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Deepali May 27
I want to talk to you
And you and you too...
Filling the words in sentences i was fetching into...
Peace! I had great conversation last night
But it was not enough for rest of my life.
Desire Mar 3
You need some gas in the tank
in order to get to the gas station...
Sometimes you have to burn fuel to get more fuel... Just don't burn through it all
before refilling, and don't refill
without using some... You dont want to
burn out empty or blow up and explode...
Dont worry about speed, as its limits vary,
but finding balance over the
bumpy roads of life - the ups and downs -
thats where the best moments are made.
The bumps, holes, and uneven streets
are part of the route to your destination, racetrack, and life journey...
So if all you have
is a little bit of gas, just above the "E,"
its all you need to get from Point A to Point B.
(even flat tires are temporary)
(you dont need a license to live)
(yes, I dragged this)
(catch my drift?)
(just drive)
Umi Feb 18
One check of my accomplishments,
But furthermore a verification for skills,
The art of conversation shall be my judge,
And my experience so far my partner in crime,
As the master of this angelic pen I'll suffice,
Even if they find me underwhelmed,
Or leave with disappointment without another word,
It is only proof, I have too much to improve to give up!
One way or the other, I find my hand guide the way,
With gentle movements, a delicate caligraphy has been created,
Thus, a deep breath, calming my tired nerves, helps me relax,
A clear mind is required for a difficult task after all,
And so, my hand gently, softly calls for the cover of this pen,
Time flew past without distraction, confidently,
Handing away this work I wait for the results,
Starting to become nervous down to my very core,
What if it wasn't good enough?

~ Umi
Mae Jan 27
Yes and no?
When I was younger, I would walk around with my breath held in.
I felt like I never really had a chance to exhale
and that’s because I thought I’d let too much escape.
I’d reveal too much.
Too much frustration,
too much sadness or anger.
I was always being monitored
Always being controlled.
I did not have the oppurtunity to express my feelings
It sounds childish now
But those were life skills I simply didn’t have
Some that I still struggle with today.

So I guess not. I’d love to have some space.
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
you got a new idea
you want to start a new project
what's holding you back?

you have all the resources you need
you don't know how to use it
what's the point?

you need to learn your tools
you need to know the potentials of it
the more you know, the better you will get
Isaac Aug 2018
If I versed God in a game of pool,
Would his style of play be awkward or cool?
Would he miss some shots, just to be kind?
Or sink them all, leaving me behind?
When the game ends, would he leave the room bored?
Or stay back and help me move my skills forward?
Written 17 August 2018
Aaliyah Houvener Jul 2018
it's okay to feel emotions
it's not okay to act on them
it's okay to cry
but it's not okay to cry over someone you know how doesn't even think of you
it's okay to be happy
it's not okay to get so manic you ruin everything
it's okay to cope
it's not okay to do drugs to mask your hurt
dina Jul 2018
i'm a hard worker
i've been a hard worker
almost all my life

i get good grades
and i get rewarded

but i feel as i advance
my hard work
will not pay off
and my hard work
will not be enough
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