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Jeremy Betts Mar 8
Shamelessly flaunting a "good life" but never own it
They're only snapshots of good times and staged moments
You've only come across carefully selected, rookie opponents
Never felt how hard struggle hits
What about when the floor drops out and a new rock bottom is found?
What about when the relentless doubt is the only thing registering as sound?
It's a generic cliche but a legitimate thing to say,
Who are you when judgment isn't around?
Do you explode in secrecy if to tightly wound?
Do you trust what stops the breakdown from happening in front of a crowd?
When you can't distinguish between right and wrong, when up seems down
When "elementary my dear Watson" proves too profound
When inner thoughts are unbound
When your own mind releases the hellhound
When you lose the comfort and security of solid ground
Control and reason give way to confusion and treason and all you can do is lie and say "change is inbound"
Would exposing the real you leave those closest to you confound?
They say there's two sides to every story
I believe the same is true for every personality,
So I'm just asking around

Dream Fisher Oct 2019
You better make room at the top,
If not I'll push my way into the crowd
I'm not going to stop, not asking if I'm allowed.
They'll read my name in the paper, watch me.
I'll be the reason you spit your morning coffee.
That odd kid made a best seller,
That weird kid sold up and isn't so lame.
Unfortunately they still don't know my name.

I've been chasing a beautiful success
Long before you even had a cerebral cortex,
The problem with you is you're thinking backwards.
I'm a different sort of intellectual awesome
If you can't see that, I'll saw you in half
Starting right at the corpus callosum.
Or I'll just keeping being me
Tap the first domino and watch the rest
Scattering across the floor in a mess.

I joke about never making it there
I'm afraid I'll never get noticed
The truth is, I write everyday
Just to hope today is the day
That I wake up to minimal fame
And someday, someone will write me a letter
To tell me how something I wrote
Made their life change
But today I'll stay unnoticed
死者 Jan 2019
i left my toothpaste at home on purpose
i went to your house for fun
you looked so nice
longing stares
it's time for bed
oops i forgot my toothpaste
can i use yours
yeah? thanks
oh, so you use mint flavor?
i changed from bubblegum to mint after
Charlotte Oct 2018
You know, I used to think you were everything,
You were God's Special gift.
Around you I was so giddy,
I felt like dancing to swing.  

I used to think the sun shone out of your ***.
I died inside each time I could make you laugh.
I got down on my knees to pray for you at mass.
I wanted my love for you commemorated on my epitaph.

Your name *** everywhere I turned.
I thought they were signs so harder I yearned.

But time is a funny thing.
With it, what was once a  gentle caress,
Can become a bitter sting.

With time I learned you weren't God's gift,
You were just a *******.

Around you my heart still flutters and beats too fast,
But only because you're an *******,
And I want to kick your ***.

I still pray for you, but only because you've lost a good thing (me).
It's done, I've finally broken the spell (free).

Truth is, I really do see your name everywhere,
But only because your name is that generic.
You're not a gem, you're not that rare,
My wasted time is tragic.

This poem is mean and petty,
I'm usually more kind and demure.
But right now my words are cool and steady,
Things are different now, of that you can be sure.

I've said goodbye, I've shut the door.
I used to love you more than life itself,
But now I love me more.
I really wish I wasn't this petty.
Shin Jul 2018
Heard a song on the radio about
cold blood, some zeroes and ones.
Not sure why but it stirred up
something rather foul. You see,
she used to love that song.
grey Mar 2018
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You **** I do too
I have no idea why I wrote this
CastorPolydeuces Nov 2016
i see love and light and cringe
at its generic quality, all the same
all beautiful and endearing and encouraging
and i can't help but feel the cynic in me laughing
at the mawkish displays and efforts
and at my own generic skepticism

just one charming quality of my
self deprecating form of narcissism
just writing out of boredom, too tired to put forth much effort, but too bored to leave it be.
Noah A Baker Apr 2016
(you will say something today!)
yeah, that isn’t stupid
or maybe she thinks it’s cute
when i fumble over my lines
(you’re losing time just say something!)
hey, how are y-
(too generic)
the weather’s nic-
(it’s raining, stupid!)
(you’re fumbling)
she laughed?
butterflies pt 1 and 1.5 were written in 2013. This is a series where I kind of sporadically write down what I envision having butterflies when talking to someone you want to impress is like. I try not to edit it as much as possible, because when you have butterflies, you don't really think. You kinda just start talking, and try to finish nicely. Enjoy
I am getting frustrated
at the sight of all these sick people
running around and blowing
their nose with nothing but the air
these women behind the desk
they don’t really seem to care
they just nod their head -
forget to take the insurance card
they tell you to sit
well how am I supposed to wait behind
these people without giving a ****
if I’m late or if I’ll be on time
that’s all I can really think
when I stare at this sick girl
I do care you see
but I work for a company
one that is a corporation and
I truly feel disposable
like the generic paper towels
that won’t absorb anything
I’m just one of many -
not making the company anymore money
while I sit and wait
behind all these sick people
when all I need is five minutes of your time
to stick a needle in my arm to
tell me that I’m not overdosing.
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