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was the charcoal cloud
that draped over me
weighing me down
like a wet packing blanket
until I could no longer take another step
dropping to my knees
only to stare at my hands
pressed against the concrete floor
as the cold hard rain
pounded relentlessly over and over
reminding me to stay down
with no sign of hope
punishing myself
A constant suffering
because I had no control of my mind
and I’ll never know why
The somber night
left a subtle breath of tranquility
after the sunrise brought a long day
of discomfort and turmoil
a hopelessness overturned
by the nights crisp air
reassuring our heavy heads
as they touched our pillows
before slumber
And for a little while
after I’m gone
they will tell stories about me
some true
some false
good memories
bad memories
but only for a little while
because after awhile
I am no longer making new memories
only old memories linger
like all old memories
they fade and eventually are forgotten
so in the end
I am just a forgotten memory
that once may or may not existed
And they
danced and sang in jubilation
although all was not well
they were grateful for every morning
their eyes were greeted by the sun
and that alone was reason enough
for celebration
Her eyes eyes
saw me see
what was inside of me
nothing good
nothing bad
just simply that I was sad
what to do
what to say
living life every day
knowing what’s inside of me
on the outside full of glee
her eyes eyes
saw me see
a little part of her
inside of me
was a novel
waiting to be written
a love story for the ages
my only wish
was to be a part of her narrative
If you continue
running from the world
eventually the world forgets you
then you have nothing to run from
but  yourself
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