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marianne Feb 25
I pray
I pray fire
furnace roar from your centre
circling cells, sparking breath, spirit

I pray honey
warm milk sober flow
as gauze, to shield and sooth
your wound

I pray kitchen tonic
sweet ferment, anise spice
molasses bitter—the nourish
and gather

I pray leaf and flower
brewed to healing power

I pray squirrel play
great leap, and hover—  
catch and clamber
chase and chatter

I pray snowdrop
nestled in cold darkness, knowing spring
always follows winter

I pray river
ancient friend steering you to salty depths
and home

I pray sun gaze deep breath full surrender
I pray blue sky long view
sleep’s cover
I pray love of a mother
I pray
For my mum, and Susie, both who are nursing broken hearts.
Tree after tree passes
      deep-rooted thoughts on faith
Memories like round rings
      ground this year a flood, that a drought
Lightning storm after strike
      gale upon gale frigid night after night
      life pulls through carries onward
Upward from afore
      future to past, yes
      grave to birth, again
As the mighty oak may claim the acorn
mikumiku Apr 2018
Just be the **** ****** you desire
Just be their icon, diva, vogue, inspire!
Just shake that money-making waffle tale
And put it up for every market sale
Or be the coffee squirrel on the wheels
Just give me mochas, lattes – those the deals!
Don’t be so easy cheesy, take a shot!
You drink at Hortons’, baby? You are hot!
Don’t feel like ******, squirrel? Be the moose!
Hang out at Lake Louise with Branta goose
Just grab a Molson and then chill it out
Now, isn’t that what Canada’s about?
Just be polite today and I won’t bite
Just say you’re sorry when you are not right
Just be the polar teddy, be the loon
We’ll love you all the way from Earth to Moon
BC Jaime Mar 2018
squirrel on the duff
hawk a vortex in the sky--
swoop! golden leaves everywhere
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Donna Feb 2018
A little fairy
wearing orange roller skates
Zoomed through a forest

It was winter time
So most of the animals
were hibernating

All except a nice
squirrel called Starbright , he was
of course a kind one

The fairies name was
Lucinda , she wore a pink
skater dress with bows

Her hair was yellow
and she wore it like dreadlocks
Tied in ponytail

Starbright was sitting
down eating lunch on his tree
His nuts on his tum

He rolled over on
forest fallen leaves , each one
popping like candy

The trees greeted him
everyday with a warm smile
They respected him

Lucinda then got
stuck in a muddy pond , frogs
jumped over her head

Dragonflies surfed on
lily pads , waving at her
but none stopped to help

Except for Starbright
He heard Lucinda crying
for someone to help

He raced through the big
forest , pushing trees out of
the way to help her

He was only little
But he had the strength of ten
thousand human men

He wore a blue cape
And yellow spectacles with
bionic powers

He pulled Lucinda
out of the muddy pond , she
thanked him with a hug

Lucinda was so
happy at his act of nice
genuine kindness

She decided to
make him a nice thank you card
and they became friends
A forest adventure :)
Temporal Fugue Jan 2018
Ahh the morning springs eternal
the glorious light through cedar trees
out onto the lanai, my coffee comes with me

The portal slides open wide
my bare feet stepping into the light
right away, I could tell, something wasn't right

Fore there I am, bliss fleeting from my face
one foot out the door, squishing neath my toes
the squirrels left me a present, wafting

too my nose
Nasty little f*#kers, it was like "Welcome to the neighborhood, Sucker!"
And no, I didn't actually step in it, but! It was close! ;D
Jim Musics Dec 2017
Do you, are you, have you?
(This is not free form poetry. Someone Must Pay!)

Live day to day with a illness that you know will soon **** you?
An adolescent coyote with lower intestine prolapse, ostracized by his pack?
Just been rammed head-on by the woman who swerved while trying unsuccessfully to avoid running over the Red Squirrel that you just avoided hitting?
Drilled a hole in your thumb while making a Christmas present?
Ripped off all the flesh from your knuckle while making a bracket to raise your CB antenna a little higher so that you can better help those in disaster areas?

No? OK then, stop whining and help somebody!
Just one happened to me. I glad of that.
Temporal Fugue Nov 2017
I find it sometimes relaxing
not hard, or over taxing
meditating, in the yard
as my doggy guards

He strikes the oddest poses
his best, one supposes
showcasing all his talent
so regal, and, so gallant

Parading his small kingdom
a canine type, of wisdom
squirrelly, the rodents tease
from the fence line, and the trees

I lose all concentration
at his consternation
confounded and confused
and all the squirrels, amused
Squirrels have no end of fun teasing my dog!
**** rodents, my wife, won't let me shoot em ;D
Hannah Jones May 2017
I lay on the concrete,
knuckles scratched from adjusting my shirt to shield my belly from the wind
But it's beautiful.
Laying here
with just enough sun and shade
Headphones in
yet the only surround sound needed
is the gentle roar of the wind in the trees
They shout, they clamour, they dance
then peter off into a whisper before unleashing another cry of life.

I turn
In my fetal position I see a squirrel
I didn't know they could lay that still: lifeless fur sprawled on the wood.
No; he instead is the epitome of life
Nestled in a branch
Sun bathing his tiny back
I see his breathing
Slow, at peace, serene.
I didn't know they could lay that still.
I watch through the branches of dancing green
We lay together,
taking a well-deserved break
For a moment, our life-activity is on hold.
We take You in as we take in the day.
When he sits up, he is still at rest.
When he scratches and bathes, he is still at rest.
Even his walk down the trunk is leisurely.
Lackadaisical squirrel,
I want to live like you.
If I lay on this concrete long enough,
perhaps I'll embrace the world with no fear as well.
Exams are over. Life may resume now that I'm able to pause occasionally.
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