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Aa Harvey May 2021
A calling

I wish I could have been born in the 60’s.
Back then the world seemed like such a better place to be.
The hippies had the right idea, fighting for peace.
I had the long hair and the hope, but I lack the will to live.

I can hear London calling;
It’s been a sound I have heard for a long time.
I used to wish I could live there,
Back before all the riots and fires.

Everyone is call'en,
Maybe today will be my day;
But know that when I am taken,
I made my own mistakes my way.

If I am chosen to be the fallen,
Then I will embrace what is meant to be,
For this will be my calling,
And only with death will I be set free.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Pathetic Acts

Stop all the traffic; a million ants are passing by.
Red light, Amber light, waiting on a Green light.
All the windows have their curtains closed inside,
And nobody knows how to feel secure beneath the night sky.  

Do a hand-stand, against the man,
So he can hear from the bottom of your soul,
As it refuses to accept his master plan.  
Tell him it is time for you to go.

Become a light inside the storm.
Become guidance to those who are torn,
Between loving life and complete apathy.
Falling from the top of a tree.
I am not the leaper that I used to be,
But still here I stand speaking in symmetry.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020

The gun is on the pulse, pull the trigger or live.
Truth or false is not a choice they are willing to give.
It’s you versus us, versus the things that they did.
Do you believe and trust or never forgive?

They claim to be our protection,
But are unwilling to allow closer inspection,
For they have no reflection as they sold their souls.
The ‘God’s’ teach us genuflection,
Because their badge is misinformation,
And their prison plantations are only built for gold.

A man is never born free,
There is always a price that must be paid;
And from your very first day to the day with the *****,
You are made to work, digging your own grave.
One day at a time, there is a game that must be played.

Choice is not a thing we choose without regret.
Do we get out of bed or put a bullet in our head?
With life’s hands ‘round your neck, I’d say the choice is made,
So put a smile on your face and just hope for the best.

It’s a pretty world if your mind is blind.
It’s a lucky life if you are not kind.
It’s a ******* good day; a good day to die.
It’s a choice we made when we chose to no longer cry.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Full on

Couldn’t sleep last night,
Got love on my mind.
Want to travel through time,
To the point where you are mine.

I saw you sat there looking so beautiful,
That’s when I decided I want you as my girl.
It’s been a while since my life was so full on,
Now you’ve got me hoping the emptiness is gone.

Believing in miracles again,
Is it time to play?
Fearless to the pain,
This day.

Got my head in your direction
And my heart on my sleeve.
I believe you are perfection,
Do you believe in me?

Will you hold me close,
Or let me go?
Living life in currency of ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’,
Who knows what the future holds…

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Be aware

Be careful what you wish for, for you have fire in your heart.
The cravings that have driven you on to chase after stars,
Could be the final nail that they drive through your chest.
Beware of witches selling stones that turn out to be worthless.

If all you want lands in your hands pure,
Then how can that be real?
Love is a thing worth fighting for.
Only evil ‘lovers’ are allowed to steal.

When great perfection takes a life time to find
And must be fought for like woman or man,
Will you stand up tall and never mind,
Or will you crumble into the sand?

Find love before it is too late,
Or walk away and live your days thinking of the grave.
Money comes and goes and life is never great,
But with your heart on your sleeve and her heart in your mind,
You can live to see the better days.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
My final line

The sky is black, the curtains have been closed.
I have lost all the love in the world; so empty; so alone.
The lights are turned out, the heating is off.
It was once so bright and warm here,
But now all that was and all my dreams are lost.

I am without a hope; nothing to see.
Everything gone; broken pieces.
The clock has stopped,
My world no longer spins;
Time is at an end and there will be no more beginning.
I pray for reincarnation, but I am without faith.
The only emotions I had, like my hair, they are all fading to grey.

The roots have cracked,
The branches have snapped,
The leaves have fallen,
The trunk is under attack,
From the cells inside;
No light shines from my eyes.

I can no longer smile, this is my final mile.
At the end of a short race,
I could never keep up with the pace.
My pacemaker heart needs another kick-start.
Hook me up with love;
Do you have her number?
Tell her I am going soon and this is no rumour.

But if she wants to be loved for a moment in time,
Then she should let me know if she wants to be loved,
Before I read my final line…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
We know

The thoughts we think run around our heads.
They try to make us not forget,
So we remember all that which came before;
Our guiding light towards a better shore.

And as we arrive we climb to our feet,
And in our souls we hope to meet,
A gracious soul, so worn and old;
A beautiful soul, so knowledgeable.

So wise we know that we were meant to teach and learn.
Since night became and the sun began to burn,
We have known we need to become an introvert,
Because deep inside we still feel scared,
Of the things that we once yearned.

So we hide away all the love we hold inside.
We hide away from the possibility of lies.
We hide away until the day that we die.
We die alone because we could never let anybody stand by our side.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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