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We Are All Human;

Gender or Wealth,
Religion or Race.

If you disagree,
Then you're a disgrace.
Aurora Jan 6
For those who are the future:
Don’t use your freedom as a red carpet for a popular pop singer, or a president.
Don’t walk on it to get a phone that is smarter than you!
Don’t hate, erase all the lines on the map, unite your nationalities to “ human”, let love spread through the oceans.
Don’t be racist, racism pulls the nations back, and the souls down.
Don’t be a ***** for the brand of your shirt, for the kardashians granddaughters lips, or for the green paper.
Don’t be a ***** for the nothingness, for what will be gone.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
They call him racist,


monster, not a man.

They call him bad guy
he is better than them.
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
truth pretender
parents send her
life defender

he's a ******
slimy maggot
feeling ragged
bag and tag it

hurting words
spitting herds
cheezy curds
****** nerds

mental case
dizzy space
**** face
**** my race

Time to kneel
grab a feel
scary tweel
innocence steal

Eat a steak
garden rake
veggie snake
life forsake

Not pretend
we defend
savior send
the end
Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will ALWAYS hurt me!
Novella Arrdea Sep 2018
They may think they know how I feel,
They may think they know my pain,
They may think they know everything,
But they didn't,
They have no idea what I've been dealing with,
They have no idea what I've been struggling with,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than other girls,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than boys,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin,
Just because I'm a girl,
Just because I have darker skin,

"Um, why is your skin color looks like the color of an avocado seed?"
My skin looks like the color of an avocado seed cause God gave me this skin tone, that's it,

"Ayyy this is our black girl!"
Even if they said it's just a joke, they said it's a 'special' nickname for me, it's not how I wanted to be called,

"Your skin shows that you didn't take care of your skin,"
It's not that I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is,

"Novella, you're a girl, no guys will interested to you if your skin is black like this,"
And I ain't interested to picky guys,

"Novella, your skin is darker than my skin, you want me to take care of your skin for you? I know you rarely use makeup."
So what if my skin is darker than their skin? It's not because I rarely use makeup, it's not because I don't know how to use makeup, I just don't want to cover myself with those things and I just wanna be thankful with what God already gave me,

"Novella, we're in Indonesia, we're Asian and you look like African-American people, *****,"
What's the difference between Asian and African-American people? We just have different pigments, so basically we all are one race, all humans are in one race,

"Ew black girl! She will never get a boyfriend,"
Ew racist people,

Shout out to anyone who felt the same way that I felt,
Stay strong,
We all will get through this,
I know this isn't easy, but I know you can do it,
Don't let their words creeping into your mind,

With love,
Novella Arrdea Aug 2018
"Your skin look darker than most of your friends, you're an 'asian' girl, you're supposed to take care of your skin so you won't look like 'black' people."

First of all, just because you "said" that I am an Asian girl, that doesn't mean I can't have dark skin.

Second of all, yes I have dark skin, but that doesn't mean I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is, does my skin color bother you?

And last, why should I be ashamed when someone compared me to African-American people?
Why should I be ashamed when someone compared to Papua New Guinea people? We all are human being anyways.
just wanna say it to the internet, this is what I've been through, and people called it "society".
Middy Oct 2017
he brought a gun to school
with the lesson in a form of a bullet
he is the one around that everyone fears
the one you must and shall obey
his knuckle duster harder
than the front of a car
his fingernails ******
with the blood of his victims

the teacher
the one who preaches in the lessons
who pays no attention to the cold words
the violence and the red stain in the hallways
the teacher
he said to us
about a new boy around
his face is darker than chocolate
and has a gleaming happy smile
but with feelings of nerve

he said to treat him well
to be good little boy
to tell him what good little students we are
to show him all the harsh rules

did we understand?
that was the question asked
what did we all answer at the end of the day?
yes sir!

but soon
his dark skin was bleeding
bruised and beaten
black and blue
his eyes had a blacker ring
his nerves were skyrocketting
his happy smile gone
in one single punch
one cruel word
that was all it took
now there is a hole
a bullet hole in his kind heart
can you find the bully's backstory? comment it down and i'll happily repost a random poem of yours. :)
i will reveil the winner at any time so search hard!
here's a clue: it causes bruises. many use it everyday. someone can be hurt by it. anytime, anywhere.
ps: im writing on school computers so sorry for any mistakes
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