Aa Harvey 14h
Loves martyr

I am loves martyr.
Never managed to become a father.
Even when I am trying harder,
I fall to my knees.
I am sins plaything;
Always dreaming.
Never acting on my needs;
Cruising along on instinct.
Look where that has got me;
Right where it hurts.
Waited a lifetime and I am still waiting for her;
But she does not exist, so neither do I.
I never did raise a child.
Just endless advice.
I never talk, enough has been said.
I could not be like them, for they are so nice,
And they have family and they have friends,
Whilst I am destined to die alone.
This is why I do not get out of bed.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h
Love is the best…

The best thing we as a species do,
Is that we fall in love.
We can make all the pieces fit together,
But without love there is no complete jigsaw.

You can have all the money in the world,
But money can’t buy my love.
My heart is not for sale, but I will give it away,
The day I realise I have met my lady-love.

She will be my reason to get in to or out of bed.
She will make me complete.
She will cure me and leave me without breath.
She will be the only one I can see.
If it is true love, she will always be the only one I truly need,
To help me in my hour of need;
To help me build a family.
To help me reach my dreams.

Love is the best thing we as a species do,
So I will wait for you.
Temporary comes and goes,
But I want permanent; that is all that I know.

From now until the very end,
No more time left to pretend.
No fiction, only fact;
I want a love that lasts.

Fear of commitment?
Deal with it, or leave.
Eyes for another?
Goodbye lover.

‘til death do us part,
Or you will never get my heart.
This is just the start
And it could be the start of something beautiful,
If you are truly truthful.

If you want unfaithful,
Then choose another, sit at another table
And we will all be very grateful.
I will only be with one;
Anything less is not true love.
Two or more and all you will see is the door.
One chance,
No chance,
Never more.

Love is the best thing we as a species do,
So what do you need for me to prove that I love you?

Love is the best…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h
Look away

Transmission overload;
Can’t seem to figure out my mind.
I’m feeling home alone in time,
Too late to find a bride.

I have slept a thousand years;
No princesses kiss to change my heart and wake me up.
I have shed a thousand tears;
I filled the room with my philosophical water-ducts.

I swam like a duck into the sky,
Living for all that is ahead.
Communication; translate lies to truth,
Misinterpret every word I have said.
Here, take my dictionary.
It’s all made up with empathy.
I wrote love on every page,
To say the word I never get to say.

I took another look at all the mistakes I have made,
But they are carved in stone. No memory I can erase.
Pick up another love, I’ll never write your name into my book.
You will be a forgotten one; or you will be the only one…trust.

Open heart did for me;
I let me feelings float away.
I write it down for you to see
And then I make sure you always look away.

You want an honest man;
The truth would tear your hope apart.
Inside my life,
There is only space for one heart.
Fill our heart with endless wonder.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h
Happy feet walk away.

Instinct tells you that you are right.
Doubts cast aside.
Do, or do not try.

If you can, then why not love?
If you have already given up,
Or never believed anyway,
Then that is okay.
Good luck.

You and I are not the same;
We read a similar script, but we are on a different page.
With age comes meaning, enlightenment.
Money is there to be spent.

If you are saving for a rainy day;
Welcome to England…save away.
Young people; go enjoy your life.
Old people do not listen to change.

People my age, congratulations!
You think you have it so great!
You think you know so much.
I know that I know nothing about love.  You trust,
People to never be trustworthy.
I trust enough for love to hurt me.
Happy feet are only ever seen,
Walking away from me.

I am at a point in my existence,
Where I do not have the time for your idle pretense.
Just say it clearly, what do you want?
Time is short, so fall in love and need to be loved!...

Or simply get to being gone.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h

I live in a small town,
With the lights down,
In the back end of nowhere
And that is exactly where I am going.

I dress like a big clown,
In my small car.
My head looks through the sunroof
And all I can see is a city of stars.

I have spent a lifetime pretending,
That I am going to leave this place.
Everybody can see that I don’t really care.
My apathy only hides my truth; my life is such a waste.

As the rain drops fall onto my window,
I hear the distant memories.
They are calling to me like angels;
I can’t see where they are, but they are all around me.

So I reach out with one big shout!
Begging for protection, from myself.
My remedy is not seen, so I sink into a hole.
If I could find a way out,
I would find a way to make something of myself.

A collage of emotional scars,
That show that I have come so far.
The pavement my driveway,
I turn left into yesterday
And all I remember is the loss of it all;
The things we do are what we are.

I walk on the freeway.
The grass is green beneath my feet…

They shout “Fore!”…

My headphones do not rescue me.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h

As the darkness falls, I feel the walls are closing in.
There is no chance of escape.
My mind, it calls.
A universe of all my thoughts are keeping me awake.

The fear is here, the dreaded time.
Half past midnight, no light,
Just frightened of the future ahead.
Lying in bed alone, in the altogether, thinking about the here and now.

Tomorrow is just another ordinary day, they say.
I think not; give it all you have got, or fail again,
To find my feet, my spot, my place, in this empty world.
I am an empty glass; I need a place to exist.
Money earned means nothing to me,
Because love is free if you give it your all.
Cash is only paper, metal works too.
I want for nothing, so nothing soothes.

My mind a mathematician, counting sheep.
I am currently at two thousand and seventeen
And I am bored of everything,
Because I have no one to count on, or entertain,
My vain brain that only thinks about me;
All I truly care about right now is sleep.

I took an early night to book an earlier flight,
But my dreams are all delayed…
I am sure they will arrive in due time,
But I have to wait with nothing on my mind,
Because there is nothing that interests me.

My hopes and wishes are all so boring,
That you do not need to see.
I will not mention, guess what;
I will simply carry on with this pointless tale I tell.
I reach into the well and find a day so sunny;
Wouldn’t it be funny if animals could talk…

Time to get up, stand up and take a walk.
I drag myself out of bed this morn
And spend all day yawning, when nothing is boring,
So people see a distorted truth, an illusion,
Hence the confusion that follows my soul.
They all watch me as I go; true heart remains unknown.

Then I leave them all behind, close my eyes
And climb into my bed alone.
I wrap the quilt around my heart to keep me warm,
Because my love…life is…so cold.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 14h
Bad enough to be good

With flames of love all around her, she cannot be held.
This fire burns only for her, but I am on the outside.
A vision of true beauty, an intoxicating smell,
Which draws me forever deeper inside her beautiful mind.

As I am falling, she is calling,
I am unable to resist her charms.
Sooner or later, I will succumb to her feminine wiles
And be trapped, always, inside her arms.
Until that time I will remain, floating away in space,
Hoping and praying that I am found some day.
If she comes knocking on my door,
I will open my heart to her gladly;
My love will always be yours.

I will walk across land to stand before her,
Confessing my plans to worship her,
Until the end of time.
If she asks it of me, I will let love be-
Come; I will let her love into my life.
If she needs me, then I will be there,
If she is ever sad, I will always care,
Enough to do all I can to cure her pain.
I will hold my tongue and speak no more when she is having a bad day.

I will not infect her thoughts.
I will protect her from my depression, like I know I ought,
For she will have given me her love.
I will keep my negative feelings deep on the inside.
I will always keep her next to my heart;
I will speak of her with pride.
I will keep her happy, if only she asks it of me.
She has torn down all my walls.

I stand here helpless, overcome with love.
The tears of sadness have become tears of happiness.
The lady in the red dress, so hot to the touch,
I now truly know to be,
Bad enough to be good.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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