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Johnny walker May 24
Sometimes of late It feels like my body Is shutting down, calling time to many
people don't last long
after their loved
ones have
Soon be nearly two years since she has gone, Is time 
being called on me now
so very strange, I feel
unlike any other
time If time Is
being called
I don't suppose I'll really mind to much, I can
except this my real
time was with
Helen, now
I'm like
So If time Is being called on me, then I'm ready quite prepared I
consider I've had
my time with
Helen I had
It all no
I feel sometimes that time Is being called on me but I'm prepared have no regrets I my life with Helen
The fact that you said I
couldn't do it
was the one thing that
served as fuel.

And now,
watch me from below, down there,
as I spread my
free wings
and soar through the air.
Haha, you thought I couldn't do it?
I'll remember you long after this life Is through  
all I ever wanted was
To me you were Oh so
sweet you were my
world everything to
But I lost you to Heaven
and you and I had our
time together  I cant any  longer have
But If I had known I'd
lose you then I would accept losing you to Heaven
For Heaven Is to where you ought to be you deserve your place  In Heaven
Hate rain ryins
Before I met my wife
I could move through
life like a ghost on a painted landscape not
seen by anyone, nobody
or didn't want to know
me, but I didn't care me
was me and all that mattered when met
Helen all of sudden I
was known
couldn't walk down
the street without
being notice someone would recognise Helen
we would stop-start
all the time talking
who didn't know me Helen's her friends suddenly became mine but when sadly Helen passed on
slowly people have moved away from
I'm starting to become
Invisible again to the world, very rarely stopped
In the street now I don't have Helen I'm now
I can walk the street like ghost In a landscape
painting you would have to look very closely to see me to
I'm no longer there free to roam the streets to shop never really being noticed and the best I don't really mind that
Before my wife nobody knew me it perhaps didn't want to
then with Helen suddenly known by all but now she
gone the friends all gone but
In a way can't say I mind
Star BG Feb 15
TO CRY is to release and recenter into love inside heart
TO LAUGH is to release and center inside the heart

To live in the heart everyday in every way is the BLESSING.
inspired from jRaw Rodriguez Thanks
Through dreams, I'm trying to reach far beyond any logical reasoning to much different

l suppose to time spent In fantasy land detached from reality but It seems
to be the place I want to
be right

Feel comfortable away from the outside world an
escape to where I don't feel I'm being dictated

by people that think they have a God-given the right to tell us what to do People who think they have the right
to tell when to eat what we eat when sleep when to wake when to talk, people who think we can't or don't have the Intelligence to make decisions for

the average person has far more Intelligence than all these clowns that making an absolute disaster of our

and we all have to go
down with this sinking ship that Is our country because of there stupidity
and Inability of these clowns to run our country God help us
The average person has far more Intelligence than they are given credit for they dictated to by clowns couldn't even run a bingo hall let alone the country
Man y'all **** me off
But I wouldn't trade any of this for any amount
And honestly sometimes I wish I would
I love y'all...
arian Jan 8
the traffic in your mind must have been so busy lately,
i couldn't even cross it and still can't.
guess i'll be late (again).
underestimated Nov 2018
I tried
I told you that you were worth it
I didn't do enough
I should've ran to you like I said I would
I should have been there
But I wasn't
Instead I sat in my room and cried
I'm no better than any of the other ones
I have no reason
It should've been me
You're alive but you're not living anymore
It's my fault
I'm sorry
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