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Brandon Conway Sep 2018

Got jumped going down the alley
by a couple of bottles and a card game
Got my portrait painted finally,
hands hidden by the fancy frame

"Immortalized Sobriety"
that's what I'll call it,
immortalized sobriety
and not alcoholic

I'll tell my friends
I'll never drink again
We both know that's
not ******* happenin'

I'll tell my friends
I'll never lie again
We both know that's
maybe gonna happenin'

Am I losing my mind?
No, no just one more drink
am I perfectly fine?
No, no just let me think

My mind is soaked
in fermented brine
this page is soaked
with blotchy

-ling of a remembrance
woke up in the backseat
of a taxi cab repentance
aftertaste so bittersweet
declare me in-dependance

I'll tell my friends
I'll never drink again
We both know that's
not ******* happenin'

I'll tell my friends
I'll never lie again
We both know that's
already happened

Am I losing my **** mind?
No, no just one more **** drink
am I just ******' blind?
No, no just let me ******' think

I think I might need,
I think I might need,
I think I might need
Michael Ryan Jan 2016
Sweetly sipping holiday cider
the usual melancholy,
but the bitterness
was always a surprise
and I felt much delight
with the bubbles
dispersing across the atmosphere
that was my mouth.  

The Day after
was a would be pleasant Monday--
thinking back I really
should have waited till Tuesday
everyone hates Tuesday less
and the people in my life
were no exception.

The Day after--
my mother washed dishes
it must be disturbing
as that was my household chore
they were shinier and cleaner
than any time I did them,
she noticed,
and grabbed a plate I had done
smiling and frowning
in the reflection it lacked.

The day after--
slack jawed and stooped
just finished piling
the heaviest cardboard boxes
my dad has ever had to carry
the possessions were clothes and photographs
but to him were
the weight of a casket.

The day after--
sleeping in my old bedroom
was my older brother
filling the curvature
my body had left
in the memory foam mattress,
as I wished for its name to become literal
so he could dream
my memories.

As I watched
not lived with my family
these feelings sunk
to the ocean floor
realizing the weight
that would crush my body
and cause my family
to collapse
the day after.
Lovers will lose history and future.  Seemed like an answer, but then was the question.
Poetic T May 2015
Rambling craziness of a gambling madman
Always one slice from the suicide pie.

Taste it will you choke on the goodness,
swallow your pride gamble on that most
Of expensive of bets that's life.

First step is a long one the second never
Walked, jumped in front of the band
Wagon, always look before you walk.
Crazy I know
He wondered
"Can I fly?
I like the heights,
I love the view.
To see the city
At this view
Is amazing.
I want to fly
Like a bird.
Will I live?
Will I die?
Will they miss me
If I do?
Honestly, I doubt it.
They barely know
I'm even in the room.
What will happen?
The love I have
Is fake.
There's nothing in it
That is really love.
I could die, and
She wouldn't even know
I'm gone.
It's easy,
Just like this.
I jump...
It'd be painless,
I'm going to do it"
So he counted in his head
He jumped
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
The first kid was a rat. Oh he was so crude and mean. He said:
"Make her eat that!" and pointed to dirt-drenched, ice cream.
The second kid was a sucker for shows. He laughed and such a ****** pose.
But girls have power too ya know.
Girls tend to be smart, and...oh no...
She scooped the food, tears down her eyes, bidding her last goodbyes. Up it went, leaving no traces....

Up to the sky! "Wham!" Into their faces. She laughed and ran on full speed. Jumped a bush and climbed a tree.

"She's like a squirrel!" The first boy yelled.
"Well get up there and push her down!"

The second boy was looking high.
The girl giggled and mocked "So boys do cry."
The second boy ran off, and chickened out.
The first boy said," I can get you no doubt!"
He hopped and hopped and grasped the first branch, then he swung and swung, but couldn't touch the next.
While he struggled so hard the girl, quietly climbed down.
He'd never figure, she was on the other side, on the ground.
She slowly tipped away and went on, back home.
The boys best learn their lessons, and leave this girl **alone
Comments? Hearts?

— The End —