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Aug 20 · 647
Second*Thoughts (2)
Deepali Aug 20
And today i got to feel u back again.
Read my old Poem, I wrote for you,
When i was in pain.

Never knew, you would be the one
Who actually read my black diary that day
lines you wrote on pages to next pages
u got me, i got you tooo
My dopamine got Lit up for you in that way.

One movie date and two night-outs with no talks in our whole friendship at all
3 years knowing you as a hip hop producer
i really felt your production was different
Those beats are just Wow.

"Insane" - His name all that matters.
Both hustling for music as career
i saw hardworking stupid kid
i wana never let you ever ever suffer.

Trance lover me,
Getting Rapped up Altitudes Of love
relaxing my mind when we grind
With music we both breathe-in
No lovestuff to waste our time...
And soo...
I hold back my pampering child
Oh heaven! Its all Right
These second thoughts still remain the same
i realized my love is true for you
Its ******* Insane!!!
Will i be marrying you or not
I still get those Second Thoughts.
Hey Shubh. you are doing great. We love you. ♡
Jan 10 · 849
Deepali Jan 10
Growing is Important to understand
elements of human cycle
proceeding day by day to stand.

Choose yourself as  pilot,
Choose youself as carpenter
you can be a chef or a farmer
i will see you'll be a painter
i will see you'll be a writer

he was braking the wall will hammer
she was flying up in Glamor.

1 human body
many activites shouting
pointers tryna make difference
developement and character well i would say----

Follow basic instructions no pain to gain
only baisc  balance will remain.
Jan 5 · 1.0k
A Sacrifice
Deepali Jan 5
Its tough to fight
Its tough to Strike
Its tough to smoothen the ****
Its tough to motivate our mind
Its tough to conquer our feelings
Its tough to win the shine
Its tough to show our emotions
without any pinch of drama
you wana loose up all the pain.

Its tough to win this life
Its tough to take all the love
family, friends and
May 2022 · 1.1k
Second * Thought
Deepali May 2022
Should I come to you
cause I'm feeling something for you
should I take a step or not?
cause I don't want any more contrasts.

Would it be ending last?
because I want to make it too far.
Would it be sailing a ship?
because I want to make a long bridge.

The bridge that will take us to the wellbeing of
the growth of two loved beings.

Will, I'll be marrying you or not?
and so I still get those second thoughts.
I know you are new to me, but let's make it happen shawty <3
Dec 2021 · 751
Deepali Dec 2021
Its so "loud" that it cant even get "touched"
its so "high" that it cant even get "heard"
but its a "small flame"
that never get "burst"
even though the stranger attacks the stream,
it never gets dust...
Never get rust.
Get your courage high and do it anyway...
Apr 2021 · 375
The purple lane
Deepali Apr 2021
"On my god, whats that roar?"
- its the love stuff babe, you are looking for ;
**** your collar up and shout out the show -
"Nooo, i doubt will it announce the ***?"
"What's going on ? What's real or fake?"
- Relax honey its the purple lane -
"Oh! a ball of sugarcane or slime?"
- chuck all mothe"r"fucke"r" -
( LET'***** A LINE )
Lets hit a fresh line .
Mar 2021 · 145
Understanding ?
Deepali Mar 2021
Hey, to the entire nation
this law is in sensation
why you want to do foundation
when you got to do translation
so do you understand or just translate the understandings?
Mar 2021 · 686
Don't i see?
Deepali Mar 2021
Don't see,
it will make your tear drop soo liquid,
one day it will start melting inside your brain.
Then after, you will get caught by the
in your eyes which is soo warm;
but now
there are no more tears
its all gone.
So dont see.
Feb 2021 · 792
Deepali Feb 2021
It was the perfect moment for that imperfect situation,
I was never knowing that I would have that warmth.
Its an empty rest to just wait and soo...
love would be profound with no doubt.
he's away he will come back again.
Dec 2020 · 351
Deepali Dec 2020
Where only fields of mud i ever got to play in 90's,
the clock started ticking to the next phase;
20th Century-
Moving around,
i was spinning on the new MARIGO-ROUND
and when i jumped out i saw the crowd;
comming closer,
rushing on the same swing i was hunged on,
saw them spiral on the same game i was over from.
Iam spinning on the new dial of the century's game,
seeing everybody is going insane in doing everything to win their lane.
Its good afterall,
Its the 21st century and iam not licking it at all.
lets see what happen ahead in the next year 2021.
Oct 2020 · 214
Deepali Oct 2020
What was that? What exactly that meant?
When i sat there On ROAD, On BIKE, On GRASS, On PILLAR.
Just thinking about MY feelings?

What was that? What exactly that meant?
When she sat there On SOFA, On FLOOR, On STAIRS, On WINDOW.
Just thinking about MY feelings?

What about MY feelings now? What exactly that meant now?

Just thinking about Your feelings.
I meant it somehow and now...

Ill go from here.
And she would lay,
Just Acceptance!
That ill come home now.
Iam hurting you today a lot and also i have no idea what i want and even if i have an idea i cannot say that it will make me happy so... if its hurting you today it will definately hurt me tomorrow and one day it will all be just an acceptance.
Acceptance of broken love. You or him or pills.
Oct 2020 · 700
Deepali Oct 2020
"CHOICE" 💬 🦟
What you see is not what it is...
So what it is, might not be as its been seen.
"Now close your eyes and let the body rests where it wants."

What if our head is not the thinking factory or are you ready to make a new factory?
But, this time no source of eye rolls
and you will see your legs are also
thinking souls.👁

This time thinking is no longer
than, 1second tip tap tip...
it starts tapping its way to next direction
which is left and there goes the
right behind...
Like your feets giving you the way to make it stay...
to the journey of this nector you pour which is insane.

Unfortunately 🕳
Its time to rethink the steps we take
on the shows we should ignore,
when we loose our mind's
game roll..👁
Yes? the 1sec power makes your way. . .
is it the 10sec beat droped in your vain...  "CHOICE"🦟
Choice is always yours let the decision be not made by legs when 1sec  thought slip goes greater than the 10sec thought process you try to achieve to follow it for the good paths.
Oct 2020 · 202
Deepali Oct 2020
Smelting down to the road
Catching up the upside park
Hence had to ignore the harsh human vibrations
Which comes in way anyhow
whether its a old or new
Passing good amount of care.
Reaching up the satifactory level with the one whom we met for the first time
And then intended to vowled such good stuffs that goes so amazing
That you wana go on and on with the toxic or intoxic flow going inside body
Mapping new ideas
Mapping new human being
Mapping new adventure
Mapping this universe another journey which has started up again.
This time focus.
Its a new life... time gave me today to again bounce back and come back again with maturity, responsibity.
Aug 2020 · 184
5th July,2019
Deepali Aug 2020
It was just like a war
When unexpectedly it was flawed
packing all the stuff,
it was dream when OTP volwed
3116 and the KM started proceeding
with the psycoactive sight
I had him beside playing
the tracks which went unintresting
as warmth of travelling together was more cherishing
6:24 AM the driver dropped us
Dehradhun! My,love huged his bread
calm and refilling both retained and
fed me with immensity of togetherness.
The story of my first travell experience with imon chatterjee.
Jun 2020 · 111
You, or you?
Deepali Jun 2020
I choose to be an ignorant freek to you
why the **** my thumb types back on you
Is it you who makes me feel less worth in street
Is it you that gives me lessons to fight back for esteem.
What should i say to myself?
what should i convey to the space inside the mind shelfs?
And then there is me diving again
into the mute voice
scattering the pixels caught in dimension of the "subway"
that connects the ultimate source of art,
The Heart.

And innocent heart
keeps the shelfs filled with goodness of invisibile atoms you blow from far
  which enter inside my brain and regards
   by altering away all the siniater
migrants apart
leaving virtue symbols of faith, hope and hault.

Alas, I stayback and breathe the air you blow
which is still unseen to know the true node
And so i read back the lines again
entering into the shelf of the mind games
switiching the lanes
I go back again through the subway
to ask the heart the remaning pain
the shelf is still empty with sublimations
haunts for only one collection
and so it says
You, or you?
answer would never get open
Amilie wants to know the answer of Stan's presence into her life. But he keeps the atmosphere in an illusion nature staying as a far away zone but still whenever the conversation happens the spark is back.
But somehow when Amilie never tells Stan her feelings of missing him as she understands his part of life.
And she always keeps the words inside and waits for him to come back.
And during this ongoing gap she asks her mind and heart to tell her that is he really there in her life? She fears to let herself get hurt and ignores him to stay away but again she falls back for him with his beautiful words and lessons he gave.
And thats the reason the question is never answered.
answer would never get open.
because he love someone else. he broked up with her but still have a drop inside him.
amelie knows everything and thats how she struggle to keep it inside and stay
or not stay?
answer would never get open.
Dec 2019 · 173
Four or Two
Deepali Dec 2019
All happy human have loved ones cauz its a conditional emotion. . .
Drug is the non-living human including
making you feel wide and happy for short time.  
Success is there when you have long term drug
The love which you get from other humans lust.  
Lust of possessiveness lust of mine
Lust to  get it which makes your WORK right.
But hey sweetheart
Now if you are bolder enough.
Enough to play with 2hands...
Go ahead.
With peace
If you are been loved you can achieve everything.  Let it be intoxicating or let it be a human soul.  The difference is just about the real and fake overwhelmed memories when you die.  :)
Dec 2019 · 204
Deepali Dec 2019
And when i notice that yes my heart is beating,
And its useless thinking of you because its only my foolish mind diverting my thoughts from reality and dream of you again.
But yesterday it was magic
When my tears dint stoped and thought for your name again and again,
That my cellphone ranged and it was your name reflecting to take the call again.
Its there vibrations and emotions
Its there love is there.
And iam on zen not interacting with anyone he called me after many months but i dint picked up iam strong...  ZEN is on.
Dec 2019 · 522
Deepali Dec 2019
And its only a one life
We all are living it for the first time
Same human cycle
With emotions soo true we all got sad and happy, still the same!
Hey people i love you all
And i love myself
And if its the humanage
I see everyone, if you are a star or a common folk
We all are living life for the first time
And i believe we all rest in peace.  
Its the human life we all are living for the first time.
Dec 2019 · 171
Deepali Dec 2019
Its been only 5 days,
I remember how i use to fight,
Fight for only one thing
Love from parents, but more love from friends,
And in search of depth,
I forgot what i really missed
I missed myself my boosting capabilities,
I remember how i use to love myself...

:') .
I am focused now to achieve my goals...  
Detox is painful but it reminded me myself again.
Sep 2019 · 406
Deepali Sep 2019
Things can get late,
As you wait to make it great.
And sometimes this wait,
which makes the situation late
gets longer and longer into wait,
Making more harm and super late.
Soo, lets fix up the wait
And do things without getting it late
You may achieve,
Resulting you to succeed,
Both the journey of love and fights
You will get what makes you bright.
So lets go.
Sep 2019 · 71
Deepali Sep 2019
And sometimes its hard to understand
What you exactly want.
And this want will suffer you up
With deep emotions you are on.  
On emOtions which you exactly dont know
Which gets harder each day
Harder with upcomming circumstances,
you wana dream it each day.
Which ***** you harder and in the end you get hard ****
And with this hard ******* are done
With the want you want....
Im..  :')
Aug 2019 · 253
Deepali Aug 2019
Harmless but hardness!
something or someone.
Aug 2019 · 320
Deepali Aug 2019
Walk, the way you talk,
Talk, the way you walk!
Originality hurts,
But its pure.
'Im'..  Said.
Jun 2019 · 429
Hey darkness
Deepali Jun 2019
Entering into the old age
Years passing like a boardgame
One dice of 3 other dice of 6
Gliding gliding all we sight.
Miracles are strange,
No such happiness so easily to gain
Jumbling and cumbling all our way
I tried to be and stay.
Still darkness never lead me aside
Its our journey of life.
Its tough journey right now, but i hope i find a good path.
Jun 2019 · 182
Deepali Jun 2019
Nature love,
Unexpected, unnoticeable beauty
Came into my ears and spoked shhushh,
Calmness baby,
Air, the sound of machines/the sound of nature wispering
Dogs, cats, you love their heart
Its the beauty my love,
Nature beauty
May 2019 · 491
A note
Deepali May 2019
I want to talk to you
And you and you too...
Filling the words in sentences i was fetching into...
Peace! I had great conversation last night
But it was not enough for rest of my life.
May 2019 · 731
Conditional * emotion
Deepali May 2019
From delivering self through and out
Till filling the moment with joy i found
Its the situation that brings forward the talk
Not presenting the love from heart
Its the mind which plays with heart
Conditional emotion all I got !!!
You got emotion only when you have condition for it.
May 2019 · 290
The practicing soul
Deepali May 2019
How authentic it is, it is...
on how we live
its quality,
what we do with it?

As we get upgraded in age,
life starts forcing itself;
not just our ideas about it
but our categories and point of view to see it.

This forms our perspective
and this becomes our relative nature,
that we judge the value of
given experience.

As Buddha defines to view our life:
"As a dream, a flash in the darkness
a star in the morning dawn,
a bubble in a stream
an illusion of the senses."

That's the aim of practice,
to wake up from that dream
from just another dream within a dream

This will rise in authentic,
the practice of being in BEING.
practice and achieve it
May 2019 · 271
The mirror soul
Deepali May 2019
Have you ever wondered ?
being creative ?
have you ever tried to explain it?
remember when you tried to explain certain things,
making them understand what all you feel within;
and thought them to be people like you
which you were sourcing in your'
inside ique !

Ever felt some breath lost,
when every time you speak,
the listener might not revert off---
your voice, what exactly you mean?
reverting in a disrespect manner
not "YOU" but,
your creativity.

Find your creativity,
and this human be the only,
the only person who shall see;
the actual dimensions going fleek,
from travelling through time to universe
leaving human soul,
the mirror soul.
come out from mirror and explore your creativity.
May 2019 · 137
Deepali May 2019
so yes it hurts )
May 2019 · 254
The way.
Deepali May 2019
Not everyone suffers
The way you did
But everyone sufferd
the way they lived !

Not everyone observe
The way you did
But everyone observed
The way they saw !

Not everyone stayed
The way you did
But everyone stays
The way they wished.

The way they wished
The way you see
The way they observed
The way you feel
They way they left
The way you suffer
Its a game
Its just the way you did
Not me!
The way you did only you know it.
May 2019 · 455
Deepali May 2019
its all a game
keep it to yourself
not everyone know
keep it to yourself
not everyone understand
keep it to yourself
not everyone support
keep it to yourself
not everyone observe
keep it to yourself
not everyone  listens
keep it to yourself
not everyone applause
keep it to yourself
its a game
there is no one more lived with you than your own self.
Apr 2019 · 254
Deepali Apr 2019
So i realized what its meant to be other side
if you stress to get it whole
it will leave you more and more
let it be incomplete
like a dream you want to see again
let it be incomplete
so that when it comes back you feel the rain.
"  ' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ' '  ' ' ' '' ' ' ' ' '  ' '   ' ' '  '  
'    ' ' ' '     '  ' ' ''   '  ' '   '  '       '  '
' ' '   '   '  ' ' ' ' ' ' '       ' ''  ' '' '
' '' "  "    '  '  ' '  ' '   '      ' ' ' '
"     '  '   '  ' '         ' ' '
' '  ' ' ''  ' ' '  '
and they both wanted me because i ignore them everytime but still they want me but i want someone else sooo its going on and onnnnn........
Apr 2019 · 254
Jealous Ass
Deepali Apr 2019
Even after doing great to them
they tend to ignore you in the end
making faces they will sit back quietly
pretending as if its you who made them melancholy.

Hey you all jealous ***
keep swelling your faces and act
i know your tricks for making me guilt
but i don't care no more
i know where to fit it.
So today in office i caught up very bad impression from the lady for whom i did so much, as i helped the girl she had fight with... some people will remain dumb low quality thinking.... hahaha
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Snort reck
Deepali Apr 2019
From turning my eyes,
from small to big pupil
I snorted that psychedelic
drug from nostril
again i zoomed out the big world  
from  my head
remembering my part is still there
to represent
but i dont want to speak them no more
in this reck society i don't wanna live no more .
and whenever i tried to do something for this world it returned me nothing so i don't believe now i'am oohkay living. :)
Apr 2019 · 265
Rest * Care
Deepali Apr 2019
Hey little people
don't you take stress
they all dint care
as they never felt the rest.
So he dint stay with me as he found rest in someone else so i don't stress myself no more. :)
Apr 2019 · 304
Green shesh
Deepali Apr 2019
I was once faced down
locked down in the crowd
overwhelmed with the dust
lost, no one to feel proud.

I too Neva cried
Neva got tired
Neva Eva felt denied
keeping myself up i made myself tight

finding hope in green
i smoked that shesh every time
going up i changed my life.
Apr 2019 · 297
Deepali Apr 2019
good life !
good phase !
good time !
good race !
Its good to be living, living the current.
Apr 2019 · 352
"The lighter"
Deepali Apr 2019
And the lighter told me,
told me, coming closer to my ears,
whispering in a shrouded manner,
take me to my friend,
and clinch me to its under.

And when i raised my hands up,
crossing it through my fingers,
bringing the lighter close to his friend,
my hands shivering to their intruder....;

hearing my breath,
my eyelids falls in deep,
shutting it up not staring the fire lead,
as it ate up my own smell,
trespassing his friends redolence,
"INTRUDER" they are to me.

I melt,
my flesh falls away,
but anyways  I'am the only perfect way,
to light up their friendship
and light up my scars,
to give them the ignition,
and i fell in them more and faaarrr.....

Far from the people,
who managed to keep me away from realm,
but i have this pair
to fill me with phlegm.
So my friend once told me iam not able to leave smoking cigarettes, but i said to him its oohkay, ignite the beautiful friendship.
Apr 2019 · 219
Deepali Apr 2019
So you tryn feel depress,
Making your mind discover
Iam not in a good place
People all over me
Iam depressed, nobody is there.... Including youuuu..... .
(So listen up people
Iam here about to tell )
the "YOU" thing people speak
that you felt,
has added you in story,
to make you feel aware
thats its you who iam talking about;
Including youuuu..... .
(Here look up),
This "YOU" makes it personal
You becomming negative emotional
Making you to make choice irrational
Focus on point uncontrollable
This is...
Exactly how they live
Making you feel guilt.

manipulators..... Let go
Control on powers of words
Assume them that
Its just a curse.... .

That will make you... "YOU" .
Good life
Good phase
Good time
Good race...
Apr 2019 · 3.1k
The trapped soul
Deepali Apr 2019
The trapped soul

Don't you think we all are being trapped? .
In... In a schedule
A schedule which is not being made by our own self,
But is a contribution of all,
Alllllllll the human beings?

Come out from it,
Creative humans;
******* your imagination,
Observe the elements your eyes are seeing which is eleminated by diversions.

Fix and mix your mind,
Bring the capturing out from focal of your eyes.

Illness, nausea, emotions let it all goo,
Know you soul.

The trapped soul.
Apr 2019 · 261
Who are you?
Deepali Apr 2019

The question is deeper,
You must go deep than this,
You have to go deeper.

How can it be a common world?
its a most uncommon world
whatever it is that appears for you,
you are the seer of it
you are the one who sees it.

Who are you ???
How can it be a common taste?
its every time uncommon taste
whatever it is that appears for you,
you are the tester of it
you are the one who taste it
even the food,
even the fragrance of perfume
even identifying with something
camping, sleeping and flying
all of these are phenomena that you are observing.
who are you ?

— The End —