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JP 42m
uses his left hand to slap
the groom for future problem
uses his right hand to handover
the bride for pleasure,
which he so long waited...
JP 1d
Fairytale ends
"they lived happily ever"  
in the mind of the readers
JP 1d
The fox saw the grapes
he jumped and jumped  
failing after failing
the grapes become fatter and
fatter in its thoughts....,
JP 2d
her eyes
transmitted a spider
into my eyes
to weave a web
to block other girls..
JP 2d
an misunderstanding
may lead to dark part of us
there is no wrong
Even the Moon hides its darkness..
JP 2d
Woman hero is her father
During marriage ceremony
She takes her hero from father
gives it to her husband..
When she gives birth to a boy
she takes the hero from husband
and give to her son
Seeing her grandson
She takes the hero from son
to grandson...
On death, her grandson
gave her hero back by tears..
JP 3d
It's a way of man
Impose her woman as society
Dominate her
Insult her
Sexually abuse her
he practice on her whatever
wanted to do on society..
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