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Her special power
was neglect
and I felt it immensely
a feeling I knew all to well
but could never get use to
Some days
I feel neglected
some days
I feel loved
some days
I feel everything
some days
none of the above
some days
I need attention
Some days
I just need a hug
but most days all I need
is my own love
She was my beauty
I was her beast
every night together
was a feast
spread her legs
kissed her there
she even loved
how I pulled her hair
ravaged her body
she loved to stare
behind closed doors
we’re the perfect pair
Oh that smile
how it sent shivers
down my spine
silencing all noise around me
yet creating a chaos inside me
an uncontrollable urge
to kiss thee
and shed thy tears profusely
expect me to remember you tomorrow
when you forgot about me today
any man and he’ll agree
women are the most beautiful creatures you’ll ever see
Her wicked tongue
caressed my ears
with promises of ****** grandeur
all I wanted was to be held
until I slumbered
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