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Bardo Feb 5
All I wanted to do
Was go to the Moon
It's where they all said, it was at
"Why, it was amazing up there!"
It was the place to go
The place to be
You just had to go there
It just had to be seen.

So! So I went to the Moon
And they all smiled at me
And nodded their heads
"Isn't it beautiful ?", they all said
Yes, I replied, it's... it's beautiful
It's just like... like a great big
A great big...... Quarry!!!
Lots of rocks and shale and dust and

About as empty as my soul
And empty as yours as well I fear.


(Maybe I could set up a hamburger
   stall there
Sell Moonburgers and nice crispy
   Saturn onion rings
At least least then they'd be filled with something).
I was reading somewhere where some celebrities wanted to be the first to book their flights to go to the moon. Someone was planning one day to have a commercial route to the Moon. Now I'm a big Sci-fi fan (what would have become of us without Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock when we were growing up). But I wouldn't cross the road to go to the moon LOL.
kiran goswami Feb 2019
What's the hardest thing you've ever done?
"I've smiled".
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I've have never been closer to Heaven above, than when I first kissed Helen sweet tender lips, those lips that tasted like strawberries and
Never felt closer to Heaven
above than the first time
we ever made love afterwards laying her head on my chest I smiled to myself
I realised then I never get closer to Heaven above
than when laid In the are
the one that I
Laying In the arms of the one you Is like being In heaven above
aisha Oct 2017
I touched myself
at the thought of you
for you have touched me
without touching me

you have touched me
when you and I
locked eyes
and you smiled
you've touched me and I was never the same again
Ramsha May 2017
“You don’t like me, do you?’ he asked.
‘And yet, you liked it when I held your hand.’
I stood there, burning with humiliation.
He smiled.
A spark of interest illuminated his eyes.
‘I find that so intriguing.’
‘I didn’t like it,’ I said, when I finally found my voice. ‘I hated it.’
Marko smiled.
‘Shall we try it again, then, just to be sure?”
Dita H May 2016
"All your bones are all intact",
That is what my mother said
When she held me
For the first time.
And I smiled,
For I thought that was all
I needed in life.
I would greatly appreciate feedback or comments.
Noah A Baker Apr 2016
(you will say something today!)
yeah, that isn’t stupid
or maybe she thinks it’s cute
when i fumble over my lines
(you’re losing time just say something!)
hey, how are y-
(too generic)
the weather’s nic-
(it’s raining, stupid!)
(you’re fumbling)
she laughed?
butterflies pt 1 and 1.5 were written in 2013. This is a series where I kind of sporadically write down what I envision having butterflies when talking to someone you want to impress is like. I try not to edit it as much as possible, because when you have butterflies, you don't really think. You kinda just start talking, and try to finish nicely. Enjoy
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