Aa Harvey Nov 5
Grand theft auto

Key in the ignition, let’s begin.
Foot on the pedal, it’s not stealing,
Just borrowing, for an hour or two.
Doing ninety now, no sign of lights of blue.

Music blaring without a care.
Who said peer pressure isn’t fun?
Each of us daring to go out there;
No fear of crashing because we are young.

Still learning to lose control.
Shackles released; let’s see how fast we can go.
Flew past a ton in the blink of an eye.
Touching the sky in our under the influence minds.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 5
Forever together

I promise I will get up the nerve,
And tell her I like… I like her,
Before it is too late;
Because if I don’t I will only regret
And my mate will be taken away.
I will be too late to say we could have been something,
We could have done something, amazing together.
I hope she can resist temptation for just another day.
Hopefully tomorrow I will find a way to say,
I want us to be together forever.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 5
I don’t belong here

The fate of man is to fall into the dirt;
For what we are worth.
I heard it first that we are all creatures of ***'s Earth,
But he/she has never been seen on a television screen
And all the hope has been taken away from all my dreams.

All I had, I have lost along the way.
No words left to say,
To comfort me each and every day I live in pain.
All along I knew they were wrong,
So I never believed in or sang their worship songs,
Of days that passed away a long time ago.
All they left me with is endless sorrow.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 5
Just before

New romance, is there anything more enjoyable?
At this moment in time for me this feeling is undeniable.
I understand that love is better than this,
But the anticipation, waiting to see her,
Dreaming of a kiss is pure bliss.

I love love, but it has to start somewhere,
So I am going to enjoy this moment without a care.
Just hope and happiness before I confess,
A few questions needed first, before splendid, or drat!
What a mess.

I know one day I will be deflated,
But in this moment in time, I am elated!
So I will look forward, instead of back,
Because one day love will appear and that will be that.
I will speak and she will hear
And then I will hold her for a thousand years.
Inside my heart for she will be forever loved.
It may all be a fantasy right now,
But to me it sure sounds good.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 5
Love is a *****

Lovers are doomed from the start.
Unrequited love has destroyed my heart.
If you are one of the lucky ones,
You may get to fall in love until they cheat and you are done.
They get to continue being happy while you die;
They start again straight after with another guy.
Yes your heart will completely shatter,
But let’s face it, you never even mattered.

People fall in and out of love depending on who they are with.
Married people are an embarrassment;
Especially those who are raising kids.
The mother doesn’t know who the real father is;
Oh you make me feel so sick!

I want to get married;
Ha, it’s a tragedy in the making,
Because while wedding bells are ringing,
People are texting and later faking.
Another fool who believes in love.
Love ***** because nobody is good enough,
For anybody, anymore.
Everybody is somebodies *****.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Oct 31
Forever waiting

Rivers of pain, flow through my brain,
Spreading the fear through every vein.
Lights so bright, call my name in the night.
My future is beckoning; love life.

Sweetness is a virtue;
I need to be with you.
Beautiful eyes of blue leave me with nothing else to do,
But surrender my heart to your womanly ways.
I will remain faithful, because I am always betrayed
And when I meet one who can truly stay faithful,
I will be who I can be and I will be eternally grateful.

On my journey to the grave, I am still yet to meet her;
But even though my life has sped by like a flash and a blur,
I know there is a single person who loves like I do.
Of this I am certain; so I will wait, maybe in vain,
But I will still wait, through sun and through rain;
Waiting here for her truth.

I will be standing, never demanding, simply asking, for understanding.
I will wait for her, until I am broken and defeated.
I will be here, forever waiting, for you to not mistreat me,
Like she did.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Oct 23
A sleeping dragon

Beneath the ground there lives a beast.
For aeon’s it has lain asleep,
Upon the bones of those it defeats.
The hopeless slain in graves so deep beneath.

The firelight in only darkness.
The ghost of old, it’s only witness.
A beast so foul, so pitiless,
Has killed a thousand men in a thousand feet deep pit.

It waits in slumber, further under,
The kingdom beneath which it constantly plunders.
A fire in the sky at midnight,
Alerts the keepers of the last kings keep.
The beast has been awoken after a hundred years’ sleep
And although it cannot be seen, it screams through the air,
Breathing fear, which destroys the hope of every man,
Who still has a care.

Now none will fight or lend a hand
And all but one are stood in silence.
The king listens to the chosen, his guards his only violence,
Against a demon which strikes such fear;
It has done so for many years.

But now at last there stands the hero.
Never more will he hold a purse of zero,
For riches have been promised by the King,
To any man who may slay the thing which sleeps beneath.

The curse upon the peaceful land,
For many a moon, but now this man,
Shall lead his band of many men to slay the beast,
Or until they are deceased.
So until the beasts’ heart beats no more,
The day has come…
To victory!

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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