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Leah Ward Aug 2021
And when I let the maelstrom of my life wash over me,
I cried and cried and cried
And I let my body lie in bed
until the blood pooled at the back of my legs.
There is no good way to fall out of love:
there are only the meandering strides in and out
and back again.
Leah Ward Aug 2021
Mmm, the sound babies make
before they know how to speak.
Small murmurs in the dark, waiting for light through the window.
I try to follow the recipe:
Hazelnut, flour, pretense.
Stir, stir, stir.

I hear the radio from the living room:
Silent night, o holy night
My mother sleeps on the sofa,
and she’ll sleep until the light comes through the window.
Coffee sloshes against the back of my teeth like whistling wind on a train through Mumbai, and I hear the voice in the back of my head:
Take your mother to India before she dies.

Eggs, butter, time: whip and stir.
I am trying myself to bake the cake for my mother’s birthday. She deserves so much.
I think of the summer in the south
The neighbor with the baby
The mother wailing
I can’t do this I can’t do this
And I hear my mother’s voice in the back of my head:
If you want something done right,
do it yourself.
Leah Ward Aug 2021
Oh come on,
What is it with you
and the setting sun?
You are like brothers.
You both need something inside of you
that burns no matter what.
Leah Ward Sep 2016
I am a signed document
a fit of freedom written in last minute ink
My hair the lustrous curls of knowing
what it’s like to unwind a little.

My breath is the mist of the Baltic Sea, rising to meet the heat
of an argument, a moment, a feeling.
I light a fire with my pen.

I hide my tired eyes, clenched jaw
and write with a tight grip.
Voices echo through the forest,
Révolution ! Commencer la revolution !
Trees fall to thunder.

Self-doubt sinks to the bottom of my sea
like a shipwreck. My armies trench through fields
mowed in circles
the rings moving out like zen,
and I practice tai chi in the middle of battle
finding peace at last.

Now I live a lifetime of summer.
Leah Ward Jul 2014
I want to be the reason
Why you never give up.

I want you to glance
Over to your side when you're
Tired, defeated, forgotten, forlorn;
Uninspired, depleted, rotten, and torn
And see me there and hear me say:

"Don't you dare."

and those words would send you wild and running and driven into your dreams--

Only to find me there again.
Leah Ward Mar 2014
The star that rises in the morning
Hangs irrevocably above me.
Its light is the product of the mind.

It casts my shadow by the doing of brilliant light. Freeing myself from its follow is a plight
I know well.

You are the closest star until the morning
Living and burning and being in the dark
--the splendor of that lightless radiance;
but where there is no follow there is no guide:
You are a proxminity never the vicinity of something I could see.

You are the closest star until the morning.
Although you are closest you are still far
Even the sun is closer to me than you
Leah Ward Oct 2013
Give them no plea,
Stay steadfast in your way.
Do it, do it, do it for me.

When they set flame to all you see
The fire will surge and rage, but
Give them no plea.

They will wait for you to change your decree
But sit silent, lips pierced too quiet —
Do it, do it, do it for me.

When they hold your judgement over high sea
During the toughest storm,
Give them no plea.

Do not accept what they say is to be
As what it is to be, or how it has been.
Do it, do it, do it for me.

When they strive against your way
And your will strives at your mercy,
Give them no plea.  
Do it, do it, do it for me.
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