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Deepali Dec 2019
All happy human have loved ones cauz its a conditional emotion. . .
Drug is the non-living human including
making you feel wide and happy for short time.  
Success is there when you have long term drug
The love which you get from other humans lust.  
Lust of possessiveness lust of mine
Lust to  get it which makes your WORK right.
But hey sweetheart
Now if you are bolder enough.
Enough to play with 2hands...
Go ahead.
With peace
If you are been loved you can achieve everything.  Let it be intoxicating or let it be a human soul.  The difference is just about the real and fake overwhelmed memories when you die.  :)
Deepali Dec 2019
And when i notice that yes my heart is beating,
And its useless thinking of you because its only my foolish mind diverting my thoughts from reality and dream of you again.
But yesterday it was magic
When my tears dint stoped and thought for your name again and again,
That my cellphone ranged and it was your name reflecting to take the call again.
Its there vibrations and emotions
Its there love is there.
And iam on zen not interacting with anyone he called me after many months but i dint picked up iam strong...  ZEN is on.
Deepali Dec 2019
And its only a one life
We all are living it for the first time
Same human cycle
With emotions soo true we all got sad and happy, still the same!
Hey people i love you all
And i love myself
And if its the humanage
I see everyone, if you are a star or a common folk
We all are living life for the first time
And i believe we all rest in peace.  
Its the human life we all are living for the first time.
  Dec 2019 Deepali
Mydriasis Aletheia
25 years old, still nothing owed.
Could get out of bed, or just
do some more 4-**.

A day for the world.

Ate some moxy,
Can feel it.

nothing more
than to make music.
What am I?

  Dec 2019 Deepali
Shofi Ahmed
My sea is far away
let's meet closer anywhere
under the one same cloud.

My blue water is for the sun.
I sing beneath the wave.

My rose is for the show
I am imbued in the fragrance.
Love is in the air
the scent wafts into my heart.

My sky is open wide
beyond the rainbow
beyond the peacock's eyes.
It hugs the earth
reaching out far afar.

Catch it too
see from beneath the blue.
It casts the birdseye
slips out a butterfly!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Unconditional
  Dec 2019 Deepali
Around you, I feel like air
Only when you ignore me I feel the weights pulling me down
You can make me feel like I'm on cloud 9
or you can turn my day into a nightmare
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