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IncholPoem Jan 2019
During  pregnancy  
a  butterfly did  touch

Then  it  jumped
on   my   beast.

I  avoided  

During  my  college  time
a  ­snake  -charmer
was  looking  me.

Then   i  purchased
a  robot   snake-charmer.

I  avoided

During   my  shopping   time
in   New  Jersey
a Wall  Mart sales  person
did  kiss  on  my

I  avoided
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
You'll forget their face
  only a matter of time
You'll forget their name
  only a matter of time
I'll forget the way she looked at me
I'll forget the way she talked
I'll forget the perfume she wore
I'll forget the color of her Blue eyes and Black nails
But is that the truth?
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
I just wish I was:
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
Was I not the better choice?
What made them better then me?
If it's change you want
I'm willing to become a different
If it means once again I'll be the
Better choice
to just
Feel wanted
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
Carve your sorrows in my skin
Writing the words I’ve already spoken
Break them down and be free
There’s no point
There is no point.
Be free.
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
I'll hold your hand until you let go.
The tighter you hold on the longer I'll stay.
But to be honest if our hands lost grip
I'd still stay.
My hands are forever intertwined in yours.
Even if your small fingertips lose touch
I will stay.
I will be mindful of the color or your nails.
And the tremble of your hands from nervousness.
When you let go
just remember
I'll be waiting for you.
Jas Apr 2017
Up at the top
Hands in the air
Raising our glasses
In a silent cheer
To celebrate the things we've done
The resolutions we'll make,
The disruptions we caused
Shots fired in our wake.

Houses piled together
No room to breathe
Visions of death
Poison in our dreams.

There are the rebels and the gays
The fearsome and the rays
Of sunshine.
The thoughtful ones
The glass slippered girls
And the sneakerheads.
It isn't much
We aren't royalty
The most we can do
Is have the things we think we need
In our dreams.

Money can't be everything
But it sure seems
To be that way.
Instead of leading the way
We dig it up
No one walks on sidewalks
We all stay in the streets.

In the future
I hope instead
The streets will close at 10
And we'll all be in our beds.
Because if something happens
And we all go
Who will remember us when we're dead
If all we did
Was steal sneakers from weaker men
And spend spend spend?
Andrew T Apr 2017
friday morning,
we wake up hungover
from last night's binge drinking,
because even though we love our jobs,
no one really wants to work for their entire lives,
when so many things are unanswered,
perverted, and misconstrued.  
hashtag all of those millennial catchphrases,
to garner hearts from your friends
who you haven't seen in years,
friends who work in San Fran,
Chicago, Greenwich Village.
crank up your laptop speakers,
as Neon Indian's Polish Girl
plays that **** synth,
and take a drag from a P-Funk,
before your Grandma hits your
shoulder with the newspaper daily—
right after she speaks in Vietnamese,
asking you what is your name,
because she has Alzheimer’s.
but in these social media days,
isn't everything that is worth mentioning to your sister,
everything that is worth fighting for,
everything that is ****** in this world,
on the internet (maybe, just Twitter tbh).
screenshot the cat meme you like,
save it,
share it,
move on.
if only she wasn't allergic to cats,
maybe it could have worked out.
that was 7 years ago.
—*** ova it. Then, mix your red bull with your coffee,
because the next 10 hours of your life,
will be revolving around caring about people
other than your ungrateful and ingratiating ***.
don't cry,
when I say good-bye.
stay for a while, under the shade of the rooftop
where the deejay spins Frank Ocean
and Frank Sinatra records,
as everyone is drinking scotch, or Yuengling,
and ashing over the veranda bansister,
; the bad boys try to open their souls
to the good girls. and the bad girls,
reveal too much to the good boys.
we devoured those drugs, as though
they were jelly beans from a convenience store,
and then we broke into the store
and ate some more.
break the coals on top of the hookah,
puff, puff, pass—
inhale, exhale,
fit the deformed piece
back into the Dinosaur puzzle,
and crawl back into bed,
pull the covers over
your trembling body,
shut your eyes,
and reflect,
for the day is heavy with regret
and unsaid things.
LoveLy Aug 2015
She wished to wear your 73 football jersey.
She wished  to see you smile with dimples so deep she felt her heart ached in their presence.
She wished to taste your tongue as it perused her teeth.
She wished to feel the warmth of your hand in hers as you walked down the aisles.
She wished you'd still choose her even though she knew you had began to look for someone new...
She wished to wear your jersey....
and she wished for you.
Yet, not one of her dreams ever came true.
My love life from way back till now...litterally and theoretical
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