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Red Aug 2014
I feel dead inside
Maybe this coffee will wake me up

I feel dead inside
Maybe if I sleep it will go away

I feel dead inside
Maybe this cigarette will perk me up

I feel dead inside
Maybe this liquor will take me away

I feel dead inside
Maybe my friends will cheer me up

I feel dead inside
Maybe a boyfriend will pull me away

I feel dead inside
Maybe if I get help they wouldn't lock me up

I feel dead inside
Maybe I should push some daises up

Nothing seems to be working right
I feel dead inside
a confused, passive, apathetic teenage perspective
  Jun 2014 Red
Viktoriya Leonardi
there are shadows inside of me,
residing in the crevices of my skeleton
weighing me down.
i remember you planted promises of flowers
in the crooks of my bones
but winter has come
and the cold feels like home to me now.
i was sad when i wrote this. i still am.
Red Jun 2014
I don't care about a lot of things.
That's why the things I care about
mean the world to me, but
they hold a lot of power over me.
Because the things I care about,
are getting smaller and smaller.
And I don't want to lose them,
so I fight to hold on to them.
But even though I fight with
everything that's left of me,
I'm losing people, places, and things
that mean the world to me,
and it makes me sadder and sadder.
I'm losing sleep
I'm losing friends
I've got a love hate love
with the city I'm in
Red May 2014
tattooed across my hand
it's a reminder.
now you're probably thinking,
"a reminder to what?"

you probably think it's something common like,
"INSANITY to remind you to be insane."
the profound few might think,
"INSANITY as a reminder that everyone else is insane."

but, darling,
really INSANITY's a reminder of the fact that
everyone else might be crazy,
and that's even worse.

everyone else might be insane.
you'll never really know.
but the insane ones are the ones
that can trick you,
and damage you,
and break you,
but you never notice until
it's too late.

You see, darling,
I've been tricked,
and broken,
and so unbelievably, damaged.
That I need the reminder,
tattooed across my hand,
to remind me
that everyone
might be
and I have good reasons
to be paranoid.
Trust no one.
Trust no body.
Everybody's up to something.
Red Apr 2014
life will break your heart,
life must be seen.

I think being a tragedy
is a state of defiance.
My life of cynical conclusions
leaves me a present:
comedy and tragedy.

Lord reverse time,
because I believe the best comedy
has passed.
This is a blackout, or cross out poem I made from one of my homework assignments, instead of reading it like we were supposed to, I made a poem.
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