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Faeryn Sep 2020
There's a stranger in my head and the mirror
i know its not me
there's no way that its me
glazed eyes staring back
pale skin, cried for days
its not me
i'm watching someone else's life
or sometimes i wonder if i exist
there's a part of reality i can't find
has anyone else realized life doesn't exist
we could run away and never cone back
whatever we do doesn't matter
i'm a ghost that sees farther than the sky
i feel trapped in an open daze
w h e r e a m i
dissociation at its finest
Tony Tweedy Jul 2020
Why is it do you suppose that as a species we have been given the senses to perceive, be curious of and bear witness to fourteen billion years of the wonders of the Universe.... yet we have not the common-sense to know or be assured of our own tomorrow?

Somewhere out there it is quite possible that intelligent life exists... but it certainly isn't us.
We pave the way to our own extinction and go on oblivious to the road we take. Who will find our bones as fossils when the next dominant species evolves?
Will the Universe even allow us to be remembered thus?
Arunav Hazarika Jun 2020
The taste of true wine,
isn't the one that makes you,
paint crimson skies in your life,
when clouds of benevolence and doom,
control the cup of life.

The true taste of wine,
Is naive and benign.
It undresses your soul,
and tangles with your language.
until you find the truths,
you never had the courage to stumble on.
The true taste of wine,
often makes you the magician,
by living your life with you,
But making your realise there's always more.
To be done, felt and lived.
There is always more to melancholy,
as there is, to the language of the lips.
The perception matters as it always will. The observer often undermines little things that when understood change big lives.
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
I wish I was able to watch the world from afar,
I could just be in the sky like a star.
I don't want to live life with others, it hurts,
I'm so tired of the people who claim to be experts.
I wish life didn't have to be so hard,
I don't want to keep guard.
I want to be happy all the time,
Instead I'm wondering who committed the crime.
I want to be at peace,
But I'm torn piece by piece.
Life just flat out stings,
We're all just trying to spread our wings.
I don't want to be apart of this time zone,
Because I know I'll just end up alone.
Olivia Dec 2019
He plays for himself, and
For the Danube.
Alone, on a field of stairs
He sits with brass on his lips
In the purgatorial wilderness between
The roiling streets and the
Roiling water. He can touch neither, and
He is both. The sound does not carry.

Why is he on the edge? Why on
The seventh step? Why here? Why

Who used to sit beside him?

For whom did he used to play?
Tommy Randell Nov 2019
I saw a man die today
It didn't take long

Yet, for some time
Things had seemed wrong

A stillness, a quietness
withdrawn, a Yawn

I looked back into the mirror
And I was gone
Mark Wanless Nov 2019
not a leader but
sideline observer
happy revelation
Erin Oct 2019
I see you lurking in the shadow
I see you trying to fade into the quiet
I see you trying to hide under timidity
I see you blending into the sea of the unknown

Who are you quiet one?

What makes you smile, allowing the light to shine from your eyes?
What makes you laugh, lifting the weight from your soul?
What do you carry in your hear that makes it so heavy?
What are the thoughts that keep you sleepless at night?

Who are you that stands in the shadows?
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