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Mark Wanless Dec 2022
fat squirrel move slow
warm sun brown leaves food close now
ignorance craving
neth jones May 2022
out of its' tree
a squirrel in the rain
runs low                      
                  just like a rat
cuts across the concrete
manic for something
out of its tree
neth jones Feb 2022
unkempt drey
a winter white bone tree of lungy dew
grey squirrel in an urban way
curious for shelter
checks out the drey
      and scuffs about
      but the scruffy drey
      falls into its pieces
     (in spring to decay)
the creature is left
      grappling for a purchase
      and a posture of dignity
Water gushing down a stream
Reflecting the sky like a dream
Nurturing the plants around
Making a calming sound
Leafs floating on the surface like a boat
Shivering in the wind as it stays afloat
Minnow darting away in the current
Shiny wet pebbles gleaming in the playful light
The suns ribbons making the sand look bright
Tall trees showing off their height
Squirrels over an acorn, they fight
Birds learning their way to flight
While I look on at natures might
Happy poetry day! :)
RLee Feb 2021
One day I looked out my window
And saw a squirrel waving at me
My dog goes crazy
As I walk out the door
The squirrel scurries over to me
And I almost faint
Because he starts to talk
" Thanks for having 2 bird feeders
because only one is squirrel proof"
Says the little squirrel
and he runs away.
I made this poem with my friend
Mark Wanless Feb 2021
the circle complete
squirrel foot prints in deep snow
blossoms memory
Chris Chaffin Jan 2021
Cicadas gather on the grapevine,
a mass of wings and vibrating abdomens.
Males call out to females
but it is the grey squirrels who answer,
chattering loudly as they feast on insect flesh.

I sip cold wine and tap my fingers
on thin glass, watching and waiting.
My phone buzzes next to me;
you, calling, again.
I ignore it and turn my gaze back to the feast.
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
i am rich now
see dog squirrel and rabbit
huddled together
neth jones Oct 2020
pipe cleaner tree rat
are you prepared for Winter ?
first snow touches ground
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