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I don't understand how the victim is the one to be blamed, as the predator goes off easily. The sensitive ones blamed for how they feel as their reaction are blown out of proportion while the predator gaslights and walk off with no responsibility or consequence for their action. Why is that salt is added to wound, trigger pulled on a trigger while the perpetuators, manipulators walk off free. I don't understand why the victims suffer, while the predators are glorified. I don't understand, and maybe by breathing naivety never will.

- To the many things, I fail to understand about this world
Planejane2 May 19
I can’t be another ***** falling to the same old trap...
Sitting in some ******* because I love yo ***?
Nah, this **** hurt but I’m done with that
On your part, on my part we don’t need to be involved in that.

How you give yourself physically and say it ain’t like that
But you praying with her, spiritually, how you doing that?
You out her ******* and ******* and you spending cash
On a baby, **** is crazy, hope you happy with her ***.

Siting in my face, got me thinking that
Im the one that’s doing wrong. Got me feeling sad
For your *** cuz you tricking me to think like that
Male manipulation, scary, beware cuz you’ll  end up going out sad

Praying for a sign, yea I got that
Ball is in your court, ima go and take it right back
Yea it hurt to leave, but it’s gone be more bad, tragic, Star-crossed accident, if I stay cause I will **** yo ***.
Deepali Apr 19
So you tryn feel depress,
Making your mind discover
Iam not in a good place
People all over me
Iam depressed, nobody is there.... Including youuuu..... .
(So listen up people
Iam here about to tell )
the "YOU" thing people speak
that you felt,
has added you in story,
to make you feel aware
thats its you who iam talking about;
Including youuuu..... .
(Here look up),
This "YOU" makes it personal
You becomming negative emotional
Making you to make choice irrational
Focus on point uncontrollable
This is...
Exactly how they live
Making you feel guilt.

manipulators..... Let go
Control on powers of words
Assume them that
Its just a curse.... .

That will make you... "YOU" .
Good life
Good phase
Good time
Good race...
Abbi Sep 2017
What's a best friend?
I hope one day I know the meaning of what a “best friend” is suppose to be.

One who won’t constantly scrutinize me.

One who will laugh with me and not at me.

One who will listen instead of interrupt.
Who will encourage me to do my best, because they have faith in what I can do. 

And it’s a shame that I thought it’d be you. 
You’re not right in your heart, and for that we should be apart. 

Until you stop putting others down and turn your life around, I will be absent.

I could never speak to you and have your full understanding. 

You have your herd of sheep, but I chose to stand up and create my own life to lead.

I’ve encouraged you before, but instead you choose to stay tied down to your bedroom floor.

It hurts to say “I love you” 
because now I will be without you, 

But it’s better to avoid making more of a mess and time to lay this “friendship” to rest. 

I wish you nothing but the best.

— The End —