we return from our honeymoon holiday,
The love is never ending; the memories never fade.
When we have spent the last two weeks under sunshine and in bed,
We look towards the future and talk about a life we haven’t lived yet.

Then the children are born and our enormous hearts grow;
Our love is always with them and they add value to our home.
New gifts are forever appearing and our future is written in vows.
Let’s hope this love is eternal and we remain side by side,
Even after we are sitting upon a cloud.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10
Suicide is not an option.

There are times in your life, when time is not on your side,
But please do not rush to your death,
I have no wish to see you die.
I intend to lay here, by your side
And awaken you with a kiss, in the morning light.

For suicide is not an option, I shall let you choose,
Suicide is not an option, I shall let you take.
I wouldn’t want to grieve the loss of such beauty,
So please don’t go away.

For you are everything this poor boy needs,
To sleep at ease each night.
You give me my reason to struggle on, try as life might,
To take me out, I’m going to stand solidly at your side,
For your love gives me strength
And holding your hand gives me such pride.

You are my reason for continuing to live,
No matter what this life may throw at me.
I wish I could mean as much to you,
So if you love me, then suicide you cannot think,
Is a viable option you can seriously take.
Please my love, don’t let me awaken to your corpse today.
Please my love I would do anything,
Whatever it takes, to give you a reason to live.

But suicide is not an option, I shall let you choose;
Suicide is not an option, I shall let you take.
I wouldn’t want to grieve the loss of such beauty,
So please don’t go away.

Have you really given up on us?
Have you had enough of me?
Do you mean it when you say I have your love?
Or are you simply saying that to get what you need?
Because I want you to know I love you so,
This is why I can’t let you just go.

So suicide is not an option, I can let you choose,
Suicide is not an option, I can let you take.
I could not grieve the loss of such beauty,
So please don’t leave me today.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10

Do the things you love; they are the things that matter.
The things you feel passionate about,
Will bring you true happiness and all else will fade.

If you have to fake it,
Then it will not last forever.
If it’s real you will know and you will need it
And you will never find anything better.
Be passionate about something,
Because you only get one life;
So seize the day.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10
I see through

I see fire, I see you;
I see the passion inside of you.
I see rain, I see the truth;
I see the tears pouring out of you.

I see through;
I see you too.
I see the love that is inside of you.

I see truth;
I see beauty.
I see you and me together endlessly.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10
The Deceiver.

There’s a demon in the ceiling;
I can see it looking down on me.
It is in the walls now;
Who do I call now?
I can’t stop it;
Here it comes to kill me.

I sit in silence; I’m too frightened,
To make a sound or run away from it.

It starts to talk to me, but I can’t understand.
It gets angry and then the lamp goes bang!
The bulb explodes and the curtains fly open!
I’m so frightened, but my mouth is still trying to speak;
But I cannot speak,
Because the demons mind,
Seems to have control of mine.

Whispered whispers…
Sinister hisses.
The whole room flashes and I am taken away…

I don’t recognize this place;
I hear a scream of pain.
I see the future and I can see her face.
I beg for salvation, but no one is listening;
The knife is glistening and then her screams die out.

Whispered whispers…
I still hear them.
They are in my head now
And I can’t see a way out.

Darkness surrounds me;
I am guilty.
I never did it;
Diminished capacity.

In the mirror I see a figure;
It looks like me, but a demon lurks beneath the surface.
I am helpless; I don’t want to do this,
But still it comes with another sick request.

Number two now;
One of a few soon.
One day I will lose count;
The way I am losing my mind, inside this gloomy room.
Piece by piece,
It goes little by little.
Belief is fading now that I will ever escape this evil.

It’s in my mind now,
It’s in my life now.
I keep losing time and I awake to another cry.

Another midnight.
Another moon light.
Another dead body.
Not one witness in sight.

It has a taste now;
A taste for blood.
It carries on killing
And I cannot escape its evil clutch.

I speak to a preacher.
I tell him of my demon;
But I keep secret all the things that the demon has done.
Let me heal you;
Let me banish it.
He tried in vain to save this fallen son.

Now I am a beast man;
Something made by chance.
The preacher falls down dead
And the demon does a little dance.
It took an axe to stop him…
But someone had called the cops in.

Now I’m in prison and the demon just laughs at me.
I tried to tell you your soul was always mine.
You simply borrowed it from me
And now you are on borrowed time.
Your death is coming;
Time to start running.
Your soul is mine
And your body is useless to this being.

We are both in Hell now; me and the demon.
The fires are burning all around me
And the demon just sits there singing.

“He sold his soul for a little gold
And now he is doomed to spend eternity in the flames.
He sold his soul for a little gold
And now he is doomed to spend eternity in the flames.”

He is called The Deceiver.
The Dream Weaver.
A nightmare born inside a different time,
Inside a broken mind.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 10
The Fallen

We are the burners of the future in our hands.
Singers for the condemned; the eternal believers at the bitter end.
So prey for salvation or a miracle my friend,
Because hope is needed now, more than ever, I guess.

We are drowning in lies as the fires rise
And your lie after lie leaves our lives on the line.
We are doomed to die alone with no-one at our side.
We accept this as given; so purify.

Your sins are forgiven, but never forgotten;
We are the children of Eden; the tears of God.
We love our lies; we are completely smitten.
We thought we ruled our planet, but now we are lost.

Our generation believed we were somehow different,
But our past has taught us how wrong we are.
We trust in our souls; we are completely committed.
Our fate has been sealed now we’ve gone too far.

You disappeared like the end of a rainbow;
No gold at the end, for the fallen children.
We need to know it all, but what do we really know?
We walked alongside God, but now we are The Fallen.

(C)2012 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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