12h Lady RF
Amanda F

She carries the secrets of the cosmos in her eyes of light,
And tells tales of the constellations every forthcoming night.
With love that promises the sea,
And thoughts that churn the tides.
With a wild rush of grace she'll paint your world
The colours of her mind.
To fathom what she is beyond the subtle and kind,
Do you dare disturb the universe beneath her skin?
Oh wonder what you'll find.

- A.F

Dedicated to my dearest Mum, Lady R.F. who is and always will be my favourite and ultimate universe to get lost in. I love you forever.
Lady RF 21h

With elegance,
A Wordsmith interprets
In the exquisite,
Timeless language
Of poetry,

Delicately composing
Beautiful words
Into elaborate sonatas,
Each rendition A graceful,
Classical symphony.

With beauty and intensity,
Full of raw emotions,

Each wordsmith
Extracts their most inner-feelings
And intricately converts them
Into rhythmical compositions.

And this
Is the only fluent language
Their soul is able to speak...

Each sonata they release,
With wings,
Is individually mastered,
Impeccable, and unique.

May each Wordsmith
Never miss a beat,

And continue writing,
With poetic justice,
Their heart's rhythm
On every sheet.


By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Dedicated to the Wordsmiths of our world;
May you never miss a beat and continue writing your heart's rhythm on your sheet.

Lady RF 2d

She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a pending rainbow
that's hiding behind the clouds
in the sky.

She is a warm pocket
in a cold, deep ocean,

She is a virtual art form,
She is poetry in motion.

She is thunder and lightning
in a perfect blue horizon,

She is a delicate wildflower
growing in a plush green field,
one that is mesmerising.

She is an unexpected smile
on a lonely day,

She is instant relief
when things aren't going
your way.

She is a suprising hint of sweetness
when you are expecting
something sour,

She is a timeless friend,
She is an immortal flower.

She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a breath of fresh mountain air, causing one to exhale a relieving sigh.

She is full of substance,
empathy, wisdom and kindness,

She contains infinite layers
of universes beneath her skin,
all of which are unrecognisable
to the naked eyes that suffer from "metaphorical" blindness.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Dedicated to my daughter, Amanda. F XXX
Lady RF 3d

I don't need stars from the night-sky,
I don't need the moon,

I don't need any sunshine in my pocket,
All I need is you--my auspicious, priceless fortune.

I don't need precious diamonds that sparkle,
I don't need 24-carat gold,

I don't need luxury and extravagance,
All I need is your hand, to forever hold.

I don't need material belongings,
I don't need anything that money can buy,

I don't need cash in my wallet,
All I need is your unconditional love, forever - not a single day shy.

This is all I ever wanted,
This is all I'll ever need,

To be the undying love of your life, infinitely,
This is what I desire,
This is what I need from life
to succeed.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Lady RF 4d

Stars very rarely
Hang-out alone,

A perfect night sky
Lets this be known.

They come together
Forming a spectacular

Shining magnificently bright
In a festive celebration.

Gently glowing undertones
Of a perfect moon,

Allow each individual star's quality
To be extraordinarily exhumed.

A perfect,
Starry evening
Sadly, comes to an end,

As dusk turns to dawn;
With it,
The sun it sends.

By Lady R.F.(C)2017

Lady RF 5d

Our hearts weigh more
when they are broken,

Our minds expand
when they are awoken.

Our souls can be felt
when they are shattered,

Our hearts, minds,
and souls are fragile
when they've been battered.

They can be mended
with love and care,

With strength and faith
and with some valuable prayer.

We can learn
from all of our pain,

With our lessons
we can stand tall again.

Showing ourselves
some needed compassion,
patience, and love,

Seeking salvation
from God above.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Lady RF Jul 15

He was nothing less
Than everything,

Her entire universe,
Not leaving out anything.

He was in
Her every thought,

In everything good
That she ever sought.

He was her every breath,

Connected to her heart and soul,
He would live-on to remain this way,
Beyond her death.

To be side-by-side,

Together, they signed-up
To take-on life's
Scary rollercoaster ride.


An endless love,
They both shared,
To eachother,
They never stopped showing.

They climbed mountains,
They enjoyed the views,

They walked through fires,
They shared
Both good and bad news.

They rode through storms,
They went on adventures,

They gazed at sunsets and sunrises,
They partook
Many daring ventures.

They were born to be together,
To be as one, connected,

An honest love without measure;
A rare, precious love
They both dearly protected.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

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