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Ashley Moor Feb 2021
On a particularly dry morning
I Google “creative writing prompts.”
“What are you eating for breakfast?”
“Have you ever dreamt
of being blasted off to outer space?”
“Have you ever encountered
a speed ******
in a Walmart parking lot?”
“Imagine you are a ghost
roaming the hallways
of the Cecil Hotel.”
“Have you ever looked at yourself
fully naked in the mirror
after a night of ugly debauchery?”
Never mind -
I suppose another love poem
wouldn’t hurt.
Cecil Miller May 2020

There's an answer that I'd like to know,
But you don't have to tell me so.
Forgive me if I need forgiving.
Do you need forgiving?

Have you been untrue?
Have you been untrue?

I never see you round the courtyard.
We used to meet there every single day.
Is there a reason you don't want to see me?
I know your schedule hasn't change.

Have you been untrue?
Have you been untrue?

You used to walk right by my side,
And hold my hand throughout the day.
I wonder why you now avoid me?
Why is it now you stay away?

Have you been untrue?
Have you been untrue?
A little song about being a lovelorn teen-ager(though I am way past that stage in life)
I wrote in about three minutes
Cecil Miller May 2020
A small white house,
A slamming screen,
A dusty yard
With tatters of green.
Out I stand.
Seeing and knowing
Who I am.
I am a child.
The sky is clear.
Running, and voices,
That are not clear.
In this memory
I know your name.
I don't yet speak.
I know I love you.
This is about my first memory of my older brother. We weren't raised together. Though we had inly met a few times before he died, I still loved him as if he had always been in my life.
Cecil Miller May 2020
In this moment when I find
The time to picture you
In lace and white chiffon,

I can almost see as clearly
As the day we said our vows,
When no cloud would dare to cast upon.

Ours seemed to be the only shadows,
And the powder blue sky was gleaming
Like an oracle in your eyes.

To all the universe we proclaimed
Forever, not another name nor hand
Would be yours or mine.

You were called to Eden,
or to Heaven or to where all angels go.
I remained here alone, and grieving,
But as it will, on; my life would go.

I somehow know you approve,
I feel it, how you understand.
How she makes me feel, it's not the same,
But pure in another way.

I never could replace you,
And you know I'll love you always,
But it's time for your memory
To give my hand away.

No the yellow sun is shining,
And the guests are nearly pining
For event, a nuptual recital - she and me.

Faithful I shall be to her,
As faithful as you always were,
And honest as a good husband should be.

Perhaps she will not betray my love, and Leave my side to take the hand of shadow, as did you

Beyond the sparse hedgerow of near tomorrow, I cannot tell what is to come.

******* it, anyway...
And bless this union in the sight of these,
Thy congregation.
I have no idea who the hell I was when I wrote this one.
Cecil Miller May 2020

Get down in time,
With Clemintine,
You'll have a chicken,
Sausage, feta omlett,

At breakfast time,
Or when the water's fine,
When it's time to go,
You gotta do what you can to...

Get, get, get, get, get, get, get.
If they are against you they will lose that
Bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet.
Each for his own,
Each king his own.
Every rolling stone,
Gets down in the hoosegow.
Just something I've been working up. It's sort of my answer to Jailhouse Rock
Cecil Miller May 2020
I see you changed your tune
Fast as phazes of the moon

So true,
That you

Should-a seen it comin',
Should-a heard the hummin

Right through,
Bright blue...

Must-a been my voodoo
Cause I sure did do it to you.

Oh you,
You're through.

You're through.

Must-a been my voodoo
Cause I sure did do it to you.

Oh you,
You're through

I can cross the river
'Bout-a any time I feel.
Nothing's gonna be a break
A-slowing down my wheel.
I'm gonna take you out
Any time I want
And it won't cost a pretty dime
Because inside of you, I haunt.
I have a few brief pieces of verse to post this morning. I hope they get read.
Cecil Miller May 2020
A tremble in the stillness
Disturbs the reflecting glows
Presages a message from the gently
   disturbed surface,There is comedy in the tragic.
There is dignity in human shame.
There is irony in mundane normality.
We just have to find it.
That's how we'll make it through
A peaceful song upon my life.
Almost called Natural Symphony, but I love the thought of nature personified.
Cecil Miller May 2020
There is comedy in the tragic.
There is dignity in human shame.
There is irony in mundane normality.
We just have to find it.
That's how we'll make it through
I hope it reaches some people in  sentimental places
Cecil Miller May 2020
Of all my days and nights,
This will be my favorite.
I will carry it with me,
As long as life will let me.
When I am feeble and fading,
I will hope to hold on to it.
It is my favorite memory of you.

Of all my days and nights,
This will hurt me most.
I cannot let it slip away;
Life will not let me.
Now you are feeble and fading,
I have still my favorite
Memory to help me through.
The night I took a break from my novel is the same night I wrote most of my entres this morning. I hope some of them are good.
Cecil Miller May 2020
There are seven tenats to the overall objective.
The goal is of little consequence.
The method is in the madness.

Far beyond the daylight's green and anchored at the bay of sorrow
Is the vessel from which the captain
must be liberated from the responsibilities of his post.

It dances in the ocean of air
When it manifests to my eyes.
The humming in my ears is a pulse.
I am entertained.
It explodes like a multitude of suns.

I am no more.

I am forevermore.
I'm not quite sure what to make of this one. When I try to read it aloud, it rolls off the tongue with the ease of a well-globbed *** of phlegm.
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