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She had a smile
that drove me wild
I smiled and giggled
like a child
a beauty I couldn’t deny
every time she caught my eye
Noah A Baker Apr 2016
(you will say something today!)
yeah, that isn’t stupid
or maybe she thinks it’s cute
when i fumble over my lines
(you’re losing time just say something!)
hey, how are y-
(too generic)
the weather’s nic-
(it’s raining, stupid!)
(you’re fumbling)
she laughed?
butterflies pt 1 and 1.5 were written in 2013. This is a series where I kind of sporadically write down what I envision having butterflies when talking to someone you want to impress is like. I try not to edit it as much as possible, because when you have butterflies, you don't really think. You kinda just start talking, and try to finish nicely. Enjoy
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
The first kid was a rat. Oh he was so crude and mean. He said:
"Make her eat that!" and pointed to dirt-drenched, ice cream.
The second kid was a sucker for shows. He laughed and such a stupid pose.
But girls have power too ya know.
Girls tend to be smart, and...oh no...
She scooped the food, tears down her eyes, bidding her last goodbyes. Up it went, leaving no traces....

Up to the sky! "Wham!" Into their faces. She laughed and ran on full speed. Jumped a bush and climbed a tree.

"She's like a squirrel!" The first boy yelled.
"Well get up there and push her down!"

The second boy was looking high.
The girl giggled and mocked "So boys do cry."
The second boy ran off, and chickened out.
The first boy said," I can get you no doubt!"
He hopped and hopped and grasped the first branch, then he swung and swung, but couldn't touch the next.
While he struggled so hard the girl, quietly climbed down.
He'd never figure, she was on the other side, on the ground.
She slowly tipped away and went on, back home.
The boys best learn their lessons, and leave this girl **alone
Comments? Hearts?

— The End —