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I have so few skills
She plays them all better than I do
It’s time to for me to hide them
So no one judges as I do

She’s better with her style
Her drawing and her voice
She writes entire stories
While I write this one **** verse

I don’t want attention
But what can I say
The only thing I do better
Is pretending I’m ok
Kate Oshla Nov 27
They find out you have skills
And they think that you're so cool
But what'll happen when they find out
That they can do it too
Gordon Chai Oct 25
you got a new idea
you want to start a new project
what's holding you back?

you have all the resources you need
you don't know how to use it
what's the point?

you need to learn your tools
you need to know the potentials of it
the more you know, the better you will get
Isaac Aug 17
If I versed *** in a game of pool,
Would his style of play be awkward or cool?
Would he miss some shots, just to be kind?
Or sink them all, leaving me behind?
When the game ends, would he leave the room bored?
Or stay back and help me move my skills forward?
Written 17 August 2018
Liyah Bella Jul 27
it's okay to feel emotions
it's not okay to act on them
it's okay to cry
but it's not okay to cry over someone you know how doesn't even think of you
it's okay to be happy
it's not okay to get so manic you ruin everything
it's okay to cope
it's not okay to do drugs to mask your hurt
dina Jul 15
i'm a hard worker
i've been a hard worker
almost all my life

i get good grades
and i get rewarded

but i feel as i advance
my hard work
will not pay off
and my hard work
will not be enough
Stella F Jul 12
I know this man,
Let's call him Sam,
He has a big gun
that shimmers like a oyster in the sun,

Heart conqueror at night,
Nerd during the bright daylight
he went through a war of the girls
to find who is worthy shooting his gun,
with bullets made of pearls

now let's get one thing clear
oh darling, oh Sam, oh dear
you cannot deny

that when i'm on my knees
i take care of all your needs

now don't be shy
just look into my eyes
no words required for this one
just my hand, my mouth and
the swift action of my tongue
The things that pop up in my head at 4am :)
The day is off to a very good start
Brad post Apr 19
What is that sound?
tick tick, tick tock.
It’s really quite odd,
I don’t own a clock.

It’s ninety one past thirteen,
wait, that can’t be right.
Time for another pill,
medicinal light.

Just smile, and nod,
until your cheeks hurt.
Now laugh, pull it back,
compliment their new shirt.

It’s orange, no it’s red,
**** what is that hue?
What do you mean it’s white?
It’s ******* pastel blue.

Now throw out a joke,
and some proper context.
Good job, you failed,
like an impotent sext.

You’re talking too loud,
oh Jesus, shut up.
How much have you drank?
Really? One cup?!

Finger guns now,
and a smooth exit we go.
Ya that wasn’t awkward,
you nailed it, fo sho.
Brad post Apr 16
What has happened to me,
to my social skills?
Frantic, and panicked,
are not conditionally ideal.

I want you to like me,
I want you to see.
To see through my awkwardness,
and help set me free.

I do talk too much,
my mouth won’t shut up.
It’s like the relay in my brain,
is broken, or corrupt.

I’m not usually like this,
I hear my mouth say.
Constantly apologizing,
and then you’ve gone away.

I want to explain,
the jumbled mess of my head.
But I don’t know how to do it,
without making it worse instead.

No I’m not weird,
I’ve just been alone.
Social skills need exercise,
and mine are skin and bones.

When you walk away,
another part of me dies.
Part of me wants to explain,
and part of me wants to cry.

Im turning into two people,
the oddball and the norm.
When they try to coexist,
it creates the perfect storm.

So no, I don’t blame you,
for walking away.
Just know that I’m sorry,
for being this way.
past me there are
many more
there is
look past me

daze of matter
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