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JP Sep 9
Beautiful woman
passes by
Something turned on
*** arises...
JP Jul 25
her eyes
my thousand voyages...
JP Jul 25
her eyes
enjoy looking at herself
than being looked at...
JP Jul 25
her body
always available
for poetic reading...
JP Jul 25
her eyes
thick with stories
told and untold...
JP Mar 28
அவள் கண்களை என்னிடம்
என் நிழலை
திருடி சென்றாள்..

அவள் பற்கள்
அவள் சிரிப்பில்
என் மார்பில் காயங்கள்..

தன்னை இழந்து
நான் இருக்க
என்னை கவர்ந்து
பறந்து சென்றது ஏன்

என்னை அவள்
காந்தம் போல இழுக்க
மனித குரல் கேட்டு
தடுக்க பட்டேன்..

அவளை அடைவதட்ட்க்கு
அவள் பெற்றோரிடம்
அடி வாங்க துணிந்து விட்டேன்
ஒவோவ்ரு வடுவும்
என் காதலை சொல்லும் 

அவள் அழகை கூட்டி
அற்புதம் செய்தாய்
என் வயதை கூட்டி
அபத்தம் செய்தாய்...

நினைவு பொங்கி
எரிமலை போன்ற
உஷ்ணத்தை தருகிறது
என்னை மீட்க
அவளிடம் சொல்கிறேன்..

உங்கள் மகளை தாருங்கள்
உங்களுக்கு மணி மண்டபம்

என்னை அழைத்தது
அந்த உணவு விடுதி
என் கண்களுக்கு விருந்து
படைத்தது ஏன்?

அவள் கண்கள்
எனக்கு இதயம் இருக்கிறது
என உணர்த்தியது

அவளை என்னிடம் கொடு
அவளை ஆதரிக்கா வேண்டும்
I met a girl in the restaurant and she was my girl but she left without trace..
JP Mar 16
A cozy small village
spread over the valley
surrounded by lush green forest 
The visitors are mostly parrots
a good number of families live there and do cultivation. 

There is a chief in the village 
he had a shrewd daughter 
She was more like a princess to the village. 

She was sitting under a tree 
in a dream state.. 
her friend approached and
asked about 
her new experience...

the Chief's daughter narrates to her friend,
Of late
a young man coming near to my house 
and standing near a tree  
staring and seducing me for hours 
He looked like a smart hunter 
who came searching for an escaped deer. 
He would have reached my house 
by following the traces of the deer foot. 
His eyes never got tired looking at me. 
I can feel his thirst of love and
I alone can quench his... 

You know
He comes and goes 
happening more than a few weeks 
I strongly feared 
he may die without confessing 
his desire for me.

I had sleepless nights even though 
I don't have any relationships with him. 
He was weak in expressing his desire  
it is not fair on my part as a girl 
go to him and do the talking
But due to heavy pain, 
I decided to approach him. 

One fine day 
I was in my field to stop parrots entering, 
there was a swing in one of our trees. 
I sat and watched the field
he was there from nowhere
gazing from another tree. 
I know, 
he was never going to speak 
I called him to push the swing and he agreed. 
He was standing in front of the swing 
eating me with his eyes. 
What I did was, 
I did an act of slipping from the swing
fell on him as if I fainted. 
I literally pressed my breast 
on to his breast and 
my entire body spread over him.

Even after few minutes
I never made any attempt to show 
that I am back to normal 
If I was, 
he would have said, "Okay get down from me and go away"
He is such a kind of character.
(Note: I made a translation from kalithogai. A renowned Tamil Literature and this was just an attempt.)
Tamilnadu situated southern part of India and most famous for its literature and also most ancient language in the world.
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