Robbie Gunn Jul 7

Bobby Punn
on the mic son
your going to get done

I'll spit in your face like a lama
tell your mum I love her
Put a ring on her finger
marry her in the summer

So people are so dull
it makes me mentally sick
now get on your knees
and suck my dick

Look at these muscles
I dont even eat brussels  

sprouts !

look at your mum and her double chin
I fucked her in the ass at butlins  
Are you constipated?
because your full of shit man

Cant fight me
end up getting dizzy
got a big dick
ask smelly lizzy

Bobby Bunn is a fictional character created by Robbie Gunn (author)
Robbie Gunn Jun 27

You don't consider my rhymes smart?
Fuck you and your boring art
I express more with a smelly fart

There's a link between madness and creativity
That's why I'm able to rhyme so consistently
Like my father before me

Some idiots say poems are gay and dull
You have no imagination or soul
Gay is not an insult

Decided make a more confident driven narrative.
kyle dionysus Jun 10

"As far as I could see, life demanded me to use skills I had, but the skills that I never wanted to use. The skills to survive but not the skills to live."

We don't learn by Doing the Right Thing,
We learn from doing the Wrong Thing.
We actually develop skills in our sins.
That are applicable
When we are trying to do something
BENEFICIAL to others.
That's the Strange thing about Life.
Virtue can be Cowardly,
But Evil is Bold!

I wish I could get you to see
the value in being proactive
planning ahead
doing with a purpose
with only you as your guide.

I wish I could get you to see
the value in strategizing
connecting the dots
forming patterns
as they emerge
arranging by importance
categorizing priorities
forgetting only being lazy
and a habitual apathy

I wish I could get you to see
the value in self-dependency
managing your time
and resources wisely
for you to properly care for thee.

I wish I could get you to see
the value in your precious potential
a purpose far beyond residential.

I wish I could get you to see
the great value I see in you.
Spend your worth wisely, son,
and I'll spend all mine on you!

4-12-17 (C)

This is what emerged when reflecting on the topic: undervalued topics.

My son will be going to college in a little over a year, and I worry that he won't be ready for life without my reminders. He's a bright kid with a bright future! I pray he lives up to his potential and for time to slow down.

Thanks for reading! K:)
Kate Pruneau Sep 2016

This is a Haiku,
Or maybe it's not, oh well
I really don't care.

I love and hate haikus at the same time.
faithfulpadfoot Jan 2016

Sometimes I wish I could live without
The immortal threat of time;
No ticking heart or beating clock,
Or hourly clanging chime;
No sleep to waste the night away,
No job to waste the day,
A commitment-free immortality
With no rules to obey.
I'd read all of the written books
And add more to the collection,
I'd sing and dance, enhance my skills
To the highest form of perfection;
Explore the world and all its secrets,
Unravel mysteries,
And to every lock I've ever found,
I'd hunt and find the key;
I'd watch every single movie,
1896 to now,
I'd make my own, even though I know
They'd never please a crowd;
I could make my clothes, build a ship,
Do all there is to do,
But even eternity could not beat
Just one second spent with you.

Zero wazhere Dec 2015

I thought of what skill I'd want to have, I thought maybe I wanted to have a musical talents so I could sarenade you in song. Then I thought maybe poetry so I could win you over with words as sweet as honey. And as I kept thinking I pictured my self with the skill of running fast so I'm their as soon as you need me.

But now I'm sitting here with no skills writing words you will never read.

Kali Aug 2015

I can't help lately
That I have stopped wanting to fight
Stopped wanting to snap
And bark and sting with my words
I've swept it under the rug
And given you a bear hug
And gritted my teeth and just been

I've stopped trying to tell you
To stop
To slow down
To listen
To talk
But I still start the sentences
That will come off bitchy and come off
Or sharp
Or sassy.

And then I stop myself because
Why bother fighting and
Repeating and fighting
Because I treasure you
When you smile and when we laugh
And when there is no time to say
Or slow down
Or come sleep
Or please eat

So now inside I have this turmoil
This weird feeling I haven't felt in so long
This screaming clawing gnawing tearing
That wants me to speak
That wants me to scream
But instead

I am learning to just
And let you be you and
Just stop

It's so hard

Thomas M Franey Aug 2015

For those who grew up differently or had difficulties in life, there is something inside of you that can make you great.  you may think differently, hence,  the world will not understand nor accept  the way you think and act upon existing  is merely your defense mechanism to survive. Only know that socialistic responsibilities is a key to not only adapt to the world but to excel in your abilities. It is okay, to be who you are; It is okay to fall; It is okay to above the line of normal that is defined by society, only if you apply some filter on your self-representation.  Know your skills and go after it. Find your dream and make steps everyday for that dream. Remember that once fallen, everything must go up. To explain, Gravity does not pull you, instead it is a force that pushes to the ground. That said, life pushes you everyday, not to destroy you, but to make you stronger and adapt.

This is what I see you in all, the power of language; Your writing, is the key to an effective communication to others as well as to your self.  
When you're bored , upset, emotional, write your fingers off! Write write write! Make poems, develop stories, teach somebody what you know, express your ideas, as long as it's in a constructive matter. The more your writing skills improve, your personal skills will improve in respect. personal skills, in general ,is the key to any career, lifestyle, and relationship, no matter what you do or what you believe. Words are constructed to sing your song. Sing it so you can find your way to start dancing to complex music beat that the world offers.

I wrote this based on my advice to a friend that was down on himself.
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