Lady RF 1d

Long lived dreams
painted with clouds
in the sky,
so vivid,
just a touch away
from her delicate fingertips,

They keep her feeling alive,
they keep her wide-eyed,
whilst the salt
from the crashing waves
spray onto her dried up lips.

A fire burns brightly
deep down inside,
but she's too numb
to feel the pain,

Through her beautiful,
innocent, tired eyes
you can see the flame.

She pushes it all aside;
in her dreams
she finds a place to hide

Every day
she does the same.

Exhaling as the sun sets
each and every night,

Dying, over and over again;
reborn, time and time again,
at the sight of morning's light.

Holding her own trembling hand,
trying so hard not to lose her grip,

on the edge
of her world,
trying so hard
she won't survive
another slip.

Listening out for answers
howling in the vicious wind,
she fails to hears anything,

Clutching hope, and faith,
praying that her love for life
will conquer everything.

She's a fighter!
she will be born again;
from the mountain top
you will hear her sing!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

Lady RF 6d

You may both share
all of the love in this world,
but it still won't be enough
to fix certain things,

It could very possibly be
that very love,
that you both share,
that is responsible for your
shattered souls
and broken wings!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

Lady RF Apr 18

You cannot kill
which is already dead!
Your toxic bullet
went straight through her heart;
so, it's useless
pointing another one  
at her messed up

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

 Apr 8 Lady
Amanda F 

The angelic silhouette of her intentions on paper,
fair with the golden fingerprints of the depths of her soul
so pure.
Her smile with the potential to light up a thousand dead cities in the blink of an eye,
So allure.
Her eyes play so convincing,
The calm detailed glisten in the sunlight and the sorrowful muted tone they become when her mind is far from bright.
Her idiosyncratic and highly distinctive attitude towards things never fails to amaze me,
Her heart silences her mind when only it feels what her mind can't see.
Rosalie is art
From her knowledge full and constantly absorbing mind, to her utterly beautiful heart.

Amanda. F (c) 2017

Words dedicated to my mum
I love her so much
Lady RF Apr 8

You may not be
strong enough yet;
keep working on it!

You may not be
brave enough yet;
never give up on it!

You may feel overwhelmed,
try to take some
pressure off yourself ,

Otherwise, it could cause
your Anxiety to peak - and that's bad
for your mental health!

You may need to figure out
what's best for you,

you may have forgotten
how to do!

Just breathe,
and simply be,

The world can wait!
You need clarity!

You may need to take time
to understand yourself ,

Build up your resistance,
so you can focus on your goals
and priorities
- this is what is known as 'Real wealth!'

You have to stop worrying
about the hands,
continuously ticking away,
on your watch,

Before you can 'Take life on!'
Before you can take it up
another notch!

You need to stop letting other people
place so much weight on you,

They all do what they have to do!
Now, it's your turn to do
what you have to do!

Those who love you unconditionally
are the ones who will stand by you,

Just remember,
you only get one chance,
and there's only one
of you!

wasn't built
in one day,

Everything happens
when it is supposed to,
and not a minute sooner--it's
'The Universe's' way!

It might take
a day,
a week,
a month,
or a year,

However long it takes,
do not fear!

You need to keep calm,
keep your mind clear,
so you can see
what you're supposed to see,

Life is too short,
it's your turn now!
What is meant to be ...
will always be!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

 Apr 3 Lady
Amanda F 

Your eyes, portraying
A rough duality
Of detailed art
And subtle reality

Amanda. F (c) 2017

Lady RF Apr 3

Butterflies and ladybugs,
Lily pads carrying frogs,

Water dragons and other reptiles,
Pussy cats and all kinds of dogs.

Wild horses and elephants,
Monkeys in the wild,

White doves and eagles -
She has adored wolves
since she was a small child.

Alpacas and llamas,
Whales that grace the magestic seas,

Seals and dolphins
in the big blue oceans -
Whenever she's lucky enough
To see some...
She feels so alive and free.

She adores
Animals in nature,
Her heart is captured
by all of them,

She believes that they each have
A precious soul
And a beautiful nature,
Even her noisy rooster
And her big fat hen!

By Lady R.F ©2017

I love animals!
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