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Deepali May 2
its all a game
keep it to yourself
not everyone know
keep it to yourself
not everyone understand
keep it to yourself
not everyone support
keep it to yourself
not everyone observe
keep it to yourself
not everyone  listens
keep it to yourself
not everyone applause
keep it to yourself
its a game
there is no one more lived with you than your own self.
MJL Apr 1
It is confirmed
You have a highly aggressive form of ***

© 2019 MJL
Candi Mar 19
Waiting in despair a chill to the air
Inching closer and closer to peak right thorough
Noticing everything I see, everything about you
Doubt is the only thing which holds me back
Overthinking each play before I react
Waiting patiently for what I do not know, therefore forever I remain right by the window
Tony Tweedy Mar 11
I've been walking all alone in a sideshow
There has been passion and pain on this ride
There is a voice I hear calling
The voice rises from my souls very inside

For a time I didn't know what was calling
With my head as if lost at sea
But today I knew what was calling
It was all of my choices taunting me

I think of the people here in the sideshow
Like me they wonder around so confused
Every day they make their choices
But which ones do they choose?

We all go through life with choices
All as a blind man feeling his way
Always hoping for good choices
Ones that encourage the passion to stay

Passion can thrive on our choices
It can make our most memorable day
But a badly considered choice
Can chase forever our passion away

My trip has been filled with choices
Some rough and some divine
I have dealt with my choices
I have dealt with many that weren't mine

I am here near the end of the sideshow
I look back to where I have been
My eyes are filled with loneliness
I have lost most of the passion I've seen

When you get near the end of your sideshow
I hope you have learned from my way
I hope you make choices
That allows all your passions to stay
.... an adaption of a Uriah Heep song..... no plagiarism intended and no claim to talent by me.
Disha Bhatia Feb 21
At times
I think of myself
as an onlooker, an observer.
At times, I live my life
by witnessing it.

At such times
when I step aside from the midst
my anxiety ceases to exist.
Paul NP Jan 18
Silver tongue, Gold and Watch:

That which I speaketh Illuminate

My eyes stretched across a euclidian landscape capture the tings and rings of Spherical Sound Souls.

I see saw gently, rythmic gentry. Sea sowing seeds in the sands of time.

Eclectic Suns and Moons share space. Warming rays upon its face. Golden eye, no doubles, 1 and 7 in my name.

Dark Gold, brilliant silvent solver, dissolving desolate dollars.
Caccooning above its collar, the sounds of a scholar, holler.

In the night, wolf pointing bright , howl at the temple, flaming candle, waving sight.

Better fly high up above the city sky.

I spy with my third eye, Ra El. Spiral inspired by the spire, I inquire the next desire, mastered mystery cold blue phire.

So De-Sire me , I fly up the ranks. Strike One, Rank One, The One is Won. I am Wonder with the Word in My World in Thine; all seeing eye.

Eyes Shine.
I Sign.

The Nameless One
Ricky Oct 2018
There’s a man at my job.
He’s always angry,
like the world owes him something.

He breathes out just to breath back in again.

And then he holds it.

Doesn’t he know he’s choking himself?

You can’t die from choking yourself,
But you will surely suffer.

Some people laugh, because the actual thought of someone choking themselves is kinda funny.

He doesn’t want to talk to people.
Now he’s choking himself in silence.

All this choking isn’t good for your body.
You could die sooner.

Maybe he doesn’t care because he doesn’t feel like he’s living anyway.

Or maybe he gave his life away.

To work.
To his mistakes.
To his past.
The only liable limitation is yourself.
In order to fly you gotta give up the **** that’s weighing you down.
It’s your choice.
Ricky Oct 2018

There are two main emotions, love and fear.
Love is understanding, and it gives us courage.
Fear comes from the lack of understanding, and it makes us nervous/afraid.

I learned that I used to seek love from people by wanting to control the way they perceive me. I wanted them to know that I could relate to, or understand them more than I may actually do.
But, if I kept doing that, that would be foolish, no one understands another entirely, only through similar experiences, but never exact. It’s not fair to the individual.
The goal isn’t just to connect with what’s similar, but also (maybe even more so) to connect with what’s different.
People fear difference, because they don’t know what it may bring. That could be a result of society’s teachings for centuries.
Racism wouldn’t exist if we as humans loved difference. Apparently we feel safe with what is familiar. Why “Curiosity killed the cat?” Why not “Curiosity isn’t a sin, but should be proceeded with caution.”
Those who seek due to curiosity are open minded. Those who follow the ways of the world or rules are more judgmental once they spot something out of the ordinary.
This is where insecurity comes from, because of this programming that if we are not the same, we should not belong.
Saying “love yourself” almost limits you, that’s like saying the rest of the world is like this, but focus and ‘accept’ what you are.
We shouldn’t just teach people to love themselves, what if that can be a side effect from teaching people how to love difference in others.
We should say that every single individual has the power to contribute to improvement, expanding knowledge, and a way of living from the power that their own individuality brings.
It’s not how we are similar. It’s how we are different.
You are what you love, not what loves you.
Sabika H Oct 2018
"What's that?"
It's the continuous sound of something familiar;
Something common in the way we all glow
and grow as the things we know
change within a different range
of perspective.

This is the time my soul goes in hiding.
And I know observing could be self-blinding,
but I cannot flourish if I'm not bound
because then I'll be misguided by what I've found.

I keep my mouth shut and focus.
I will only speak if I know this.
And while I try to understand this familiarity,
I exist without existing entirely.
Am I the only one who's really fascinated by the huge similarities we have with different people? Yet still we are not the same.
Graff1980 Sep 2018
The night
is a torn tapestry
where celestial bodies
burn beautifully
the cosmic stitching
that bind us,

quantum energy
all of reality,
as I stare
stupidly enthralled
by the awesome

Silvers spheres
of gaseous spirals
spew atomic fury.

Other poets
and painters
have presented it better,
such a sweet
starry starry night
made to delight
all of us,

but this time
I return
my reflections
with the love
and devotion
born of
a dreamer’s
dark predilection
to romanticize
every aspect
of our lives.
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