JP 4h

Sitting on the pavement
a thought
Why human alone suffer
more than other animal
Remembering a quote
"Survival of the fittest"
the evolution has given
a gift of fitness and
helps in the happiness of life
In animal kingdom
Once the fitness goes
they become a prey
eaten by the predators
their ends the matter
a happy exit..
humans even becoming Old
fight for  imaginary fitness
by going to hospital
and extending the pain
of living...

JP 8h

New date
She was so interesting
we decided to understand
each other deep
walked in nearby book store
Selected a common topic
Bought 2 books of same title
Went home
After a week
We exchanged our books
to read the pencil marks of others
to understand
Each other perception of

JP 8h

Am on travel
Every beep sound
of her message
a kind of heart Throbbing
She checking
her status in me..

JP 18h

"Went to her
am late for the dinner
Searching for her..
From kitchen
She said, "am speechless"
all her vessels are speaking..

JP 20h

Business man
Lost everything in business
has little money
Surrounded by troubles
we advices him to
move to village
take agriculture
deep inside the village
the advantage of agriculture
it offers maximum self-sufficiency
and also
provides maximum isolation
from the so called
cunning world..

JP 22h

My neighbour
She was so cute
She was in the garden
Out of love
I threw a tennis ball
at her
She gave a hard look,
"Don't do it
it's one way of touching me"
I said, "Okay, give me punishment."
she said, " One tight slap"
She came near and about to...
I said, "wait, while slapping
It's one way of touching me.."
She smiled and giggled..

JP 1d

a salesman
walked into my house
As usual
he started using jargon
and he gave a demonstration
about my old age
and explaining about
Rupee 1,00,000 per month as pension
Once I reach 60 Years..
I argued my vision
After reaching 60 yrs old
I can't eat rich foods
I can't sleep in A/c
I can't wear trendy dresses
I can't match the latest tech gadgets
I can't date beautiful girls
I can't drive and feel limousine
I can't... I can't
they why in the first place
I want Rupee 100000??
When couple of thousands enough!!

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