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Timidly, I step from hue to hue
In darkly lit dreams, I trip over blue
November abates, but December shuns
Nimble feet dance across a midnight sun
In exile, I stray into a path of thorns
Tearing flesh from bone like a lover's scorn
Grief, like rain, soaks me from head to toe
Stars, without name, retreat back to shadow
I blatantly defy the brittle words of a liar
Yet, timidly, I step across the ice and the fire
West we go, for our chances are fleeting
I miss the mess that I was, is history repeating?
A plea resounds through the battered night
Names unspoken, a despot's oversight
Take my hand and lead me back to the abyss
Where brokenness is whole and ignorance is bliss
Chris Thomas Nov 24
It's become clear that I've been charred by the lighting
And left deafened by the thunder
And somewhere along this trail of clouds
I've failed you
But the more I breathe, the more I believe
That the storm we weather
Will always make us savor the blue
Chris Thomas Oct 23
The storm
It started long before I drew a breath
And it's bound to rage
Far beyond when I draw my last
The stars have been landing
Just outside of my front door
In such brilliant displays
Of silver, whispers, and fury
And I've been told there's a place
Full of dark veils and darker dreams
That we used to dance through
On our blinded path to the light
And to this madness
That has yet to speak, I say speak!
Be heard in this silent symphony
Do not linger in shadow, lurking
Because the storm
Is not yet halfway over yet
And all the hours we spend wringing
Would be far better served singing
Chris Thomas Oct 16
All the shadows
Have gathered in the square
To sell their petty little trinkets
To those without a prayer
"Pennies on the dollar,"
Is the word on the wind
His cryptic smile is slowly curving
His broken mind relearns to bend

For he is as penniless as he is penitent
Sorrow spills across the cobblestone
Footsteps linger as long as rainbows
Memory outlives brittle bone
"Deal of a lifetime,"
Is the word on the wind
His dreams are crumpled papers
His shadows, his only friends
Chris Thomas Sep 22
I don't think there's anyway I can explain
The sense of hopelessness that it makes me feel
When there's nowhere left to climb
And there's nowhere left to fall
There's a paved road laid out before me
But my feet ache from the rocks I've left behind
And suddenly,
I don't feel like walking anymore
There's a faint whisper in the winds
That can only come from devil's breath
Yet suddenly,
It sounds like beautiful release
There are shadows behind these brown eyes
That may never see the light of sun again
Because there's nowhere left to climb
And nowhere left to fall
Chris Thomas Sep 5
Echoes have grown quieter
Raindrops on the tin roof have grown softer
And daybreak feels like just the sequel to night

Patience has grown thinner
Vultures have grown bolder, and hungrier
And I find myself starting to sprout wings

I used to speak with a fraction of compassion
I used to smile with a tinge of yellow
I used to sleep with the promise of sweeter dreams

But now, the reality is,
Nothing makes me happy anymore,
Not even sadness.

And mired in that realization,
I am losing all sense of color
And by tomorrow, I may awake as pallid as the moon
Chris Thomas Sep 2
I am astray, again
Or asunder, one of the two
These broken, branching, pathways
Have a knack for leading back to you
I am astray, again
Or softly spoken, one of the two
These broken, branching, pathways
Speak in whispers that sound like you
I am astray, still
Or forgotten, one of the two
These broken, branching, pathways
Have never erased my love for you
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