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Finally "He" was born , gave the sweetest cry
doctors printed the gender "M" , given the biggest lie

relatives and visitors rushed to see the baby
sharing sweets and happiness , father was busy

after few years , he became the prettiest boy
wished to grow hair , but his father became angry

he whined and whined and whined terribly
but was forced to stop , when they said boys don't cry

he soon found another way to be happy
that painting the nails , with the colour ruby

mother got shocked , but tried to understand calmly
worried what people would say , she began to worry

cosmetics and jewellery, mother kept everything away
few months has been passed , she thought now everything's okay

today he's an educated person , being ever more wealthy
posted a pic on insta , of himself painting the nails and lip-ivory

the pic gone viral, people began criticising & tagged #girly or boy?
"it doesn't matter" , some raced to reply

a group began reposting , tagged #human being rapidly
commented, "anyone will bleed when cut" no matter he/she/they
he continued to love his inner "she" ...
B̶o̶y̶ g̶i̶r̶l Human being

Be a good human being!!
Deepali Dec 2021
Its so "loud" that it cant even get "touched"
its so "high" that it cant even get "heard"
but its a "small flame"
that never get "burst"
even though the stranger attacks the stream,
it never gets dust...
Never get rust.
Get your courage high and do it anyway...
Deepali Feb 2021
It was the perfect moment for that imperfect situation,
I was never knowing that I would have that warmth.
Its an empty rest to just wait and soo...
love would be profound with no doubt.
he's away he will come back again.
Deepali Dec 2020
Where only fields of mud i ever got to play in 90's,
the clock started ticking to the next phase;
20th Century-
Moving around,
i was spinning on the new MARIGO-ROUND
and when i jumped out i saw the crowd;
comming closer,
rushing on the same swing i was hunged on,
saw them spiral on the same game i was over from.
Iam spinning on the new dial of the century's game,
seeing everybody is going insane in doing everything to win their lane.
Its good afterall,
Its the 21st century and iam not licking it at all.
lets see what happen ahead in the next year 2021.
Deepali Oct 2020
"CHOICE" 💬 🦟
What you see is not what it is...
So what it is, might not be as its been seen.
"Now close your eyes and let the body rests where it wants."

What if our head is not the thinking factory or are you ready to make a new factory?
But, this time no source of eye rolls
and you will see your legs are also
thinking souls.👁

This time thinking is no longer
than, 1second tip tap tip...
it starts tapping its way to next direction
which is left and there goes the
right behind...
Like your feets giving you the way to make it stay...
to the journey of this nector you pour which is insane.

Unfortunately 🕳
Its time to rethink the steps we take
on the shows we should ignore,
when we loose our mind's
game roll..👁
Yes? the 1sec power makes your way. . .
is it the 10sec beat droped in your vain...  "CHOICE"🦟
Choice is always yours let the decision be not made by legs when 1sec  thought slip goes greater than the 10sec thought process you try to achieve to follow it for the good paths.
Deepali Oct 2020
Smelting down to the road
Catching up the upside park
Hence had to ignore the harsh human vibrations
Which comes in way anyhow
whether its a old or new
Passing good amount of care.
Reaching up the satifactory level with the one whom we met for the first time
And then intended to vowled such good stuffs that goes so amazing
That you wana go on and on with the toxic or intoxic flow going inside body
Mapping new ideas
Mapping new human being
Mapping new adventure
Mapping this universe another journey which has started up again.
This time focus.
Its a new life... time gave me today to again bounce back and come back again with maturity, responsibity.
Deepali Dec 2019
All happy human have loved ones cauz its a conditional emotion. . .
Drug is the non-living human including
making you feel wide and happy for short time.  
Success is there when you have long term drug
The love which you get from other humans lust.  
Lust of possessiveness lust of mine
Lust to  get it which makes your WORK right.
But hey sweetheart
Now if you are bolder enough.
Enough to play with 2hands...
Go ahead.
With peace
If you are been loved you can achieve everything.  Let it be intoxicating or let it be a human soul.  The difference is just about the real and fake overwhelmed memories when you die.  :)
Deepali Sep 2019
Things can get late,
As you wait to make it great.
And sometimes this wait,
which makes the situation late
gets longer and longer into wait,
Making more harm and super late.
Soo, lets fix up the wait
And do things without getting it late
You may achieve,
Resulting you to succeed,
Both the journey of love and fights
You will get what makes you bright.
So lets go.
Deepali May 2019
How authentic it is, it is...
on how we live
its quality,
what we do with it?

As we get upgraded in age,
life starts forcing itself;
not just our ideas about it
but our categories and point of view to see it.

This forms our perspective
and this becomes our relative nature,
that we judge the value of
given experience.

As Buddha defines to view our life:
"As a dream, a flash in the darkness
a star in the morning dawn,
a bubble in a stream
an illusion of the senses."

That's the aim of practice,
to wake up from that dream
from just another dream within a dream

This will rise in authentic,
the practice of being in BEING.
practice and achieve it
Deepali Apr 2019
So i realized what its meant to be other side
if you stress to get it whole
it will leave you more and more
let it be incomplete
like a dream you want to see again
let it be incomplete
so that when it comes back you feel the rain.
"  ' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ' '  ' ' ' '' ' ' ' ' '  ' '   ' ' '  '  
'    ' ' ' '     '  ' ' ''   '  ' '   '  '       '  '
' ' '   '   '  ' ' ' ' ' ' '       ' ''  ' '' '
' '' "  "    '  '  ' '  ' '   '      ' ' ' '
"     '  '   '  ' '         ' ' '
' '  ' ' ''  ' ' '  '
and they both wanted me because i ignore them everytime but still they want me but i want someone else sooo its going on and onnnnn........
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