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Chris Thomas Jul 16
I am currently failing to feel a pulse
And I am shriveling into nothing
The thought of waking up to this cold world
Concerns me,
     About as much as the icy breeze

I grasp at straws that all turn to ashes
I drown deeper within all the madness
I have closed all the windows in my heart
But instead,
      Blood seeps through cracks in the floor

I am poorly designed, not just broken
Made prisoner by a mind that's outspoken
I am famished but I feast on nothing
Besides the pain,
     Pain that my heart's been serving

I am an octave below the sound of silence
I am a victim of my own violence
And the straight line I've been walking
Is finally curving,
     Curving into a circle that is far from perfect
Chris Thomas Jun 17
Befriend me until the end
Because I am bound to my fate
We dance on clouds without silver linings
Yet, we wonder
Why only pennies fall from the broken sky

Betray me until I stay
Because I never stay in one place long
We're down to six degrees of separation
Yet, we wonder
Why we're always so **** cold
Chris Thomas Oct 2018
So the wind has circled back around
Picked up your scent
And carried it off again
You know, it's funny
Because the slightest of breezes
Can remind me of it
On days where the rain has soaked me
From the top of my guilt
To the bottom of my soul
On days where the moon pulls at my tides
From the shoreline of my failures
To the abyss your absence has caused

Everyone seems all too quick to remind
That this empty draught of mistakes
Was always just a poison
Weak enough to keep me alive
But strong enough to **** me slowly
And the thought of never refilling my cup
From the tap of your bitter bliss
Inspires sorrow that I have never known before

So now I watch our lightning die
Straining to hear one more meager clap of thunder
Something, anything
To carry your tempest back into this valley
Because even the slightest of sparks
Is enough to ignite my heart again
And set ablaze every forest from east to west
But now, our own creation aims to consume us, too
Chris Thomas Aug 2018
Like the elms, I am bleeding
But nothing so sweet as sap
You sit perched on the branch above me
Contemplating your belated Autumn nap

Your eyes harmonize with the brown bark
And I envy you, so simple and blasé
I crave some shelter from your rain
But it's cold, and still drizzling dismay

There's a shadow falling over us
The forest has learned to be a clever thief
The light catches you smirk while I weep
Like a willow without a handkerchief

You hear applause, so take your bough
All while dawn bends and slowly breaks
My lips snap like frozen twigs as I wonder;
How can you slumber while my heart's awake?
Chris Thomas Apr 2018
Ava dwells on imperfections
Wishing an iron could be made
Perfect enough to smooth them out

Ava dreams in seven colors
If only to escape the void
If only to dance freely for a while

Ava doesn't flinch at the medication
She curls a lip and smiles
As she dangles feet in crystal waters

Ava misses her auburn hair,
But misses the salt of the ocean more
The one place she calls home

Ava possesses the courage
Of armies ten thousand strong
Yet, no one hears her battle cries

Ava's heartbeat may finally cease
Before sunrise, before breakfast
But her love won't fade anytime soon

Chris Thomas Apr 2018
With my shoelaces untied
I'm always falling short
Short of you
Short of yesterday
Short of tomorrow

So, I reach down to tie them
Yet, I am still falling short
Short of my destiny
Short of my reasons
Short of my ankles

With illusion cast aside
I understand why I have fallen short
I am aimless
I am distracted
I am imperfect

But, I'm not reaching anymore
Chris Thomas Apr 2018
Once, back when
were just a whisper
on my
bated breath
I spilled my heart
this marble floor
And you,
in all your
as rivulets of me
my blood
my passion
my reasons
Ran as wild as
the Yangtze
Seeping ever slowly
into crevices
That no one else
will ever
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