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i never got to hear your heart beat
i never got to choose a name
i keep losing you before i have you
and all i feel for you is pain

i never got to hold you
or comfort you when you cried
because again i’ve lost you
and no longer have you inside

they say that healing helps you
and moving on is for the best
but how can i sleep peacefully
knowing now you’ll forever rest

i’ve cried a million tears for you
and sang a thousand songs
because in my arms my love
is right where you belong
miscarriages are hard and the aftermath is brutal. but you can make it through ❤️
Standing here, watching clouds pass by,
Looking for your face in eternal memories,
Seeing an ocean blue sky,

Cotten clouds moving in front of my eyes,
Remembering your smile clearly,
Stealing away my lonely nights,

Treasured dreams,
Carrying my heart,
To a far away place,

My heart swimming,
In an ocean of memories,
From sweet yesterdays...

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
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Beebz The Queen Jul 2018
it was over the fence that we met
and over the fence we kissed
till it was your lips and your face
that i constantly missed

you stole my heart away from me
you took it and you ran
far away from all the trouble
i thank you for who i am

i love you more than sunshine
i love you more than rain
through every day and every night
my love will stay the same

taking my soul on new adventures
to learn to live and to love
you are my happy ending
you were truly sent from above

my angel, my darling..
my sweet sweet boy
you bring me endless laughter
you bring me endless joy

i love you till my heart stops
i’ll love you to the end
as long as you love me also
and always be my best friend
Beebz The Queen Nov 2017
Tell me I mean nothing
tell me you’ve moved on.
Tell me that it’s over
just tell me that you’re gone.

Promise me you hate me
promise me you do.
I promised you forever
I promised I loved you.

Now everything is ruined
now things have gone amiss.
Now I need you more than ever
now that you stole me with a kiss.
Beebz The Queen Nov 2016
i loved how nothing ever bothered you
i loved that nothing ever mattered
until i realized that meant me too
then all my dreams were shattered

i loved how you talked so loud
i loved how you spoke the truth
until you used me for your own needs
then you stole away my youth

i loved that you smiled sweetly
i loved that you sang my name
until everything i had was gone
then i noticed your little game
Beebz The Queen Sep 2016
I'm not scared to **** myself
I know I'm not cause I've tried
the only scary part is failing
to live when part of you has died

I'm not afraid of dying
I know cause I've come close
taking those blades to my skin
cause they're my only hope

I'm not worried about my end
I know cause I've seen it all
jagged breaths and shaky hands
my chest will rise.. than fall.
Beebz The Queen Sep 2016
I've said it in different ways
and a million different times
but no matter how I tell you
you can't believe my crimes

I'm a criminal among criminals
a murderer in the midst of thieves
a liar surrounded by players
but I've got nothing up my sleeves

I have laid it all out for you
piece by piece by piece
my misconceptions; false truths
but still you don't believe

I'm a criminal among criminals
we live each day a lie
for when it comes to tell the truth
we all would rather die
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