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Aa Harvey Dec 2018
The Musketeer

People don’t want to hear negative truth,
Even when they say they do.
If I told you of my life,
You would disappear out of sight.
You only want to see smiling faces;
You don’t want to hear I have no light.

Bury me with good intentions.
Say cheer up to bring me down.
You want my love? You cannot have it.
You have not earned anything from me but a frown.

My face a portrait picture;
The eyes occasionally move.
I only look up from my despair,
So that I can see right through you.
All I see is no reflection of me.
Such empathy, such apathy.
Why does nobody feel like me?

I relate to all, only through things I saw.
There is no love for me anymore.
All you say contains no truth.
I am broken, beaten, used.

If I fall for you, I will fall alone,
Because you are already lost without your phone.
All I own could never buy your attention,
So endlessly I fail to mention.
There was a time I stood for you only;
That time has passed because you never secured me.

So at long last the time has passed,
I am standing alone at an impasse.
None shall pass, goodbye I’m leaving,
For I still protect my every feeling,
By saying naught of my ten thousand thoughts,
That I wish I had said before I left.
Now not one negative word will ever be said,
About the idea which I protect.

The lies have been said and I have faced death;
Stared right down the barrel into nothingness.
With my last dying breath,
I will hope to somehow see love again.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

I was trying to build a future using the chaos theory,
But now is the time to compartmentalize.
I visualize a future happiness one day near me;
In love maybe with me, or because of me, despite.

If she is happy, then I will be happy.
I seek the extraordinary truth in you.
Do you fit the shoe of destiny?
Or is hot farfetched from obscurity?
Placed before me waving endlessly,
Look at me!  I am a mirage of what could be.

Things take time, the bigger the better.
Never say never or nothing lasts forever.
It is never too late to make a change,
Or learn from your mistakes, again.

Drag ink across the page with love, not rage.
Just say what needs to be said and keep the rest caged.
Be a poet of great understanding.
Truly amaze them and leave when they start clapping,
Shouting “Bis!” and “Encore!”
“We want more and more and more!”

That is the time to open your minds door
And then you step on through…
I wish you all the luck in the world.
Fly out into the blue.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

Upon this death I see before me,
Four stood soldiers waiting patiently.
Beneath my feet I guess there could be,
An empty space of contemplation.
I built this place for only my eyes to see.
I come here occasionally when I need a vacation.

I am bound to watch the day pass.
I plead ignorance with such sincerity.
Because I stole a broach, apparently, in the past,
I am tied to the mast, by the quarter mast.
Nobody believes in me and as the sun burns my eyes,
I cannot close them for they hold no water inside.
The lid upon my soul is dry,
But I am yet to truly sink into the depths of my subconscious.
I can still hear them talking all their meaningless phrases,
Sounding like a thousand drunken babies,
As I honorably sink deeper into the abyss.

Communication breakdown, silence of the ages,
And all is but a single drop in the ocean; gone are all the praises.
This life of mine hangs in the balance and from the rafters.
I would not jest simply for the amusement of laughter.
With a face of iron, I am all done a-lying.
Stoically I still proclaim to tell the truth from upon high,
For soon I will be dying.

And then I spot the villainous rake,
And all of his duplicitous, surreptitious plots,
That wrap around their feeble minds,
Like the coil of a snake’s tail; their will is soon gone.
So they follow him into the darkness so blind;
Tongue tastes like dust from the burning sunshine.
It intoxicates all the other ship mates into seeing guilty.
Through all their mistakes they have misjudged me.

I am not, nor have I ever been, an infallible being,
But I was never ever seen to steal anything.
I never truly took, because I never truly looked, deep into the chest.
They ripped out my heart in search of plunder through contempt.
Now I stand here lost and all alone;
Shattered through not only a lack of food, but my lost home,
Has been taken from me, by those who would lie.
Why try to enlighten those who will not hear my side?

If I ever speak of this tale again,
Then you should know, I know your face, for it caused me this pain,
And on the day when we come to rest upon the shore,
Or even if we sink, slowly to the ocean floor;
I will remember all you took from me and I will rise with rage.

My silver piece, my one of eight,
They stole it from me and tossed it into the silver plate.
The trust of my shipmates broken this day,
When the end truly comes I will rise again.
I will point a solitary finger in only your direction,
And you will have to look away to hide your guilty expression;
But I never mentioned, just left them guessing.
We are all dead men walking, this death is a blessing.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Lost warrior

There is a grave where my heart was once in peace.
It has been used and consumed, taken piece by piece.
Now the hands that want to take my only happiness,
Reach into the black hole inside my chest.
They are searching for what remains of my soul.
They want every part of me, for then I will have to go.
They want to see me gone.
They want the last remnants; they want to silence my song.
To be a fading memory that people knew him once.
I am trapped in misery, for I have become undone.
This life I now live,
Oh this life and all it is;
This life, has been, no good for me.

All I have to give is that I give you my all,
But sometimes please I could just give it all up and fall.
I say I can no longer try to impress.
I have taken too much already I confess.
I can never be happy again, for I have no love to my name.
I only know of the same heart ache, the scars that flower my grave.

This stain remains where once there stood a mighty guardian.
The last believer in true love now stands alone in this garden.
Now all I see are dead wreathes and winter-bitten trees.
The weeds have destroyed everything that I ever held dear to me.
Life costs too much to ever pay for your mistakes.
My redemption fire is a taxation day.

There is no way to change for my train only goes forward,
Into blackness, life with no foreword.
I missed the stop, excuse my tardy arrival,
In this vastness of sea and sand, I am fighting for survival,
And the many dunes I have already crossed,
Show the gravedigger has already chosen my plot.

Devil on one shoulder, mute angel his reflection.
Cannot hear either of them reflecting on genuflection.
They give no good advice, a route to joy I cannot device.
So I crawl on my hands and knees throughout this life.
Screaming at the world, give me peace, love and empathy!
Nobody listens; listen to me!
The sound of the wind reads my fears in audible quotes.
A hopeful cry will be a silent sound, this lost warrior knows.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Here I am

I am a stone and I am crashing through my own window;
Where I will end up, nobody knows.
I am sure to never become a sure thing;
I doubt I will ever find a path to leave you to your wondering's.

As I scream through the air like a banshee at night,
My words fall apart in front of your eyes.
I know a fool when I see one in the mirror;
My vision of love has become so unclear.
Next to you but without you, I stand here all alone.
Sit peacefully with me in these times of madness,
So when I fall I can hold my clone.

I have no ready-made rhymes written within my mind,
But still I drag these lines from deep down inside.
Just broken thoughts, on broken lines;
Broken hearts see all the signs.
A broken clock, my heart it dies;
Only twice in a lifetime will it tell the right time.

Until we are forever herein and going there,
We are always nothing, forever nowhere.
Nothing and no-one;
No-one, so gone.
I was loved once; will there be time for another someone?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Never met someone like you before

I never claimed to be perfect;
I only claimed this was worth it
And if we didn’t do it, then tell me who did?
My silver bullet Princess, my darkest dream,
You make me feel complete.

A shot through my heart and hello or goodbye.
We will not be finished by this sunlight,
For we will continue to search, maybe in vein,
For love eternal; eternally loves *****.

If the skies keep on falling down on me,
Then how am I supposed to live, not grieve?
I am living at the end of tomorrow,
Too fearful of new beginning’s.

All I am selling is worthless to your soul
And in the end we end up with what we began with long ago.
The things on this Earth we gather to our hearts,
In time become worthless when compared to the stars
And all we cherish only to become lost,
We wish to keep, or take back, but are unwilling to pay the cost.

At my weakest point, still I reach for your love.
If we never did meet, then would we ever have known trust?
I trust in you because love dares me to;
I risk it all on the roll of a chance dice,
Hoping your hand will carry me through.

It’s our differences that define us,
So let our similarities forever bind us.
Two hearts beating as one;
An endless love built on trust.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Love gives

Love evokes memories long since forgotten.
Love lifts us up when life leaves us rock bottom.
Love gives us strength when we feel we have none.
Love shows us how we feel in a new or old song.

Love is just a word, but it means so much to all.
Love is my reason to rise when I fall.
Love gives so much and asks so little of us.
Love survives when two people truly trust.

Love can be gone in a second or a word.
Love cannot be lost without regret.
Love is the greatest thing on this world.
Love is lying next to you in our bed.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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